are eggs good food?

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: Do you think eggs are okay to eat?

Answer: I get this question a lot.

The answer is, not really. Especially not conventional eggs.

If you’re going to buy ONE thing organic, let eggs be that one thing. The natural omega fatty acid balance is so disrupted in conventional eggs that it’s the reverse of what is healthy. It should be 6:1 Omega 3’s to Omega’s 6’s. But it’s the opposite in grocery-store eggs, and we’re already far out of balance because of refined oils heavy in Omega 6’s, in most people’s diet.

The only thing I use eggs in is baking, very occasionally. And you don’t have to use eggs. You can use 1 Tbsp. chia seed soaked in 3 Tbsp. water instead.

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  1. My husband had an interesting experience with eggs. Years ago he raised his own chickens and ate their eggs. His cholesterol was well within the “acceptable” range. When we got married and moved to a larger house with a small yard, the chickens went bye-bye. He then ate regular eggs. UP went his cholesterol. Because of health problems that I’ve written about before, we went on an alkaline diet and he stopped eating eggs. His cholesterol was better–but not as good as the doctor wanted. After moving to Washington State he was able to buy eggs from a fellow worker who raised his own chickens. After eating only 2-3 eggs a week, DOWN went his cholesterol! Whatever they do to store-bought eggs seems to ruin their nutritional value! I even worry about organic, range feed chicken eggs from the store. It seems that home-grown is the best or at least eggs right from the farm.

  2. I’m glad this was on here. I hear so many people talk about eggs- the organic ones of course- and that you should eat them every day. I’m glad to know that chia seeds are a replacement. Thank you!

  3. as per eggs, I don’t eat as many whole any more, range free or not…but what I do instead is eat the egg whites in liquid form you can buy from many reputable healthy producers in a small 500ml carton….many have no additives either…great protein source (eggs are still THE number 1 protein absorbed best by your body, and is used as the gold standard for such against all else: meat, fish, dairy etc, from what I remember reading a long time ago)

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