Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothie Song–and me, giving her props

When my book The Green Smoothies Diet came out, last year, I got an email saying, “Who do you think you are? Victoria Boutenko invented the green smoothie! You owe her some credit!”

In fact, I give V. Boutenko, one of my heroes, credit every single time I speak. (Back me up here, if you’ve been to my classes?) Also I give her credit in my books. I love her, own every one of her book and her kids’ book, too. I want to give her a shout-out here, as I hear she is going through a very trying time because of her divorce.

Here is a goofy, sweet YouTube video she and her daughter Valya did, where she sings a song about green smoothies. I laughed all the way through it. (Maybe since I’ve been accused of being her lackey, I’ll do a song too—but it’ll be all edgy and rap):

Victoria, please know I think you’re so cute for doing that video. Thanks for your impressive and tireless efforts to educate people about the benefits of a raw, plant-based diet.

Here’s a video I made to give you the credit you deserve. Victoras Kulvinskas and others like Ann Wigmore may have “invented” ideas decades ago that led to the green smoothie concept. But, for the record, I think you’re a pioneer, and today I want to say, thank you and God bless you through this difficult time in your life.

drink green smoothies all day and lose weight

You could literally drink green smoothies till you’re full, all day long, and still lose weight.

If you drank TWO GALLONS a day (that’s 8 quarts), you would get only 1500 calories. That 100 fewer calories than someone my height and weight needs, even if I don’t exercise, daily!

I’ve been accidentally saying the wrong thing in my classes. A quart of green smoothie doesn’t have 400 calories–it has 200! (Hot Pink smoothie from Ch. 10 of 12 Steps has 400 calories, perfect for breakfast.)

A quart of GS will fill up your stomach. I often get emails saying, “I can’t drink a quart in one sitting! How do you do it?”

Well, first, I’m just used to it. I burn 400-600 calories working out every morning so I’m really hungry at lunch time. Sometimes I save some of my quart for late in the afternoon, but often I drink it all at once–and I always have something else, too.) And sometimes when I have an extra pint in the fridge, I have another GS for dinner!

I also get this a lot: “I am hungry an hour or two after drinking my quart of GS. What’s up with that?” Well, what’s up with that is that it’s less than 200 calories.

I was filing stuff and found this DietPower breakdown of a quart of green smoothie:

¼ lb. spinach

¼ lb. chard

½ banana

¾ cup mixed berries

1 peach

Here’s what you get (with 1 ½ cups water and a pinch of stevia):

188 calories

84% carbs, protein 12%, fat 4% (That is a BEAUTIFUL macronutrient breakdown, by the way! If someone told you 20% protein is necessary, it ISN’T.)

Because this is the highest-nutrition, lowest-calorie thing you can eat, I outline a Detox plan (3 days) and a weight loss plan (30 days) in my book, The Green Smoothies Diet.

You also get, from this recipe:

More than 50% of your daily requirements of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, manganese.

Very significant amounts of fiber (31% of daily allowance), as well as niacin, Vita E, iron, calcium, potassium, and sodium.

p.s. I do recommend adding 60-100 cals. of flaxseed to your diet, and a GS is one easy way to do that. I buy sprouted flax on Amazon. It’s live and it absorbs less water in the smoothie since it’s already been soaked (and dried).

it was exhausting writing all those books

I got a call last night from my fulfillment company, saying we are getting low on 12 Steps: Complete Course, and I needed to autograph 200 books (The Green Smoothies Diet) and get them there by the next morning.

I was leaving for Cade’s baseball game and then Tennyson’s and wouldn’t be home till 11 p.m.

So I loaded several boxes of books in the car, took a couple of pens, and sat in the bleachers signing piles of books all night.

Tennyson came out of the dugout to chat with me at one point, and his buddy followed him over. I heard him whisper, incredulously, “Ten! Did your mom write ALL of those books?”

LOL! I love kids!

Speaking of, I have written a draft of Green Kids Rock Out Loud (or whatever the name ends up being). It’s a book about nutrition for kids age 3-9.

Two questions for you!

One, do you know a book illustrator who does colorful, fun illustrations? So far the ones I’m talking to need 9-12 months to do the work.

Two, would you let me interview your child who eats lots of healthy plant food, and is fairly chatty by nature? I’d do this by phone, asking just a few simple questions. If I use your child’s testimonial, you’ll get the book free. Even better, you’ll help get this book out. I was dismayed to survey the children’s literature on nutrition: not impressive. Thus this effort. I think it’s really needed.

If you know a book illustrator or want to participate in the testimonials, please write Jenni and Jackie at support123 at Tell me your phone number and your child’s name and age. J&J will forward it on to me.


how do I use green smoothies for weight loss?

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: how do you get started on the green smoothie weight loss program? Please let me know I am interested.

Answer: In my book The Green Smoothies Diet, I cover three different programs you can do. One is a three-day green fast for detoxifying your organs of elimination. Giving them a break from digestion every now and then is a great idea.

The second plan is a 30-day fat burner cleanse for weight loss. This is very frankly the best way I know to do what’s RIGHT for your body, nourishing it, while losing weight as quickly as is safe and healthy–and possible for a person with the many demands of an active lifestyle. I really fret when I see the ways that most people go about “dieting.” Most of them are destructive. Even Weight Watchers’ “point” system doesn’t make a peep about avoiding those acidic processed foods that are harming us in more ways than their calorie density. And you can read elsewhere on this blog about what I think about the “diet doctors.”

You’ll feel supercharged doing that weight loss program because it is first of all targeting your health, and weight loss is just a wonderful side benefit!

And third you can do the green smoothie for life (permanent lifestyle change) program. I hate to call this a program, in fact, because program implies a short duration. It’s how my family and I live.


California trip: Costco product review (part 2 of 2)

Today I’m talking about a product review / comparison of Trio Bars and Bora Bora bars at Costco, both of which I love. I wish they hadn’t discontinued Lara Bars, but such it is. (I met Lara about 6 years ago, and she’s a raw foodist who “walks the walk.”)

Bora Bora bars are 180 – 200 calories (48 grams), three varieties, and cost $1 each and are the higher quality of the two brands, because they have sprouted flax seed and all organic ingredients. I love Trio bars, too, because they taste so yummy and are made from nuts, seeds, and fruits. Trio bars are four different varieties, 230 calories (40 grams), and cost $0.80 each. The price is much better than similar bars. I would buy these over virtually any “protein” bar I’ve ever seen, since the proteins are almost always fractionated versions of soy or whey, both ingredients to avoid. Occasionally at a health food store you can find hemp protein bars, which are preferable if you are really insist on eating bars that force protein to be a bigger macronutrient than normally found in nature.

Occasionally someone writes to me that they’re eating whole foods and mostly raw, without losing weight. I’d be amazed if that’s the case for anyone who undertakes the lifestyle for any extended period of time. I always immediately wonder about thyroid issues. But one thing to look at is the question of how much you are eating of high-fat nuts and seeds. They are good for you, but an ounce or two a day is sufficient. A Trio bar takes the edge off my hunger, but I’ll be hungry an hour or two later. Low-calorie, high-micronutrient food like what is in green smoothies is a very important part of a mostly raw, whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. It is unlikely but possible to be overweight eating nothing but raw plant food, if you’re overindulging in nuts/seeds/unrefined oils.

I like how Costco has more and more organic, whole-food options. However, be careful with your selections. Some of the stuff Costco sells is what I call “feel good” food, which is radically different than “good-for-you” food. They have whole-grain pasta, which is good, and Rice Dream, and lots of organics (produce as well as boxed and other foods). But a lady was handing out samples of “organic” PopTarts recently at my Costco in Orem, Utah (different brand name than PopTart, same concept) and literally shouting about how the product is “so good for you.” Cane juice crystals, the main ingredient, are a very marginal improvement over refined sugar (still a concentrated sweetener). And the white flour was organic. Big deal. Beware of junk food masquerading as nutritious food, which is in fact only about 5% better than the typical junk food.

San Diego class at Windmill Farms Market: lots of long-time readers there, loved it! Ed, you are just THE BEST. Thanks for printing directions to our next class and for being so kind and helpful. Russell, your bringing your book The Green Smoothies Diet and telling everyone you’ve read it three times made my day. I think **I** haven’t even read it three times. Other readers with whom I’ve chatted via email over the past two years, it was so fun to put your faces to your names! It’s kind of weird to have a job where you don’t interact face-to-face very much–mostly email–so I always love to do a class where I meet real, live 12 Steppers and GSG readers. It means a lot to me.

Fullerton class at Christy Funk’s cute natural baby/childbirth store BellySprout was wonderful. I’m soooo sorry to those who came and couldn’t find a place to stand. Half the attendees at both classes learned of the events through the GSG newsletter/blog. You are busy and I am honored that you spent your evening with me.

Thanks for your support, for reading my book, for making my daughters feel like rock stars.

Class in Midway, part 2 of 2

So a few hours before my morning class in Midway, I went out for a run, and the concrete jumped up and tripped me. I was headed downhill, and my toe caught the edge so hard, I went down face-first before my hands even hit. I thought I broke my jaw–but I’m blessed because it’s just sore and I didn’t lose any teeth.   Unfortunately I had a big Daffy Duck lip and big bloody scrapes on my chin and cheekbone. (My bleeding knees were covered for the class, at least.)

I held ice to my face all the way until I got to the class, but it was huge and ugly and I didn’t even bother trying to conceal anything with makeup–that would have HURT.   So that was my look as they mic’d and professionally filmed the thing., LOL!   (And oh, for a few days after, endless “violent boyfriend” jokes.)

Here are a few photos from the class (that conveniently–or vainly??–don’t highlight my smacked-up face). That’s Leslie blending away with me, and in a photo in the black shirt.

blending with Leslie

Anyway, Kerry (who helped Leslie with the event) came up before I spoke and dabbed my facial wounds with lavender essential oil. Oh my goodness! By the time the class was over, my lip’s swelling was 75% gone and I felt and looked SO much better.

I did a book signing afterward and these are some of the highlights:

Two ladies on the front row, Nancy and Cheryl are longtime GSG readers.   Nancy’s husband had bladder cancer and has been cancer free for 2 yrs. doing the GSG thing. He actually hasn’t radically changed his diet, just does GS and wheat grass juice every day. (That’s just informational, not a recommendation or suggestion that GS alone cures cancer.) Cheryl adopted green smoothies for health benefits and lost 80 lbs. without “dieting.”   I love these stories, if you can’t tell.

And my old college roommate Helen, who I haven’t seen or heard from in 21 years, had been reading my site, is very “into” nutrition, and looks WAY more gorgeous than she did back then! That was super fun. The ironic thing is that when we were 21, we ate nothing but crap and we just looked at our roommate with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and all her “weird” food and colonics and stuff, and just scratched our heads.   Life has a way of making 180 turns sometimes, doesn’t it?

Robyn and Leslie 2

The token guy in the audience said he makes green smoothies for a bunch of firefighters and they love it. I told him my experience with guys has been this: they’ll eat anything you feed them but most of them won’t make it for themselves!   (I’m thinking of a few of y’all who read this blog–feel free to sound off–who are notable exceptions!)   Trivia quiz for you: see the photo, I am holding up two fingers. I’m asking, “What are the two biggest deficits in the American Diet? Only ONE of them do doctors tell you about.”

First one to answer this question correctly, here, can email us your address and we’ll send you a free copy of The Green Smoothies Diet (or any recipe collection you’d like). Hint: I write about this regularly in my books, etc.–it’s “gospel according to GreenSmoothieGirl,” of course.   Some experts may disagree with me.   (But they’re wrong.)   I’m magically blogging while on the road in California, but I’ll answer whoever gets it right first when I’m back Tues. Oct. 20 and send you your prize!

Two biggest deficits in the American diet