The Grody Bloody Eyeball

The 1,200 people ticketed so far, for my Boise, Kennewick, Portland and Seattle classes later this week deserve to be warned that I look like a vampire. And also, I’m hoping a medical professional of some type can explain this to me.

A week ago I got hit, hard, in the eyeball with a tennis ball, in a Saturday league I play in. It was a minor injury considering that we forfeited after being up 4-1, when my partner fell on her wrist and sprained it, couldn’t keep playing. I didn’t think anything of it until I was driving a couple of days ago to soccer practice and looked at my daughter in the rear-view mirror–and gasped out loud. It was a…..Grody Bloody Eyeball!

I said: “Libby! Have you seen this?”

“Yep,” she said.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” I asked.

“I figured you knew. Don’t you ever look in the mirror?”

I then texted or showed 3 of my 5 BFF’s that day:

“Did you see my Grody Bloody Eyeball?” I got exactly the same response from Matthew, Kristin, and Jamie:

“Yeah.” And then, when I asked why the heck nobody filled me in:

“Sorry. I figured you knew.”

Where is the Love? The Compassion? The Sympathy?

If you ever have a Grody Bloody Eyeball, I will say this to you:

“Awwww, I had that once! Does it hurt? I’m so sorry! It looks painful.” This is good Grody Bloody Eyeball etiquette.

I googled “Grody Bloody Eyeball,” and learned about Subconjunctival Hemmorhage, caused by injury–but also by sneezing or vomiting, or eye rubbing, or high blood pressure! The conjunctiva, or outer layer of the eyeball, is WHITE. Why do no capillaries show in the white part—until one breaks? Is that how the Grody Bloody gets there? It looks like a blood vessel broke and spread out over a square inch.

Is the Grody Bloody the ‘eyeball equivalent’ of a BRUISE? If so, why can’t they just call it Eyeball Bruise?

Every day it morphs, moves. Today it’s touching my iris.

I roll my eyes to the left, hiss and snarl and pull my lips back, and make my fingers into claws, to make my children scream. Except for that, the GBE isn’t all that fun.

cancer, Costco, and

I think I’ve told you before that I rarely go to Costco or Good Earth locally that someone doesn’t come up to me and say, “Aren’t you GreenSmoothieGirl?!”   It’s fun.   We are currently getting 9,000 unique visitors to the site each month.   People introduce themselves and tell me their stories, and I love that.

Today I got out of my car at Costco, and a pretty woman my age walked up to me and said, “Aren’t you Robyn?”   I said yes, and she said this:   “I have been stalking you, all the way down 800 East. I just want you to know that I’m doing your program and beating cancer with it.   I just got the lunch recipes today!”

I gave her a hug.   She told me  her metastatic cancer (which started as colon cancer) has been arrested and she’s feeling good after being directed after prayer to my web site and to a nutritionist.   We chatted for a few minutes about her oncologist, who looks to be in terrible health and 100 lbs. overweight, telling her that he’s in “perfect health,” and commenting to her that “we have no idea what causes cancer.”   We have LOTS of knowledge about what causes cancer, and what prevents it.

She said her husband works in construction and gets mocked by co-workers for his green smoothies, but he’s so converted that he speaks up about it wherever he goes.

I came back out to my car to find this note tucked into my window:   “Robyn: I don’t think I adequately expressed my gratitude to you.   You were an absolute answer to my prayers.   With all my heart, Tracy.”

My eyes welled up.

What a great day today is.   I am never more humbled than to learn that God has allowed me to be a vehicle in His answering someone’s fervent prayers for something good and important.   It very frankly does more than make my day–it makes what I’m trying to do here on so very worthwhile.   Tracy has twins to raise, twins who know my son at school.   Please lend your prayers to Tracy’s return to full health through application of the good, sound  principles of solid nutrition that prevents cancer.   And if you’re reading, Tracy, thanks so much for your courage and for talking to me today.

Back to superfood ingredients for green smoothies tomorrow.   :-)