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Ep. 208: Post Election: Update On the Fight for Freedom In Utah and Florida

Robyn Openshaw - Nov 18, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe Podcast 208 Robyn Openshaw

I’ve moved to Florida, but am still coordinating the fight against a socialist governor with an agenda, from here. And things have gotten VERY crazy, since I left. Here’s an update.


3 thoughts on “Ep. 208: Post Election: Update On the Fight for Freedom In Utah and Florida”

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  1. Marnae says:

    how do we get around these people? Their incomes will not be affected by what happens to their constituents.

  2. Jen says:

    If she feels threatened it’s probably because she knows that what she is doing isn’t right. It’s her own guilt and conscience that is threatening her.

    It’s the people that are invoking a conscience in her and that doesn’t fit into her agenda.

  3. Robin L says:

    It appears that the only way we have to fight this is to take action – doing the declaration or suing individuals that are breaking the various federal and state laws (Healthy American has helpful info too) without a lawyer or going to court, and taking a STAND. Don’t let the distractions of life suck you back in because this is not going away any time soon and will get so much worse than you can probably imagine. Stop sitting back and waiting for someone to fix this for you. We all need to do our part. We need to take back our government of the people (convention of states) and limit government overreach. Stop getting tested!! There is speculation that the swabs are either infecting people, gathering DNA, and/or infecting you with something you would not want in your body. Not sure if the oral test Robyn refers to would do the same, but I’m guessing it could or they would not have switched to it. And do not accept a va*xz-ene without knowing EVERYTHING that is in it. The tests that the Farma (purposely mispelled) does are rigged in my opinion (thankfully Del is following that closely) to provide good results – tests and statistics can be easily manipulated to provide the results you want (a quote I once heard personally from a heart doctor). Our humanity is at stake, our freedom is at stake, the future of the children is at stake – it is time to do our part to save all of it!

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