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natural remedies for ear infections

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 12, 2008 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I just met this cute blonde mom named Mary Jane, who was telling my friend about her little boy’s chronic ear infection that multiple courses of antibiotics just can’t eliminate.   She was saying that her son’s “cold” just keeps going—six weeks now of constant, thick mucous.

I sometimes just can’t believe that no pediatrician will do ANYTHING for an ear infection besides nuke it with antibiotics.   Limiting your practice to systemic drugs that hurt more than help . . . well, I guess you’d be a pariah in the community of M.D.s if you did anything different.   Oh, and also insurance companies wouldn’t pay.   (Minor detail, how could I forget?)

And yet their own medical journals are clear that more than 80 percent of ear infections are viral.   Therefore, more than 4 times out of 5, antibiotics won’t do a bit of good.   But they don’t have a clue if it’s that 1 in 5, so they give you an antibiotic because . . . well, that’s all they know how to do.

(I’m not trying to be mean.   I used to ask pediatricians point-blank: “Do you have any way to help me besides an antibiotic prescription?” and the answer is simply, NO.)

And even if it was a bacterial infection that isn’t antibiotic-resistant, with just one dose, you’ve wiped out ALL the healthy flora in the entire gastrointestinal tract.   That’s what was standing between your little one and the NEXT infection.   So now the little guy is down for the count, just waiting for the next bug to come along when he has no resistance.

I administered my last course of antibiotics well over a decade ago.   Moving on to natural treatments that work WITH instead of AGAINST the body has been so liberating that I just want to tell perfect strangers about it!

#1: Eliminate dairy products and refined sugar/flour.   (That all by itself might be enough to say goodbye to infections forever.)

#2:   Use warmed garlic/mullein drops in the ear (in an olive oil base) that you can get at a health food store.

#3:   Colloidal silver: use as directed for a week or two.

#4: See if you can get that kid to drink LOTS of water!

#5: If you’re frustrated reading this because you’ve already done the antibiotics and are in Mary Jane’s position, all is not lost.   Give your child good, homemade kefir or yogurt (in my recipes) every day—no sugar added, please—and you can rebuild a healthy colony of good bacteria in about 30 days.

#6: If you do want to use medical treatment, I actually believe that the simple ear-tube surgery (no general anaesthesia, 15 min. procedure) is much less invasive and harmful than ONE round of antibiotics.   And it’s actually very effective for most children, although you should keep their heads out of the water, which is hard if your kids like to swim or take baths.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have the recipe for the anit plague- I can make it myself. We call it super tonic- I use garlic oil, all that on my kids. I also t-tapp and that drains my lymph noids. So this is nice to read because this is what I tell people, but here’s the thing. I have been using orgranic fair trade unrefined shea butter on my face for months, well, I have this zit thing going on and it won’t go away, so I put the coconut oil, this morning it’s half gone, I’m going to start using this stuff instead, plus it smells heavenly, so thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Super tonic- anti plague

    powerful blender

    Equal parts of onion, garlic, ginger

    1/2 horseradish, 1/2 jalapenos (anaheims)

    cover with enough apple cider vinegar to blend it

    let it sit for six days- (I think you strain it, can’t remember)

    DRink lots of Water- take every hour or as needed- a Tablespoon will do but it depends on how big you are

  3. Don’t forget about the role that food allergies might play in ear infections. A child who has chronic congestion and/or an inflammatory response from an unhandled food allergy is going to be much more prone to getting ear infections since their ears won’t drain as well as they would otherwise. Getting to the root of that allergy and treating it through elimination of the allergic substance, NAET or some other appropriate method is going to help avoid future ear infections.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Another recipe for Anti-Plague (more like the original, Dr. Christopher version, which you can also find on his sites) can be found at this link: This walks you through the process in more detail than the Christopher site does. If you don’t have access to all the herbs, don’t panic. The garlic is the biggest thing; the vinegar and glycerine and honey help keep it from going bad (but what grows in garlic?), and all three are also antibacterial and more. The mullein is amazing for breaking up any kind of congestion. There are specific symptoms he was aiming at with each herb, to make it an attack-all formula, but they are not all absolutely essential.


    Luck = Living Under Correct Knowledge


    Great article. I find that many children fight chronic ear aches and ear infections due to an imbalance in their nerve system. I have helped many kids recover very efficiently with chiropractic care. I find that the upper cervical region has an intimate relation with the inner workings of the ear. Parents can’t believe it when their child recovers so fast. If you are suffering from ear aches or ear infections you should consider a consultation with a local chiropractor.

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