GSG is sick. Don’t tell anyone.

coughingSo I’ve been a little too braggy lately. I wrote this blog entry recently about “I haven’t had the flu in more than 10 years,” and “I’m healthy even though everyone around me is hacking up a lung,” and it just posted.

Oh, how the mighty fall. I just went back and edited my previous blog. No more bragging for this girl. Not so mighty now, am I?

I flew to Las Vegas last week and felt a little weird thing in my lungs. Started coughing a little. Now, five days later, it’s still there. But worse, because I sound like I have laryngitis.

Here’s the good news. I never felt sick. I have continued hour-long running and cycling and yoga, as usual. I did my three-city speaking tour, no problem except for my voice. My friends and I played in Las Vegas, like we normally do, although only one late night.

But… night I cough my head off for an hour, trying to go to sleep. No fun!

I’m grateful that “getting sick” on the rare occasion it happens now, is a completely different animal than it was in my 20’s. Getting sick over and over, and I mean REALLY sick, throughout the winter, wrecked my life for years.

My immune system is strong only insofar as I take good care of it.

We had a down day in Vegas, and went in the steam room for some R&R. We went to Whole Foods Markets in NV and AZ where I consumed wheat grass juice, 12 oz green juices, and garlic/lemon/ginger shots.

I know people here in Utah who were in bed for a week with this bronchial thing. Several I know were in the hospital, and I even know of a 43-year old lady here in Orem who died of the flu this month.

We are all fallible. Winter reminds me to be really vigilant about my own health as well as my family’s health.