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Ep. 251: “Hot Lots” Responsible for 100% of Deaths, and 200x More Adverse Events

Robyn Openshaw - Nov 09, 2021 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe with Robyn Openshaw: Hot lots responsible for 100% of deaths, and 200x more adverse events. Episode 251

A bombshell review of thousands of va-&&-ne “lots” (of several thousand doses each) reveals that ALL of the death, and 200x more injury, are linked to just 5 percent of the lots. This episode discusses that data and what it means for the people of the world.


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Robyn’s 17-min Episode on IVM

Even if you’re not a healthcare worker, if your boss is mandating the jab, get the notice of liability here

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18 thoughts on “Ep. 251: “Hot Lots” Responsible for 100% of Deaths, and 200x More Adverse Events”

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  1. We have pigs. Couldn’t even get ivermectin from our IFA for our animals. This is ridiculous.

    1. Sarah Greg says:

      HI Jacqueline,

      Robyn has this information here, to help you get Ivermectin:

      Thank you for listening and for reaching out!

  2. Kate Lytle says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. I va66ed all my kids and if there were adverse reactions, they weren’t evident. But that means nothing; many adverse reactions aren’t immediately recognizable but are real and impact our lives and our society in any number of ways. When I realized that there are mountains of lies behind this supposed health initiative in our ever-progressive world of pharma-econology, I have been heartbroken when I hear these wonderful doctors affirm past va66es and their full support of them. So again, I pray they took your plea to heart and maybe we can bring some real light to what we once thought was healthcare.

  3. Joseph Medina says:

    Thank you! I would like to get a prescription for ivermectin. Please let me know ho I can do that. I’m in Denver Colorado.

    1. D. Reding says:

      Dr. Bryan on his website tells where.

    2. Hi Joseph. Robyn has this information here, to help you get Ivermectin:

      Thank you for listening and for reaching out!

      —Lindsay, GreenSmoothieGirl

  4. Susan Maxey Townsend says:

    Loved the podcast- as always.
    What kind of vitamin C did you recommend?

  5. Nancy Brown says:

    Robyn mentioned the UK study that she sourced the info about "hot lots" from. Can you point me to this study as I don’t see it anywhere here.

    1. Sarah Greg says:

      HI Nancy,
      Robyn will be releasing a podcast about that very topic in the next little bit- keep checking back with us for that release! Thank you!

  6. Dawn says:

    How do we find out these lot #s? I know some people who had cardiac issues after the jab and all cardiac tests were negative…microclots suspected.

  7. D says:

    The link for ivm information isn’t working.. and I tried to get some from heal pharmacy and could never get a payment to go through. Any other non-prescription avenues still available?!!!

  8. Arlene says:

    Hello, the link for IVM is not working for me also. Please send me the link where we can purchase Ivermectin. Thank you.!!

    1. Sarah Greg says:

      You can get information here:


  9. Lauren motrunecs says:

    Can buy Ivermectin at Tractor supply. It is about $6 a syringe

  10. Laura says:

    You can go to Text2MD and download the vsee app to get a visit with a board certified dr for human ivermectin and nutrient protocols based on IMath and FLCCC.

  11. Paul says:

    Have you seen the video "Evidence That US Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches of Vaccine" on banned[dot]video indicating that some "red" states have had up to 11 times the number of severe adverse reactions (deaths) compared to "blue" states?

    Why not direct the hot lots to areas of the population that voted against you and your agenda?

    Pure evil at work.

  12. Mary says:

    I would love the info on pharmacies

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