Cleansing and Colon Health

To see what a clean and a dirty colon look like, here’s a graphic, five-minute movie that should get you motivated!

Cleansing is really important and should be done periodically. As long as you’re putting three meals a day into your body, your organs have to focus on digestion and a quick cleanup to prepare for the next meal, so you have to occasionally give your body a break from food to allow those same organs to focus on deep elimination.

Religious traditions like the LDS (Mormon) monthly fast are a good idea for health as well as spirituality. But you may want to go further.

Ready to Clean House?

I’ve created a lightweight cleanse you can do fairly often (and you’ll lose a few pounds, quickly, too), which allows you to have enough energy to get through each day. The GreenSmoothieGirl 26-day, Full-Support Detox is everything you need to safely and easily clean house, and lose 7 to 20 lbs!

My detox program is unique, because it focuses on all the body’s elimination systems, not just one or two. In the past, I’ve tried many other cleanses like the “Lemon-Aid Cleanse”, which has been around for 50 years. You drink 10-12 glasses of water, each glass with a tablespoon each of fresh lemon juice and high-grade maple syrup, plus a pinch of cayenne pepper.

It was a good cleanse for my kidneys, tissues, and joints at the time. When I was on it, and afterwards, I ran five miles, five days in a row, with no knee pain whatsoever stopping me. This was evidence to me of my joints being flushed out, because I can never run more than two days in a row without taking a day off to lift weights or do something with less impact. But, that program is nutritionally inferior—and contains much more sugar—than my program. In fact, I spent 2 years incorporating the best parts of the best protocols into my detox program. Read more about what to look for in a cleanse.

Digging Deeper

A more in-depth colon cleanse is in order for anyone eating a typical American diet, and because it’s more invasive, I recommend it only every few years. Although other cultures talk freely about colon health, for whatever reason, we’re squeamish about it. So if you’d rather leave all the black, tar-like “mucoid plaque” in your body because you don’t want to think about it, read no further!

I highly recommend Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel ManagementDr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care.

Dr. Jensen is about 100 years old and has long been the pre-eminent expert on bowel care. His massive research indicates that the average American has 10 lbs. of impacted fecal material (mucoid plaque) rotting in the gastrointestinal tract. His photos of many decades of research of what comes out of people who cleanse is disgusting, yes—but more disgusting to have it inside you and never get it out! It’s a disease waiting to happen. The photos will be motivation to you to undertake a serious colon cleanse.

If you’re drinking green smoothies every day, you are eliminating toxins and keeping the colon clean with lots of green roughage, and after several months of doing that and avoiding animal protein, you will have less need of detoxing than others.

The first time I a did colon cleanse, without being gory, I’ll tell you that I was cleaning out 35 years worth of buildup precisely as Dr. Jensen’s photos show. I cannot really describe how profound the effect was! Many years’ worth of negative emotion left me at that time, as well, which was an unexpected but very worthwhile side effect.

I have always struggled with blood-sugar problems, and I never thought I’d go more than a day without basically having to go to bed to get through it. I was completely amazed that after cleansing for three weeks, I ran five miles every day with no problem, slept less than normal because I had excess energy, and felt just fine. I had plenty of energy to go to work and be a mom, just as I normally would. The nutrition you receive during the GSG Detox program supports you completely as you cleanse, while also helping to break up the accumulation of mucoid plaque in the many, many feet of your digestive tract—you can identify which part of your small and large intestine and colon eliminated plaque comes from, by the striations in the plaque (see Dr. Jensen’s bookGuide to Better Bowel Care).

What’s Next?

Finally, after completing the 26 day GSG Detox program, I recommend doing a parasite cleanse. I also recommend replacing all the friendly flora in the digestive tract, when you’re done, over time with Step 8 of 12 Steps to Whole Foods. I have never seen a pill form, dried probiotic achieve what live, fermented, probiotic-rich foods can do, to restore gut health.

Also, check out my nine part series on colon cleansing from my blog.