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Healthy Habits

Articles Regarding The Health Of Your Body

Cleansing and Colon Health

Cleansing is really important and should be done periodically. As long as you’re putting three meals a day into your body, your organs have to focus on digestion and a quick cleanup to prepare for the next meal, so you have to occasionally give your body a break from food to allow those same organs to focus on deep elimination and cleansing.  Read more…


Everybody knows sleep is critical. I’m going to hit just bullet points here about what I’ve studied about sleep. This used to be a huge issue for me because I didn’t fall asleep, and I didn’t stay asleep, starting when I was about 10. Insomnia was a major problem whenever I was stressed or even preoccupied about something. Read more…


Did you know that what you eat has EVERYTHING to do with your sex life? For you women who are having a hard time convincing your husband to get on board with your conversion to whole foods, this article  might be just the ticket.

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