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Apeel Is Changing Their Story – What You Need to Know

Robyn Openshaw - Jun 07, 2024 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Apeel coating

I have some important updates about the toxic Apeel coating being sprayed on produce being sold at the grocery store.

Apeel’s Mission Is to Get Apeel on All Produce

Their mission, as stated in their press release, is to get this coating sprayed on every piece of fruit in the world.

The press release also manages to call the product “plant-based” multiple times, which is entirely deceptive, meant to lull you into complacency –

– just because there’s some byproduct of a vegetable or fruit or seed somewhere in the product, doesn’t make it good for you, and doesn’t even mean MOST of the product was ever natural.

It just means there are some remains of a plant in the product somewhere. (What preserves that plant-based material, in the preservative??)

What else is in Apeel? There are also 5 heavy metals and 2 petrochemical solvents in the product.

Apeel coating produce

Apeel Is Changing Their Story About Whether the Coating Can Be Washed Off

I’ve heard from people who are writing Apeel and getting a completely different answer now, versus the one that I and others got a year ago.

Last year, Apeel admitted that you could not successfully wash Apeel off your fruit. They even said this in their FAQ, which has been changed:

Apeel coating - can it be washed off?

Now we have their employees telling us that we CAN wash it off.

The Founder of Apeel Has Stepped Down

The founder of Apeel, James Rogers, has stepped down as CEO.

The press release made a lot of noise to make it look like he was going to make a nice transition to the new guy, whose previous employer was BAYER.

Did you get that? This guy who is supposedly helping reduce plant waste with “plants protecting plants,” the new CEO, worked at BAYER before being hired by Apeel Sciences, which is a synthetic, toxic, chemical product masquerading as “plant-based.”

What they mean when they say this is a “plant-based” product is that somewhere in it is the remains of some plant.

They can say this because the term “plant-based” is unregulated.

Is Apeel Actually Plant-Based?

Apples produce

I just want to buy an apple that came from nature. I do not believe Apeel even works.

The FDA and the U.S. government are NOT telling marketers and manufacturers what “plant-based” even means.

So they can just call it that if they want to.

It could have beef testicles, chicken skin, heavy metals, and oil and gas in it, and they could call it “PLANT-BASED.”

I’m not accusing Apeel of having beef testicles and chicken skin in their product.

I’m saying that a label of “plant-based” DOESN’T mean there are no animal products in it.

And I AM accusing them of having heavy metals and solvents in their product. That’s in their FDA filing.

I’ve seen Apeel customer support say various materials that are byproducts of food manufacturing industries may be in the product.

I’ve also heard James Rogers, himself, say essentially that they use various plant products –

– but my point is, and this is NOT in the press release:

There’s also a bunch of other synthetic, toxic crap in the Apeel product, including 2 petrochemical solvents and 5 heavy metals.

This is in their FDA filing, but it is NOT in their press release or marketing materials.

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We Don’t Need Apeel on Our Produce!

I just want to buy an apple that came from nature. I do not believe Apeel even works.

If it works to ANY extent, it is to keep that apple looking good on the outside, but spraying the outside cannot stop spoilage on the inside.

I am dumbfounded that ANYONE working in produce would think that it does.

Maybe because it’s the people in the boardroom and offices, signing a contract based on claims about the bottom line, are making these decisions.

Not people who know anything about fruits and vegetables.

The Truth About Apeel

The press release also said that they are partnered with 50 companies. In 12 years, they have only 50 partner companies around the world.


1. Founder James Rogers is stepping down while staying on the board; AND

2. After 12 years of work failed to bring a product to market that could be sprayed directly on crops in the field, which is what his original business plan was, which was what Bill Gates helped fund the first time he gave James Rogers a grant; AND

3. After 12 years, they have only 50 partner companies in the whole world.

Why Did Apeel CEO James Rogers Step Down?

As for why James Rogers has stepped down as CEO, I would conjecture that maybe they’re cost-cutting. Perhaps this was forced by shareholders or the board.

I don’t know – but it could also be that James Rogers’ appearance on Mark Hyman’s channel gave him a black eye.

As the two of them snicker about how they don’t care what consumers think, they just have to get buy-in from produce companies, who are Apeel’s customers.

Mark Hyman gaslights anybody questioning Apeel.

And James Rogers says his product is “just plants protecting plants.”

If only it were “just plants!” I don’t mean anything personal towards James Rogers, whom I don’t know, and Mark Hyman, whom I barely know.

I just don’t want that crap on my food, and I don’t think you do.

Is Apeel Being Sprayed on Berries?

Is the Apeel coating on berries?

I do not believe the Apeel coating is being sprayed on berries currently.

I see a lot of false information online about Apeel.

I do not believe it is being sprayed on berries currently. I’m guessing because the berry companies or Apeel itself have tested it, and it doesn’t work on berries at all.

People are assuming it’s on a LOT of our produce and I believe so far, it’s been limited to apples and citrus fruits.

Please Keep Pushing Back Against Apeel!

Thanks for speaking up at your local grocery store, and making a few phone calls.

Because these are our HEALTHIEST foods that they want to coat in toxic preservatives, and we can’t lie down for this!

Let’s all speak up, and take action!


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Apeel coating updates

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  1. Deborah says:

    I’m confused I thought you stated that Costco IS selling produce with APeel.
    Yet on your card it says Costco is one of the places stating they are not selling APeel. Please clarify this as well as Sprouts, which I also thought you listed as a pjs e selling APeel produce

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