Radio chat with Carol–and more book illustrations

Great fun with Carol Tuttle on her radio show last night, listen to the recording HERE. At the end of it, she said, “It’ll be fun to keep connecting with you and see how this goes. Maybe we could play tennis sometime! But I think you might beat me.”

I said: “I plan to.”

LOL! Gotta love Type 3’s, right Carol?


Finally, here are the next 4 illustrated pages of my book, The Adventures of Junk Food Dude.

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  1. Good information but such a turn off to see Junk Food Dude obese. Most junk food dudes don’t look like that. It is not that they have never tasted vegetables, it is that they don’t eat them as a major part of their diet. There are those extremes of course, but if trying to reach those not currently living the green smoothie lifestyle it might be wise to not stereotype. Those that don’t fit the stereotype don’t see themselves as Junk Food Dude. They think it applies to the huge guy, but not me. Just food for thought-haha!-no pun intended.

  2. okay so who started the green smoothie revolution? Now everyone is doing it. I think it is so great!!thanks for all of your tips. I appreciate you and your book so much

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