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Ep. 211 : How I Got Banned For Life On Delta Airlines–And What This Means for American Freedoms

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 16, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I tell the astonishing story of how Delta turned an angry mob against us, despite our following their rules, because they’ve empowered employees in unprecedented ways. I also explain what I think is happening in the airline industry and the American economy, based on our jaw-dropping experience and other travelers’ experience over Thanksgiving weekend.


18 thoughts on “Ep. 211 : How I Got Banned For Life On Delta Airlines–And What This Means for American Freedoms”

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  1. Sharon Blades says:

    I also fly Delta exclusively and can only say that your experience is totally unacceptable and inexcusable. Please initiate a lawsuit against them as this should never happen to you or anyone now or in the future. So glad I receive your emails.

  2. Melissa says:

    Wow, you seemed so legit and level headed when I first discovered your work recently, based on your saunas. Here come the rotten tomatoes- you clearly have gone to the dark side and seem to only see the one side of this situation and everything through this conspiracy lens of your making. Yes, our government and world is a mess, in too many ways to say here, but your conspiracy theories are so wrong and incredibly cynical. Yes, some of these situations are so messy and imperfect (and it just sounds wrong in this situation, I agree there) right now, people in the health and hospital industries and yes, the airline industry-they are all very stressed out in their jobs trying to manage masks mandates and forced to deal with idiots that won’t wear a mask or even understand the message not wearing one sends, which somehow you seem to not get. That you didn’t "get" that not wearing a mask will be a big problem?!!! Figure it out, you really can’t find a mask that would work for you breathing wise and also cover the needs of the population’s health. If you think they are of no value, then you truly are nuts. That people politicizing wearing masks isn’t totally pissing off those of us that KNOW they help prevent the spread of this deadly virus is beyond me, but of course it all fits into your conspiracy theories. Just the act of NOT wearing a mask right now is CLEARLY a statement and it is likely to piss many people off that are not aligned with Trump, and yes they are likely channeling (in an unconscious/stupid way) all their frustration and anger at anyone they can do that with and have any power to have an affect on-like people who don’t wear masks. Because it basically labels you a Trump supporter and many many people are sickened and angry at what he stands for and yes, will lash out and be unprofessional and as stupid as the people they have such great issue with right now.
    Basically, this country is in a terrible place right now and spreading this b.s. is not helping, you deeply disappoint me. I can only imagine what others will write here-haha.

    1. Jay says:

      You KNOW that masks help prevent viral transmission? How? Have you read any of the studies in the medical literature that examined the efficacy of masks against viruses? When even on the box the standard low-grade medical masks come it states that they are not effective against covid or other viruses? How funny that people like you cannot understand even basic English and have no logic whatsoever.
      I am sure you trust Emperor Fauci’s pronouncements, if that is the case, please look up his interview from March 2020 in which he states that masks are not effective but are good to calm people’s fears…

  3. Donna says:

    Pray for our nation and just as God says, sheep, with their eyes closed.

  4. Susan Chapin says:

    Your paranoid comments stated and affirmed under the guise of being godly are an abomination to any true message from Jesus Christ. Shame on you for perpetuating lies.

    1. GINA says:

      Susan Chapin..Robin is NOT perpetuating lies!!! How dare u as a supposed "christian" condemn her for sharing her very real and disgusting story!! She and her husband should have NEVER been treated in such an appalling manner!!

  5. Yvo says:

    I escaped from a communist country as a young adult. I lived in that system. I know what it means to really experience it. I agree with most of what you’re sharing, but you all miss one point: you’re betting on the wrong horse! No demagogue can fix this situation. For years big business interests eroded the wealth of our country slowly deminishing the middle class. Once powerful and isolated America, with time, became more entangled with global problems through wrong decisions of quite many of our leaders. It didn’t happen over night. This enabled Trump to become our president. He seemed like a breath of fresh air for a bit. But in the end, we ended up divided and hateful, and worse than ever before. I hate communism most likely more than you, but demagogue is no fix for all of this. He has no abilities to help this situation and the division he created weakened us, the people, even more. We’ll loose everything that America used to stand for. "United we stand, divided we fall" phrase was proved so many times in the history. It’s beyond me why people can’t see it. He is the final nail in the coffin of freedom. I wish, I had a solution. But I don’t. I only know that Mr. Trump is not a solution. I’m an older lady now. I really love my life and honestly wouldn’t change anything in it……even the darker moments in my life because they gave me empathy and wisdom. My heart aches for the younger generation including my children. And I have to repeat myself "united we stand"…….there is no other way!

  6. Cora Van Loan says:

    I would have stood for you! Fight on Patriots!

  7. Robyn, you are telling it like it is. Isn’t it something how fast this is all happening. The people have been woken up. Our democracy is going down the tubes, we are fighting it, no matter how illegal it is they just go around it like we have no rights, Trump needs to get back in there. I could go on and on but you know what’s going on.

  8. Michele says:

    In the Bible the Lord talks about how there will be a one world government and this is the direction it is going. And if we don’t have the mark of the beast we won’t be able to buy anything.

  9. Amira says:

    I admire you, Robyn! Keep it up, there are lots of people you inspire and we appreciate you!

  10. A. Atkins says:

    First off your babbling is annoying. You are only appeasing yourself. Good for you and your opinions, they are yours and yours only. Second, wearing a mask is mandatory for flying in these times. You knew that going in and that is clearly the rules. You went in knowing this but decided it doesnt apply to you. Therefore, your inviting unwanted attention and confrontation for yourself and others around you. You stated you have "oxygen" problems, then clearly flying wouldn’t and shouldn’t be your mode of travel!
    As a long time Delta flyer myself and also Platinum Elite Flyer, one of the biggest "inconsistencies" you mentioned is that you were flying in the back of the "jumbo" aircraft. Platinum Elite never get seated in the back almost always upgraded to comfort or First Class. Second, Delta doesnt fly "jumbo" jets to SLC, those are simply wide body aircraft. So much of your story is fabricated weaving in and out of personal glorification. Delta is an outstanding airline and always puts safety and customer service first! And they would never treat their Platinum Flyers in that manner as well as check in and TSA would have never let you in without a mask. No one is going to spend their valuable time following you around an airport unless you yourself are creating a scene or putting others in danger. Go back to SLC where you belong and fly some other airline that will cater to your "all about me" needs. I’ve also unsubscribed to your emails numerous times, but yet you still send them to me, almost double the previous ones. Maybe someone needs to hold you in contempt of harrassment! Pot stirring at its finest !

    1. GINA says:

      If you don’t like what Robin has to say..DON’T LISTEN jackass!!!!!

  11. ~ Robyn, PLEASE put a "Thumbs-Up Icon on your comment pages. ✔

  12. Michele says:

    People are so ignorant bc of the main stream media they are being told what is actually taking place. Look when it came to the election, Biden came out and said he didn’t have to go out and have election rallies for their campaigns bc mainstream media and big corporate media did it for him. When he did rally only 50 to 100 people came to support him. Him and his family ( his brother and son hunter) have connections with China. But I guess if I watched mainstream media I wouldn’t know what was really going on either, I real real bad for our kids and grandkids.
    Robyn don’t hesitate or back down from what you know is right.

  13. Matt Pflugi says:

    There are always two sides of a story and the truth lies in between. Anyone who dismisses this story is as weak as those who take it without question. If this disertation doesn’t inspire you to ask questions and do research, please don’t vote in the next election. An informed electorate is the only way for our republic to survive.

  14. sven says:

    wow. who knew. you are much more than a "smoothie girl". as i totally understand the issues you raise i am going to have to follow you more. i had to not send all i am thinking because of the credit scores. you have my email, can you email me some of those groups you speak of? good luck.

  15. Jan says:

    I have always loved Delta Airlines, but because of this, I will not be flying Delta again. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Robyn. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

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