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Ep. 281: Why I Don’t Take Vitamin C or Vitamin D

Robyn Openshaw - Aug 31, 2022 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe with Robyn Openshaw: Why I Don't Take Vitamin C or Vitamin D

You want to know if Vitamin D and C in synthetic/pill form is toxic. You might not like the answer, but this is the “cliff’s notes” of why I don’t take it — but I get plenty of both vitamins.

1.  The graphic Robyn mentioned on consolidating supplement industry:

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One thought on “Ep. 281: Why I Don’t Take Vitamin C or Vitamin D”

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  1. David says:

    So, What companies haven’t sold out? Whole food vitamins and herbal supplements companies? Hope there are some, but then where do they get their raw materials. This needs to be changed. Keep up the good work, Regaeds, David Fuller

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