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Is GreenSmoothieGirl Vegetarian?

Robyn Openshaw - Jul 21, 2018 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

is greensmoothiegirl vegetarian

I recorded a Facebook Live video, answering the #1 question I get asked: “Is GreenSmoothieGirl vegetarian?” You’ll also hear:

  • Whether you have to be vegetarian to be healthy
  • Why the politics of vegetarians and vegans often hurts their cause
  • How I feel about the food choices my kids are making, now that they’re on their own
  • The years-long health challenge I had that led me to add bone broth protein to my diet
  • The very worst form of meat–you should never eat it!
  • The caveat everyone should hear before they eat wheat
  • The four most important words I hope you’ll remember from watching the video
  • The diet that produces the largest number of people living past 100, worldwide
  • Why the controversy over lectins is a tempest in a teapot
  • The most effective health practice for strong, straight teeth, that dentistry pioneer Weston Price learned in his worldwide study (hint: it’s not whether people brushed and flossed)

Here’s that video!

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robyn wearing purple

— Robyn Openshaw, MSW, is a single mom of four salad-eating, adulting kids. She has a FREE video masterclass you can sign up for here, to learn how she got herself, and her kids, off the Standard American Diet, to lose 70 pounds and ditch 21 diagnosed diseases.

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15 thoughts on “Is GreenSmoothieGirl Vegetarian?”

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  1. Mary Allison says:

    Please let us know your take on eggs. due to very low protein in my last blood work(I became dehydrated due to heat exhaustion) my internist says I have to add eggs to my diet to get the pure albumin and even wants me to eat 3 to 4 a day! I have been basically a vegan for 20 years. Thank you–loved the video.

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Mary Allison, Great question! Here are Robyn’s thought on eggs: https://greensmoothiegirl.local/are-eggs-good-food/

      I’d also like to add the importance of buying pasture raised eggs. If you do a search on the difference between pasture raised vs even organic free-range, grain fed, you’ll be amazed at the difference in nutrients these eggs can provide us. The reason is that a chickens normal diet consists of insects, worms, greens and seeds… And boy do they taste a world of a difference! Also keep in mind eggs are acidic and also one of the top 7 foods people are sensitive to. The best thing to do is see how you feel after consuming them and do your best at bringing in legumes, seeds, vegetables and grains that can provide the necessary protein for your body.

      Here’s another post Robyn wrote several years back: https://greensmoothiegirl.local/food-combining-for-perfect-proteins-2/

  2. Nicola says:

    Thank you Robyn, this was very informative. What I have noticed since I’ve been a mostly vegetarian is that my sugar consumption has gone through the roof! I never used to eat chocolate or crave it and now I crave it almost daily since stopping eating meat. This surely is going to have an effect on my teeth soon. I also had gestational diabetes during pregnancy and so this sugar addiction is a nuisance. Spiritually it concerns me eating meat, but I understand that fake proteins such as sham and quorn are not nutritious and we seem sometimes to put our moral views before our own health. It is a conundrum, I often have a bad stomach these days after eating salmon or beef as my body does not seem able to digest it anymore due to my high vegetarian lifestyle. Thanks for your views however, appreciate your opinion on the issue of what’s best for health.

    1. Sonja says:

      You might have H.Pylori – very common infection. Try to take Betaine HCL with Pepsin. First one capsule. If you don’t feel any burn sensation in your stomach then take two capsules and so on. When you start feeling a burning sensation – take one capsule less – that is your dosage.
      I needed only half a capsule per meal now I don’t need any. H.Pylori supresses acidity in stomach – hence you cannot digest the protein/meat. In that case it goes undigested through your whole digestive system – not good.

    2. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Nicola, Have you been tested for Candida? Something you may want to look into as the biggest thing this overgrowth feeds on is sugar. Other things to ask yourself: How much processed food am I consuming? Am I more of a ‘carbivore’ (someone who’s meals mainly consists of processed carbs – pasta, bread, etc)? If you’ve answered yes to these, you may find Robyn’s free 12 Steps to Whole Foods Masterclass very helpful and a great guide to getting your health back on track. Here’s the link: https://greensmoothiegirl.local/12-steps/oishort/5tips/?gsg_expid=11852352-15.IaEjKq5TRGO1l7enwD9Sug.1

      Good luck and I hope you find relief and knock those sugar cravings!

  3. Judy Clarke says:

    30 yrs. ago I got a degree in Gerontology. Seems I remember still that people in the Russian mts. (Caucasia or something like that) were people who lived to be 100. They did walk a lot uphill and down and consumed raw goat’s milk.

  4. Teresa Register says:

    How does this bone broth measure to food babes" vani’s" bone broth??

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Teresa, Not sure, but I bet you can do a comparison. Here’s the link to our product info:

  5. Teresa says:

    How does your bone broth measure to food babe" vani’s" bone broth??

  6. Annemarie Brown says:

    how often do you use your bone broth…do you put it in your green drink?

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Annemarie,
      Here are 2 great blog posts that Robyn has written recently on this topic:

      Bone Broth Protein: Why You Should Try It:

      23 Ways to Use Bone Broth Protein:

  7. paula branson says:

    An unbiased voice of reason! Love this video and would like to share it, but I don’t see a share button. Am I missing it?

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Paula, We’re thrilled to hear Robyn’s video resonated with you. There are 2 ways you can share the video.
      1. Simply copy and paste the URL up top and paste to whichever social media platform you’re looking to share it on… Facebook most likely.
      2. Click the facebook icon in the bottom righthand corner of the video, which will direct you to the original video on facebook. Once there, click share to allow the video to be shared on your facebook page.

  8. Peggy Rusnov says:

    Hi Robyn, have you ever heard of a histamine sensitivity? would love to hear your comments.

    1. Elsa Anderson says:

      Hi Peggy, She sure has, however we are not histamine experts. If you have a histamine problem, it’s likely due to (a) previous use of antibiotics, most likely, and could be exacerbated by (b) other drug medications over the years, processed and non-organic and GMO food diet over the years. We do have detoxers join us that have histamine sensitivity, however depending on the severity, you may want to look into a histamine program and ask your Dr for a list of high-histamine foods to avoid.

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