dentists, and taking antibiotics

Here’s a letter I got recently from a wonderful dentist who reads this blog/site. I won’t give my own response until I hear some of yours. What are your thoughts?

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:

I think you are pretty conservative and avoid antibiotics, but I had an interesting experience recently in my dental practice that I want to share with you.   You influence a lot of people to make better choices for their health, and if you agree with me and my position as a health care provider and trying to do what is in the best interest of my patients, maybe you can pass this on to your readers.   The AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) currently recommends that persons who have had total joint replacements should take one dose of antibiotics one hour prior to high risk dental procedures (not a whole week of antibiotics, just one dose) to avoid bacteremias forming in the artificial joint and causing a systemic infection and possibly failure of the artificial joint.   I had a patient recently who refused to take an antibiotic before a procedure because she avoids taking antibiotics in general.

I contacted her orthopaedic surgeon, and the nurse from his office recommended the same protocol for her, and she still refused.   She walked out of my office informing me there was no way she was going to take the antibiotics and she would find another dentist who would do the work without making her take the antibiotics.   I worry about her health and the risks she is taking.   I also worry about the dentist she finds to treat her without following the standards of care, as his license may be in jeopardy for treating her this way if complications were to arise anytime down the road.

I try to avoid antibiotics whenever I can for myself, but there are times when it may be worth the major complications which could arise.   I am not willing to put my license and my career on the line to treat someone who refuses to follow the written protocols and standards of care for surgeries which they have had done in the past, which now place them in a higher risk category.   I don’t know if you understand what I am saying here, but let me know if you agree or disagree with me.

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  1. My son was born with a serious birth defect that put him at high risk for multiple bacterial infections, so he was on antibiotics the first few weeks of his life. We felt that it would more dangerous for him to contract meningitis than for him to be on antibiotics short term. As it became evident that he no longer needed the AB’s, he was taken off of them and has never had any since. In spite of the AB’s, he was never sick during this time. Since he was an infant, the best nutritional defense was breastfeeding. He was completely breastfed (and I made high quality milk because I was drinking 3 green smoothies a day) and never had any formula. I do think that helped sustain his immunity. If my husband or I were to be in a situation where we felt AB’s were a good idea, we would continue to eat a 60-80% raw vegan diet and take the medicine only as long as was necessary. I believe in being flexible. Antibiotics may be warranted in certain situations but if needed should be used conservatively. And if you’ve been nourishing and building your body, it will be better able to cope with short-term antibiotics use if this becomes necessary.

  2. I definitely think there is a time and place for things. It would totally depend on my “gut feeling” in each separate situation. Personally, I have had my kids on antibiotics in the past… not very often, but we have done it. I believe you have to be open minded… I think being completely on one end of the spectrum can be dangerous on both sides… absolutely refusing to take medicine or taking it at the drop of a hat. I try to live with an open mind… always going the natural route if I can first. But sometimes, we do need other assistance. It’s best to use your own judgement and your own “gut instincts” as a person and mom.

  3. Nicky, I second your sentiments and would only ever, ever use them in dire situations alongside excellent nutritional support as you suggest with the smoothies and a raw vegan diet. Our bodies are pretty resilient but when it’s your child you don’t want to Not listen to the experts at such a vulnerable age. It’s a tough decision but you obviously made the one that felt right for you and that’s the most important thing. As for the one dose of antibiotics for the joint, if the immune system is strong to support the dose, fine but the medications are sooo acidic and toxic sometimes it can be the part of the problem. An acidic inner terrain will welcome toxins and breed infection where as an alkaline inner terrain will flush and conquer toxins. The alkaline terrain will also deter the infection in the first place even without the antibiotic. But it really is a personal choice as it depends on the state of health of the individual and their comfort zone but not everyone will avoid an infection even if they take the AB-there’s never any guarantee even with an alkaline body as so many things play into it from stress to environmental toxins etc.

  4. I don’t know thing one about systemic infections and such to even really have an opinion, and am looking forward to learning from what everyone has to say. I just want to say I was struck by the genuine and humble nature of this doctor’s letter. He has opened up a non-confrontational, non-dismissive dialouge out of a sincere desire to do what’s truly best. How different from the experience so many are having with doctors who are resistant to anything other than the status quo.

    1. This doctor, incidentally, came to my class a couple of years ago and is an AMAZING guy, you picked up on that, mgm. He is honestly open to new information and I really like that. I am, too–and if I ever lose that and adopt the arrogance of someone who thinks she has it all figured out, I trust this forum to slap me around.

  5. I agree, be open-minded. When baby girl was born her blood sugar was dangerously low. I DID NOT want to give her that fructose crap, at all… but I knew that sometimes you have to do what you have to do for your child. At the time I was not willing to take the risk. Incidently, I even had a feeling in the middle of the night to give it to her, and I know that was from the Lord.

  6. I avoid antibiotics normally. I am torn by the rational here but I cannot get passed the fact that it is only a single dose of medication. I personally, after spending thousands of dollars on joint replacement surgery would not want to risk what has already been done plus possibly cause more health issues. I think there is a time and a place for everything. I would take the medication and pray. Then drink lots of green smoothies before and after the procedure to cleanse the anitbiotics out.

  7. Everybody is an individual. In a case where a overall healthy patient didn’t want pre-procedure antibiotics, I wouldn’t insist. Being the dentist or surgeon, it might make you more comfortable having a patient sign an informed consent that you discussed it, and the risks you feel are pertinent, blah, blah, blah, and then let it go. Patients appreciate this kind of individualized care very much. Dentists and surgeons should insist on greens and pre-procedure probiotics and refused to do this procedure if patients don’t do preventitive care.

  8. Robyn,

    I’m anxious to hear your and everyone’s take on this. All of my kids have had constant severe strep throat going from one AB to the next, sometimes one right after the other. With my oldest kids I didn’t know any differently than what the doctors told me. My three oldest all ended up having their tonsils removed and haven’t had as many cases sense. But now my two youngest (ages 9 and 7) are going through the same thing and I don’t know what to do. My baby well he’s 7 but still my baby, drinks green smoothies and is my healthiest eater, including kefir but he still gets severe and rapid strep with fevers of 103 – 104. He’s got one now and he just finished a dose of AB for strep two weeks ago (I didn’t know what else to do at the time and I’m not certain what to do now). If anyone has any help I’d love to hear. I believe firmly in trusting your own insights and for some reason I’m trusting my insight to leave this comment because I never comment but I do read this blog faithfully and many of the comments and I love and appreciate all of it. Thank You.

    1. Sue, have you ever tried other things that kill bad bacteria without nuking all the healthy flora? For instance, colloidal silver, anti-bacterial essential oils (topical and ingested), and Goldenseal & Echinacea tincture? The latter cured my last-ever case of strep when I was 27 years old.

  9. Robyn, I have tried colloidal silver, and the essential oils but they haven’t seemed to work too well for him. I haven’t tried the Goldenseal & Echinacea tincture yet? Where can I get that and what would be a proper dose for a 7 year old? I just looked at his throat this morning and it is bright red and swollen with white puss pockets all over, it’s nasty and he’s miserable and I’m wondering if I should just have his tonsils removed as well.

    1. Sue, I am not giving you advice, but when my child had a structural ear problem <1 year old that caused her to get repeated ear infections, I chose to get tubes rather than a SINGLE dose of antibiotic. These are not easy issues, as we have to assume that even though doctors tell us tonsils are not important for anything, we kind of have to wonder why we were all given a pair…..that said, being sick over and over and over, with constant assaults on all bodily systems from antibiotics, is a long-term issue that could cause long-term damage. Just something to think about; these kinds of issues are why being a mom is the hardest job in the world!

      Herbs and natural remedies are gentle, and they're more likely to work with a person who is overall chronically healthy rather than chronically ill. With the chronically ill person, a long-term strategy of alkalizing and building the immune system through a variety of means, is going to be very important.

  10. Here is another side of the coin…… I have a child that died from a reaction to AB (coming up on 5 yrs ago) She was sick for 9 months before she died and it was HORRIBLE and they were AB for ear infection!…. coming from that place we avoid AB at all cost. We have always said that if they were ABSOLUTELY necessary then we would use them… but I am not sure even today if it was life or death that we would use them.

    We don’t know exactly why this lady didn’t want to do AB but maybe that factored into it, maybe she has had a similar experience to what I have….. Allergy to AB is not something you can be tested for, it just happens when you take them. Furthermore, allergy to AB is quite common…. just look up Stevens Johnson Syndrome, but be forewarned’ it is very awful what you will see.

    I am not going to say whether I think she should of taken them or not, but I will say that every person is different with different ideas, feelings and experiences than other people….. And that always factors into what we do in situations.

    I really like Dr Denise’s comment… we need more Drs like this! Thank you, Denise.

  11. When you use it for perio cleaning that are every three months, it adds up. There are studies that say it really doesn’t always protect you. The issue is are the facts there for all cases. It is protection for the dentist, however it isn’t always protection for the patient.

  12. I think freedom of choice is so important. I do think Doctor’s should inform patients of what protocol is and the possible risks involved and let the patient choose what they think is going to be best for them. At the same time I think the Doctor should have the freedom to get signed forms from the patient stating this was their choice or if the Doctors feels it is just to risky for them to want to do they should be able to tell the patient to find another Doctor who may be better qualified or understand other forms of prevention. Freedom is such an important principle here but I am also basing it with the assumption that everyone involved is getting true accurate information and not fear based propaganda.

  13. My husband is a conservative dentist, he encourages people to take care of their health and teeth with methods that overall are conducive to a greensmoothie girl lifestyle. However, in the case of a surgery or serious incident he says he sides with the dentist on this one because some abscesses in a person’s mouth can be deadly if untreated or not treated properly. I use colloidal silver, essential oils, etc for as much as I can. Part of being open minded includes being humble enough to accept that some times we don’t have all the answers and we need to trust in others to help us. When something is highly risky and could result in death, you only get one chance to do it right.

  14. Robyn, I don’t mind if you give me advice or not. I will take it and figure out for myself what is right and best it just really helps to get info from people I trust. My son had tubes too when he was 6 months old and his first case of strep before he was even 2 years old (which I hear is rare) he’s had strep at least 2 times and sometimes up to 4-5 times a year since then. I’ve been trying lots of natural remedies since I learned about them not quite a year ago. I recently got and absolutely love my life ionizer and am working at alkalizing our systems the best I can. But I wonder if it’s going to be enough right now cause I also hear and worry about all the potential dangers of strep with scarlet fever and heart problems (I have a friend who’s son had that reaction) and also the reactions to AB I myself have had severe allergic reactions to the two most commonly perscribed AB’s out there. How do I best build his immune system and how long is a long-term strategy and what do I do in the meantime? I know ultimately the answers are all up to me but again I appreciate any insights.

  15. here’s one for you. i commented on here long ago about my daughter that was suffering from impetigo. well, it has been almost a year since her first symptoms… took me a long time to figure out what the heck was going on. my husband is a physical therapist and works in a nursing facility. we have recently figured out that we are all fighting some sort of staph infection. i am prone to yeast infections as it is… and i’m not clear if they are related at all. but my husband started with it… some small sores in his nose that take forever to heal, and come back regularly. then my daughter had a small patch by her mouth, then went to a sore behind her ear that would never heal all of the way, then bumps on her bum. (this was all almost a year ago). we finally figured out it was impetigo or staph. so she started on antibiotics. long story short… we eventually found a nature path who had her on nystatin (3 different rounds), also while taking probiotics… her symptoms are gone for right now… but we just finished her 3rd round of the nystatin. any way to get rid of all of this? seems like my entire family needs to cleanse! i recently, started getting the stores in my nose also… and they clear up with some bacitracin stuff, but then come back… we just recently started figuring out that we think these are all inter-connected!!!! any solutions to help cure staph infections… in adults as well as a 2 1/2 year old (these are OBVIOUSLY systemic and obviously came from my husband’s LOVELY work place!) i know some people commented on what i should do before, but i can’t remember. i felt we needed to do the antibiotic route, but i am assuming my daughter’s symptoms will probably come back shortly. and for my husband and i and our darn noses. anything to clear the system completely? including little kids?!?!

  16. Hi Tiffany,

    I had a bad case of impetigo on my face last year, and I resorted to antibiotics. They seemed to help at first but the impetigo kept coming back, and so I decided I would find a way to cure my skin naturally as I couldn’t face taking any more antibiotics.

    I juiced daily, and had lots of green smoothies with hemp seed or hemp oil (for those omega 3’s). I also took mega doses of vitamin C which really seemed to help my skin heal. Vitamin C in large doses can act like an antibiotic, and I believe it was really useful in helping my skin heal as I was very stressed at the time.

    Hope this helps,


  17. Sue,

    I have been through similar issues with my children, however I have found what seems to really work for them, and all of us. If you would like more info you can reach me at Green smoothies are great, yet I have found there is more that can add to good health as well.

  18. Tiffany & Sue,

    Robyn mentions anti-bacterial essential oils (topical and ingested). It makes a big difference if they are therapeutic grade oils. Our family has been using Young Living oils for the last 5+ years successfully for all of our health needs…no need for any over the counter meds or antibiotics. This is mainly due to the fact that the oils have immune-boosting capabilities. When we feel something coming on and use the oils to “nip it in the bud”, it prevents it from going any further. There are anti-viral & antibiotic blends of oils that we take internally or rub on the bottoms of our kids’ feet (or our own!) every day or just when we need it. Wonderful aromas…clove oil, cinnamon oil, rosemary oil…

    I thought about this a lot lately, how just the little things get taken care of with the oils, without having to go to the doctor. I go through phases when I get nose sores, too. Just go away in such a short time with a q-tip & essential oils! And we saw the oils do amazing things with my 16 yo son’s staph infection on his knee, too.

    And the kids lil’ bodies respond so well…just soak up the oils. The oils actually help the body to fight off the germs, AND build it up to fight the next germ to come its way. Stomach aches, fevers, insomnia, injuries, muscle aches…the list goes on to all the oils have done for us. And we’ve smelled so good in the process! 🙂

    We feel very blessed to be able to use these plant oils that God has created to take charge of our health naturally.

    A neat fact: The reason the feet are an excellent place to apply essential oils is that there are 7,200 nerve endings in each foot, that correspond to organs in the body. A very effective way to get oils to the area of need.

  19. In the past, I have always felt pressured by doctors/dentist to take AB’s for any procedure I have had done (I have had several tests for fertility problems as well as some dental surgeries – and several illnesses in my childhood). I have had a severe allergic reaction to every antibiotic I have ever taken – and yet every doctor would pressure me into trying a new one before each procedure. I finally had enough of putting myself through that – I decided that it was no longer worth the risk. For some reason, my doctor(s) did not seem to understand that the risk of the allergic reaction would outweigh the risk of an infection. They claimed that there are so many different AB’s out there that I couldn’t possibly have a reaction to all of them. I got such a bad reaction out of each one I tried that I eventually decided to take the prescription from the doctor and never get it filled because fighting gets nowhere – if they ask when I go in for the procedure, I tell the truth, but they usually don’t ask. Instead, I know prepare my body to fight infection through a green-leafy filled diet and by boosting my immune system with (large amounts of) raw garlic and honey. I am one of those people who never get sick and generally have a very strong immune system anyway, (I believe because of my lifestyle, because it was not this way in the past) so I am not sure that this would be a safe thing for everyone else to do – but this is the only way for me at this point and it has worked very well for me and I am happy with the decision I have made.

  20. Sorry, to add a second post –

    My thought on the subject seems to be the same as several of others here – I think that a doctor should explain why they think the drug is needed and the patient should have the right to make an informed decision whether or not they should take it – then sign a waiver to cover the doctor. It took me a long time and lots of research and lifestyle changes before I came to this conclusion and I think being informed is they key word here. Too many people blindly follow Dr’s orders. We need educate ourselves, get to know our bodies and figure out what is best for them – then work WITH the doctor when we need help.

  21. I am a nurse and I avoid antibiotics. I don’t eat meat because it is full of hormones and antibiotics. When I go to the doctor and am given a prescription for antibiotics to “prevent a secondary bacterial infection”, I smile, thank the doctor, and don’t fill the prescription.

    There are instances that I would take antibiotics prophylactically. A one-time dose of IV antibiotics is given before surgery to prevent wound infection. Dental patients with heart problems or prosthetic joints are given prophylactic antibiotics to prevent life-threatening infections. This is done because the evidence shows that serious complications can be prevented.

    The problem with antibiotics, in my opinion, occurs when they are given unnecessarily. And that happens A LOT. Starting with the family doctor that gives prescriptions for antibiotics for viral infections because the patient expects/demands antibiotics. In hospitals, antibiotics have been over-used or used incorrectly. And, feeding humans antibiotics indirectly through food is a huge problem.

    Lets face it…life expectancy increased when antibiotics were discovered. Limbs don’t have to be amputated to prevent sepsis from an open fracture. Appendicitis doesn’t turn into peritonitis routinely. People don’t die from pneumonia routinely. Antibiotics are not bad, but improper use is.

  22. This is interesting to me because my husband who is a dental student just told me about a patient that he wasn’t allowed to operate on because the patient failed to take the antibiotics prior to surgery. My own experience is that if you plan to be operated on you follow protocol to minimize risk. Don’t need to take unnecessary risks and most doctors aren’t trained in alternative procedures anyway. That being said, I think doctors should have more opportunities to get additional training in order to treat that portion of the population that are concerned with overuse of medications and antibiotics. As a general rule I don’t allow myself or my children to be preventativly medicated but there are instances that call for it. I must also note that many patients that come to my husband are in terrible health and if they refuse to follow procedure they decrease the effectiveness of the treatment and increase the chance that another problem may arise-our body systems work together after all and if one system is in jeopardy, the others can get sick too. In my mind the issues of health and nutrition always come down to EDUCATION OF THE POPULATION! And of course balance and allowing for differences of opinion. 🙂

  23. Over use of ABT is a major problem in our “health care system” now. There is a huge rise in resistant bacteria infections.. Super infections and C-diff.. If a person is on a high raw diet and maintains an alkaline Ph then there is a low low chance of developing any infection and their immune system would be able to handle it and if they needed anything it would only be colloidal silver at most.. All pharmaceuticals are poisonous to the body and have a very acidic effect on the body’s Ph. So obviously I’m against ABT as a general rule.

  24. I agree that antibiotics should be used as a preventive for surgical procedures, especially since it is a one-shot dose. (My brother had a knee replacement and shared a room with a person who had to have his replacement removed because he developed an infection from a dental procedure – the bacteria entered his bloodstream, and it attacked the replacements!

    Otherwise avoid all antibiotics.

  25. I am 59 and can’t take antibiotics – a dose would probably send me into anaphylactic shock. When I was a child, the common practice was to prescribe antibiotics for any little sniffle. So, every time I got a cold, my pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic. Needless to say, I retreated into a downward health spiral. I contracted the hard measles when 13; at the time, this same pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic as well as a sulfa drug. I broke out with the measles concurrently with a rash from the drugs. I still remember the extreme pain in my hands and knees.

    Roll forward several years, into my early 20’s. Seemed like I came down with everything and anything that came along. Fortunately, I was referred to a homeopathic physician in San Francisco, who took the time to review my history. He got me back on the health track, which also included healthy eating, no allopathic drugs, & yoga.

    When I was 30, I gave birth to my 2nd son. Because the OBGYN poked me with the forceps, some “repair” work had to be done after delivery. I was put under for this procedure. When I awoke, I discovered that, in my IV, there was an antibiotic drip, even though I was wearing an “allergic to antibiotics” wristband. I first noticed this, not from the drip – I started to itch and realized that a rash on my abdomen and legs.

    When I asked the nurse about the antibiotic in the drip, she said it was part of the protocol for the repair job I had and the DR had ordered it. I demanded that she undo the AB immediately as I was developing a rash. She did so only after my husband said some nasty words.

    To date, I’ve been relatively healthy. When I had a dental procedure 18 years ago to remove wisdom teeth, I had an empathetic dentist, who complied with my requirements for no antibiotics. With the instruction from my naturopath, I did a course of arnica plus a few other homeopathics a few days before and after the surgery. No problems, no infections. I followed my own immunity protocols.

    PS I also stopped eating meat in the 70’s – reason – my sensitivity to antibiotics.

  26. I believe in natural remedies whenever possible and try to avoid antibiotics at all costs but I do think that there are certain times when it just seems it cannot be avoided. If we have to take them, we should eat lots of yogurt and take probiotics at the same time. I had a serious kidney infection a few years ago that I could not tame with natural herbs and had to resort to the antibiotics. I also think Chiropractors and acupuncture or healthy alternatives to prescriptions. We have to do the best we can and of course eating the greens or drinking them would be the perfect solution.

  27. It makes me wonder if a plant which contains antibiotic properties, such as garlic, might be a better alternative to the artificially created pharmaceutical ones.

  28. Tiffany, email me (…I have something you might want to think about. That being said, never stop green smoothies! We all need to be more aware of what Robyn is teaching. I get so frustrated that people don’t understand nutrition!

  29. One alternative to antibiotics that hasn’t been metioned here is grapefruit seed extract. I have found it to be an amazing product and have used it instead of antibiotics for ear aches, yeast infections, toothaches, strep throat to name a few. I had a vaginal infection that lasted for 10 years for which I tried every alternative treatment and diet imaginable. When I heard about GSE I decided it was worth a try. It cured the infection within a week, with never a recurrence. But, as far as trusting it to protect me from infections following surgery, I would probably not. I also believe that Antibiotics have their place, but only in extreme circumstances.

  30. Hi Sue,

    Have you tried Lugol’s iodine for your chronic strep throat? We mix about 6 drops in a tbsp of food grade vegetable glycerin and coat the throat with it 3x per day. Knocks it out in about 3 days.

    We have a 4yr old daughter that used to get sick (strep, then ear infections, then strep, then another ear infection, on and on) all the time. In Oct/Nov last year, we found Green Smoothie Girl and all the fabulous information here. Then in January of this year we made the commitment to change our diet and at the same time, completely released our reliance on Doctors and ABs to treat our daughter. We started doing research on home remedies for the strep and ear infections and in our research, one of the things we found was that iodine worked wonders for our daughter’s throat.

    She has only been sick twice since we changed our diet, once immediately after the switch and then just this last week after spending an overnight with her 3 cousins who were horribly sick. BTW – This is quite an improvement over last year – she was sick from January through May and then September to December (9 of the 12 mos). This year, she’s been sick twice but not for more than a few days each time. I attribute a lot of that to the information on Robyn’s site and her “12 Steps” that we’ve put into practice! Thanks Robyn!

  31. Though I believe AB’s have their place…. I also feel that they should be avoided whenever possible. I agree with Tammie that freedom of choice is very important. I also wonder what approaches the Doctors take in informing people of their choices. For instance….. as I discussed this topic with my husband, he had no recollection of whether or not he was given an AB prior to his oral surgery. However….. it’s been a while since his surgery and neither of us remember. We are thinking that it was just a ‘form/questionnaire’ that the patient fills out and the Doctor proceeds accordingly. I’m curious now whether they even ask if you are OK with taking an AB prior to or just have you list what your allergies are….. has me wondering now. As I mentioned, it’s been a long while since his surgery. But I believe the patient has the right to make an informed decision.

    Since there are so many people asking about healthy alternatives on this forum…. I thought you might find the following information interesting. Recently my husband and I started taking a product that is native to the body…. not just natural, but native. It has done wonders on balancing out our body’s cells to help them deal with many issues and we continue to feel it benefiting us and our loved ones in an amazing way. I have not had one cold or infection for 7 months since taking it and I usually get 2 or 3 per winter season. Plus I’ve seen numerous other benefits from taking it. If you want to check it out click here. Taking this along with a healthy eating style like Robyn recommends could help with so many of the issues that have been discussed in this forum. There are many other places to get it, and that’s wonderful… do what works for you….. but clicking on the link will at least introduce you to what it is.

  32. Yes I do agree avoiding antibiotics is wise. They should be reserved for life and death situations only. As to not eating meat and other animal protein… I do believe that our bodies do need that kind of protein, but only from a healthy source such as grass fed fre roaming humanely slaughtered animal. Also cosumed in as raw state as possible to preserve enzymes which are destroyed by cooking. The negative vibration in mainstream “manufactured” animal protein with antibiotics, pesticides and GMO is a sure way to disease.

  33. Robyn, how much of the Goldenseal & Echinacea tincture did you use, and can you give it to children?

    Thanks! I’m loving all of these answers, I love learning from other people what they have and have not tried, what has worked and what hasn’t.

    1. Becky, there’s no real dosing strategy, so just read the bottle on the tincture and stay within that. YES you can give it to kids–I have done so many times.

  34. I totally agree with the dentists patient. She has every right to deny taking antibiotics. As for the dentist, I would not want you to be my dentist. She probably left your office feeling like she was stupid and misunderstood. Mr. Dentist some people are not stupid and it is not all in there heads. We DO NOT want to take antibiotics!! (unless it is really really really necessary). There are actually other options out there!! REALLY there is.

    I hope your ex patient has found a dentist who will listen to her and treat her anyway without letting government BS and lawyer intimidation interfere with their decision making.

    Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.


  35. when will you be in southern california? I am so ready to come to your classes. I never thought of myself as fat because I was never this big before, now topping 200 lbs. I really need to grow a spine, but quick, always know vegetarianism was the best way but still have been slowly putting on the weight. I’m 65 yrs old..will I look older when I loose the weight? loose skin? flabby belly? ……signed, READY AND WILLING

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