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Ep. 207: Dr. Wakefield: Pres Trump Told Me He Knows Va**ines Cause Auti**

Robyn Openshaw - Nov 11, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe Podcast 207 Dr Andrew Wakefield - 1

I heard that Andy Wakefield had a 50-minute conversation with Trump about va**ines, and that Trump stated his intention to deal with the issues of deep fraud in the USA. So I got Andy back on the show, and we talk about what a second term could do, versus a first term–and how his film 1986 The Act is being received.


Watch 1986 The Act

Watch Vaxxed The Movie

6 thoughts on “Ep. 207: Dr. Wakefield: Pres Trump Told Me He Knows Va**ines Cause Auti**”

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  1. Janis says:

    First, let me mention that I have been following you for years. I’ve purchased your books and other products, as recently as last month. I met you at one of your events a few years ago. We had a brief conversation and my son even took a pic of us, which I still have.

    I have mixed feelings about vaccines, but my 19 yr old son who is beautiful, bright and healthy (you happen to comment on that when we met), did have all of his shots years ago. We also happen to be black, which isn’t really relevant.

    What I don’t understand is your support of Trump. In every clip I have seen of his rallies and interviews, he is pushing COVID-19 vaccines and taking credit for the speed at which they are being developed and assuring the American People these vaccines are the answer to getting back to normal. Is he an anti-vaxxer or not? Is he not being honest with us? Personally, I won’t take the vaccine. Don’t trust it. I have never heard Biden or Harris say that Americans will HAVE to take a COVID-19 vaccine. Have you?

    I read and listen to a lot of political news, from both sides, and did not hear one candidate pushing a COVID-19 vaccine more than the other.

    Also, why do you think Biden and Harris are corrupt. In all these years I had never heard about Biden being corrupt until Trump thought there was a good chance he might be his opponent. Then all of a sudden Biden and his whole family are corrupt.

    I am 60 and have lived in NYC my whole life (the event where I met you was in MA). What people across the country don’t realize is Trump was considered a con man in NYC for decades before he decided to run for president -back when he was a pro-choice democrat! He doesn’t talk about that now. He made sure to insert himself into our local news quite regularly -he loved the limelight -but most of the time he was not portrayed positively. He was also known for his racist remarks in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. He didn’t even try to hide it.

    Finally, what makes you think that just because Trump’s popularity has grown since 2016 that anti-Trump sentiment hasn’t also grown. It has. Clinton got 3 million more popular votes than Trump in 2016. Why is it so hard to believe that Biden would get 5 million more popular votes than Trump when more people voted, in this election, than ever before in our history. Look at the republicans who have formed groups and paid millions of dollars for anti-Trump ads. They are still conservatives, but they believe he is so dangerous they were willing to vote for a democrat. He acts like an autocrat. Does that not make you uncomfortable? Prior to the 2016 election Trump screamed ‘rigged system’ at all of his rallies and interviews. He didn’t think he would win and wanted to sow doubt in the election. After he won, he never said those words again until a couple of months before this election when he started claiming voter fraud, again to sow doubt. Voter fraud -before the election, really? That’s what autocrats do. If he had won last week, he wouldn’t say another word about fraud. Think about what kind of person assumes the only way they can lose a contest is if their opponent cheats. Wow. I stood in line for a couple of hours to early vote. Millions of people across the country took the time, for both candidates, to fill out absentee ballots or stand in lines for hours. Frankly, it is insulting to be accused of fraud and told our votes didn’t mean anything because Trump did not win. If Trump had won, as upsetting as that would be for millions of us, I would not go along with voter fraud claims. Some voter fraud occurs with every election, for both sides. Never in our country’s history has voter fraud been so pervasive that it could determine an election.

    1. Rick Montieth says:

      Did you listen to the podcast in its entirety?

  2. Researcher says:

    Janis, I respect your opinion but have to respectfully disagree. I have done EXTENSIVE research since the lockdowns began and quasi-lockdowns have continued everywhere. There is SO much more going on than just this election, and SO much evidence out there that IS being censored by molecular biologists, epidemiologists, virologists, physicians, scientists, PHDs, and other experts. We are being duped by those who control the media and people are SO terrified of death from a virus that is NOT as deadly as they are making people believe, that they cannot see this. Critical thinking has gone out the door.
    One example – the day after big events of people, the cases spike. On July 5, the cases spiked from people out celebrating the 4th. So, conservatively if you were out until 10:30pm and they reported at 7:00am the next morning that the celebrations of the 4th caused hundreds of thousands of spikes in cases, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? The testing sites were closed between 10:30pm and 7:00am, and at that time, it was taking up to two weeks to get test results back for those people who even bothered to get tested. Why are most people not questioning this? They have lost the ability to use critical thinking. So, if we are being duped here, how can you trust ANYTHING the media tells you. You have to research for yourself and stay away from the same sponsored internet sites that sponsor the media – or you get the same story. Find out who is behind those sites – even Wikipedia and Snopes are unrealiable now.
    There is a war with Big Tech and the information that the real truth tellers are trying to get out to people. Why else would they censor these experts????
    Pay attention too to what Biden/Harris is planning to do whether you support them or Trump. They are planning changes that are continuing to take away our GOD-given rights, that are protected by the Constitution. Trump has been trying to get things set right in that arena, by getting the rights of the people back into the States where they belong and to stop government overreach. The Federal Government is NOT the ultimate authority and WE the People are supposed to be the ultimate authority, under GOD.
    Biden/Harris want to annihilate our second amendment rights, as well as our first amendment rights (life via forced vaccines). Also, there is a leak out of Canada about a world-wide plan that smacks of Nazi death camps all over again – from the Far Left. I am a true Independent, but I vote for those who SUPPORT our rights.

    1. Jack Rogers says:

      I whole-heartedly agree with you. People are just not opening their eyes. They only watch the Communist Network News. That’s NOT news. Hasn’t been news for a very long time.

      You’re right. Trump was/is trying to give more power to the states. Sadly, people want more globalism, which means far reaching power of the few over the many. Didn’t people this doesn’t work when the few people at the WHO declared a worldwide pandemic? You can’t let a few people control billions of people. This is exactly what the WHO has done. And it has been a total disaster.

    2. Heather M says:

      Many points Janis has made have not been commented on. No 1., Trump is provax, even when at a rally he was booed when telling everyone to get it. It was filmed. At the beginning of his term, RKJ said he was asked by Trump if he'd consider running the vax advisory board (not sure of its exact name). RKJ said yes, but the position ended up being filled by a BigPharma employee, due to money being given to Trump. Pathetic and corrupt.

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