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My kids sound off about green smoothies

Robyn Openshaw - Sep 17, 2007 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Here’s the uncensored written opinion of my kids—let your kids read this if you’re thinking of converting them to GREEN eating!

Tennyson, age 7:

I like green smoothies with berries in them.   And pears.   And apples.   And bananas.   And collards.   Sometimes I don’t like when my mom puts TOO much green stuff.   I look forward to getting my green smoothie out of the frig when I get home from school.   I use a red straw to drink it.

Mary Elizabeth (Libby), age 10–my family’s pickiest eater:

I feel good when I eat green smoothies, and I MOST of the time like them, especially when they’re pretty fruity.   Most of my friends look at them and think they’re gross, but they haven’t tasted them, and I like them.   I like how my mom feeds us healthy stuff.   Once we didn’t have green smoothies for a week because my mom wasn’t there.   The lady who was taking care of us fed us nothing but junk and I puked.   My favorite healthy thing is zucchini bread and zucchini fritters even though I don’t like zucchini.   I’m sure my mom can tell you how to make them.

Emma, age 12:

I really like green smoothies because I like how I feel after I drink them.     Sometimes when people see me drinking them, they give me faces and think it’s gross, but that’s dumb, because the kind of stuff they eat, like Cheetohs and hot dogs and stuff are a lot grosser than green smoothies.     They just don’t know what they’re eating!

My mom teaches me how to eat healthy so I won’t have problems when I get older.   This lady took care of us for a week, and it was fun and tasted good  for the two seconds we ate the junk food, but as soon as it was  down the hatch,  I felt HORRIBLE.

Kincade, age 14:

The green smoothie’s pretty good!   Sometimes it’s like way good, and sometimes it’s not that good—depends on how much fruit you put in it.   I like dandelion greens and mustard greens because it has a “kick.”   When other kids see me drinking it, they think it’s weird.   I couldn’t care less—it’s just how we are.   It’s good when my mom brings me a pint of it to my baseball games.   Kids think I’m weird and watch me drink it and go, “WHOOOAAAH!”   This kid on my team tried it one time and said, “That’s not bad!”   I’m glad my mom makes them because we hardly ever get sick.

Dennis (age 42–my oldest child, just kidding):

I think green smoothies are great.   I look forward to drinking them on the weekends.   I would drink them during the week, but by the time I get home the kids have finished them off.   Green smoothies are a great way to get a lot of  raw greens  and they taste great.    Many times  after Robyn has been explaining green smoothies to  a friend or family member,  he or she  will  pull me aside and ask, “Dennis, what do  YOU think of the smoothies;  do you really like that stuff?”    My answer is always an enthusiastic YES!   I will admit, I am not a big fan of mustard greens in the smoothies, and  a few  times Robyn made them with cantaloupe (a fruit I do not  enjoy), which I did not like either.   Other than those two exceptions, I love them.

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  1. Jodi says:

    I definately agree with your kids the other day I ate a couple cookies when I was at a friends house for the first time in a long time, and after I ate them I felt absolutely horrible!!!! my stomach hurt and I got a really bad headach! do you think eating cookies could have made me get a headach?

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