green smoothie “tea” for your plants

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl:

After 2 years of drinking green smoothies I started just 3 months ago rinsing my blender after making smoothies and pouring mixture into a bucket. Then I refill with water the empty smoothie bottles throughout  the day.

This makes a weak green smoothie that I pour into same bucket and then water my plants.  I  fed a boston fern, an orchid, my roses, a mandevilla  and now my tomato plants. Unbelievable how much faster  all of the plants are growing,   so many more  blooms per bush, tomato plants growing at twice the rate, Boston fern is so thick and green that people think it’s artificial!

Pass this on to your fans, they will be amazed!

Green smoothies are not only good for us, they’re REALLY good for what we eat!

Thanks for the inspiration!


–Thanks, Michael, fantastic idea I am undertaking TODAY.   I think I’ll do some of the plants and not others, to see if it makes a difference!   –Robyn