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Ep. 179: Former ER Doc Calls Virus Decision Makers to Task with Dr. Rashid Buttar | Vibe Podcast

Robyn Openshaw - Apr 29, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe Podcast 179 Dr Rashid Buttar

Former U.S. Army and Emergency-trained doctor Rashid Buttar joins us from North Carolina to explain why the virus is not the threat we feared, and in fact violates every physiological and scientific principle. So why are we still on lock downs, with corruption and agenda bringing world governments and people to their knees? There’s a message of hope and united intention at the end.


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  • [01:04]: Fast. Join GreenSmoothieGirl in a fast for the suffering individuals and families all around the world.
  • [09:08]: Deception. Dr. Rashid Buttar talks about the greatest domestic threat to the world at this time.
  • [12:10]: Empower Yourself. Dr. Rashid Buttar talks about knowledge and the empowering qualities it has.
  • [16:18]: Sensitive Immunity. Dr. Rashid Buttar talks about FIVE J*EE and the connection to Covid-19.
  • [27:09]: Bravery? Dr. Rashid Buttar talks about what gives him the strength and courage to speak out about Covid-19.
  • [37:23]: Love, Gratitude, and Compassion. Dr. Rashid Buttar shares his message of holding a specific intention in one’s heart.
  • [44:50]: The Real Cause. Dr. Rashid Buttar explains what has really killed 35,000 Americans instead of Covid-19.
  • [49:45]: The Mission. Dr. Rashid Buttar explains his shared mission to fight against tyranny and for the independence of the world.
  • [51:53]: #wechangetheworld. Dr. Rashid Buttar shares his hashtag and invites everyone to join in his mission and intention.


This transcript has been edited for clarity.

Robyn: Hey, everyone it’s Robyn Openshaw. Welcome back to the Vibe show. Wow, have things changed in our world, right? We’re talking about completely different kinds of content.

I sort of just hijacked regularly scheduled programming, and we went to talking to different kinds of leaders and different kinds of muckrakers and people who are speaking up about the issues affecting all of us.

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I think that we all need to be in a positive group. Everything on social media these days is really quite negative. People [are] fighting over what the right approach is and what’s really going on out there.

This will be a very protected group. We already have somewhere around 1300 people in there before we even start this because we’ve done fasting before.

We’re going to bring in people like Rashid Buttar to do little devotionals and help focus our intention to change outcomes in the world that we all so desperately want right now.

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Today I reached out to a colleague of mine, Dr. Rashid Buttar. As you may be aware, I did a 450-city speaking tour over the course of like six years. He reached out to me because I think he followed me.

Somehow, we connected, and he ended up being the speaker in front of me and he came on speaking tour with me. We went to Charlotte and Raleigh and a few other cities in North Carolina and South Carolina. I got to know him.

He’s an amazing guy who practices in helping people detoxify, helping people get well from detoxification from autism. He believes strongly that there’s a link between early childhood vaccinations and autism. He reversed his own son’s autism.

He’s become an internationally renowned expert and leads thousands of other doctors in helping people detoxify from heavy metals at his clinic in North Carolina.

I’ve been excited to talk to him because he’s been doing videos that millions of people are watching right now. He’s very articulate; He is very educated about what’s going on with this Covid-19 pandemic, or as he would call it, plan-demic.

I think you’re going to really enjoy what he has to say. He has a very hopeful message at the end. Welcome to the Vibe show, Dr. Rashid Buttar

Dr. Rashid Buttar: Hey, how are you? Good seeing you, Robyn. Good to be talking to you again. It’s been a while.

Robyn: It’s been a while. We drove across North Carolina together years ago. I learned a lot from you then and I’m excited to talk to you today because you’re all over the place.

You’re getting millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares. I believe that is because, my friend, you are willing to say things. You’re braver than a lot of people.

I’ve heard you call out some of your colleagues, but I’ve seen major media coming after you, doing a hit piece. What makes you so brave and willing to speak up at this huge international crisis we’re in?

Dr. Rashid Buttar: I think it’s the question of what is important to us as individuals. What they say to me or against me, I really don’t care.

It’s my children and their future children. It’s your children and your future children and it’s the future of mankind on this planet is what concerns me.

I honestly thought that somebody was just going to come out and start talking about this because it was just ridiculous. We take care of patients from all over the world. We’ve got patients from 93 different countries. I mean, there’s a virus. Whatever, not a big deal.

We upped the saline count a little. The only thing that I remember that was significant that I did since January [is] that [I] did have my nursing staff order 10 times [the amount of intravenous selenium] when they talked about the possibility of this being a pandemic. I told them to up our intravenous selenium supplies tenfold. That’s the only change that we’ve made.

We haven’t been shut down a day. My staff comes to work every day. I mean everything is normal. In fact, we’ve had to hire five new people in the last two weeks.

The motivation — what makes me say what I’m saying, it’s not bravery. It’s not courage or any of those other words that you said. [I am] just sick and tired of the lies and knowing that the consequences of those lies are the future of my children and the future of the rest of the planet.

If what their agenda is comes to fruition, the end of the human species is in view, and it’s just not going to happen.

I’ve put my life on the line in the military, for God and country. I’ve had to take off my dog tags and take off my U.S. flag off my uniform because, God forbid, unforeseen circumstances were to occur [and] U.S. Forces couldn’t be acknowledged there.

Now you’re sitting right here at the middle of the land of the free and home of the brave, and you start seeing that the greatest atrocity ever committed against mankind on a global scale is about to take place. It started here.

We, the American people, are completely oblivious to it. Yes, there are factions in the know in the government that are trying to fight for us, but there’s another subversive agenda going out there. That subversive agenda has to stop. That subversive agenda is something that our forefathers knew would happen.

That’s the reason that they gave us our U.S. Constitution. That’s the reason they gave us the first amendment — the freedom of speech — and the second amendment, the right to bear arms.

You can look at what’s happened over the last 10 years. This constant rhetoric of taking away arms, making firearms illegal. That is not necessary. Now you can see why they wanted to disarm people.

The first thing is if you’re going to say that there’s a problem with firearms, people should be disarmed. Then what, Robyn? You’re the Green Smoothie Girl. You tell me that. Would it not be more appropriate to make spoons illegal because of the epidemic of obesity in our country?

If you’re going to blame it on some type of tool, if you’re going to blame it on guns — that this is why gun violence has happened — they need to blame obesity on spoons, and we need to make spoons illegal. That’s the absurdity of that argument.

Lack of personal responsibility and lack of holding people accountable is why we got into this mess in the first place. It’s not a problem with the guns, just like it’s not a problem with the spoons.

It’s the idiots that have wielding, those guns are wielding the spoons and not having the personal responsibility of what’s necessary in order for them to end up being fit or being healthy or not extruding violence. Violence is going to happen regardless.

It’s not because of the guns. Cars — those are good modes of transportation, but you put a drunk behind that car [and] that becomes a weapon of mass destruction. You can kill 10 a dozen people, two dozen people in just one accident.

I’m sorry I went off on a diatribe there, Robyn, but I think you know me well enough to know that I tend to go off on these tangents, but that’s really what the issue is.

The issue is not about bravery. It’s an issue of what needs to be done. Every law enforcement and every military person who served in the military, whether they’re retired or active duty, it makes no difference. We all took the same oath, which is to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

What we are dealing with right now is a domestic threat on the mass level: censorship by the the social media platforms, YouTube and Google and Facebook.

You can have pornography and you can have foul words and that’s okay, but you start talking about a certain technology like FIVE J*EE, [and] they’re censoring you. You talk about something that’s controversial, about Bill Gates, boom. They’re censoring you. It’s unbelievable.

The mainstream media and their mass deception of taking footage from different hospitals and saying that these are different hospitals and yet it’s the same footage of a staged hospital or showing the same person dying in different places. [It is] the same pictures.

[They are also] paying nurses to pretend like they’re crying because they had to work in an ICU unit with somebody that had Covid-19 where in fact, that person has not been in a hospital for over a year and a half. That nurse hasn’t worked.

The media deception is our domestic threat right now. That is what’s happening. That they are trying to perpetrate another lie on the American people, but not just the American people [but] on the world’s people, on the citizenry of the world.

The World is Changing Around Us

Robyn: Yeah. Every day I wake up and I find myself so reflective on all these lessons of history. When I was in high school and college learning about history, these [events] seemed like these long ago remote events that could never happen again — like Stalin and the Holodomor in the Ukraine and Hitler in Germany.

We never imagined that something so horrific could come our way because we felt so insulated. Life was so good for so long.

You just said the greatest atrocity ever committed against mankind that we are up against. No less than that. Talk a little more about that.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: Fear is the mechanism that they’re using to scare individuals into staying home, but it’s fear itself that then decreases the immune system, reduces the CD4 [and] CD8 eight count which are natural killer cells — basically causes a suppression of the entire lymphocyte sub-population.

We’ve got a video coming out — the sixth video in this “Covid-19 Conspiracy?” series. This sixth video, Robyn, is called Empowering Yourself.

It actually has two other people besides myself. One of those is the one of the leading virologists, and she actually did all the gain of function studies on Ebola where she became a whistleblower about the fact that vaccines did cause autism and did cause cancer.

She was threatened by Fauci that if she said anything publicly, he would end her career. She went out on the limb, and she started talking about it and they brought her up on false charges.

They basically threatened her life. They ended up putting her in jail, and then she was under a gag order for five years. The gag order just lifted recently, and she is now openly speaking. She’s with me.

The other one is another close friend of mine. He taught in medical schools for 45 years. He’s the person that basically did all the work with STEM cells. He’s a father of epigenetics. He coined the term.

Basically, the three of us surgically dismantle this lie and people will be empowered with this knowledge. When they become empowered with knowledge, what happens? They can no longer be victims, and that’s what the plan is.

What is this mass atrocity that I’m talking about? It’s not the Covid-19. That’s not what we have to be fearful of. In fact, there’s nothing that you should be fearful off.

There’s a difference between fear and danger. The danger is real, but fear is an illusion. What they’ve done is they’ve tried to make people think that you have to be afraid. You have to be fearful of this dangerous Covid-19.

That is not the danger. What it’s coming down to, they [are] going to use the Covid-19 to scare you [and] intimidate you into doing a mass vaccination.

The question that should be asked right now is, how many people have had the flu shot? The trivalent flu shot, the covalent flu shot, the H1N1 vaccine, whatever other adult vaccines that are out there. How many of those people that have died of the supposedly Covid-19 actually had those vaccines previously?

That’s the first question. We know [this virus] has a very virulent man-made chimera component. It’s like a one hit wonder. If it doesn’t do anything in the first hours, it’s not going to do anything because your immune system’s intact. [The second question that should be asked is,] why is it this virus that was so smart, came out in Wuhan?

Even with all the deflection to China, “China did this, China did that.” Again, this is the same misinformation. I don’t know whether if patient zero was in Wuhan or not, but I know that Wuhan was where the breakout occurred.

If this was China’s weapon of mass destruction (which it was not, I’ll just tell you that, but let’s use that argument), why is it that this virus that was so smart came out in Wuhan, jumped over Shanghai and Beijing, conveniently hit Iran, Italy, and then bounced into New York and became the epicenter of this?

Did they train this virus? This virus happens to know geography and knows that, “Hey, let’s bypass Shanghai and Beijing”? Nobody’s asking these questions because it’s preposterous. China had nothing to do with this except the fact that Wuhan was there.

That’s the city that they launched the FIVE J*EE in December of 2019, which is incidentally when the entire cascade began of the coronavirus. Yes, Wuhan is there.

Who owns that lab? Who funded that lab? Now you start looking at the chain of reaction. Who funded that lab? At least $3.7 million came from the NIH, our National Institute of Health. Who approved that budget? Well, that was the person that had the highest directorship in the NIH. That’s Fauci.

When he did that in 2015, he became a criminal because he broke the law because there was a moratorium that the U.S. Government had passed on chimeric research because of the potential of creating a pandemic.

Fauci bypassed it in 2015 and funded Wuhan. Then in 2017, Fauci predicted that there was going to be a sudden outbreak during this presidency.

I mean, it’s so evident to me. It’s like you’d have to be blind, dumb, and deaf to not see the clear chain. I mean, did you follow the dots? One, two, three, boom. It’s right there. It’s not like rocket science.

I mean, to me. It was evident to many people that I know, and they’re like, why isn’t anybody talking about it? I have no idea.

I just put out the videos for my patients, and it just went viral from there. They took down the third video. The first video is Facts Versus Fiction. They’re all called “Covid-19 Conspiracy?” First one is Facts Versus Fiction. That’s still up on Facebook. YouTube did not take that down.

The second one was Toxicology, Ignored. Now, it’s interesting because toxicology is the most important thing here, but like the title, they ignored the toxicology. The Toxicology Ignored video is the least watched of the Covid-19 Conspiracy? videos.

For your listeners, watch those videos, guys. That toxicology one is very important. Now the third one was Corrupted Science, where I go into more details of what I just talked about with the Fauci aspect.

The fourth one was FIVE J*EE and Immunity. If all these people say, Oh, it’s conspiratorial, the FIVE J*EE causes Covid-19.” Nobody said, “FIVE J*EE causes Covid-19.” That’s an idiotic statement.

What we’re saying is that FIVE J*EE causes a change that allows Covid-19 to create the problem. What is that question that you might ask? How does this FIVE J*EE impact the current state?

It’s very, very clear. The first thing is our phones are about 500 to 900 Hertz. That’s the frequency that they are right now. The four G networks are right now resonating it. Okay.

These are radio frequency electromagnetic fields that are being generated. The frequency that we talked about at our cell phones is between 500 to 900 Hertz. Now the FIVE J*EE that’s coming out, it stands for fifth generation.

The level of Hertz is far, far in excess of what you would think. You’re going from 900 Hertz to one gigahertz. I’ll just tell you what a gigahertz is. One gigahertz is 1 billion, not million, 1 billion Hertz. Alright?

Now when FIVE J*EE is fully rolled out, they’re planning on [upgrading to] 30 gigahertz to 300 gigahertz, which is 30 billion to 300 billion Hertz. People may say, “Well, what relevance is that?”

Here’s the relevance. The voltage gated calcium channels that are a very key component of how cell membranes communicate from inside to outside and vice versa get disrupted.

By getting disrupted, they allow calcium efflux into the cells. Calcium efflux in the cells is pathognomonic for cancer. It causes suppression of apoptosis and uncontrolled cellular proliferation, which is the definition of cancer.

They’ve done studies at 1.8 gigahertz. Remember they’re rolling them out at 30 to 300. That’s the goal, but they’re starting to roll it out on a lower level. At 1.8 gigahertz, there are over 2000 studies showing the change in individuals with the incurrence of cancer, including heart cancer, cardiac cancers — which are very rare — adrenocortical carcinomas, brain cancers, neurological implications.

All sorts of health issues at 1.8 gigahertz at 1.8 billion Hertz. They’re going to roll this out at 30 billion to 300 billion Hertz. That’s what the issue is.

They don’t want the world to know this, so what are they doing? They’re playing out this Covid-19 conspiracy component. It is conspiracy. We are looking at how Covid-19 [is] related to the FIVE J*EE.

Remember I came back to that toxicity aspect and I said the Toxicology Ignored was the most important component. The video too. Well, let me explain to you how our system has been set up in the United States.

Toxicological Team Versus Infectious Disease Team

When the Center for Disease Control [is] called in to investigate a cause of death, what they’re looking for is something that they can attribute, that they can then control and reduce so that mortality is mitigated.

That’s basically what the goal of the CDC is. At least that’s what they say. They send out two teams. One is the infectious disease team that gets all the glory. Movies like Ebola and Contagion were made [about them]. They get all the glory.

They also send out a second team called the toxicological team. The toxicological team is like the redheaded stepchild. Nobody pays attention to them.

Now the toxicological team is the one that’s responsible for finding [if] is there a toxicity issue from some type of substance or some type of a compound. They never ever find anything. Well, they do. They’re always drowned out by the infectious disease team.

If you remember in the seventies and eighties, there was this whole outcry about leaded gasoline. It was one of the divisions [of] that toxicology division that actually led to the advent of unleaded gasoline.

Even though there’s still a lot of lead in [gasoline], there is a lot less because of combustion of fossil fuels. Gasoline put out lead, mercury, and cadmium [which are all] very, very toxic to the system. They were able to reduce it.

The industries are going to be responsible if they find a toxicological compound, meaning that if the toxicological team finds that there’s a cause of this cause of death, whatever that may be, then a company, a corporation, an entity, [or] individual has to be held responsible and accountable for that issue.

If the infectious disease team finds a bacteria or a virus or pathogen or parasite or something else, then there’s no accountability. There’s no corporation or entity or individual that has to be held responsible.

It’s always diverted to some type of infectious process. Every one of these infectious have been man made. H1N1 was man made. SARS was man made. The Covid-19 was man made. These are all man made.

They have patents on the damn virus, not the vaccine — on the actual virus. H1N1 had a patent filed by Baxter in Austria nine months before the first documented case of H1N1.

Okay. Now remember I said that we need to go back and look at how many of these people actually had had other adult vaccines.

In 2010 timeframe, when I put out the video and H1N1, there was a story that came out — big story — in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Times was covering it. Apparently 64 patients died of H1N1 in one of the hospitals in Los Angeles.

Big story, they’re outraged. [They] said, “Why are there 64 documented cases of H1N1 deaths and the media is not talking about it?”

Suddenly, just like that, boom. The story was gone. You couldn’t even find an archive in those websites that archive stories, nothing. You couldn’t find any trace of the story.

One of my friends that had trained with me was a surgeon in this hospital, and I talked to him. I said, “That was just a bunch of BS, wasn’t it? Those people didn’t die of H1N1.” He said, “No, they did. All 64 died, and it was documented H1N1,” and I was shocked.

I was like, “Really?’ He said, “Yeah, but guess why they killed the story. All 64 had gotten the H1N1 vaccine.” Nobody talks about that. That’s why they killed the story. Now all of these people are getting vaccines.

They’ve already done studies as far back as 1984 showing the people that got the flu shot in the cap model, in the mouse model — they got the flu shot, but they had low exposure to Covid-19, no exposure to coronavirus but were positive for coronavirus.

How is that possible unless they had viral components that were in those vaccines? We know that they have mutated human cell lines in vaccines. We know that they have DNA adducts from other species, including monkeys and dogs.

We know that this is all part of the CDC’s own data. You can go in there and do this research yourself. That’s known.

Of course, the majority of people don’t know that because they don’t bother reading the inserts, and they don’t put that in inserts. The studies clearly show it. It’s public information. How do we know that they didn’t introduce other things in us?

Now [there is a] toxicological onslaught. Remember in Wuhan — outgassing. Wuhan had actually garnered international attention by CNN, BBC, and other international news media back in 2016 and 2017 for the amount of toxicity in the air and how it was affecting the population [as well as] the public outcry and the mass demonstrations. China is a freaking oppressive nation. It’s not like the U.S. supposedly, that is, free.

Facebook is [under watch. Their government is] preventing people from assembling, which is under our first amendment, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom to associate. They’re saying that they’re not going to allow — they’re censoring that.

We’re talking about China. If people in China are upset and having public demonstrations, you know it’s got to be some serious, serious stuff. While people in China were demonstrating in 2016 and 2017, BBC and CNN covering all this protest for the outgassing from the incinerators that are burning and putting out this level of pollution. These people were already very toxic.

Then in the fall of 2019 they get a bunch of vaccines. Then in December of 2019, they launch and turn on 2000 of the 12,000 FIVE J*EE towers that were sitting there. In 2018, China announced that Wuhan was going to be where the FIVE J*EE was going to be rolled out.

All of a sudden, you have this coronavirus — Covid-19 — occur in December, the same exact month that they turn on the FIVE J*EE. People say that there’s no relationship. You’d have to be a moron to say that there’s no relationship or [at the very least] you’ve got a very, very suspect agenda.

Robyn: Yeah. There’s an app that you can get. You probably just Google “FIVE J*EE map.” You can look and you can see where the towers are. I believe there’s 1,500 in New York City, and I think you’re going to make that link. In Wuhan, which is the biggest, most complete rollout [as well as] the first rollout, there’s 10,000 towers.

I’ll tell you just a crazy little weird story. You were referring to Dr. Judy Mikovits earlier. Her episode airs the week before yours does here on the Vibe show.

I was talking to her about FIVE J*EE. A Lot of the reasons I want to talk to you and to her is that every single thing that I have seen anybody publish that connects FIVE J*EE to Covid-19 — like you say, we’re not saying that that FIVE J*EE causes Covid-19.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: Nobody’s ever said that, Robyn. This is, again, part of the misinformation campaign. They’re taking your words and changing them around to make you sound like an idiot. That’s what they’re trying to do.

Robyn: Right. That’s sort of the game of the mainstream media. I’m seeing them absolutely gaslight any of us who are questioning this. They’re gaslighting anybody who gathers as a bunch of right-winger gun-toting morons.

[Dr. Judy Mikovits] was talking about the FIVE J*EE connection to Covid-19. You have to take a minute to explain it, but it’s a very, very real connection.

I wanted to get both of you up on my podcast because iTunes is not censoring, and iTunes has not applied AI to take entire episodes down or take entire channels down. Every single person I’ve seen talk about that link has been taken down.

She told me about it. She said that one of the things, at 60 gigahertz, that happens with FIVE J*EE is that iron separates from hemoglobin in the blood. I did not know that until she said that.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: Doctors don’t know that that’s the problem. Robyn, that’s what’s actually happening to all this stuff. I’ve got friends of mine in ERs and ICUs. I’ve trained a lot of doctors.

I was in acute care medicine and trauma medicine. I taught PALS, ACLS — these are all acute medical situations of how doctors should be treating their patients.

I was an instructor at the American College of Surgeons teaching doctors. I was an instructor with the American College of Cardiology teaching advanced cardiac life support. I was an instructor with the American Academy of Pediatrics teaching pediatric advanced life support.

These aren’t courses for nurses or lay people. These are courses for doctors [on] how to deal with trauma. I’ve got people that I’ve known for years, friends of mine that are calling me — some of them are patients of mine.

[They are] calling me going, “Dude, this is not what it seems. This is weird. I don’t know what it is. It appears to be like a hypoxic injury, like an altitude sickness.” That’s exactly what it is, is this association of the iron from the hemoglobin.

It’s causing these gated calcium channels to get disrupted. It’s causing mass havoc with the freaking human physiology.

That’s what I’m saying. When you say that, “what gives you the courage or the bravery,” it’s not courage and bravery.

It’s that I don’t want to be in a freaking microwave. I don’t want to have my kids in a microwave. I don’t want to have anybody’s kids in a microwave.

What happens to you, Robyn? What happens to me? I really don’t give a crap. Okay, we’ve lived our life, but my kids haven’t. Our future generations are dependent on this.

They roll out the FIVE J*EE, it is going to be the beginning of the end of the human species, of every living species that we know of — at least that has a physiology that has gated calcium channels and that has iron in their hemoglobin in the blood.

It’s going to cause mass disruption. Last thing I want to say on this particular subject, FIVE J*EE and immunity — the fourth video I show Wuhan, Italy, [and] Iran. I didn’t go into New York as much because New York I covered in part five which is Deceptive Agenda. Wuhan, Italy, and Iran — all three of those countries rolled out FIVE J*EE. They were talking about it. They were going to be the forefront of it.

I’ve got the cities. I’ve got the websites. I showed the actual news broadcast as far back as June and July of 2019 [about] how they were going to be striving to be the world’s leader of the FIVE J*EE roll out. All of them.

I showed the websites — not one, not two, but three websites per country. I’m surprised they haven’t been taken down. I’ve got it on video so that you can see them.

Robyn: It’s true, and I think that you’re right. There’s very few even functional medicine doctors who know this.

Covid-19? Or Something Else?

Dr. Rashid Buttar: The medicine doctors are scared right now. They’re scared because they don’t know. The doctors that have spoken out are either basic science didactic researchers or they’re doctors that are actually in acute care setting medicine.

I’m so disgusted with the integrative medical practitioners out there. Nobody’s spoken out. Kaufman’s spoken out. Cowan has spoken out. Kudos to them, but the rest of them, it’s a pathetic disgrace that they’re keeping their mouths shut because that’s all fear motivated. I’m just saying that. Okay. Continue, Robyn. I’m sorry.

Robyn: I’ve heard both Dr. Cowen — both of those guys that you’re talking about — and Dr. Kaufman’s work. They’re out there being very bold as well.

Tomorrow when my interview with Dr. Mikovits comes out, I’m going to send it to my own functional medicine practitioner because I had just done a blood test a month ago, and I was in the Park City hospital.

It was completely empty on the day that they extended our lockdown by five weeks. That was before they shut down all the elective procedures.

I just needed a pint of blood out of my arm. The reason why is that my iron in my blood is six times what it normally is even though I’m a 25-year vegan, and my iron has been low in my blood my entire life. I’ve been rejected when I go try to give blood at the Red Cross many, many times in my life.

How did I go from being low iron for 50 years to suddenly having six times more iron in my blood? My functional medicine practitioner — I sat there for 15 minutes trying to brainstorm — said, “Besides that, your labs look perfect.”

Dr. Rashid Buttar: What is there to brainstorm, right? You’ve been slapped with it in the face, and you’re trying to brainstorm it. You just proved it right there.

Robyn: It’s brand new very recently.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: That’s not true. It’s not brand new. These studies have been done.

Robyn: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean it’s, it’s new in Park City, Utah. I just want to mention that in addition to [high iron], all of a sudden, I have super high ferritin in my blood, like literally hemochromatosis high.

Another weird thing just to throw in the mix is that I work here in my home office full time. I probably spend 10 hours a day on my computer. There’s a tower now half a mile from me here in Park City, Utah. It’s new.

In the last week, six birds have committed suicide running into my window. Keep in mind, my windows are really dirty right now. There’s been a lot of rain and windstorms and whatever. It’s not like I just got them cleaned and they’re not seeing the glass. Six birds have run full speed into my window and fallen down and died.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: Birds have, in their beaks, a substance called magnetite. Magnetite allows for orientation. It allows birds to know which way to travel during the migration. Humans have it in our brain. Bees have it in their gastrointestinal track.

Basically, the Earth’s magnetic grid has been disrupted because of the ambient cell phone radiation. Because of these radio-frequency electromagnetic fields that are being generated and causing a disruption in the Earth’s magnetic grid — which then throws off the magnetite — the birds can’t find the direction.

All this [scattering] of bees has nothing to do with pestilence or climate change or global warming and all this other garbage. They’re saying it’s because the magnetic grid of the planet is being disrupted, and the bees can’t find their way back to their beehive.

That’s why they’re dying. It’s all to do with the electromagnetic fields that are being generated, whether this is dirty energy from electromagnetic fields or it’s radio-frequency electromagnetic fields that are crazy, creating this disruption in the sub membranes and the disassociation between the hemoglobin and iron and the gated calcium channels being disrupted.

God knows what other physiological impacts they are, which I don’t even know. I just know that those two are enough to say that this should not be done. 2000 studies [have been] done, and they’re being ignored.

You’ve got the World Health Organization coming on and saying everything’s safe. These are corrupt organizations. They don’t give a crap about human being or lives, and they are orchestrating this plan-demic, which is exactly what it is.

They’ve planned this out. They’ve tested it. How did Fauci know that this presidency, the administration, would have to deal with that surprise pandemic?

How the hell did he know that from 2017? The media is trying to blow it out, like Fauci knew about it, but the administration did nothing to prepare for it.

Are you serious? You’re going to ask such a stupid question. The question should be why the hell did he know? How did he know? Is this crystal ball working?

I want to know. I want to look at what the lottery numbers are and what the stock market’s going to do tomorrow if he’s got that number system. That’s how stupid the media is.

They were counting on the public to be that stupid. That’s what the sad thing is, but the public is not going to be stupid. The public is already awakening, and it’s happening all over the world.

I just got video footage sent to me yesterday from Russia. The message was, “Your message is getting out to the world.” People are starting to stand up in Russia.

I want every city in the United States to have a thousand or more people congregating peacefully in a park, hugging each other, having a sandwich, whatever.

If you do it less than a thousand, you do 100 or 200, they could arrest you, but a thousand they can’t. They don’t have enough police force to do that.

My message to the law enforcement and military is, remember the constitutional oath that you took to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

It is illegal for you to follow an order if you are told to take somebody out or do something to somebody that’s weaker than you. You are ordained. You have been appointed to safeguard those of lesser strengths than yourself. [Do] you remember your oath?

I have over 5,000 people that have contacted our office that are retired or active duty military or law enforcement, and they’ve given us their information contact.

We’re going to actually have a webinar just for law enforcement and military because we want to make sure that they understand that the sovereign protector of the law actually is the sheriff. The sheriff has the highest authority as given by the constitution. The sheriffs need to be aware of their rights.

A sheriff in Massachusetts basically ignored the governor. The governor threatened that anybody that’s going to go out of their homes will be punished by law enforcement.

The lead sheriff –I don’t know if which county — basically came out and said, “This is a Nazi Germany. We’re not going to stop you and ask you for your papers. That’s not constitutional.” That’s what every law enforcement officer and every military person needs to remember because that’s what they’re going to try.

We are 7.7 billion people on this planet. This is a planetary issue. What was supposed to happen on Sunday? I have some inside information; I’ll just leave it at that. In 2015, I was made aware.

Robyn, I don’t know whether you know this, but I used to be in the military, and I had some special designations. I served with the special forces group. I was part of special operations command.

[I] also was teaching some of these things from a medical standpoint to the Joint Medical Readiness Training Command, JMRTC. None of that’s important except that I made some contacts and I’ve had people that are still in the military in the intelligence realm.

Long and the short of it is that I was made aware of certain things that were supposed to happen in 2019. This is like five years before.

I moved to New Zealand. I lived there; my family moved there. Through a personal circumstance, I went through a divorce, and my ex moved back here. It was just kind of crazy. That’s the only reason I’m here because my youngest son is here. My oldest son is here; he’s in university.

I came back and I’ve been going back and forth. I live there, but I’m here quite often. When this thing started happening, of course I’m not going to sit there [in New Zealand].

I was actually asked to give a lecture in a conference in Mexico, so I was coming back for that anyway. I stayed because I knew something was supposed to be happening.

How Dr. Rashid Buttar Helped Change the World

My source called me last week and said, “It’s happening, and it’s going to be on Sunday.” He’d already gotten out of the country. He just wanted me to get me out of the country. I was like, “What do you mean?” With all the flights, it was very restricted not to get my kids together.

He said, “We [have] to get out. You [have] to get out. The world needs this message, but you have to get out.” He’s not a religious person. He doesn’t believe in God. He’s an agnostic and atheist. He told me, he said, “I’ve never prayed, but the only thing that can stop this is the creator.”

I contacted Nia Peeples, who’s a friend of mine. You may know her; she’s a celebrity from Fame and Texas Walker Ranger, all these different shows. [I also contacted] my friend Bruce Lipton. Bruce is actually in New Zealand right now.

I told them what was going to happen, and I told them that we have to get a message out. Together we put a message out that started airing late Friday night.

It was instructions — and this is how simple it was — to hold love, gratitude, and compassion in your heart, not just for yourself and your family, but for other people — people that you don’t even know — for other people of our country, for other people of other countries, for mankind.

Hold love, gratitude, and compassion for everyone on the planet and ask for a source of energy, for the universe’s consciousness, for God’s energy, for the creator to support us in this next evolutionary process that we’re about to go through.

That was it. That was the only message. It was a message of love and peace. Every hour — when it’s 11:00 AM or 11:00 PM — take 30 seconds to a minute and just think about this.

Just hold it in your heart wherever you are on the planet, every 11:00 AM, 11:00 PM. Just do it for 48 hours. That’s what the message was. That’s the message that people have heard.

That’s what’s happening in Russia and some of these other places — in Texas. People heard the message. We have a new hashtag called #wechangetheworld. Not changed. We change the world.

I’m telling you, the stories that came in — I still knew that there’s a possibility [the event would still happen]. Well, Monday morning came, and we’re here. I only asked for 48 hours because I didn’t know what was going to happen. It’s not important what was going to happen.

The point is, it didn’t happen. If it didn’t happen, that means we have the power. It’s all going to be downhill now. Media is going to be pushing and getting more desperate.

The powers that be are going to get more desperate. There are factions within our government that are truly 100% supportive of us, and they want the right thing, but there are a lot of oppressive things that are going on.

It’s up to us, the people — we, the people — to do what’s necessary. The one thing that everyone can do is every hour [think of this message]. If you can’t do that, then just do it [at] 11:00 AM or 11:00 PM. If you can do it more often, do it every hour. Do it more often if you can.

It’s simply just taking a moment and just grounding yourself. Go outside, take a deep breath of air, look at the sun or the moon, and hold love and gratitude and compassion for the rest of the planet, for the rest of the inhabitants of the planet. Not just humans, but everything. Just send that out.

This may sound like fufu metaphysical BS, but I’m telling you right now, quantum physics is the hardest science that there’s out. In fact, Dr. Lipton talks about this in our “Covid-19 Conspiracy?” videos that are coming up — in the sixth one.

The thing is the thoughts aren’t inside our head. Okay? Thoughts are actually measurable. They’re actually outside our head. They’ve done studies to be able to measure the power of thought.

If you have one plus one — one person on one side, one person on the other side thinking of something — that power is not one plus one. It’s one and one, making 11.

If we get a thousand people to do this, it’s powerful. We’ve done this over and over again, so I know the power of it. To have the world doing it — I had no idea what was going to happen, but it happened.

It happened in such a big way. We changed the world. We changed the world. What I want people to recognize now is that the reason that that message is not being censored. Why would somebody censor a message of holding love and gratitude and compassion for your fellow inhabitants of this planet?

Why? What is the reason for holding that message and censoring it? People have sent that message out to 200, 300 friends. Nobody got it. Why? Answered that question for me, Robyn. Why are they censoring a message that has no profanity, has no pornography, has no disruption of technology?

It’s just holding an intention in your heart and in your mind. The reason is because that’s our antidote. It’s a seventh toxicity. The spirituality, they can’t get to us. They’ve hit us on all other six toxicities. They can’t hit us on the seventh one.

Robyn: Yeah. I learned the seven toxicities from you and your book all those years ago when we did speaking tours together. I want to add another hopeful note to what you’ve said there.

Every Monday for the last six weeks, I’ve done a poll on my public figure page. That’s the best place that I can do this poll because not only are there hundreds of thousands of people there, but also, I’m not on my public figure page speaking up about this. It’s mostly like recipes and health tips.

I’ve been begging people to pay attention to the fraud going on with the stories being told us about the virus. Since day one I smelled a rat.

Luckily, I jumped on this early. I’ve been able to track this from the last 35 days. Yesterday was the sixth week in a row that I ran this poll. [The amount of] people who believe in the shutdown of global economies and believe that it’s necessary for us to all sit at home in fear and wear masks has gone from 53.6% to 15%.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: What’s the sample size of that group?

Robyn: Every single week we’ve had some number of hundreds. What’s even more exciting is that this week, in the last seven days, we’ve seen a huge increase in the third answer.

The first answer is “I believe the economic shutdown is necessary.” The second one is “I don’t believe that the numbers warrant the reaction.” The third one is “someone’s doing this to us.” That third one has jumped by big double digits in the last week alone.

I believe you have everything to do with that. I’m very, very happy to hear that you’re getting the cops to take an oath. Here’s why: Right now, there’s a bunch of them standing up to this in Idaho and Utah. This is a freedom loving place where I live, here in Utah.

They’re saying these things, but guess what? When a third of us are unemployed and when a police job becomes the best job out there because there’s a lot to do and it’s a guaranteed paycheck, that’s when they start to abuse their powers. The more of them you can get under oath, the better because then we can call their attention to it.

The Obligation to Protect Against Covid-19 and Misinformation

Dr. Rashid Buttar: Whether they remember it or not, they’ve all taken the oath. What’s going to happen is retired law enforcement, — the older, more mature ones — they’re not going to follow this directive.

The younger ones that are full of piss and vinegar and don’t know what’s really happening, they’re the ones that they’re going to be scared. They’re going to be scared because now they’ve got authority.

That’s all we have to do. We have to educate them. Law enforcement [and] military, you remember this. Just remember this. You take that uniform off, you are the same as everybody else. Your children are the same as everybody else. What they’re going to do to everybody, they’re going to do to you too. You are just as much of a victim first of all.

Secondly, it is your obligation to make sure that you protect those that are underserved, those that are unprotected, those that are susceptible, those that are weaker than you. Just remember that and there’s nothing else.

Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong. It’s wrong to steal, but it’s right to steal if you’re going to feed a child with that food that you’re going to steal. It’s wrong to kill, but it’s right to kill if you’re defending your family against certain death.

Everyone knows inside their heart what’s the difference between right and wrong. That’s all people need to do is just remember what’s right and the rest is going to happen the way it’s going to happen.

Robyn: I love it. Let me give a quote that I wrote down that you said in a previous interview that you’ve done recently. “It is the overreaction of our own weakened and dysfunctional immune system attacking tissues and cells of our own body that harms and kills versus the virus.”

Would you just talk a little bit about the germ theory of disease versus the terrain theory and what you see really happening here? Are people really dying? Have 35,000 Americans really died of the virus?

Dr. Rashid Buttar: No, they have not. In fact, most of those people have died of other issues. The ones that have died, we can’t say that they died from Covid-19. I would say that they’ve died from a mass toxicity overload of which I don’t know what the combinations are.

It could be combination of FIVE J*EE, could be outgassing from incinerator burnings. It could be a combustion of fossil fuel toxicity. It could be the chem trails. I have no idea. I don’t know what they have in those other vaccines that they’ve been given.

I want to know the data. How many of these people actually had previous vaccines? I would bet you, Robyn, it would be 99.9% and the 0.1% that didn’t. It’s just because of error that they forgot to. They didn’t have their vaccine history recorded adequately.

Robyn: Do we actually have any data on the fact that the people who got the flu vaccine are dying of Covid-19? I’m hearing that out there.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: We have no documentation. Nobody’s actually been able to see the Covid-19 virus itself. They have sequenced [the virus], and they’ve found like 30 different variants. Covid-19 in Wuhan compared to the one in Iran compared to the one in Italy compared to the one in New York — they were all different strains.

It is not the Covid-19. This is how sinister this is, Robyn. We know about the toxicity part. We’ve just talked about it. We know about the FIVE J*EE part. We’ve talked about that. We’ve talked about the importance of immune system. We’ve mentioned that.

The information that the public needs to know, staying home, wearing a mask is making everything worse. Wearing a mask– remember we breathe in oxygen. When you wear a mask, you’re reducing the flow of oxygen.

By reducing the flow of oxygen, you’re taxing your system. You’re going to cause a release of steroids, of cortisol, the stress hormone. When the stress hormone goes off, then you have a suppression of the immune system.

That’s the reason that you have to be careful when you give people that are transplant patients immunosuppressives to reduce their immune system so that doesn’t react [badly] to the organs.

What did they die from? They die from infection. They die from opportunistic infection — things that wouldn’t have hurt you or me, but because the immune system has been rendered incapable of mounting a response from the steroids, that’s what they die from.

They’re telling you [to] wear a mask which is now going to reduce your oxygen, which is going to stress your body, which is going to cause more cortisol, which is going to suppress your immune system, and now an opportunistic [infection] could cause a problem.

On top of that, social isolation is six feet. We are herd animals. We’re supposed to be together. By doing this social distancing, it’s the same thing. Divide and conquer.

They haven’t been dividing us for centuries. They’ve been dividing us, man against woman. The #MeToo movement, black against white, Muslim against Jew, Christian against Muslim. They’ve been divided. It’s Democrat against Republican.

Everyone is being divided. Now they’re going down to the family unit, dividing the families, causing rifts, promoting people snitching on each other. They’re trying to divide the family units six feet apart.

I believe that with the mandated vaccine, they’re going to put these RF chips in us to make sure that we’ve gotten vaccinated so they can scan us. It’s indoctrinating us today for tomorrow.

That social distancing is a thing for the future, and we must do it to protect ourselves, but in actuality it’s so that they can track us with these RF devices, whether it’s from satellites or some other type of monitoring device so they can tell where we’re going, what we’re doing, how are we functioning.

They can control and be aware of our movements. If they come to do a vaccine, it’s not going to happen in this doctor’s body because I don’t want anybody putting a chip in my children. If I have to give my life for that, so be it. That’s what I believe is happening, that they want to be able to monitor us and they’re preparing our minds.

They’re boiling us like frogs in water, slowly turning up the heat because if they turn up the heat too fast, everybody’s going to jump out. The frogs are going to jump up. They’re doing this slowly. Social distancing is important thing for you to protect yourself. That’s BS.

Robyn: I appreciate what you have to say about the fact that it’s your and my responsibility. I feel like I got to have my youth. I’ve had an amazing life. I hope that my life is longer because I think that the life experience and the knowledge that people like you and I have gained, we have a lot left to give.

However, I feel like my youngest brothers — I have six little brothers — they need to protect their little children. They’re still raising small children. I believe my father, who is a U.S. Air Force veteran of the Vietnam war at 77, deserves my protection.

I’ve raised my kids, and I’m right there with you. Over my dead body is anybody going to put a chip in me or inject me with a bunch of chemicals and foreign bodies for no reason. Watch me, guys. I’m going to refuse this. Watch them come and get me. I’ll be very public about it.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: Like you said, your father was a veteran from Vietnam. Look how many people have died for our nation. Other soldiers in other countries have died for their sovereignty. They were all fighting for the same thing. We were fighting for the same thing: independence.

The Fight Against Covid-19 and the Fight for Freedom

Look at this, Robyn. All the World Wars were being fought against a tyranny or a tyrannical body that was trying to control everybody. Every nation, every people, every military person that’s served their country and died for the country, they were fighting for the same thing: the right to be free.

If we’re all free, why are we fighting against each other? This is a division that they’ve created. How many people have died in the name of freedom and in the name of God to try to ensure that freedom?

This is what they’re trying to take away. Our mission is not just for the U S it’s a mission of every person that that believes in their own autonomy, that believes that they have the right over their own body and that they are dedicated to protecting and preventing the children from being injured.

It’s the same mission for every one of us. Your father served this country — 77 years old now. He does deserve our protection. Every person that has served their nation deserves the protection now.

Every person that’s serving the nation now, whichever nation wherever you are on the planet, deserves to be aware of this information. You need to do your job at protecting those that you are responsible for protecting.

Robyn: I have this private group on Facebook. It’s called Taking Action for Freedom. We’d love to have you come in. It’s highly engaged. There’s a post in there about every 60 seconds. It’s people who are seeking, and it’s a safe place where people aren’t attacking each other. We don’t allow it. They’re questioning the narrative.

They’re questioning the narrative of their government and the mainstream media. A lot of people in there are really, really into your content.

The number one thing I get from them is, “Every time I take one of your posts, Robyn, or take one of these pieces of amazing content that really shows us what’s going on out there, somebody yells at me.” People are yelling at me on social media, and I’m constantly telling them — very similar to what you said starting this a conversation — that I don’t care what people have to say.

This is our very future. This is our children’s and grandchildren’s future. I already had an amazing life. I’m here to see if I can stand up for truth, justice, freedom.

What final words would you have for everyone? Tell them where they can learn more from your multi-part series.

Dr. Rashid Buttar: The first thing is what was supposed to happen on Sunday and didn’t happen. That shows us the power that we, the people have. We have a hashtag. We’ve registered it. Now, we change the world.

I want people to be able to take that hashtag, take a picture of an empowering picture of yourself, your family, whatever, hashtag wechangetheworld. Not “changed” the world, not past tense.

We change the world because we’ve just done it, and we can do it. We can continue doing it. This all comes back to the power of the mind, the power of intention.

Lynne McTaggart wrote a great book on this, and we have her to thank for this information. I’ve already tested this on on a lower level with a thousand people. I’ve done it on a bigger level. I just did it on a global level, and it works.

People, the thoughts in our heads don’t live in our heads. They are outside of our heads. They are measurable. They are transmittable. People pick up on that. Other people pick up on that.

I’m just going to mention this. I had a friend of mine who has been trying to get pregnant. He and his wife had been trying to get pregnant for four and a half years on Saturday. He said that he had the intention exactly.

They were doing the same thing that we talked about earlier, at 11:00 PM in Vancouver. He held that thought of love and gratitude and compassion for the world and asking for support for the inhabitants of the planet, for this new age of evolution to help support us in this period.

Remember that evolution is tough. It’s chaotic, it’s disruptive, it’s painful, but on the other side is a much [more] beautiful place.

That’s what you’re experiencing right now. I know it’s tough, but that’s part of the evolutionary process. If you don’t go through that painful process, we are going to be the same way, and the world is going to stay the same. It’s time for that next leap.

In his intention of love and gratitude and compassion and asking for support from the universe’s consciousness to help support this transition period, he also said, “I want a child that can help to further this awareness and help to change the world.”

On Monday, yesterday, last night, he called me. He said, “Nobody knows.” He and his wife were just giggling, and I said, “I know you’re pregnant.” He was crying.

He said, “I set the intention on Saturday. I’m telling you, it’s so powerful.” This is just one of tons of stories that came in in the last two days.

The fact that they’re censoring it, that’s even bigger. That tells us that they don’t want people to invoke the power and understand this power that we have because we change the world. Literally, we change the world.

That’s one reason it’s so important for you to hold that thought in your mind at least once every 24 hours, preferably once every 12 hours. If you can do it more, then do it more because everywhere on the planet, it’s 11 o’clock at some point. Right?

What I put out last week was just for 48 hours because I wanted to see whether it worked. Honestly, if it hadn’t worked, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now because the world would already have been a different place, but it didn’t happen. I’m here to tell you it works. It’s powerful.

Start doing it. We change the world. Hashtag that. Take a picture, put it out there, do everything that you can. Robyn, I want you to promote that because every time people see more and more pictures coming in, they see how much power they have. It’s going to be a cascading exponential effect. That’s the first thing that people can do.

The second thing is you need to become empowered with knowledge. What you’ve done, Robyn, by this podcast that you have and by interviewing me and with all the other people, the message is important.

The things that have been sensitive to “Covid-19 Conspiracy? videos, are being censored. Why are they being censored? Because they allow you with your own eyes and your own ears to understand what’s really going on.

That information is empowering information because it empowers you with the knowledge that you need to know so that you can now make a educated decision on based on the information that’s being presented to you.

Not biased information, not lies that the media’s feeding, but the actual hard truth. You can see it yourself. I don’t try to convince anybody in those videos. I think that’s one reason they went viral because I just asked the question and I say, “You be the judge. You decide.”

Then I started giving the information. Invariably, for anybody of reasonable intellect that can follow a logical sequential thought process, they’re going to come to the same conclusion because there’s only one conclusion. All roads lead to the same end.

Now how can you get access to those? Part three, part four, part five have been censored. I want you to go to

When you come there, they’re going to ask you a couple of questions. Answer those questions. It will subscribe you to our email list. If you don’t want be subscribed, all you [have] to do is once you get the first email, unsubscribe. Guys, you don’t have to worry about that. All right?

It’ll also give you access to the “Covid-19 Conspiracy?” videos where you can watch those. Soon we’ll have them so that once we’ve got video six up, you can not only watch them, but you can download them anywhere you want.

They can’t censor it if it’s everywhere. In case our website gets taken down, you’ll have access to this, so people can go there and get this information. Watch the videos and pay it forward. Pass it on. This is about supporting the human race right now. This is about allowing people to recognize their own power, which is something they don’t want us to have.

It’s about allowing us a future for our progeny because in the future — 20 years from now, 50 years from now, 100 years from now — people will say that Robyn Openshaw was my grandmother. She was one of the people that made this change. They’re going to say that about every one of your subscribers, every one of my followers.

We are living in a very critical and historically significant time for the planet. I just challenge everyone to open your eyes, open your ears, and allow the information in. You be the judge. You determine what your truth is, and the rest will fall into place.

Join the Movement

Robyn: Okay, well that was super informative and super inspiring. Dr. Rashid Buttar, I love your new hashtag. Mine is a Facebook badge that you can wear if you get it in our private group — #IDoNotConsent. Yours is very positive. #WeChangTheWorld.

I know you’re so in demand right now, and your message is just is spreading like wildfire. That’s exactly what we need. Thank you so much for being with us.

If you haven’t already, make sure that you get into our private group on Facebook. It is Taking Action for Freedom. Write that down or look at it in the show notes. The private group on Facebook is highly protected. We don’t allow any of the negativity and the conflict that’s out there on social media in general. It’s a place to explore.

There’s a lot of important media that’s being shared there that’s way outside the mainstream media where you’re being told some very agenda oriented information or misinformation, just to use their word — the way they gaslight anybody. [The group is] giving additional information outside the mainstream media narrative and the government narrative.

Join us at that private group on Facebook Taking Action for Freedom. I also want to mention to sign up for our fast to either do a water fast or join us for a Modified Fast using the Green Smoothie Girl Flash Fast. Sign up for that at

I’ll see you next time.

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      @Susie Cadman You may like learning more about Rashid Buttar.

      1. Robin L says:

        Geneva Urei – what makes Wikipedia the authority? What do you think happens when someone opposes the mainstream? They are persecuted, ridiculed, and called quacks and conspiracy theorists. That does not mean that they are not right. This is being done on purpose to convince people NOT to listen to him (and others) because he is speaking truths. Think about it – he is not the only educated professional coming to the same conclusions, and the mainstream does not want the truth to be known because then people might actually think for themselves and want to make their own health decisions. I have just lost a lot of respect for Wikipedia for making defamatory statements about an individual instead of stating just facts.

  5. Laurie says:

    This is the most irresponsible podcast. Have followed you for years and bought your products but this is fear mongering. This doctor is going to lose his license. Incredibly disappointing.

    1. Patricia Moore says:

      Cannot deny facts

    2. Geneva Urei says:

      @Laurie, He has already been denied a medical license, has a limited license after being reprimanded twice, violated the FDA, and scammed cancer and autistic patients.

      Then this has some info with references to take you further.

      1. Robin L says:

        Geneva Urei – docinfo is a mainstream medical site and the mainstream medical community has been attacking alternative medicine for DECADES, and especially the pharmaceutical industry, because they know that it will cost them to lose a LOT of money if people were able to cure illnesses with natural substances and a truly healthy for them diet. Mainstream doctors are only trained to prescribe pharmaceuticals, and they get maybe two weeks of nutritional training in the entire seven years of medical school. Any medical professional who happens to speak the truth or question what is going on during this plandemic is being systematically targeted and defamed. This is what bullies do, especially when a LOT of money is at stake. The pharmaceutical industry makes millions, billions, or trillions in the first year of the release of a new vaccine and this is the end game for this plandemic. If they keep the fear up, people will line up to get multiple vaccinations a year. Why do you think they promptly stopped the protocol for health care workers using things like hydroxychloroquine and vitamin C and Zinc that were actually curing people of the COVID19? It’s all about the MONEY.

        And, what makes Wikipedia the authority? What do you think happens when someone opposes the mainstream? They are persecuted, ridiculed, and called quacks and conspiracy theorists. That does not mean that they are not right. This is being done on purpose to convince people NOT to listen to him (and others) because he is speaking truths. Think about it – he is not the only educated professional coming to the same conclusions, and the mainstream does not want the truth to be known because then people might actually think for themselves and want to make their own health decisions. I have just lost a lot of respect for Wikipedia for making defamatory statements about an individual instead of stating just facts.

  6. His website,, is gone. 🙁

    1. Robin L says:

      try askdrbuttar (without the h)

  7. AI says:


  8. Jennifer says:

    This is not a great interview, which is disappointing because I like so many of the guests that Robyn has on. I’m not an expert but even reading a book on the Spanish Flu of 1918 his information did not seem correct. H1N1 is not man-made as he alludes to the outbreak in 2009 – in fact, it also was the flu of the pandemic in 1918 aka the Spanish Flu. COVID 19 is also not man-made as rumors claim. He also stated that no one has seen it – which is also not true. You can google all of this from reliable sources. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with 5G but that doesn’t mean the two are related. Much of what you both said reminds me of what doctors were saying about the Spanish Flu at the time, it was so bad and did so much damage that they were sure it was a different disease and NOT influenza. But indeed it was.

    Please, everyone, stay at home, wear masks, wash your hands. Think about others around you. Read a book about the Spanish Flu – would be more informative than this podcast. I am reading "The Great Influenza" by John Barry.

    1. Jennifer McLean says:

      ALSO – the comments he makes about Dr. Fauci may lead you to believe that he was in on COVID. Go and read what Dr. Fauci said in 2017 for yourself. He’s doing as many others have in his field are doing which is speculating on what will happen in the future BASED ON HISTORY! He’s saying a new president will for sure have to deal with a new disease because the past president has. It would be like me as a payroll professional saying that the minimum wage will go up in my state because it has gone up for the last 4 years. This is logic, not a conspiracy.

  9. James Mackey says:

    People say its negative becuase they cant handle the truth…cuz it’s easier to believe what you’ve been taught to believe, then realizing everything you’ve been force fed is a lie.

    1. Geneva Urei says:

      @James Mackey, It’s easier to listen to an interview with an unethical doctor who claims to have the answers than do the research yourself. Rashid Buttar has a history of taking advantage of people for profit. It’s not hard to find this info about him. Now he’s trying to make money on COVID. I’m surprised greensmoothiegirl didn’t vet him before publicizing him.

      1. Robin L says:

        Geneva Urei – doesn’t it even seem strange to you that every doctor, scientist, Phd, and even sitting Senators that have similar opinions about what is going on (like Dr. Buttar) are all of a sudden being labeled as conspiracy theorists and unethical and every other slanderous word you can think of (and there are a lot of them)? And lies are being made up about them left and right. Many of these experts quote numerous scientific published peer reviewed studies that you can look up if you listen to interviews with them. The people behind this plandemic stand to lose a fortune if the truth comes out about what is really going on. Follow the money.

  10. DJ says:

    Even at 300GHz, 5G is still less powerful than visible light. If 5G actually does all this harm, then turning on a light bulb would boil you alive.

    Also, GSM phones run at 900MHz. Not 900Hz. Massive difference.

    1. Geneva Urei says:

      @DJ, agreed. Transmitted radio waves aren’t powerful to cause humans harm. They can cause nearly imperceptible heat, but much less than infrared waves from heaters and saunas, or the most prominent source of radiation, light from the Sun. It’s possible we will uncover another effect, but it has been examined and ruled out for now. A selection of studies have been summarized in this article.
      These are also good reads.
      I’m not a fan of cell phones and wi-fi, so I don’t use them. I’m all for seeking clear information about man-made dangers in our environment and removing it when necessary.

      1. Robin L says:

        If you really want to be educated as to the potential dangers, I would like to suggest you also read Arthur Firstenberg’s book The Invisible Rainbow. And, check out 5G Space Appeal, Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative, Children’s Health Defense, and Environmental Health Trust websites (to start with) for more scientific information about 5G and vaccines. Also the 5G Space Wars video with Arthur on

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