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Easy, Gut-Healthy Bone Broth Hot Chocolate Recipe

A bag of Green Smoothie GIrl's Bone Broth Protein next to a clear mug of hot chocolate from Green Smoothie Girl's "Easy, Gut-Healthy Bone Broth Hot Chocolate"

Warm up with an easy, extra-healthy, bone-building, gut-soothing hot cocoa with the Chocolate Shake Bone Broth powder.

Or use the Vanilla Shake Bone Broth powder for a delicious “blonde” version.

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Bone Broth Hot Chocolate

  • 8 oz hot water 
  • 1 scoop GreenSmoothieGirl Bone Broth Protein Chocolate or Vanilla Shake

  1. You have options, depending on what you have available. Mix ingredients with a spoon, froth with a hand-held milk frother, shake in a blender bottle, or blend in a blender until smooth. Easy and delicious!

Grab your clean and delicious GreenSmoothieGirl Bone Broth Protein powder.

Why use bone broth protein? It’s a beneficial, whole-food that may be a missing link in many people’s diets, even for people who eat mostly plants, like me.

Enjoy this soothing, sweet beverage in the morning, or at night before bed. Kids will beg for it!

Want more bone broth beverages? Here are 9 Healthy, Satisfying Bone Broth Drinks to Warm You Up

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  1. Mary-Frances says:

    5 stars
    This hot chocolate is very delicious. It is an easy way to get some nutrition without going to a lot of trouble.

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