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If This Doesn’t Motivate You, I Don’t Know What Will

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 12, 2010 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

So I taught my second class in a week at Dr. Christopher’s in Springville last night.

Seems like someone always comes up after a class with a phenomenal story of what happens when you undertake the whole-foods habits I teach. Patricia and Steve Terry (with me below) were the last in line to ask questions and sign their book.

Patricia’s daughter Tricia and other family members were summoned, from out of town, to say goodbye to Patricia’s 89-year old mother. I’m told Grandma was bedridden and dying. Tricia put her on lots of green smoothies and after two weeks, Grandma was not only out of bed, but also mobile, walking on the treadmill, and saying, “I feel like I could run a mile!”

The family was astonished. So Steve, a cardiac patient, was impressed. He got my book  The Green Smoothies Diet. He began the habit himself after blood tests on 5/14/2010. He was waving his test results–turns out he brought me my own copy! His triglycerides were a whopping 389, far more than double the top of the normal range. His blood pressure was 160/110, yikes!

He was excited to tell me that at his blood draw less than 2 months later, he’d lost 30 lbs. The chart he brought from his doctor shows triglycerides at 153, a reduction of over 60%, and blood pressure well into the normal range at 109/81!

I love hearing these stories. Steve and Patricia then catalogued for me all the people in their lives to whom they are enthusiastically endorsing whole foods habits starting with a daily quart of green smoothie.

I love these stories! They are my air and water. They make my day and keep me keepin’ on with this mission. Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who shares this information with others. Please send the link to this story to someone you know struggling with heart disease.

Robyn and two others

Robyn teaching her class

People watching on in Springville

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17 thoughts on “If This Doesn’t Motivate You, I Don’t Know What Will”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is fantastic! What a great success story.

    I have not yet been able to get my husband to try a green smoothie, but I still keep on showing a good example. I know that nagging and pushing is not the way to go. One day he will try it and be pleasantly surprised 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so proud of Tricia! I first met her one night when she wandered into one of my lectures, which providentially happened to be on aspartame poisoning. Her soldier hubby in faraway Iraq had been consuming diet drinks almost exclusively, and she had noticed changes that worried her. She sent him the recommended nutritional supplements, and saw an amazing improvement. From that time on, she was my constant companion at my store, helping me with classes and sharing testimonies of success with the customers. Now she has saved her Grandma’s life, and not only her, but many in her family!

    Sometimes it is very discouraging when we know truth and try to share and it is not received. But then a Jewel like Tricia comes along and reminds you why you do this in the first place! Touch one life and you never know what can happen!

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is very exciting! I just got a second hand Vitamix and I am beyond excited. I was surprised by how many recipes I have found for green smoothies contain so much fruit. I am insulin resistant right now, and was wondering if you would recommend only making the savory type smoothies, using about 1/2 the fruit and all the greens that most recipes call for, or do you find that with the greens, the fruits are not as much of a problem for people like me? Thanks for any help!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am a certified colon therapist and biofeedback specialist, i can relate to how you feel about Tricia, they are really Gems and should be treasured. Keep up the good work, it is worth it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have only been on the smoothies for about 20 days now and I am totally overwhelmed by all the good things that have happened to me. My blood pressure used to be 105/56 and then i had a blocked carotid artery, my blood pressure skyrocketed. I had surgery two years ago to clean out the blockage and since then have been on blood pressure medicine. Last week I went for a short walk and when I came home I was exhausted. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I took my blood pressure and it was 89/48. I was shocked. That night i cut my pills in half and my pressure still remained low. I quit the water pill which usually controls my bottom number and the next day my top number was still low, so i cut it in 1/4. My pressure has stayed down and i plan on quitting the last pill tonight. I also checked my weight this morning and I have lost 7 pounds and the only place I notice the loss is around my mid section. Miraculous. I can’t wait to get on the program and get myself healthier. I was told I would be on oxygen at night forever because of lung problems from smoking. I am hoping this will be taken care of also in the near future. No more pills for me.

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Pat, congratulations!! Very exciting!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Try chewing the smoothie instead of just drinking it down. I am a student of Dr. Christopher’s school of Natural Healing and he suggests that chewing the juices and smoothies will get the saliva going and aid in digestion and keep blood glucose levels stable. He tried his 3 day cleanse on people w/ diabetes and they did very well just drinking fruit juices by chewing them.

  7. We also see dramatic changes in our patients once they switch over the green smoothies. A lot of our patients come to us for a variety of conditions along with high blood pressure. Once we begin getting them back on track with green smoothies and great nervous system function we are astounded at the changes we see.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I started drinking green smoothies in June. My joints don’t ache, I lost 10 lbs., but most importantly, my eye pressure ( glaucoma) went down!!!! I am hopeful that I can drop one of the 3 medications I’ve been taking. After reading so many testimonials on high blood pressure, I am determined to get my husband off his meds. Fortunately, he enjoys the smoothies. Any suggestions on particular veggies to accomplish this?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Granny Good-food or Robyn, Where can I find your info on aspartame poisioning? I have been trying to tell my mom for years how bad that stuff is, but I really don’t have anything to back it up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the help Wendy! I will try it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Wendy
    I was excited to see you refer to Dr.Christopher …I am a student studying the natural healing of herbs…I have just ordered Dr Christopher’s book as we follow much of his material

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have a question unrelated to the blog topic here, I am wondering if this is the right forum to ask? Please refer me elsewhere if it’s not.

    Here goes:

    I’m doing nearly a daily green smoothie for about a year now. My general well being has improved greatly, I have better energy, I am staying awake during the day, sleeping better at night, all things I have struggled with all my life. However, I am finding that during my monthly cycle, I am having trouble controlling my craving for sugary foods. It just comes upon me, and if there is icecream in the freezer, then I eat it. (I also feel that there is a fat craving issue in their also) Is there anywhere on your blog that talks about how to manage the monthly cycles? I am really trying to eliminate sugars, but this is a pit for me everytime…

    Thank you!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I submitted a comment/question yesterday and it doesn’t show up. Maybe it was not the right venue, but if so, could you please let me know? Also, maybe you could refer me where to ask?
    Thank You!

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Estela, I see a comment from you in the “How often do you get sick?” blog entry. Please see my response there.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Amy, for more info on aspartame poisoning, please get the movie, Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World by Sound and Fury Productions. She will never touch diet soda again, I promise!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dear Robyn, My wife is on kidney dialysis and is limited on her liquid intake. Do you have any experience with kidney patients and this program?

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