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Cancer Treatment Modalities at Oasis of Hope Tijuana: Part 1 of 4

Robyn Openshaw - Jan 16, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Dr. Contreras can use treatments approved in other countries, even if 300 yards away, in the U.S., it’s not legal. (That doesn’t mean it’s been evaluated and deemed illegal—it just means it hasn’t been approved.)

That’s a rather compelling reason to seek treatment at Oasis of Hope. Giving a cancer patient more options is a good thing, and Dr. Contreras doesn’t continue to use modalities he has observed not work in clinical practice. He often quotes the Bible’s Hosea: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” He speaks all over and has written many books, educating people about advances in thinking on the subject of cancer.

The first Dr. Contreras was likely a friend of Dr. Gerson. Both have passed on, but the Gerson Clinic used to be housed together with the Contreras Clinic, as it is sometimes known. Vestiges of Gerson remain, best practices to help cancer patients. In addition to the optional green juice at meals (I had some and it was not bad), there’s a sign next to a coffee carafe that says,

“Don’t Drink This Coffee! For Enemas Only!”

(Haha! I love that my study of alternatives for cancer treatment has made me think that putting coffee in one’s rectum as no big deal. If you think it’s crazy, I can tell you dozens of clinics that use this modality, and dozens if not hundreds of books that document its efficacy. It is one of the most time-tested methods that the Gerson Therapy has been consistent on, even though they are made fun of regularly for it. Even though it was in the Merck manual through the 1960’s.)

Oxygenating the body, to starve cancer.

The first Dr. (Ernesto) Contreras was the world’s first integrative oncologist. He, Dr. Gerson, and Dr. Issels, were the only ones to study and clinically implement the Nobel Prize-winning work of Otto Warburg, who discovered the difference between normal and malignant cell metabolism. That cancer cannot live where there is oxygen, and that simple sugars feed cancer.

The crux of the treatments forwarded by these three giants in the field of early integrative oncology was to allow the body to breathe. But breathing 100% oxygen, exercising a reasonable length of time, oral or IV hydrogen peroxide, and other ozonation efforts did not break down tumors.

In 2002, Spanish researchers discovered that only ozonation was shown to be efficacious on a tumor, among these various efforts to oxygenate.

The treatments Dr. Contreras seems most enthusiastic about, in order, are these:

PerfTec. This substance is an artificial oxygen carrier, like artificial blood (without antibodies, nutrients, etc., just similar in its ability to transport oxygen). It was approved in 1995 in Russia and in 2005 in Mexico. Its very small particle size allows it to get into the walls of the tumor, whose tight vascular structure, with extensive blood pathways, is the bane of the oncologist’s existence. This substance allows more oxygen to be carried to the tumor.

No side effects have been noted using this treatment. Dr. Contreras says that he has proven with clinical trials that those treated with PerfTec and Ozone respond far better to oxidative therapies like chemo, because tumor cells are far harder to kill where oxygen levels are low.

In a nutshell: ozone and PerfTec work together to increase oxygen in hypoxic (oxygen-starved areas), so that intravenous Vita C and Vita K injections can increase hydrogen peroxide in the cells to kill tumors.

Very frankly, if I had cancer, even if I were going to do chemotherapy, I would go to Mexico and be pre-treated with PerfTec, Vita C, Vita K, and ozone before undergoing the chemo, for a month. Then I would do diagnostics to see if the cancer itself was retreating, and if it was, I would not undergo chemo until giving these non-toxic treatments, and a green-juice or water-fast diet, more time.

Vita C IV, and Vita K injection. This is a natural chemotherapeutic agent at doses far higher than you could take orally, in conjunction with oxygen, and has recently been approved by the FDA. One 2006 study showed that in three months, tumors reduced an average of 75 percent in size. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling showed that Stage 4 patients live a full year longer with IV Vita C treatment alone! See more extensive notes about IV Vitamin C upcoming in my coverage of the Irvine clinic.

They also inject Vitamin K3 (menadione) right before administering IV Vita C. This is approved in Mexico, and is believed to potentiate hydrogen peroxide and increase cancer-cell kills. Lab and animal studies show positive results for tumor cell death, but clinical trials are needed, which likely contributes to why Vita K injections for cancer are not approved in the U.S. It appears that this treatment also increases the efficacy of chemotherapy.

More tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Cancer Treatment Modalities at Oasis of Hope Tijuana: Part 1 of 4”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please keep writing! I cannot learn enough…I just love hearing all that you teach and speak about!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Gerson Clinic is located in Playas de Tijuana and I was wondering if it is in competition with the Oasis of Hope because the Gerson therapy is a stand alone cancer treatment?

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Bob, I don’t know the history exactly, but they don’t compete, and there’s no Gerson in the Contreras Clinic (Oasis of Hope) now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Robyn – Thank you so much for your extensive research on beating cancer with treatments that are “out of the box” from so many American’s way of thinking! I am learning so much. My family is working through your 12 Steps book, and it is changing our health. Wow! One question: is using frozen spinach as effective, healthwise, as using fresh spinach from the produce section? Spinach from the frozen foods section is much cheaper in my grocery store.

    Thanks!! God bless!

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