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Ep. 245: How to Prepare for the Darkness Coming + What’s Happening in Hospitals!

Robyn Openshaw - Oct 19, 2021 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe with Robyn Openshaw: How to prepare for the darkness coming + what's happening in hospitals! Episode 245

How to Prepare for Hibernation &  Dark Winter + 1,000 People Stand Up to Utah Senate + What Happens If You Don’t Want the Fauci Protocol? But May Be Hospitalized!



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One thought on “Ep. 245: How to Prepare for the Darkness Coming + What’s Happening in Hospitals!”

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  1. larry demerritt says:

    I do think that Real Estate is not now a bubble. As Stansbury Research has shown ( and i’m sure you are aware of their research as premium in quality ) with empirical data on home building this last 10 years, very little was constructed. As to supply and demand, we are 10 years behind in supply, and the increase in cost is mainly due to that. As Stansbury has outlined, such conditions are not a bubble marked up solely on speculation, but has a fundamental underpinning in the supply demand equation.

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