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Let me help you avoid back pain!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jan 15, 2016

It’s not that they helped manage my back pain—it’s that these tips ELIMINATED my pain. I never, ever take pain meds.

I’m sharing a series of very short videos on how I went from chronic back pain and constant chiropractor visits to being completely pain free for 8 years now.

I was also in an ATV accident 4 years ago where I broke two ribs. I bounced back quickly and was back to running 12 days later, with no long-term effects.

Eliminating my neck problems along with diet soda many years ago also eliminated my chronic migraines!

Lately, loads of people in my life have been complaining about neck or back pain and headaches. So, I thought I should share with you how I completely turned around my own situation.

Today, I want to show you some simple stretches I do and tips on how they literally need to take NO time out of your day.

Hint: that’s because I do these during tasks where I can MULTI-TASK! Why sit in a chair at an airport when you could be standing by the window doing stretches? Instead of sitting there idly, these tips have the added benefit of increasing your energy so you can increase your vibration and think about something fun, something steamy, or something productive and intellectually stimulating.

Idle spine, idle mind! When you sit idle, the spine compresses and fat burn decreases for every hour you SIT. See my LAST video on back health.

I admit, I do try to go behind the flight attendant station on the airplane, or behind a wall at the airport so people don’t stare. But if they’re staring, I’m okay with that, too. It might motivate THEM to stretch instead of sit!

These tips I’m sharing also make me healthier overall and a better athlete because I stay limber regardless of whether work and travel keep me from 3 yoga classes per week, like I TRY to do (and sometimes fail).

I hope these very short videos help you think about your back. It supports you all day and needs a little care and attention!

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  1. My chiropractor lost money from me when she told me about Bob Cooley’s book “Genius of Flexibility.” I used to have lower back pain until I started doing those exercises at least 2X/wk. I believe most of the exercises are yoga-based.

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