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Ep. 211 : How I Got Banned For Life On Delta Airlines–And What This Means for American Freedoms

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 16, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

I tell the astonishing story of how Delta turned an angry mob against us, despite our following their rules, because they’ve empowered employees in unprecedented ways. I also explain what I think is happening in the airline industry and the American economy, based on our jaw-dropping experience and other travelers’ experience over Thanksgiving weekend.


61 thoughts on “Ep. 211 : How I Got Banned For Life On Delta Airlines–And What This Means for American Freedoms”

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  1. Annie says:

    Unreal, Robyn. United we stand, divided we fall! Boycott Delta Airlines!

    *Brandon Witta: Operations Service Manager: (per his LInkedIn profile) former Marine…
    (Delta job: basically responsible for lost luggage)
    •Utilize SafeTrac and RTSM wireless software to accurately track inventories and cargos to prevent mishandling or loss
    •In 2017, Completed the Springshot next generation hammerhead replacement. This is our stepping stone for next generation baggage transfer in all stations for Delta Air Lines, Inc.
    •In 2017, Strategically upgraded the baggage systems to improved with IROP handling and recovery
    •Responsible for logging late and previously mishandled bags and ensuring they are sent to the proper location
    •Advocated and participated in an initiative that reduced mishandled baggage by 31% from 2011 to 2012.
    •Demonstrated high levels of customer service by facilitating on-time performance and minimizing lost luggage

    **Maybe he should add: Bully to his list of talents

    Robyn, I hope you have launched a lawsuit.

    1. NancyBenedict says:

      thank you for standing for you rights and our as human being, never stop believes in the power of yourself ,compille all evidences and promote freedom for the ones who are afraid to stand for themselves, follow the common law that is the real law of the land.The maritime law do not have jurisdiction which Delta violate all you rights.We believe with are living in tyranic society, the children of every single generation will be affected if we don’t do anything about it.Thank you for everything that you do to stand for freedom.

  2. David says:

    Could you please do a VIBE interview with Dr.Lorraine Day? She would be a great resource of information for your followers.

    1. ~ I "second the motion" on this suggestion David, Lorraine is a Remarkable woman, both physically and spiritually.

  3. Sue says:

    I would stand with you without question !!! ThankYou for speaking truth

  4. Emily Wilcox says:


    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    We are in this fight together.

  5. Laura Strals says:

    I am SO sorry this happened to you! I am a protector of people and animals, and feel sick to my stomach that no one stood up for you! God help us in the future, but I know HE is still in control but we as people do need to stand up for rightousness.

  6. Dorothy Durrant says:

    How have we been so dehumanized. It scares the …. out of me.

  7. Robin says:

    I am appalled that not one person stood up for you, I would have. Frankly it is sheer selfishness. I don’t feel we are the minority based on all the people who support President Trump. I have no doubt that he will continue for another 4 years. However I am in the fight. I have written my Congressman, Senator, Representative and the Surpeme Court with mainly this statement We the people expect them to fight for us (the constitution) However make no mistake We the people will take back our country even if it means a repeat of 1776. We are fed up with the corruption and will not accept fraud in our election. I am to the point I’d rather die fighting for freedom than live in communism. As I was saying I feel we are the majority we just need to gather rather than spread out. The Tipping Point is trying to do just that. Thank You for shareing.

    1. Lesly Mallory says:

      Hi Robyn,I watched the podcast.I have always been a fighter for the underdog.I was raised like that,and would stand up?You made a comment what would happen if Brandon Witta had a weapon?My question is,who were the people at the Capital,with weapons?Were those the Brandon’s,with weapons?If there is a great reset(which I believe there is),why would you want to be on ANY of these websites(facebook,twitter,etc.,I am not on ANY)if they are part of the great reset?Wouldn’t you create another platform?And as far as the people in the back of the airplane(and their employees),who were heckling and bullying you,is that not what TRUMP has done for 4 years,regardless of his stance on Covid?Calling people names,heckling,bullying,and being GREEDY,by stealing from the middle class and giving to the RICH?Courting Zuckerburb,and others?Along with LYING?Seems like you can get more bees with honey?Just the fact that he resorts to immaturity,makes many NOT want to listen to him?So why is it OK for him to do it,as a PRESIDENT,but not the people on the plane?I was just thinking how ironic it was?I LOVE your products and service…..

  8. Brian Murphy says:

    I stand with you and your husband. I pity non-thinking humanoids like Brandon Witta – who need to actually understand what they are doing – I will never fly Delta again – ever. I will be looking for him to say hi and to re-educate him. And, I will fight for this country that so many suffered so greatly for – really unbelievable that he was a marine – ever – not sure why he was ??? Maybe Brandon can save us from ourselves. Freedom fighters need to stand together and become educated.

  9. Advocate says:


    I am sorry this awful situation happened. I am sad to say that I am no stranger to the issues and situation you have described in your podcast with Delta. I agree with everything you are saying. People gravitate to the least resistance which is to attack the "one" person instead of a group, even if that one person is not in the wrong. Because the stewardess saw you comply, they knew you were a rule follower and would not fight them. In other words, they saw you were an easy target for their bullying and abuse. It is very sad and that is why the U.S, is now facing larger and larger issues and advocacy.

    Listening to your story brought back a terrible memories. One is when I took the train home after visiting my son who resides in West Virginia. I was returning home to Maryland. The trip began at 9am and I did not arrive till midnight in Maryland!

    The train was 3 hours late due to flooding on the tracks which already created a tiring situation for all. I was shocked when the train arrived and started boarding the passengers. I am from Long Island and 60 years old and have been on trains, subways and metros many times in my lifetime and never experienced anything like I did when I boarded. The woman in charge of checking in the tickets ordered each person individually onto the train and demanded where they sit like a soldier. You had no choice in the matter.

    Being I was going to the very end and probably looking at a 7 hours train ride on the worst train ever, I did not want to be squished up against others. I purposely went to the end of the line to be the last to board so I could have a bit more latitude as to wear to sit. She demanded I sit in the next open seat. I asked if I could just sit behind in the other row to get a bit more space till the next stop. It did not create any issues at all. I was waiting for 5 hours in the cold for the train and did not feel well.

    She argued and threatened me. Another young woman sat in that seat and left hers so I was able to sit in the seat directly behind out on the row.

    I of course was quiet, read, and spoke to the woman that later sat next to me by the window. Well after a few hours, the air conditioning went and it got so hot I could barely breath. I finally had to get up and walk down to the food car where it was cool and empty. I just went into a booth and sat there for several hours and read.

    About 5 minutes after I walked down, a man appeared (who I just stared at and never spoke a word to him) and muttered something as he sat down directly opposite me on the booth and faced me. I was sitting with my back onto the wall and stretched out and he copied my position and stared right at me. I figured he must have worked on the train. It was shear nonsense. I did not give him the satisfaction of harassing me and did not engage at all. It was very obvious just looking at him he is a jerk. I am a mother, special education teacher and never have done anything wrong and a rule follower.

    Our educational system is also in serious disarray. For years now, I have been harassed, allegations made against me which were obviously fabricated, terminated, charges brought against me, black listed, all because I advocated for my special needs students etc.

    I have had teachers and even the school security whisper in my ear as they pass that they would not tolerate such treatment and that I should hire an attorney. But no one has ever had the backbone to stand up publicly. The reason is that our schools are run by intimidation, authoritarianism, fabrication, cliques, lies, hiding truths, promoting based on favoritism and family connections and racial and religious affiliations.

    If someone just googles, you will see lawsuits and cases supporting this. I have all my documents as proof. Our educational system is failing for a reason. There is no place for favoritism, discrimination, harassment of teachers and staff in the field of education or in any place in our world.

    We have a broken society because people do not support each other when they know and actually witness wrongs. Then when they peacefully do, they are violently stopped. I have told the parties involved that next it will be your turn. I told them they are wrong in playing along. Sure enough, they were next to be fired based also on harassment and fabrications! Lesson learned but too late. I recall when I was a child that workers "picketed" all the time and no one got hurt or injured by police or any body of authority. A permit was obtained and the picketing was done. From this, unions and many other social changes happened. It is terribly sad this has been forgotten and not it is viewed as a threat.

  10. Terryl Nichols says:

    I started listening and I had to stop. It amazes me how white people talk about the civil rights and freedom when they don’t like something but black people have been fighting for their right to just exist without fear of being killed in a country they built for free. This isn’t the first pandemic in the history of the world and if we had a president that gave a damn, who isn’t just focused on himself we would be passed this by now. Also if we had people that would wear a mask and not continue to spread this virus all over. You are right about the crumbling of the United States. How long did you think God was going to continue to let a country that started out with violence and the genocide of its native people and the enslavement and torture of other people they treated like animals to continue. The chickens are coming home to roost in the US. Another point you mentioned about where is billions of dollars are coming from. I never hear anyone questioning where the billions are coming from to put into the military or police force or in the pockets of big corporations

    1. Debra Mackney says:

      Terryl, If you had listened to the entire podcast you would have made a different statement. This is about all of our freedoms and rights. We can not differentiate rights because of color. The elites are hoping that people will divide themselves and not care about each other. Robyn is not like that. This is about fundamentally changing America from a free country to an communist controlled one. No one will be safe! Please review what is happening in the USA. Stay safe and well. Blessings to you.

  11. June E Bricker says:

    After listening to this conspiratorial diatribe, I will be unsubscribing from anything related to GreenSmoothieGirl.

  12. Junie Bee says:

    After listening to this conspiratorial diatribe, I will be unsubscribing from anything related to GreenSmoothieGirl.

    1. Carrie Elsass says:

      How you could listen to the entire recounting of the incident and come away with that as your takeaway and then proceed to post under 2 different user names…proves her point.

  13. Josphht says:

    If you need a good lawyer, I know one.
    His nickname is The Bulldog and he would love to go after Delta.

  14. Dionne Delery Breen says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Robin!!
    Stand for freedom!

  15. Ellie says:

    So you don’t want Biden. What do you want? The crazy man who is inciting other crazies to rampage Capitol Hill?

    So you came up against a particularly nasty man, there are plenty of them all over the world.

    You have no experience of real terror, war, torture, starvation and general poverty. You are privileged white middle class Americans. Read world history. Most privileged white middle class peoples from wealthy western countries instigated all the bad things that are now happening in the world today.

    You should be ashamed to be comparing what happened to you as the same as the Jews of ww2. So you don’t like being harassed or profiled or made to feel in the wrong for nothing at all? Well all I can say is welcome to the world of the African American, the indigenous peoples, the Mexicans, latinos, Asians, muslims. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

    You are not freedom fighters and once again you have no idea what the loss of real freedom is all about. It’s just a pity me culture.

    Yes the world is changing and you are afraid of that change because it will probably mean you will no longer be top of the heap. But hey it might teach us all a little humility and forebearance and to be a little humble even. Call it god’s will, karma, whatever.

    I’ve always enjoyed your recipes but now my friend I must unsubscribe from this lunacy…….

    1. L says:

      Um….Don’t you realize Robyn’s husband is a man of color??

    2. Beenaround says:

      Where in the world are the most non-white millionaires??? America. Without the "white man", all races would not have so much at our disposal. Be grateful for the progress of mankind instead of envious; otherwise, we will be reduced to nothingness. Accept the fact that we are all humans and fall short…there will never be a worldwide utopia, yet there can be worldwide tyranny! Wise up!

  16. Sharon Blades says:

    I also fly Delta exclusively and can only say that your experience is totally unacceptable and inexcusable. Please initiate a lawsuit against them as this should never happen to you or anyone now or in the future. So glad I receive your emails.

  17. Melissa says:

    Wow, you seemed so legit and level headed when I first discovered your work recently, based on your saunas. Here come the rotten tomatoes- you clearly have gone to the dark side and seem to only see the one side of this situation and everything through this conspiracy lens of your making. Yes, our government and world is a mess, in too many ways to say here, but your conspiracy theories are so wrong and incredibly cynical. Yes, some of these situations are so messy and imperfect (and it just sounds wrong in this situation, I agree there) right now, people in the health and hospital industries and yes, the airline industry-they are all very stressed out in their jobs trying to manage masks mandates and forced to deal with idiots that won’t wear a mask or even understand the message not wearing one sends, which somehow you seem to not get. That you didn’t "get" that not wearing a mask will be a big problem?!!! Figure it out, you really can’t find a mask that would work for you breathing wise and also cover the needs of the population’s health. If you think they are of no value, then you truly are nuts. That people politicizing wearing masks isn’t totally pissing off those of us that KNOW they help prevent the spread of this deadly virus is beyond me, but of course it all fits into your conspiracy theories. Just the act of NOT wearing a mask right now is CLEARLY a statement and it is likely to piss many people off that are not aligned with Trump, and yes they are likely channeling (in an unconscious/stupid way) all their frustration and anger at anyone they can do that with and have any power to have an affect on-like people who don’t wear masks. Because it basically labels you a Trump supporter and many many people are sickened and angry at what he stands for and yes, will lash out and be unprofessional and as stupid as the people they have such great issue with right now.
    Basically, this country is in a terrible place right now and spreading this b.s. is not helping, you deeply disappoint me. I can only imagine what others will write here-haha.

    1. Jay says:

      You KNOW that masks help prevent viral transmission? How? Have you read any of the studies in the medical literature that examined the efficacy of masks against viruses? When even on the box the standard low-grade medical masks come it states that they are not effective against covid or other viruses? How funny that people like you cannot understand even basic English and have no logic whatsoever.
      I am sure you trust Emperor Fauci’s pronouncements, if that is the case, please look up his interview from March 2020 in which he states that masks are not effective but are good to calm people’s fears…

  18. Donna says:

    Pray for our nation and just as God says, sheep, with their eyes closed.

  19. Susan Chapin says:

    Your paranoid comments stated and affirmed under the guise of being godly are an abomination to any true message from Jesus Christ. Shame on you for perpetuating lies.

    1. GINA says:

      Susan Chapin..Robin is NOT perpetuating lies!!! How dare u as a supposed "christian" condemn her for sharing her very real and disgusting story!! She and her husband should have NEVER been treated in such an appalling manner!!

  20. Yvo says:

    I escaped from a communist country as a young adult. I lived in that system. I know what it means to really experience it. I agree with most of what you’re sharing, but you all miss one point: you’re betting on the wrong horse! No demagogue can fix this situation. For years big business interests eroded the wealth of our country slowly deminishing the middle class. Once powerful and isolated America, with time, became more entangled with global problems through wrong decisions of quite many of our leaders. It didn’t happen over night. This enabled Trump to become our president. He seemed like a breath of fresh air for a bit. But in the end, we ended up divided and hateful, and worse than ever before. I hate communism most likely more than you, but demagogue is no fix for all of this. He has no abilities to help this situation and the division he created weakened us, the people, even more. We’ll loose everything that America used to stand for. "United we stand, divided we fall" phrase was proved so many times in the history. It’s beyond me why people can’t see it. He is the final nail in the coffin of freedom. I wish, I had a solution. But I don’t. I only know that Mr. Trump is not a solution. I’m an older lady now. I really love my life and honestly wouldn’t change anything in it……even the darker moments in my life because they gave me empathy and wisdom. My heart aches for the younger generation including my children. And I have to repeat myself "united we stand"…….there is no other way!

  21. Cora Van Loan says:

    I would have stood for you! Fight on Patriots!

  22. Robyn, you are telling it like it is. Isn’t it something how fast this is all happening. The people have been woken up. Our democracy is going down the tubes, we are fighting it, no matter how illegal it is they just go around it like we have no rights, Trump needs to get back in there. I could go on and on but you know what’s going on.

  23. Michele says:

    In the Bible the Lord talks about how there will be a one world government and this is the direction it is going. And if we don’t have the mark of the beast we won’t be able to buy anything.

  24. Amira says:

    I admire you, Robyn! Keep it up, there are lots of people you inspire and we appreciate you!

  25. A. Atkins says:

    First off your babbling is annoying. You are only appeasing yourself. Good for you and your opinions, they are yours and yours only. Second, wearing a mask is mandatory for flying in these times. You knew that going in and that is clearly the rules. You went in knowing this but decided it doesnt apply to you. Therefore, your inviting unwanted attention and confrontation for yourself and others around you. You stated you have "oxygen" problems, then clearly flying wouldn’t and shouldn’t be your mode of travel!
    As a long time Delta flyer myself and also Platinum Elite Flyer, one of the biggest "inconsistencies" you mentioned is that you were flying in the back of the "jumbo" aircraft. Platinum Elite never get seated in the back almost always upgraded to comfort or First Class. Second, Delta doesnt fly "jumbo" jets to SLC, those are simply wide body aircraft. So much of your story is fabricated weaving in and out of personal glorification. Delta is an outstanding airline and always puts safety and customer service first! And they would never treat their Platinum Flyers in that manner as well as check in and TSA would have never let you in without a mask. No one is going to spend their valuable time following you around an airport unless you yourself are creating a scene or putting others in danger. Go back to SLC where you belong and fly some other airline that will cater to your "all about me" needs. I’ve also unsubscribed to your emails numerous times, but yet you still send them to me, almost double the previous ones. Maybe someone needs to hold you in contempt of harrassment! Pot stirring at its finest !

    1. GINA says:

      If you don’t like what Robin has to say..DON’T LISTEN jackass!!!!!

  26. ~ Robyn, PLEASE put a "Thumbs-Up Icon on your comment pages. ✔

  27. Michele says:

    People are so ignorant bc of the main stream media they are being told what is actually taking place. Look when it came to the election, Biden came out and said he didn’t have to go out and have election rallies for their campaigns bc mainstream media and big corporate media did it for him. When he did rally only 50 to 100 people came to support him. Him and his family ( his brother and son hunter) have connections with China. But I guess if I watched mainstream media I wouldn’t know what was really going on either, I real real bad for our kids and grandkids.
    Robyn don’t hesitate or back down from what you know is right.

  28. Matt Pflugi says:

    There are always two sides of a story and the truth lies in between. Anyone who dismisses this story is as weak as those who take it without question. If this disertation doesn’t inspire you to ask questions and do research, please don’t vote in the next election. An informed electorate is the only way for our republic to survive.

  29. sven says:

    wow. who knew. you are much more than a "smoothie girl". as i totally understand the issues you raise i am going to have to follow you more. i had to not send all i am thinking because of the credit scores. you have my email, can you email me some of those groups you speak of? good luck.

  30. Jan says:

    I have always loved Delta Airlines, but because of this, I will not be flying Delta again. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Robyn. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  31. Pat says:

    Thank You Robyn for your warnings.
    I know You speak the TRUTH, plandemic, scamdemic. I will be 70 next month and in many ways healthier than ever, though still recovering from cancer via Bioregulatory medicine ( still detoxing from mercury amalgams and root canals and I am EHS, so travel is tricky… the good news is my rebuilt immune system went through C 19 just fine, at home as desired)
    We Canadian snowbirds are not allowed to drive to FL, even though masked and travelling with food enough to quarantine and isolate at home.
    However, we can fly there with no quarantine??? ( and ship our cars)
    So thanks for the heads up about nasty flights, worse than the microwave exposure..
    "Public Health"( allopathic big pharma) is also targeting organic farmers markets, where you must line up in below freezing weather putting us at risk for pneumonia and give them our contact info, yet nothing is required at any chain store. I protest the discrimination, but most others are complacent.
    "Public Health" who puts the flouride poison in our water is making our health decisions.We are in SHUT UP AND SHUT DOWN mode here, and all suffer.
    There are so many discrepancies, I have also become a believer in that to the powers in control we are just collateral damage in their agenda.

  32. Alexena says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. I wish I could get such good info from European counterparts to share and awaken people. There’s some protests but not many because of the restrictions and fear of fines.
    However, having said that, I know more people are forming groups for truth etc. even the police in Spain.
    Returning to your matter, can you find others affected in the same way and form some type of class action against Delta?

    1. Katherine M Scott says:

      Thanks for the heads up on these airlines. Robyn and her husband was treated so badly. I hope if I had been on the flight that I would have stood up with them.

      1. Karen says:

        I’d have stood with you too. I know all you have said is true. Been following this mess for over 9 years now. I know who is lying and who is telling the truth. If no one takes a stand, then we have given our country away.

  33. Tom Jones says:


    While I don’t believe in these mass conspiracies, I feel your pain with regard to the actions of the airline and you should take this to mainstream media as well as a lawyer. Sadly, I also, understand the me first mentality of the people on the plane, however, I would have stood up for you. I’ve spent way too much time fighting corporations for screwing me over and I believe that bot people and corporations need to be held to a higher standard.

  34. Tom Jones says:

    Gee, Now I have to add another comment after listening to more. The fact that you believe Trump is the answer leaves me quite disappointed in your opinions. How can you not see Trump is the way to Communism, dictatorship, and autocracy. Does it take riots at the Capitol to open your eyes. How can you follow a man who has no integrity. Who is willing to lie without remorse and he did lose the election.

    1. Helen Lam says:

      I feel exactly the same. I’ve been following Robyn for a long time but this made me super disappointed. I’m unfollowing her now, what a pity

    2. Jack says:

      You are projecting almost exactly the position and actions of Biden, Harris, Obama, and the rest of the evil, corrupt, conniving, despicable creatures on the deep left who want to take sovereignty away from every American and replace it with communism, autocracy, and technocracy .

      Trump is the exact opposite of how you depict him. But then that’s the epitome of projection. And the "riots" in the capital were contrived and a false flag, deep state operation. Trump had nothing to do with it other than let it unfold to smoke out the traitors, which is what happened. In a couple of days things will become clearer to everyone, no matter which side you are on, if any. Don’t assume that Biden will ever occupy the white house.

  35. Catherine Kwiatkowski says:

    Robyn, you are right on – in line with what I see happening and in what I believe. It is very scary

  36. John says:

    Sad what is happening to this country.
    Welcome to the United States of China!

  37. asiya ali says:

    The sheep are leaving such vicious comments. How evil. Keep up your good work exposing the lies.

  38. Lou says:

    How can I forward this to other people to keep them informed? No place to forward this at the bottom. It needs to be in a shorter form to explain to other people what’s going on as too many details and people will not listen that long. I need to share this with other people but need a shorter format

    1. Grace says:

      Use the blue box right below the video that has the share icon in it.

  39. Kasia Haroldsen says:

    My friend shared with me your podcast and I am so thankful that you shared your story,
    I grew up in a communistic country so what you shared is so familiar to me.
    I believe that we should stand up, so thank you for your stand!

  40. Vibeke Vale says:

    Absolutely amazing podcast. Shared with likeminded and openminded friends and family on Facebook.

  41. Celest says:

    I am so sorry that this happened to you. I will tell your experience to my family and friends. Although I will probably lose my right to travel freely because I am not going to be volunteerily getting the rushed vaccine, but I will never be flying delta again. I will try to leave comments on delta’s social media.

  42. Steven Pawera says:

    The irony is you wouldn’t have allowed yourself to be sandbagged like this by law-enforcement. There, the adverserial relationship is clear. But by a business against their best customer?

    If Delta chooses to employ little butches like Brandon, that’s on them. If they both liable/slander you with other airlines and a no-fly list..
    any judgment you get might be worthless if they go bk.

    As your husband pointed out, you were on a flight of sheep. Or maybe spineless socialist democrat lawmakers?

    It’s only too bad you can’t be there to watch when Brandon meets karma.

    Thanks for the good fight Robyn!

  43. Des says:


  44. Robert Spencer says:

    Thank you you hit the nail on the head it all whats happening in the world today and people don’t know what it will lead to but you do.

  45. Jack says:

    Chilling story. I have been a Delta Platinum or Gold Medallion for many years and have well north of 1 million unused FF miles on Delta. Their behavior and treatment of you is worse than reprehensible. I will use the balance of my miles and then never buy a ticket on Delta again. CEO Bastian should be fired and sued for allowing or fostering this kind of employee behavior. The two offending employees should be fired immediately.

    Delta and every other airline that treats passengers this way should be internationally boycotted. And they will be.

    Thanks for sharing your story Robyn.

  46. Jan Sisneros says:

    Robin I’m so sorry this happened to you and your husband! Thank you for sharing this – it helps to educate all of us and I know I need more education on what’s going on! Brandon Witta is a TWIT! I have other words I could use to explain him but it wouldn’t be polite!!!! I would stand with you on that airline! I’ll stand for freedom! Please keep educating us!!!

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