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All I Think About is Cancer: On “Quacks”

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 12, 2011 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I had a lovely lunch yesterday with reader who is a documentary filmmaker. After reading all of your comments on this blog series this week, she wrote me, “I think you have a tiger by the tail here.”

I have a prediction. As I make a documentary and develop a web site exploring the various modalities that treat cancer without attacking the immune system, some medical doctors will come out and call me an ill-educated buffoon. They’ll call Max Gerson and anyone who practices his therapies or others “quacks.”

(I don’t know yet if Max Gerson’s therapies work; I intend to find out. I’m afraid what I’m going to find out is that no one has proven it yet with valid clinical trials and we will be left primarily with testimonials. Whatever I learn, I will report–no agenda besides to learn.)

If you’re an oncologist (or any M.D.) and try to venture outside cutting-burning-poisoning methods (surgery, radiation, drugs), you’ll likely lose your license. At a minimum, you’ll be scorned out of the profession and lose the credibility you studied for 8 years to gain.

Every clinic I study, I predict, will tell me that they routinely get called ‘quacks’ by doctors practicing the orthodoxy.

Just now I read a tedious medical doctor’s diatribe against Gerson, online, using those tired arguments. His arguments are rife with logical fallacies, though his vocabulary and sentence structure are impressive.

Unfortunately, the one valid point he does make is that the medical profession has far more science behind it. Of course, it’s not hard to cherry pick the findings that are published and play games with statistics.

For instance, we were once told 41 percent of patients survive 5 years post-diagnosis. But that, and slightly improved statistics partly due to less-toxic chemotherapies, are skewed by things like studies’ samples coming from hospitals in high socio-economic areas with no minority patients. They do not adjust for the fact that the push for routine mammograms mean tiny “Stage 0” tumors are discovered that may not have caused a problem for another 30 years. But women are disfigured, their breasts removed, and a “cure” is claimed, artificially boosting “success” statistics.

Any patient in the sample who dies of a complication of cancer surgery, for instance, like a heart attack, will be subtracted from the sample. Elaborate games are played with statistics before they are reported.

That’s a whole separate book. All the ways oncology continues to be a dismal failure but we are offered statistics manipulated to make the situation seem marginally less dire. That way we’ll continue to throw money at new drug development, expecting a slight variation on the same theme to write a whole new symphony.

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7 thoughts on “All I Think About is Cancer: On “Quacks””

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found someone to get raw goat milk from. He said they freeze it to kill the bacteria. Funny. I don’t think that actually works and isn’t the point to have the naturally occuring bacteria and enzymes. Anyhow, will freezing affect it negatively?

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Sarah, freezing won’t hurt it. I found it changed the texture, though. Which won’t be a problem if you’re making kefir with it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! By the way, my husband and I went to Omar’s tonight for the first time for our 6th wedding anniversary. Yummy! Thanks for the referral!

  3. Figures don’t lie, but liars sure can figure!

  4. Thanks for your awesome articles. My mom who is 86 has just been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She broke her hip two years ago and has been poked and prodded and tested like crazy……you think someone might have noticed the cancer…..sigh! I know she will come to live with me and I’m going to feed her green smoothies like crazy! Also I live in your area and would love to know where you get your bio identical hormone for thyroid. I have looked on line and cannot find any good references. Also if you know a good holistic physician I am looking for a new one. Thanks so much for your wonderful research and info and group buys and on and on! You are amazing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Strange side effect to the drinking of green smoothies–personal happiness and urge to befriend others–with all of the studies out there showing that those who are ill with cancer benefit from a positive outlook and a supportive social network–green smoothies are the way.

  6. Also, isn’t it true that if you die in the sixth year, that you were still “cured” because you lasted the “five” years. Healing Cancer from the Inside Out is a wonderful movie. It is great that you are going to all of these places. Wonderful to see people making films & writing books about this stuff. Films really reach a lot of people. I couldn’t believe that Suzanne Somers got SO much flak for having ANY reservations about chemo. It blew my mind that so many of these peeps on tv STILL have no idea that there MIGHT be a better way! Bill Clinton will be on Sanjay Gupta on CNN, on August 21st, as an evening special. I think it is called “The End Of Heart Attacks” but I think they are talking some about the China Study type of diet and of course it’s more or less the same diet that prevents a multitude of diseases, not just cancer. People are ready for this information & with more people without health insurance, there is probably going to be more willingness to try different approaches. I have a link on my blog /a post where you can see the Burzynski movie for free. Also, people are jaded about the govt. right now & more open to this type of approach. It’s the time.

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