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I met Fabio (he hugs HARD)

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Mar 14, 2011

Expo West is the biggest natural-foods trade show in the world, and I’ve just come from there, in Anaheim. It’s a food-sampling heaven. (Or hell. 95 percent of what masquerades as health food….isn’t.)

I met the male model so famous he needs only one name, while trawling Expo West for the coolest new nutrition products on the planet. I must have been rather twitterpated, because I said only 2 things to him, and then he talked to me for 20 mins. about the virtues of whey protein. And I just listened, never interrupting, just staring at his pretty hair.

(The two things: “Wow, you’re tall. How tall are you?” He’s 6’3″. And also, “How many book covers have you been on?” Duh, still embarrassed I said that. His answer: “I don’t know.”)

(I’m still far more starstruck by Jimmer Fredette, BTW.)

I also met SproutMan Steve Meyerowitz, see photo here, and he and I bonded over our love of green food, and we kinda dreamed up a SproutMan / GreenSmoothieGirl authors’ speaking tour like the one I’m doing with David Wolfe Mar. 24-25 in Seattle. I had to get a photo of a guy who has grass growing out of his hat, and greens growing out of his tie. Dude knows his sprouts!

And we did dinner again at the raw vegan restaurant Au Lac, which I love. The owner, Chef Ito, took a vow of silence 6 years ago. (I think I’d die if I couldn’t talk?) Here I am with SunWarrior founders Denley/Jan, author/naturopath Dr. Craig Sommers (I cooked up a speaking gig with him, too); Chef BeLive and his fiancée (he’s raising his hands in the air); Rod, the co-founder of the Go Raw Cafes in Vegas I spoke at last October; and other earthy-crunchy friends.

Great fun. Stand by for our decision on best raw-foods bars. We sampled more than a few.

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3 thoughts on “I met Fabio (he hugs HARD)”

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  1. Anonymous says:


    thnx so much for the px and sharing. Sounds fabulous. Love the idea of a chain of raw food restaurants. Was in L.A. for a week recently and I was sad to come back to MN where it is hard to find the healthier food choices when eating out. Good old Cali…healthy food choies EVERYWHERE!!!! Miss that

    Thnx again, always fun to get your px and info

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Had to at the Fabio bit! You kept staring at his hair. He looks a bit supernatural and he looks like he’s hurting you a bit. (another lol)

    LOVE SproutMan. He is so fabulous!

    Thank you for all you do!

    ♥ Jen

  3. Anonymous says:

    When you are looking to carry that raw food chain up here to Minnesota, let me know I want to work there!!!

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