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Cancer Treatment at Oasis of Hope IRVINE (Center for New Medicine), part 1 of 7

Robyn Openshaw - Jan 29, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy spoke before I did, in Costa Mesa, to 300 GSG readers, before I began studying with her at her clinic, Center for New Medicine, in Irvine the next day.

We also went to dinner at Jenny Ross’ 118 Degrees restaurant. Fabulous raw vegan food! Jenny is a beautiful young, and very pregnant, mom. She’s also a brilliant chef who healed herself of her health problems, as a young model 10 years ago. Her full-color best-selling recipe book is Raw Basics. Here’s a photo with her, me, and Dr. Connealy.

Jenny Ross and Robyn

Oasis of Hope Mexico, right across the border, is much less expensive, and has fewer high-tech treatments available. However, it also has non-FDA treatments available.

Oasis of Hope Irvine, inside Center for New Medicine, allows you to stay in the U.S. and has a wide array of non-invasive testing and treatment technologies available that I’ve not seen elsewhere, likely due to the expense of the equipment for clinics to acquire.

Treatment in Irvine, then, is of course more expensive, about $10K/week. One major celebrity was being treated while we were there (no, I can’t say who). But working-class people were being treated who traveled from other states. It is more expensive than Mexico by about 40% ($6k/week in Mexico). However, you must also pay for your own lodging close by, which can be arranged by Dr. Connealy’s staff, as the facility is not inpatient.

Some time ago, before I met Dr. Connealy, I learned, hearing her speak, that we all have, on average, about 75 million cancer cells. (Since then, I found this in a study from Japan. And since then, I’ve also learned that our bodies manufacture 50,000 or so cancer cells a day.) Your immune system, hopefully, is making quick work of those cells, staying on top of its job. When it doesn’t, mutant cells begin to replicate quickly and form their own vascular system and possibly eventually affect an important physical which time you discover a lump or bump.

This happens at about the time you have 1 billion cancer cells. (Or later, if it’s an internal organ where functioning has not been noticeably compromised and a mass may become very large before you find it.) By that time, even if you’re told it’s “Stage 1,” the docs I’ve been working with say “there is no such thing.” That is, if you have a lump, that cancer is elsewhere, too.

What’s consistent among all the integrative cancer docs is this information: the tumor does not tell the whole story.

The point isn’t to become fearful. The point is to understand that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Change your ways NOW. Not when you find you’re one of the ½ of men and 1/3 of women who will be diagnosed with cancer. I’m not trying to increase FEAR in people—I’m trying to avoid, actually, that acutely fearful place that we are all hurtling towards if we don’t address the issues of our fuel. Will it be cancer-preventative, or toxic and carcinogenic? There isn’t much that’s “in between.”

Then you can be excited about your future because your disease risk will be LOW. And then you don’t have to say stupid things like junk food addicts do. For instance, “At least I’m going to die happy.” Also, “Everybody dies of SOMETHING.”

(These are the most common, and my least favorite, things that I hear people say who want to feed addictions instead of eat responsibly so they’re around to meet their grandkids.)

One person I know just died last Sunday – it was his second round with cancer and he lived only a few weeks post-diagnosis. He was once a famous boxer, and one of the kindest, gentlest, most service-oriented human beings I’ve ever known. Another (a 30-y.o. mother of two toddlers) was disconnected from life support and died, 2 days after my other friend passed away—due to metastatic breast cancer.  That isn’t dying happy. Besides being buried alive or long, slow torture, based on experience with those close to me, I can’t think of many fates worse than chemo and radiation death.

As a few cancer patients who have experience with this have said to me, “There are worse things than death. One of them is chemotherapy.”

Dr. Connealy said to me, “Chemotherapy doesn’t work by itself. We have 50 years of it and death rates haven’t gone down.” (She is right: volumes of data document that.)

These are some of the services available at Center for New Medicine:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, Intravenous Vitamin C, Light Beam Generator (Lymphatic Therapy), Ondamed, Biomeridian, and Zyto (biofeedback devices) testing, Breast Thermography (an alternative to mammogram that doesn’t smash your breasts flat, potentially spreading cancer cells, and exposing you to high levels of cancer-causing radiation)

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7 thoughts on “Cancer Treatment at Oasis of Hope IRVINE (Center for New Medicine), part 1 of 7”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    WHY does it have to cost so much?

  2. Anonymous says:

    awesome! I want this book, where can i buy it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    You touched on something I have been expressing to my husband lately, and that is, if I get cancer and treat myself humanly while trying to make it go away (that is, not go the traditional slash/burn/poison route, but rather the alternative route) and I die anyway, I don’t consider that means it ‘didn’t work’. For one thing, there’s no knowing if the traditional route would have worked, either. I don’t want part of my legacy to be that I horribly mistreated my body on it’s way out, insuring the little time I had left was full of pain and misery. I believe we are just passing through here, anyway – none of us are getting out of here alive – and I plan to treat my body, which is a wonderful gift from God, with integrity and kindness right up to my last day. There are two reasons I don’t live in fear of cancer – one, I’m eating amazing foods to cut my odds and two, if I do meet up with cancer, it will be on my terms. I’m going to heaven, so even if I ‘lose’, I win. Great joy and freedom from fear comes with that realization.

    1. Ramona Mayon says:

      Thank you. That is what I want too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope there are other non-toxic cancer treatments that are not so expensive. You really have to be well informed before something happens. Otherwise people don’t have that kind of money & if you have insurance I suppose all the toxic treatments (that will most likely kill you) are covered. I know the Gerson therapy offers a caregiver’s certificate where they will train someone who can offer their services to people & teach them how to administer the treatment, juices, etc. That seems like a reasonable option. Unfortunately people don’t have the knowledge or faith in alternative & most will just march off to the slaughterhouse to be poisoned. It is actually very sad. I’m glad Robin & others are trying to spread the word.

    1. anonymous says:

      Dear Readers,

      I do not feel traditional western medicine has all the answers; nor do I feel alternative medicine alone works on everyone and in both types of cases buyer beware and do your research. I have gone to a lot of cancer treatment centers in the past 10 years with my mother (stage 4 endometrial cancer,) grandmother (stage 4 breast cancer,) and aunt (stage 4 colon cancer.)

      My mom went to the Oasis of Hope in Mexico for stage 4 endometrial cancer aprox. 8-9 years ago. We had a terrible experience there and was charged a fortune. The treatment was non-effective and the doctor was trying to get an extra 10,000.00 from my father after already paying the thousands of dollars in fees and already included on invoice. She had all the treatments there including the dentritic cell vaccine therapy that we had the responsibility to bring back to the states in dry ice and a cooler with no help or advise from the clinic.

      It did not go well to say the least and the doctor’s office was very dirty. I have the pictures to view where they were taking the blood and open needles touching tray. I do not recommend going there. By the time she came home, the cancer had advanced significantly and her immune system white blood cell count poor. She had to go to a hospital once back in the states and passed away quickly. When she first arrived there, she was much healthier then most of the patients’ being seen. There are wonderful and more safe alternative clinics in the states or Germany. I do not recommend going there and I do not feel Dr. Issel (the founder) would be very happy with the greed and level of care.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I too agree with the statements above. Oasis Of Hope in Irvine is a scam pure and simple. My husband recently passed from his cancer and I am not writing this in anger because he was not cured. I am writing this in truth.

        My husband did a two week treatment that made him extremely weak. The last hour of his treatment he became gravely ill and I had returned to the center upon checking out of hotel. His illness was due to a complication of his cancer. No one looked concerned or was even helping me decide what to do next. I gathered my husband up and left for the nearest hospital.

        Dr. Connealy called once while he was in the local hospital and that was the last we were to hear from them. I called to find about a credit which we used on additional product after many many phone calls. We NEVER EVER received one follow up call from the center or his Dr’s once we were home. We had intended to return for additional treatment but soon realized this place preys on cancer victims for their GREED and LAVISH lifestyles.

        Please look elsewhere. Where was the compassion especially for a patient of theirs that left their center after treatment to be hospitalized???? No concern whatsoever. We left there in April, and my husband survived until December without so much as a phone call, email or follow up letter. Even more concerning is they claim to be Christian based, which is why we choose them and trusted them. May God Bless those who pretend to belong to HIM.

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