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Can Easter be Sugar-Free?

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 05, 2013 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links


Sugar Free Easter Baskets for my Kids

hug me don't eat meAs it turns out, you CAN do Easter without sugar.

I love to make my kids baskets of gifts on Valentine’s Day and Easter. There are plastic eggs in these baskets, which I filled with treats, but no candy with refined sugar or corn syrup. I get them in bulk at the health food store: carob raisins and nuts etc.

I fill baskets with lip gloss, socks and underwear, movies, toys, mugs and other festive little gifts. My kids don’t expect sugar in their baskets.

I once did what everyone else did, before I knew better–but kids can and do survive the shift to a healthier life.

I love you, Cade, Emma, Libby and Tenn! Enough to get creative with the holidays.

Happy Easter to you. He is Risen!


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3 thoughts on “Can Easter be Sugar-Free?”

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  1. Cindy says:

    He is Risen Indeed!

  2. Annette says:

    P.S. (Whole Foods has a chocolate bar made with stevia!) Yummy! That went in our girl’s baskets.

  3. Who the heck gets underwear for Easter…better yet who the heck “gives” underwear for Easter…Valentines maybe…but not from your mom!!!!

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