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Ep.66: Detoxing Heavy Metals with Wendy Myers

Robyn Openshaw - Jan 31, 2018 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Today we are discussing the impact of heavy metals on our health. We’re all being exposed to heavy metals on a regular basis, and so avoidance is not enough.  Welcome, Wendy Myers, who is the founder of She is a functional diagnostic nutritionist and bioenergetic practitioner. She is passionate about educating the public on the importance of long term detoxing considering our toxic world. She healed her own health issues through hair mineral analysis and developed a unique detox and supplement program.

Wendy’s interest in nutrition began with the death of her father from esophageal cancer. Intuitively, she knew his chemo, radiation, and ten medications killed him prematurely. She vowed to find out what made him sick, why he died, what role medications played in his demise, and how she could avoid the same fate. The more Wendy learned, the more she realized that all the answers to health do not lie in our medical system. Food, detoxification and natural healing modalities must be used to compliment the advances in modern medicine.


Watch the Heavy Metals Summit for free: HERE


Robyn: Hey everyone, and welcome back to Vibe. I’m so pleased to be back with you here in the dead of winter. I have a special topic for you today.

It’s something that you probably know a little bit about, but you really should know more. That is the impact of heavy metals on our health. We’re all being exposed to heavy metals on a regular basis, and some of us do a better job than others at eliminating what toxic exposure we do get.

I’ve brought to the show Wendy Myers, who is the founder of She is a functional diagnostic nutritionist. She’s a bioenergetic practitioner. We love all talk of things energetic here on the Vibe show. She’s in Los Angeles, California. She wrote a book called Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals That Cause Fatigue.

She’s coming out with a program to help you get rid of your heavy metals, so you can get your energy back and your brain function back. Those are two of the big hits to our health that we take when we get in the danger zone with heavy metals. She’s really passionate about helping people detox from heavy metals, to live a long and disease-free life. Welcome, Wendy Myers.

Wendy: Thanks so much for having me.

Robyn: What’s your background? How’d you get in the health field, and how did you get interested in metals?

Wendy: Well, I found my way, like a lot of people, into the health field through my own health challenges. I had reached a point after I had my baby, at 37 years old. I just did not feel good. I looked in the mirror; I did not recognize myself.

I had gotten up to 225 pounds when I got pregnant, and I was having trouble losing the baby weight. I was having mood issues; I was having bouts of anger, which is completely unlike me. I was having trouble sleeping. I was exhausted all the time. I just felt, “This is more than the changes post pregnancy.”

I think a lot of women find themselves in this state after having a child. I went to my doctor and I said, “Figure out what’s wrong with me.” They did all these tests, and they found out I had the hormone levels of a menopausal woman, which I was not thrilled to hear at 37 years old. The doctor wanted to put me on a hormone replacement therapy. I just thought, “That is just not what I had pictured in the cards for me at 37.”

I declined that, and decided to go on doctor Google and figure out, “How do I restore my hormone function naturally? What’s the underlying root cause? What causes hormones to be disrupted?” I kept hitting upon xenoestrogens, chemicals in our environment, chemicals in our beauty care products and underarm deodorant, and metals as underlying root causes of hormone disruption.

I started on a detoxification program, and I started feeling so much better. I became so passionate about it that I started, to share with everyone the importance of detoxification of metals and chemicals – and adding this to your health regimen of things that you’re doing every day to improve your health.

Robyn: Wow, you know, it seems like almost everyone I interview, who has become an expert in the field of wellness, started with their own health tanking. It’s amazing how much you can learn when you’re that motivated, right?

Wendy: Oh yeah, and my family was really impacted too. My daughter had severe aluminum toxicity, and she actually got an autism diagnosis at one point as a result of that. And my father died of esophageal cancer, which was from the cadmium toxicity begot from smoking for 40 years. My family and myself have been dramatically impacted by toxins. I didn’t really have serious health issues, but I had a lot of subclinical symptoms that were really bothersome, and interfering with my quality of life.

Robyn: How’s your daughter doing now?

Wendy: She is doing incredible. Luckily, because I had been studying health for so long prior to her getting that diagnosis, I already knew what to do. I already knew how to detox her. I got her into a program for speech therapy and occupational therapy in a school for autistic children. So that early intervention was paramount; she’s normal today in every way. I’m very, very lucky.

Robyn: So no real regress, with the whole autism thing?

Wendy: Yeah, I really think it was the acute aluminum toxicity that she got from vaccines, which was the big causative factor in her language regression and reduced language acquisition following the vaccinations.

Robyn: Yeah. One of the reasons, after much soul searching and much research, I stopped immunizing my children. After the first two shots my second child had, I didn’t immunize my children anymore, and took other precautions.

If you’re going to opt out of doing immunizations, you need to take a lot of other precautions, like feeding them a really healthy diet, not putting them in daycare, and things like that. I felt like, since most of my children were born with an autoimmune disease or an autoimmune problem, now in remission for all of them, that that would severely compromise them at a very young age, when I didn’t not feel that that was the right answer for them.

I feel like the vaccines that I did do with my first two children set them back. I had to do a lot of work for years with my oldest son, to help him with all those injected toxins and heavy metals that I didn’t know. I didn’t know better, I didn’t know that that’s part of the package. I just thought it was magic medicine.

Wendy: Yeah. It’s interesting how there’s a lot of smart women out there, like yourself and myself, who thought they did the research on vaccines. I thought I’d done the research, and I proceeded to do the vaccinations. I did about ten with my daughter, but it’s not really common knowledge.

I think the vaccine companies do a lot of work to keep negative stories, negative research about vaccines, off the internet. They actually pay to have that done, so you can’t find it. It’s difficult to find it on the internet. Unfortunately, this nanonized aluminum severely impacts immune system functioning, and causes pain syndromes and brain swelling, and a lot of different central nervous system disorders.

Robyn: Let’s talk a little bit about the different heavy metals and the sources of exposure. Because if people know what their sources of exposure are, a lot of them they can control. I don’t think that most people are aware of how high the heavy metals exposure is in sushi that they eat. Talk about some of the different exposures.

Wendy: Yeah, sushi is definitely a big source of toxins. You can definitely have mercury in the large migratory tunas, the ahi tunas that are served. You can definitely get metals in shellfish, a big source as well.

Unfortunately, our seas are very polluted with metals because of coal burning. All the coal burning that’s done releases mercury and cadmium into the air. Cadmium causes more cancers than all of the other metals combined, unfortunately.

You can still eat seafood. There’s the tuna fish, the skip jack tuna that are served as canned tuna, that tend to be much lower in mercury. Definitely Vital Choice; they test their seafood for mercury so they serve one that’s going to have lower mercury than your typical canned tuna you get at the grocery store, because they do testing and they use certain fish that are lower in mercury than other batches and other places around the world. I usually recommend Vital Choice as the safest seafood choice.

But there’s other sources in our air and food and water. Unfortunately, the air we breathe has a lot of metals and chemicals. Our water – even if you drink properly filtered water, you can still get exposures in your shower water. You get chlorine and fluoride; in southern California, we have uranium in the water. Arsenic can be a common contaminate. A lot of different sources out there, but ultimately you really just need to be avoiding obvious sources of exposures. Obvious foods that we know have metals in them.

But really, more importantly, no matter what you do to control your environment, you’re still going to be exposed to metals and chemicals, so you need to be thinking about a life-long detoxification strategy. Taking supplements, or doing infrared saunas, or doing different protocols, and adding detox to your daily health regimen.

Robyn: I totally agree. I think that we can only go so far. I am actually willing to not eat sushi. I don’t eat sushi. I’ll have a California roll have vegetarian sushi if my friends insist on going to sushi, but that’s a situation I avoid if I go to a sushi restaurant. I know that I love it and so I don’t eat it.

Living away from downtown or heavily trafficked areas or not going for a run on a busy road is going to decrease your cadmium exposure. There’s things you can do, but I absolutely agree, we can only become so paranoid.

So, in steps, Wendy, tell us mitigation strategies; because we can none of us completely avoid the exposure.

Let’s talk about the heavy metals summit. I was interested in telling my readers about this, because I was a speaker on it. I have studied what people are doing to chelate, or remove – send something in to attach to the heavy metal and safely remove in through the organs of elimination – I’ve studied that all over the world at all these different clinics. I’ve done heavy metal chelations myself in Switzerland when I take people there. I hope some of our listeners have been to Switzerland with me, or are going in the summer of 2018.

But tell us about the heavy metals summit that you have coming up.

Wendy: Yes, I’m so excited about this metals summit because I found 40 of my friends, 40 different speakers that are the world’s experts in metal toxicity, to help educate people. One, about the importance of detoxification, but also how to do it, the best supplements to take, the best protocols that they can use.

The most cutting-edged strategies to detox their bodies of metals [are discussed], and how these metals and chemicals affect our body in different ways, so that people can kind of associate their symptoms, or their diagnoses that they get with their doctor, with potentially having a metal or chemical as an underlying root cause of that health issue or symptom.

I’m really excited about one day that we have on the summit, that’s going to be all about bioenergetics and how to bioenergetically detox your body. It’s really, really cutting-edge; energy medicine is the future of medicine and I’m excited to share with people how to detox your body bioenergetically.

Robyn: So it is between January 29th and February 6th; catch it live for free. You can sign up for Wendy’s heavy metals summit at Just like the rock bands, right?

Let’s talk a little bit more about the impact on our health. What metals do you find – you’ve probably seen a lot of OligoScan, a lot of urine challenges – what metals do almost everybody in the US have in their body?

Wendy: Everyone has mercury. We get it from our mercury amalgam fillings; we get it from fish, primarily. There’s a lot of other sources; medications can have mercury in them, and old contact lens solutions have mercury. When you get a flu shot – hopefully you’re not doing that – but when you do you tend to get a little dose of mercury there. There’s a lot of different sources, so that’s the most common.

Aluminum is the next one. Everyone has aluminum. It’s in the air that we breathe; we’ve been slathering our underarms with deodorant. All of the commercial ones at the grocery store, Sam’s Club, all the membership stores, all of those have mercury in them. I’m sorry, not mercury, they have aluminum in them.

Also, most people have cadmium. Cadmium is also in the air from coal burning, it’s also in our fish and shellfish, just like mercury is, so that’s a very, very common one.

Thallium is one that most people haven’t heard of before, but it’s in all of our petroleum and oil deposits. It’s in gasoline, and then it’s emitted from cars in the exhaust. Thallium – we breathe that in and most people I test do have some amount of thallium. You find that on a urine test, you can look at directly on a hair mineral analysis to determine if someone has it. That’s a big factor in chronic fatigue.

Robyn: Interesting. So what metals make people tired? Because you and I both know that that’s the big complaint. People don’t have enough energy so they’re using tons of stimulants, they’re drinking loads of coffee, they’re not getting enough sleep; they can’t sleep when it’s time to sleep and they can’t stay awake when it’s time to stay awake. What are the metals that are involved here that they might suspect?

Wendy: It’s really interesting because I used to be really, really tired and I had that same phenomena where I was so tired but I couldn’t go to sleep. It’s interesting that sleep actually requires energy. It’s a very energy intensive process to restore your functioning, repair your body, to detox metals in your sleep, and you’re fighting infections. You need energy to sleep. Some people think it’s the other way around.

There’s a lot of different metals that interfere in our production of energy in our body. There are metals that poison enzymes that transport nutrients into our mitochondria, and our mitochondria, our little bodies powerhouses, organelles and our cells that make all of our energy, that make our ATP.

If you have certain metals like aluminum or arsenic or tin, found in tin cans, thallium – which I just talked about in gasoline and exhaust, and cesium, which is a big problem because the Fukushima Japanese nuclear disaster is still spewing cesium at alarming amounts every day into our ocean, still, years later – these metals interfere in our mitochondria’s function and action. It’s one of the many reasons why people are tired today.

But it’s actually very simple to do a mitochondria detox, to get rid of these metals that cause fatigue. I talk about that in my book, Limitless Energy; it’s on Amazon.

Robyn: That is great. You now feel a lot better. You got your energy back from all the chelating, cleaning up heavy metals you did.

Wendy: I did. I’ve been detoxing for about six years. I always still feel like I have some work to do. We definitely have a lot of metals in our body, in our bones. Many people have been accumulating metals for decades and chemicals for decades.

It’s not an overnight process. We’re exposed to metals and chemicals every day in our environment, so it’s kind of an ongoing challenge. But I’ve definitely gotten rid of 80%, roughly, of my metal load.

Robyn: 80%, that’s actually really inspiring, because heavy metals go in easy, don’t come out easy. If you’ve been able to decrease your toxic load by 80% that’s really impressive. People think that they can do one EDTA or STMP chelation and have that take care of the problem, but my practitioner in Switzerland told me that I would need to do a year of weekly chelations, which is really going to take out my minerals too. It’s also going to pull a lot of minerals out of my body.

It’s a pretty invasive process doing those IV chelations. What do you think about IV chelations?

Wendy: Well, there’s a time and a place. I think a slow and safe is key. People have to do a cost-benefit analysis: is the condition worse or the treatment worse for them? So for some people that have an acute metal toxicity that’s life threatening, 100%, you need to do IV chelation to remove that and bring that metal load down.

But I think for the majority of the people you can do things like binders; you can take natural chelators that will grab on to metals in your body and slowly and safely detox and reduce the chance of mineral depletion that can be inherent in using the amino acid chelators like the DMPS or the DMSA or EDTA. Those can interfere in kidney function, they can be damaging to kidneys if they’re not done correctly.

There’s definitely more than one way to skin a chicken with detoxification. I think that the IV chelations may be something like last resorts, it’s one of the more severe chelators, for sure.

Robyn: Talk a little about longterm disease risk. What do we know about heavy metals and their impact on our cancer and other disease risks? Autoimmune?

Wendy: Yes, so there are a lot of different metals in our environment that do cause cancers, that do cause autoimmune disease. Nickel and aluminum are big causative factors in autoimmune disease that interfere in an immune system functioning, that interfere in our microphages and neutrophils and our natural killer T cells; they cause them to be less effective.

They cause the fighters in our immune system to be less effective and cause our bodies to attack itself. When you have Hashimoto’s, which is autoimmune thyroid disease, that’s typically caused from you actually having an allergy to mercury and then our immune system is trying to attack the mercury and your thyroid is just a victim that’s in the way. You have destruction of thyroid tissue. That’s kind of how these metals can cause autoimmune disease.

Then we have cancers. Cadmium, I mentioned, causes more cancers than all of the other metals combined. That’s why smokers get cancer. They’re smoking cigarettes; the biggest toxin in them is cadmium and there’s 4,000 other metals and chemicals, but the biggest problem is cadmium in them.

Then we have arsenic. There’s uranium, there’s mercury, there’s lots of different metals that can promote or be causative factors in development of cancers. High blood pressure is caused by hardening of the arteries. Cadmium, again, is a big causative factor. The body will use cadmium to repair the arteries, and the cadmium is very hard and brittle. And then people’s blood pressure goes up because their arteries aren’t flexible anymore. They’re stressed out and having a stress response – your blood vessels can’t expand healthily. They’re hard and brittle and they can’t expand, so you get high blood pressure. That’s why smokers get high blood pressure and heart disease. Again, it’s the cadmium in the cigarettes.

There’s lots of different examples. Diabetes, again, is one where if you have arsenic toxicity or iron toxicity, that interferes in production of insulin. There’s a million different examples that I can give. I have a great article on my site called the Toxic Metals Sources and Symptoms Guide where you can look at all the different metals and the different symptoms they cause, or diseases, and all the sources of each metal.

Robyn: So how much evidence is out there about cancer and metals? Do you feel like we have discovered everything we need to about this phenomenon?

Wendy: Definitely not. Definitely research has been around for many decades about this, but I think there’s more and more awareness around the fact that metals and chemicals interfere in our metabolite function and cause cell mutations and interfere in our gene’s copying properly, with our cells not dividing properly. That’s how cadmium causes cancer, it interferes in your genes making a good copy, an exact copy. Then you get these mutant cells that then can grow into a tumor if left unchecked by the immune system.

There’s more and more research out there about how these carcinogenic metals and chemicals are contributing to cancers.

Robyn: What’s the best way to assess your levels of toxicity? In Switzerland a couple years ago they invested in the OligoScan, and noninvasively they could print out a couple pages that show me the levels of all the minerals in my body. Which are the good ones, and then all the levels of heavy metals. It shows me in the green, yellow, or red zone with each of the heavy metals. Luckily, I wasn’t in the red zone with any but I was in the yellow zone with I think three or four. What’s the best way for somebody to go find out how bad it is?

Wendy: I love OligoScan. The only problem is you have to be in person. So you have to work with a practitioner in person. Everything I do is remote so that I can help people that are in countries or cities where they couldn’t otherwise get alternative healthcare.

I like to start with a hair mineral analysis. Then from there I can go on to do a urine DMSA challenge test and/or stool metals test. Everyone can do a hair mineral analysis but it doesn’t show all of your metals, there’s no perfect metals test out there that will show you all the toxins that you have in your body, but we can get close enough with a hair mineral analysis, or with a urine metals test. We can see the majority of metal that you have and then design a protocol, give you supplements that will detox the metals that you have.

But there’s a lot of people that’ll go to a medical doctor and they’ll get a urine DMSA challenge test and some people have very bad reactions to those. So not everyone is a candidate to do that kind of test, especially if they’re very ill or they have multiple health diagnoses. So, I like to start with a hair mineral analysis because everybody can do that unless they’re bald. Then there’s a problem.

Robyn: Yeah, and is that a good indicator when you’ve improved? If you go do it a year later after doing a lot of chelating?

Wendy: Yeah, absolutely, because usually a first test won’t show a lot of metals for many people because they’re not detoxing very good. So maybe if they haven’t started a program yet of detox, a lot of people don’t have that many metals coming out. Then when they start taking minerals and proper nutrition and substances that draw out metals and on subsequent tests you’ll see many more metals coming out, more metals you haven’t previously seen on other tests, because their body is starting to detox better.

Robyn: Okay. So, what kind of protocols do you think people can do, especially from home? For instance, I’m a big fan of infrared sauna; I have one in my home, you mentioned that earlier. Sometimes I’ll take chlorella. I’m wondering if you want to explain what the operator is there that makes that effective or not. We’re interested in your opinion and also zeolite, I love micronized ACZ zeolite product.

Wendy: Yes, I use that one as well; the ACZ is a fantastic zeolite. There’s lots of amazing supplements out there. Like I said, there’s more than one way to skin a chicken. It really just depends on what metals you have. Different substances, different supplements get different types of metals.

Zeolites are amazing at detoxing barium, cesium, copper toxicity if you have that, manganese, nickel, tin, and uranium. But if your problem is mercury, that’s not going to be the best choice for you. Chlorella is amazing at getting mercury. It just depends on what toxicities you have, that will determine what kind of supplements that you should then take in turn for detoxification.

Robyn: Tell me about your opinion about liver flushing. We have a gallbladder and liver flush at the end of the Green Smoothie Girl 26 day detox. Right now, Wendy, we have 2500 people in that detox, and a whole bunch of them this past weekend hit their gallbladder and liver flush. This is the protocol that they do all over the world, that I learned about in my research many years ago.

In Switzerland, we all do it together. We go through the whole dietary prep, eating only high fiber, alkaline, oxygenating, plant-based foods for a week and then we do this gallbladder/liver flush. A lot of people see hundreds of gallstones come out. So what do you think about this whole liver flushing protocol?

Wendy: I think it’s real important to do liver flushes. Everyone has compromised liver function to a certain degree. We have so many metals and chemicals in our environment, it’s estimated between 80 and 100,000 chemicals, and our liver has to break all that garbage down. So it’s not surprising that many people have a compromised liver function or fatty liver. You need to do a lot of supportive things that support your liver, and liver flushes are incredibly important.

Robyn: So, coffee enemas. I talk about this constantly because it a level two practice in the Green Smoothie Girl detox. So a lot of people come in thinking that’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever heard, and we say, “That’s okay, that’s okay, you don’t have to do it, just start level one, you’ve never done a detox before, start level one.”

But they start paying attention on the private Facebook page that we have. We currently have over 2000 people on there going through the program. They start hearing other people’s stories and they start getting really encouraged by my stuff to clear a detox headache or some kind of pain that they’re having with a coffee enema, and they usually start opening their minds to it. Let’s just assume nobody’s ever heard of a coffee enema. I know you’re a fan of this really time-tested and scientifically well documented procedure. It seems very strange to put coffee in your butt.

Wendy: Yes it does.

Robyn: So tell us about it. Why on earth would you do that?

Wendy: Let me just preface this with saying, I love coffee enemas. I think they’re such an amazing way, number one, to support the liver’s functioning, to reduce detox symptoms, if you’re doing any type of detox program, and reduce, like you said, pain and headaches and nausea that people might experience day to day, or when they’re doing a detox type program. They’re really amazing because our liver has to deal with 80 to 100,000 toxins in our environment. On any given day the liver is having to break down all these toxins and it needs support.

In doing a coffee enema, putting that caffeine in your colon, that goes to your liver and it dilates all your capillaries and it helps the liver to flush out all of its toxins. It’s kind of like a sponge for the liver. It kind of shocks the liver into excreting its toxins, and then you expel them in the intestines. You’re not really just cleaning the colon. A lot of people think the purpose of an enema is to clean out the colon. You’re really cleaning out and flushing your liver.

I usually recommend them a couple times a week or every other day. I know a lot of people are squeamish when they hear that, it’s just the last thing on the face of the planet that they want to be doing. But I assure you I’ve had a lot of converts. I’ve worked with thousands of people. Just try one and see how you feel when you try one, and many people just take them straight away and start doing them on a regular basis because you feel like a million dollars after you do one.

It’s not just the caffeine, the caffeine can be a little bit stimulating, it’s really just because you purge all the toxins in the liver and allows the liver to get to that next set of toxins and it just facilitates the whole detox process.

Robyn: Yeah, it’s also the flood of glutathione because you’re eight exing your glutathione production. So you do. It’s funny, I say those exact words, I say, you’re going to feel like a million bucks after a coffee enema. There’s occasionally a person who doesn’t, some people who are really bad caffeine metabolizers who might feel jittery afterwards. But the vast majority of people, it’s pain relieving, it clears, it dilates that bile duct so you can dump bile into the lower part of the colon and eliminate quickly. So instead of just stuff going round and round and round throughout the bloodstream, the liver, the kidneys, you’re getting rid of a lot of stuff really easily and quickly with the coffee enemas.

Don’t just go do a coffee enema today. Do a dedicated detox protocol, and make that part of it at the appropriate time. We place it in the last ten days of the Green Smoothie Girl detox because by then you’ve done the prep work. We’ve focused on your colon, we’ve gotten your GI tract cleaned up, we take you through very specific protocols to clean up, in the right order, your colon, your liver, your kidneys, your gallbladder, and the blood is really the last place of cleanup. We have to get all the other places cleaned up first.

I love this conversation, I love talking about anything detoxification. I’m excited about your heavy metals summit coming up because detoxifying is one of my favorite subjects. Again, it’s January 29th to February 6th of 2018. If you hear this URL and it’s past that time you can go check it out, you’ll just have to buy it. But January 29th to February 6th you can go through these talks for free. It’s

Wendy, as a last question for you, why don’t you kind of touch on three to five of the speakers that you feel like covered really great content that you’re really excited to bring out to the world in this online free summit.

Wendy: My favorite speakers on the summit… I have to say it’s the day when we talked about bioenergetics and how to detox the body bioenergetically. I loved Robert Marking’s talk. He talks about how to change your body’s vibrational blueprint to detox, and how to do that specifically.

I also really loved Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s talk. He talks about the biophysics of heavy metal detox and the connection between metals and viruses and diseases, and combining biophysics and biochemistry for metal detox.

I loved Harry Massey’s talk on how to use what are called infoceuticals to facilitate detox in the body. It’s another bioenergetic type of protocol to help to detox the body, and it’s something that I use on a daily basis to detox my body.

Robyn: Yeah, Harry’s a good friend of mine and we’ve had him as a guest on the show too. Aren’t you a practitioner of his? NES Bioenergetics, isn’t that his work?

Wendy: That’s his work, yeah, I am a practitioner. I actually do a podcast with him also about bioenergetics. It’s very, very important to get the word out about EMFs and bioenergetics and how we can correct our body’s health and energy and function with energy medicine.

Robyn: Very good. Okay, tell me a couple more.

Wendy: I really like Ian Clark’s talk. He talks about using different seed oils like milk thistle oil to help to detox the body and the liver.

Chris Shade, who’s a god of detox, he talks about how to boost liver function during a metal detox.

And, of course, Dr. Stephanie Seneff. She’s a pioneer on glyphosate, the chemical Roundup Ready that used on so many nonorganic crops and the synergistic toxicity of glyphosate and mercury and aluminum.

Just so many amazing talks; Joe Mercola is talking, Ben Lynch, Sayer Ji is talking about metalloestrogens and metals that act like estrogens in the body. Lots of great speakers.

Robyn: Those are some really good ones. Can’t wait to hear Stephanie Seneff speak. I have been following her work for a really long time. Really all those people. Some of those are folks that we’ve had on our show too.

So, Wendy, we’re excited to support your heavy metals summit coming up, again, January 29th to February 6th, 2018. You can find it at, but where else can people learn more about you?

Wendy: Yes, you can find me at and I’ve got hundreds of podcasts there. I’ve been doing a Live to 110 podcast for a long time. I do the Supercharged podcast about bioenergetics and I have lots of free information all about how to detox your body slowly and safely.

Robyn: I love it, well thanks so much for being with us today.

Wendy: Yeah, thanks so much for having me.

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