Need motivation to eat less meat and more plants? . . . part 6 of 12

Are plant sources of protein sufficient?   Today, good stats about the need for protein:


Protein in human mother’s breast milk: 5 percent of calories


Minimum protein requirement according to the World Health Organization: 5 percent of calories


U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for adult protein intake: 10 percent of calories


Percent of calories from protein in broccoli and spinach: more than 40 percent


Percent of calories from protein advocated for by Dr. Atkins, Dr. Sears (The Zone), etc.: 30 percent or more


Organizations that have condemned high-protein, low-carb diets: World Health Organization, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Dietetic Association, Surgeon General of the U.S., and American Institute for Cancer Research.


Two Barry Sears’ (The Zone Diet) quotes: “Humankind has been genetically unable to cope with . . . grains.”   Also, “About one-third of Americans are . . . suffering from protein malnutrition.”


Most of the human race for thousands of years has relied on, for most of its caloric energy: grains


Position paper quote from the American Dietetic Association:   “Plant sources of protein alone can provide adequate amounts of the essential and nonessential amino acids.   Conscious combining of these foods within a given meal as the complementary protein dictum suggests is unnecessary.”


Tell me: Have you given up the idea of needing to pack in more protein to your diet every day?   Or are you still clinging to some of that brainwashing you’ve received over many years?   Try it out.   Switch to plant sources of protein (or just quit worrying about protein altogether) and see what happens.   Give it some time, because  detox symptoms of going off meat/dairy are likely.

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  1. Don’t know if you’re trying to decrease animal proteins, but if you are, you might give hemp protein and/or SunWarrior’s fermented brown rice protein a try. I also find that I don’t have blood sugar issues (I’ve been hypoglycemic my whole life but no longer have symptoms) if I eat enough legumes/whole grains and a bit of nuts most days.


  2. I don’t worry about getting enough protein know because i’m understanding where my good protein sources are coming from and I make sure I include those veggies and grains in all my meals. What I worry about is if i’m getting enough B & C vits. and all the rest.

  3. I don’t worry about getting adequate protein; I worry about feeling full. But I realize that I will probably have to allow my body to retrain itself and not need the heavy ‘full’ feeling from heavy foods.

    If I were pregnant, I might worry more, as protein is pushed heavily in several methods such as the Brewer Diet, Hypnobabies childbirth class, etc.

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