Vegetarians’ favorite question

veggie protienMy daughter Emma, 17, and I had a convo the other day about how every vegetarian gets sick of the question, “How do you get your protein?” (I bet we hear from some of them here!)

I often point those asking that question to my report HERE called “Protein: Are We Deficient? Or Overdosing?”

A soccer teammate of Emma’s props up her diet with endless protein shakes. Even vegans sometimes buy into the protein myth! And this teammate is not healthy. She eats lots of processed food, plus a processed protein powder mix. This is the logical fallacy:

“I know a vegetarian, and she’s not healthy. Therefore we must need meat to be healthy.”

veggie protien cartoonNearly every logical fallacy applies here. I love exposing logical fallacies but don’t want to deliver a dissertation on all the ways that argument fails. My readers are smart, and you can poke holes in that kind of thinking yourself.

Most if not all our degenerative diseases are related to undigested proteins floating in our bloodstream. That’s right, our EXCESSIVE PROTEIN consumption is killing us. We do NOT need 20% animal protein, thank you very much Dr. Robert Atkins! (It didn’t work very well for him, did it?)

Those of you eating a mostly plant-based diet, what’s your favorite response to that question, “Where do you get your protein?”