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45 Years Old…..but not “post-prime” yet!

Robyn Openshaw - Feb 21, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Thank you for all the birthday wishes on Facebook a week ago! I am officially 45 years old but I have never felt better. I have taken several days off blogging because we are in a migration of the site to SPEED IT UP. We are approaching 100,000 hits per month and the site has been bogged down lately. In the next few days, you should notice a much faster page-load speed!

On my birthday, I spent the whole day canceling credit cards and bank accounts and talking to police and arranging to have my car repaired when a thief broke my car window and stole my purse. My purse had my cancer books, all marked up. I guess now I get to buy them and read and mark them again!

I’m just back from two lectures in Florida with Dr. Brian Clement and a short stay at Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach.

Here’s a photo of me with Shelah, one of our volunteers, that she posted on FB. Kristin raved about how every one of our volunteers were just amazing. If you have ever helped at a GSG class, please know that WE LOVE YOU and we could not take our show on the road without GSG event planner Amanda, and our volunteers, who are goddesses.

robyn with shelah

Fun things:

1. A Utah State legislature rep just asked me to come teach a green smoothie demo class to the senate / house wives in two weeks.

2. An M.D. Anderson radiation oncologist wrote, asking me to help him get 10 BlendTecs to do a clinical trial to show if raw foods and green smoothies will help radiated head/throat/neck patients recover. He says they are so damaged by the treatment they often cannot swallow/eat. (As we say here in Utah, you bet I will!) It’s exciting and energizing to me whenever someone in the mainstream medical community wants to figure out how to change status quo. It’s frustrating to me that supposedly “integrative” practices like Cancer Treatment Centers of America won’t abandon the ineffective burning/poisoning approaches. They simply can’t, for financial reasons—but adding things to try to heal and rehab people of the trauma is better than nothing.

3. Dr. Greg Olson of the Nevada Clinic commented on this blog, agreeing with the breast cancer / bras blog. It’s funny, because my friend Ben, who got his ex-wife cured there, many years ago, of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has been begging me lately to go study at the Nevada Clinic. They are two M.D.’s who practice holistically (and Dr. Greg has an M.D. and a PhD, very impressive).

I love my life. I get to learn from the masters. Next up, my class in Buena Park, CA in two weeks before Expo West, and after that Honolulu and Maui, sponsored by the Vegetarian Society there.

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6 thoughts on “45 Years Old…..but not “post-prime” yet!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been on the green smoothies for months with a very clean, 80% raw diet. I can’t seem to heal a skin condition. I find it interesting people can be healed of lupus and other major illness from this diet, yet this condition persists. I’m not sure what else I can do. Any suggestions?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You may want to try the miracle of coconut oil. Right after showering each morning, I lather on coconut oil on my face, arms, neck, etc. Let it soak in for a couple of minutes and then pat dry. It has really, truly done wonders for my skin.

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Pam, I agree with Theresa, and use it internally too, a couple of tablespoons a day (on toast, in oatmeal, in a smoothie, in sauteeing or baking, etc.). Get completely off processed foods too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think my daughter is sensitive to coconut oil. Wouldn’t that cause problems to put it on her eczema?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Robyn, Happy belated birthday and so sorry to hear what you else took place due to the thief. Your a trooper!!
    Always looking forward to your new pieces of info. I will have to look that NV doctor up. Here in Reno we also have Dr. Gerber(The Gerber Clinic) not sure if they work together or not. I myself have never been there. You keep me so INSPIRED and busy trying out new additions to my smoothies such as kefir and rejuvelac, thank you as always.

    ***side note question off topic*** I have several amalgm fillings that at the present time cannot afford to have safely removed per the Hal Huggins protocols. I was very alarmed to learn that I should NOT be using any cilantro or other chealting materials while these fillings are still in my mouth because “supposedly” Cilantro will pull up mercury but not necessarily remove/detox it out without other products such as Algin…? Crap, this really freaked me out since I read online the opposite awhile back. I do not have $20-$30,000 to go through all these protocols so I’m stuck with these fillings. If this is the case what about infrared sauna which I do use from time to time would this detox the mercury or only move it around? An article I was reading about cilantro was saying it can stir it up too much mercury near the brain. In the past I did share struggles I’ve encountered with major depression and with my own discoveries with nutrition and toxins I believe the mercury is greatly affecting my health. Not one doctor of course will listen to me. Instead they just want to force antidepressants down you. If you have any suggestions for me as I feel really stuck in a bad situation it would be much appreciated and I know many others have these fillings in their mouths as well. Besides my green smoothies I did learn about the Kefir and it’s benefits with not only gut problems but depression, I will listen to anything you can offer!!

  5. Anonymous says:


    I’m so excited about you starting to work with head/neck/throat patients. I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist and I did a majority of my work with swallowing in just such patients. As an interesting fact, I just wanted to let you know that the consistency of green smoothies is the exact consistency that we would use when starting someone out on an oral diet again! Once again, green smoothies are the answer!! Best of luck in your endeavors! I’m anxious to hear 🙂

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