3 thoughts on “Dr. Connealy on Camera: Cancer is Systemic!

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  1. I am a cancer patient. Please, do I understand that whole fruit is ok for cancer patients but fruit juice is not ok for cancer patients? Please let me hear back from you. Thanks.

  2. Robyn,

    I keep hearing about sugar feeding cancer? Can you clarify? Are you talking high fructose corn syrup, white refined sugar, or natural sugars from fruits , honey etc… or Dextrose from i.v bags and chemo?


    1. Sue, ALL simple sugars feed cancer. The refined sugars are the worst, of course, as they have no fiber to slow down their impact on the bloodstream and they’re the most acidic and nutrition free, but sugar feeds cancer. Including fruit. For healthy people, simple sugars in whole foods are not a problem, though.

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