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Yesterday, wow, I sort of mindlessly posted on my Facebook page (find me as Robyn Openshaw-Pay or GreenSmoothieGirl) a group called “No More Blood On My Plate.”

Wow.   The response that followed could only be described as a war.   I didn’t even participate in the discussion. (The whole conversation was just NOT. MY. STYLE.   But let’s just say that between those who did, it was . . . heated.)   This leads me to repeat something I learned in my 20’s, as I started trying to share my nutrition philosophies with some of my in-laws.   The point isn’t that they were my in-laws; the point is that I was sharing information they didn’t ask for.   Unsolicited ADVICE giving is probably how they saw it, regardless of whether I felt my motives were pure and didn’t feel I was telling anyone what to do–just sharing things I’d learned.   Wanted to help people I knew were suffering from modern degenerative diseases.

I learned something important.   NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, is more emotional for us than food.   Our opinions about food are sacred cows.   As deeply held as our religion and politics.   People come to the program  only when they (a) were already primed for information about whole foods by their life experience, or (b) have come to a difficult or even desperate place, health-wise, and are frustrated by what’s available (read: NOT available) in modern medicine to help them.   As I’ve said in one of my books, when a student is ready, a teacher appears.

Anyway, I was dismayed at the Facebook war.   Fact is, as I am working to teach my 13-y.o. vegetarian daughter, we can’t bludgeon somebody to death about our dietary opinions and win a single convert.   (Some in the discussion were talking about “forcing” your food views on others, etc.)

Others were debating the Vitamin B12 issue as a means to promote eating animals.   This is truly a non-issue.   Plant eaters do fine if they’re following a GreenSmoothieGirl approach.   Garden and eat your organic produce, because B12 comes from soil organisms, which come from . . . well, SOIL.   Don’t worry about washing your greens too much.   Eat a little aloe vera, a little raw nori (seaweed), a little Brewer’s (nutritional) yeast now and then.   And remember that your body stores a 3-yr. supply of Vitamin B12 anyway.   It’s a cattle rancher’s dream come true, the false doctrine  that  you’ve gotta be pounding the filet minon to meet basic nutritional needs.   Here are two of my previous blogs on the B12 issue:

Other Facebook friends  were quoting scriptures.   Tomorrow I’ll finish up talking about my opinion about a few points in the Word of Wisdom from the LDS canon.   But here are more of my thoughts on whether God wants us to eat a plant-based diet, from an earlier blog entry:

Be a CONSCIOUS plant eater.   If you’re following 12 Steps to Whole Foods, you’re getting what you need.   If you’re a vegan eating Diet Coke and Twinkies, you’re in trouble.    Being gentle with the earth and avoiding killing animals is great, but let’s take it up a level and also eat what nourishes us best.   That’s what the Word of Wisdom is about.

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