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Ep.25: EMF with Dr. Libby Part 1

Robyn Openshaw - Mar 15, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

This is our second episode on Electromagnetic Frequencies, EMF or the silent cause of your suffering. I’m really excited to introduce you to someone today, Dr. Libby Darnell. She is the founder of Revived Living. She’s a functional health practitioner. She with her practitioner husband Jeremy are both Doctors of Chiropractic, and she works with patients on root cause. She deals with patients on the whole body system, and she’s helping her patients with everything from electromagnetic sensitivity exposure, which is what we’re going to be talking about today, to heavy metal toxicity and adrenal fatigue. She has an amazing story about how electromagnetic frequencies and the toxicity related was a hard life lesson for her Today Your High Vibration Life gets serious about decreasing chaotic frequencies in our own environment.


Learn more about Dr. Libby:

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Robyn:                    Hey everyone, it’s Robyn Openshaw and welcome to Your High Vibration Life. This is our second episode on Electromagnetic Frequencies, EMF or the silent cause of your suffering. I’m really, really excited to introduce you to someone today, Dr. Libby Darnell. She is the founder of Revived Living. She’s a functional health practitioner. She is actually in Chicago and she with her practitioner husband Jeremy are both doctors of Chiropractic, and she works with patients on root cause. She deals with patients on the whole body system, and she’s doing with her patients everything from electromagnetic sensitivity exposure, which is what we’re going to be talking about some today to heavy metal toxicity, and adrenal fatigue. These are the plagues of our time.

She has an amazing story about how electromagnetic frequencies and the toxicity related was a hard life lesson for her, how it affected her life and someone really dear to her that I think you’re going to find very meaningful and very empowering as all of us here on the, Your High Vibration Life show gets serious about decreasing chaotic frequencies in our own environment. Welcome Dr. Libby Darnell.

Dr. Libby:              Oh, thanks so much Robyn. I am so excited to be talking with you today, and I just know that we’re going to help so many people out there really just prevent a lot of health issues, so I’m really excited for today.

Robyn:                    Well I chose you of many, many health experts that I have access to because all you do is give, and all you do is tell me resources. I got the sense very quickly that you care about the people you serve, and you care about teaching my audience about how to get their exposure to EMF way down. I love that you are a working wife and mom, and professional and living in an urban area you know, because if you were somebody who told me like one person did, well I’ll get on the phone with you but I certainly hope you’re not talking on a cellphone. I was like oh boy, this maybe like a little out of my depth because I’m going to continue to use a cellphone. What can I do given the fact that I’m going to use a cellphone? You don’t live at the end of a dirt road and you’re now raising a baby. Tell us about your story.

Dr. Libby:              Oh absolutely, yeah. You know even though when you first started into this topic you’re like okay, that’s it. I’m moving off the grid, no. We’ve got to be able to keep this concrete and actionable for people. Yeah, I would love to share my story. My husband and I started our business in 2010, and we just hit the ground running. You know exactly what that’s like, you hit the ground running working 12 hours every single day and you are just busting your booty to make it. We love what we do, I mean I still love what I do.

After a while that really wasn’t sustainable, but I ended up adding a service to my office called the barium radium testing. Barium radium just in really basic terms is a really great tool to use to test for sensitivities to food, you know food allergies, chemical sensitivities, you name it. You know I’m kind of near O’Hare airport, so I can test people that work at O’Hare and they’ll show up positive for jet fuel sensitivity. Well of course, but that is something that is tested using acupressure points. It’s very noninvasive and a wonderful, wonderful tool however, with that said, I was testing people using this machine for 12 hours a day. Even though it’s totally safe, and a great tool to be tested on, I didn’t realize that I was so sensitive electromagnetic sensitivities and I got sick.

It started with, and maybe some of your listeners are going to resonate with this, but it started with me having this inability to sleep. At the same time wanting to sleep all the time. I’d come home from this very long day, fall into bed and when my alarm went off the next day, it was a struggle, a struggle to get out of bed. I’ve always been this morning person, alarm goes off and I’m usually up and at ’em already. That’s kind of where it started, and then it kept advancing, and kept advancing to the point where I was nonfunctional. I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t go to work, I felt like I was being glued to the ground. That was from a physical standpoint.

Mentally I started losing my mind. It felt like I was going crazy, and I felt like this isn’t even me. I couldn’t articulate the words that I was thinking anymore. When it was at its worse I turned to my husband and I said, “You know what, if I start hearing voices I won’t be surprised.” That’s how bad it was. Now on top of that I was dealing with heavy metal toxicity myself, and adrenal issues. It just snowballed from there.

Just like so many people that are listening, when you get sick you’re going to do everything you can to get well. Your health is your number one asset, so when you get sick you’ve really got to step it up. Anything that somebody told me to do, I did it. I mean, hoo I have crystals in my bra. If they had told me to sing the Star Spangled Banner standing on one foot, jumping up and down I would have gladly done it to try and get better.

Robyn:                    Just so everyone knows because we haven’t gotten to the Q-link pendant yet, which I was wearing ten years ago, this is really funny. She’s not wearing a diamond studded bra or crystal bra. She’s going to tell you about something that we wear around our neck that’s protective.

Dr. Libby:              Absolutely, but oh my gosh. No, I mean I would have done it, I would have done it all, so yeah.

Robyn:                    You were really motivated and it helped you turn a corner. You talked to another practitioner and what did she tell you to do that you did right then and there, that made it really clear to you that you were suffering from …

Dr. Libby:              Yeah, so I went outside when my in-laws were over. So my in-laws are over and who you know, I was newly married at this point. I went outside in the winter in Chicago, half naked and laid in the dirt. That’s what she told me to do and I’m going to tell you, I immediately felt better. From a physical standpoint what’s happening was, my body was discharging all of that excess energy that I’d been penting up and storing up from this machine that I was using. I immediately started feeling like myself again.

We can review lots of tools like that later on for people that are dealing with this issue to start to get better, and to start to improve, but that was the first thing where I thought okay, I’m going to make it through this. I’m going to get through this, I’ve got an idea now of what I’m dealing with, which is electromagnetic sensitivity. Some people might refer to it as electromagnetic radiation, EMF’s, EMR’s it kind of all the same thing. Really that’s where my story started, and from there I learned how to get better, then ended up teaching a lot of other people, just like what we’re doing right now about how to get well and how to prevent from getting sick in the first place.

Robyn:                    I just wanted to when you and I first talked I said I wanted to make sure that my readers don’t feel the overwhelm, so if you did not listen to episode 24, we’re on episode 25 right now, you need to listen to episode 24, it’s your 100 level class. I promised them that they would start at least at 200 level if not an EMF ninja, so they know a little bit about how the EPA designates EMF’s as a classy carcinogen. Finally, science is recognizing these radioactive chaotic frequencies as cancer causing. We talked about how I sort of take a bird’s eye view and I see that we do things for 20 years, then the science catches up and tells us it’s bad for us. A whole bunch of us already paid for it with our health, and this is one of those things that I just said I predict that we’re going to see more, and more, and more science coming out.

We’re already seeing a lot, so we in the interest of time, because we have so much to do we’re going to be doing on this episode we’re going to cover getting an EMF meter, which one. We will put all those things, we don’t want any overwhelm and so just remember that your action plan in the show notes at 25, you’ve got the action plan of everything that Dr. Libby Darnell is telling us right here. You also have access to our special deal, which is 40% off, where you can get it anywhere else on Five Zoobies so that you put one on each of your devices. This has been super, super helpful for me and my family. We’re going to talk about light bulbs on this episode. We’re going to talk about that EMF meter and which one to get. Libby’s going to tell you her favorite one for $110, and again it will all be in the show notes. She’s going to talk to you in this episode a bit about our outlets, like what’s happening with our outlets and what we can do to ground them, and we’re going to talk about WiFi.

Your story is really powerful in how you’re this vibrant, gorgeous young mom now and thank goodness, you do a lot of things to protect your health. I want you to tell me just a little bit about .

Dr. Libby:              Yeah, so Kyanna is an angel now, but when she was seven she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was called glioblastoma, so it’s around her brainstem, which means that from a medical perspective there is nothing that you can do to help that. What really happened was she started stumbling. They would walk to school together and her parents would walk her to school, and she was slow and she kind of started stumbling. They’d be eating dinner around the dinner table and she started falling out of her chair. She’s seven so it’s hard to really say okay, well there’s a problem or is she kind of being clumsy?

Fast forward, she’s diagnosed, she’s given two months to live. One of the things that we did is we flew to Dr. Raymond Hilu’s office in Spain. I have a great friend of mine, Dr. Charles Majors who actually contacted this doctor who was vacationing. Dr. Raymond Hilu was vacationing in Las Vegas at the time, and he flew back from his vacation early to take her on, which I will be forever grateful for. I say prayers for him every night because what an incredible man that would do something like that.

One of the things that he does is he’ll do blood analysis and he tests for EMF sensitivity as part of that whole protocol. You can actually, when you look at human blood on a microscope, you’ll see red blood cells freely floating through our blood vessels, and when someone is sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies, what you’re going to notice is first off, their cell membranes are not healthy so instead of having this nice, thick wall around their cells, it’s thin, they’re leaky. Just like someone can have leaky gut you can actually have leaky cell walls too. The second thing that was visible right off the bat, anybody could have seen it was that the cells clumped together. It’s almost like magnets holding on to one another. You can imagine what that’s doing to circulation obviously. The second that he saw that he said, “Yeah, she’s incredibly electromagnetically sensitive.”

I actually had a Q-link on right then, which is something that’s a protective device that I know you’re linking to in the show notes, and I just took it off right away and put it around her neck. From that point we did everything we could to help her. Time was really against us and she did end up passing away, so she is now an angel but through that process, right when we found out that this was an issue, we called Dave Stetzer who actually will test homes. While we were in Spain, went to her home, tested her home and then followup we also tested her school.

When you’re testing, you know there’s lots of units that we could talk about, but just to keep it really simple for people, you want to see under 50 units when you’re testing a home. That’s kind of the threshold. When we tested both her bedroom, no where else in the house, but her bedroom and her classroom they were both off the charts, nearly unreadable. Some of these meters only go up so high, like for example 2000 units and we couldn’t even test them. They were unreadable, which means that this poor girl was exposed not only at school, but then while she was sleeping every night. That was the house she grew up in, so we kind of looked at that and we thought well wow, she was up against odds from the beginning.

I always like to say that from pain there’s always purpose. One of the great things that did come out of unfortunately losing her, is her dad now goes around and he tests homes. This is his passion project, and he does tests and helps people make their homes safe. I want to give some really great actionable steps that the average person could start to implement now. Yeah, if somebody did want to get their home tested they have that option, but you can do so many things to make your home safe, and make your office and school safe as much as you have control over.

Like you mentioned, those EMF meters. I’m going to tell you, there’s a lot on the market. There’s so many to choose from. Some of the best ones are the ones that are used by home testers, but a really nice one that you can buy to test for dirty electricity, which I will be referencing in a little bit is called a Stetzerizer, and that is an inexpensive that you can actually test through your outlets. You plug it into your outlets, it will show you a reading and then you can put in the filter that will actually fix the problem and you’ll see the post reading, and it’s just awesome. I have a couple of cool stories about that meter if you don’t mind me taking a second to talk about that.

Robyn:                    Oh please do.

Dr. Libby:              We did an expansion at our physical office here in Chicago recently, and when we expanded we had to get a lot more filters, you know we had it retested and we got more filters. As soon as we put those in, one of our team members who I thought she was just unhappy. I just thought well maybe this job isn’t a good fit for her, she actually showed this massive improvement. We ended up, my husband and I sat down and we said you know, what’s changed? Are things at home better? Are you just kind of picking things up better? She points to the filters, and she said, “I don’t know what that is, but ever since you’ve plugged those in I feel so much happier.”

Robyn:                    Wow.

Dr. Libby:              They don’t look like anything special but we know pre and post testing how awesome they are, but here she didn’t even know we had the office fixed and she was feeling better. Then a good friend of mine Isaac Jones, he had his home tested and right where his kids are every day was really, really off the charts too. He was able to get that fixed and same thing with Jay Davidson, they had their circuit breaker, which you know you can think about it like your fuse box, that kind of thing. The circuit breaker was right by his daughter’s head where she sleeps at night. He was able to just put a simple guard on that and solve that problem, because again, kids are so, so sensitive. That Stetzerizer meter is a great one to get. It’s inexpensive and a great start.

There’s also, if you think about back in the day when we had radios with antennas on them, if you ever put them to like an AM frequency and you tried to search for a station, where it’s in between stations you’re getting that static. The way that most meters simply work, just to kind of give your audience an understanding about this works, if you have that kind of old time radio and you’re kind of in between stations so you hear that static. If you walked around your house, you know how you’ll hear that kind of hmm, like that buzz and whir as it’s picking up different things, that’s how most meters work. If you walked next to your fridge, if you walked next to your appliances that radio would actually pickup on all these frequencies that are coming off of those major appliances. That’s how meters function.

One that is a little bit more affordable is the Trifield meter, and that’s a great one that people could also purchase if they don’t want to do the old fashioned radio version. That’s how those are tested. Again when you hire professionals, they’re going to be able to test for a lot. For example, they’ll be able to pickup your home’s WiFi, they’ll be able to pickup any radiation that’s coming off of cellphone towers. I even have an invisible dog fence for my dogs, and they were able to test that, which just as a side note for everybody out there who has those, that tested fine so that was harmless. That’s how EMF meters work and those are the main ones that I recommend. There are other ones on the market, however I only wanted to mention the ones that I’ve actually seen and I know 100% work.

Robyn:                    Yeah, I had the Trifield meter and lost it in one of my moves, but I want to close a few loops on things that you’ve brought up. First of all, I want to mention that the angel that Libby is talking about is her niece Kyanna. Libby’s brother has a physics degree and was trained by the great David Stetzer, and we’re also going to put a link to her brother-in-law’s services because some of you will be like me. You want somebody to come to your home because you’re just working so much. In my case I’m raising a family by myself and I travel a lot. I would rather spend a bit more and have someone else do all these things. Just to close the loop, your brother-in-law’s name is …

Dr. Libby:              Joseph Darnell.

Robyn:                    Joseph Darnell and he can come to your house and really help you just get it fixed, test everything, tell you where all the weak spots are. It’s about a four hour job he does for the $400, is that right?

Dr. Libby:              Yep, that’s exactly right. He’s the heavy science guy so he will analyze everything but at the end of the day, he’s going to tell you exactly what you need to do to fix it. A lot of it he’ll take care of. If there’s small things, you know if there’s a plumbing issue or something like that, he’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done. He owns Flutter Busters, which is his company. That’s what he does now, which I just think is wonderful.

Robyn:                    Yep, and you can go to or like I said, I promised you, you wouldn’t have to write anything down or you can just see that in the show notes. You mentioned filters, so let’s jump ahead to that because I think we talk really quickly about outlets. We talked about EMF meters, which is one of the things we wanted to cover in this episode. In the next episode we’re going to talk about smart meters, we’re going to talk about grounding, we’re going to talk about traveling and minimizing your exposure while you’re traveling. One of the things that we’re covering here is EMF meters, we’ve talked about that. Let’s jump to outlets. Is it true that I should unplug things that I’m not using? Then talk about filters.

Dr. Libby:              Yeah, I do recommend unplugging things that you’re not using, and I’ve heard conflicting opinions on that as far as some of these experts. However, I do it because it’s not going to cause any harm, it can only help you. As far as why that is recommended is because there is something called dirty electricity, which I want to give a real basic understanding of what dirty electricity is.

Our grid system, which is our energy system is designed so that energy comes from our grid, it travels through cables, it enters our home, it powers our home. The theory is that it travels back through those cables, back to the energy system, but unfortunately, the grid is inefficient and it doesn’t always work the way it’s intended. What happens is when your appliances use a lot of energy, what’s going to happen is you have an end result of excess energy coming through your wiring system in your home. The places where that’s going to happen most frequently, the places that you want to test more are going to be where you have a lot of appliances.

For example, where your TV and your home stereo is going to be, that’s going to pull a lot of excess energy, which has been given the term dirty electricity. Then your refrigerator, your deep freeze, those all are going to be appliances that pull that a lot too. Because of that, I spent a long, long time researching this subject specifically, because it’s something that is so new. I mean I think you hit the nail on the head when you said we are just so far ahead technology wise, and so behind when it comes to safety studies.

The introduction of electricity, when you think about how human history, the introduction of electricity is so, so recent. It’s just a blip on this radar. If we track it from the time where it was introduced in America, you can actually see the correlation with especially childhood cancer, that’s a huge one. Another big one is type II diabetes because it reduces our ability to hear insulin, so those are two ways that dirty electricity will harm your health.

Filters come in by simply absorbing all of that excess energy, and you can actually hear them working when they’re working, which is really incredible. It just looks like a simple plugin onto your outlet. It doesn’t take up any extra space, because I just have a little three pronged outlet extensor. I actually had Dave Stetzer come and test my home, and that was something he just brought with him and he showed me this pre and post, and oh my gosh did we feel a difference, but our home tested higher than average. An average size home needs about 20 filters.

Let’s say that somebody didn’t want to get their home tested, but they knew that they wanted to get filters. I would simply order about 20 Stetzer filters because again that’s about average size. My home, and it doesn’t matter if your home is old or new, there’s no correlation. You just don’t know really until you test, which you can do with that meter that I mentioned. My home needed 60 filters, but wow it was such a difference.

For people to have a little bit of understanding, this is such a hard topic to talk about because you can’t see it. You can’t physically touch it, you can only feel it. The symptoms that I had were just that mental fog, that extreme tiredness. I couldn’t put two thoughts together in my head, and so you think about people out there that I know deal with these issues. I think wow, for me going through this, if I’d been this healthcare professional who didn’t know enough to think gosh, there’s an underlying cause, I just feel like I’m going crazy. I would have wound up on psychotropic medications. I would have been probably committed at one point, that’s how bad it was for me. For people out there that might be dealing with some issues that are just gradually getting worse as far as that’s concerned, this is such a great tool to start exploring. Robin’s given you so many resources in the show notes to just get some answers and to start crossing some things off the list.

Robyn:                    That was really helpful. It was helpful to me, I’m sure it’s going to be really helpful to our readers. I’m excited about it. We’ve talked about getting an EMF meter and that will be in the show notes. We’ve talked about outlets and how they’re sort of bleeding this dirty electricity, and how there are filters for them. I’m really excited about getting them. Now here’s another thing that Libby taught me about. This is one of the things where I was like wait, what’s a CFL wait, slow down. A light bulb, tell us about CFL or compact fluorescent light bulbs and what is wrong with them, and what else we should get.

Dr. Libby:              Yeah, so compact fluorescent light bulbs, when you’re looking at them you’re going to know right away. They’re the new swirly light bulbs. They’re shaped like a swirl and they’re also the ones that they tell you if you break them, it’s hazardous to your health. That’s because they actually contain mercury. Totally aside from the EMF exposure, compact fluorescent light bulbs do contain mercury, they leach out with about 70% of the mercury into the environment within the first three days after you install them. What that means is all these mercury vapors actually come out through that light bulb within the first three days, 70% so that’s a ton. You think about people that are moving into newly remodeled homes, oh my gosh, that environmental exposure. Somebody that can do everything right and then bam, you’re hit with this chemical exposure.

When I had my home tested I had been one of those people. I had moved into a home, gutted it, renovated it and so when we had our home tested I had these new light bulbs in them because they are supposed to save on energy costs, which not even going to get into that side of things. What happened is we had these meters in place that we were referring to earlier, and they will show you digitally, so they’ll actually printout graphs and kind of give you really concrete data, but then they also have a little bit of an audio component to them as well, and they just screamed, I mean they just yelled whenever they were around these compact fluorescent light bulbs.

One thing that your listeners could do right now, and I would suggest being one of the first things that they do, because it is such an easy fix is to go around their house and remove any compact fluorescent light bulbs. Again, those are the swirly, those kind of swirly looking guys. The thing that I would recommend replacing them with are the standard, old school incandescent light bulbs. Those are inexpensive, you can get them at Home Depot, you can get them at Manards, you can go anywhere. I would recommend doing that right off the bat, because you’re saving yourself so much.

Robyn:                    You know you said to me unscrew your CFL light bulbs, because I’ve owned my home a little over two years now. It’s about a 12 year old home. You said unscrew them. You told me that the amount of light it puts out is not going to be any different, this is you know Einstein’s light bulbs. I texted my Realtor, who’s one of my closest friends and I said hey, what kind of light bulbs do I have, because I knew he knew his light bulbs. I said do I have incandescent or do I have CFL? He said yours are mostly CFL, and I was like dang it. I said dang it, and he goes well, there’s these LED lights and they’re really great because they have all these broad spectrum of light frequencies that are good for you. I said not sure that I believe that Matthew, not sure I believe that. I don’t know, and you can tell us about LED lights versus incandescent, but you’ve gone around and you’ve tested this. You’ve done the whole deal.

Dr. Libby:              Yeah, so CFL’s are the worst right, so get rid of those. Those are gone, you’re getting rid of them, no questions about it. Next on the list and kind of middle down the road is LED’s. There are some LED’s that I know have been tested that actually show up okay, but there’s not like one brand across the board that’s the best. For that reason, I don’t recommend LED’s because as a whole they usually don’t test well. Incandescents are 100% safe, they give off nothing. The most evil is CFL, LED’s are going to be your second best option, but even when it comes to like the full spectrum like you mentioned, the goal with full spectrum is so that people especially that work indoors are getting exposes to a broad spectrum of light to kind of mimic what we should be exposed to outside that we’re not getting. Then there’s lots of light therapy and a lot of hormonal benefits that go with that, however you don’t know until you test if they’re safe or not. For me, just to be on the safest side possible, I recommend incandescent.

You know it’s funny, because when we redid our office, and you know most offices are going to have fluorescent lighting, we had to pay extra to get the old school incandescent in a way that still looked good. It was just funny, here I am paying for something that I know is really, really cheap but the industry is moving beyond that and they’re going all to the CFL’s and it’s just a shame. I know with what we’re doing, and what we’re talking about that this is becoming more commonplace and I do think we’re going to turn a curve here. So to sum up, CFL’s bad, incandescent’s best, LED’s can be okay but as a general rule I recommend you don’t use those.

Robyn:                    Yeah, you would think that it would be cheaper to use the old incandescent just like you would think that organic produce would be cheaper since they’re not spraying all this expensive pesticide on it, but you would be wrong. Really, when it comes right down to it, it’s where the dollars are. This whole idea that was sold to us that these light bulbs are better for the environment is so wrong on some important levels.

Okay, I feel like we’ve done a good coverage of getting an EMF meter. I feel like we covered outlets and filters, and how to get in touch with your brother-in-law if you want the white glove service and someone to come out and just do it all. I feel like we’ve covered light bulbs. Our last subject that I want to cover well today, and then our next episode will be about, this will be kind of your 300 level stuff in episode 26 we’ll talk about grounding, and travel, and crystals and other good stuff like that. I want you to tell me why WiFi is dangerous, what we should get to protect ourselves from WiFi, because it’s really quite simple and inexpensive. Tell me about this timer thing.

Dr. Libby:              Yeah, oh yes, absolutely. You know I forgot one very important thing about light bulbs and then I’ll get right to WiFi. I forgot to mention it to you earlier, dimmer switches, who knew? I had installed 20 dimmer switches on these awesome can LED lights in my basement that were terrible. When I went around my house and tested all these dimmer switches, when you have it on low that’s actually when it’s going to put off the highest amount of EMF’s.

Robyn:                    Wow.

Dr. Libby:              The reason that, that happens is because when a dimmer switch is on high, you’re using all of the electricity that’s coming through that wire. When you dampen it, and put it on low, the excess will actually come out into the environment. That’s basically the definition of dirty electricity. For your listeners, another great easy thing to do is to just obviously, whenever you have a dimmer switch keep it on high. I just went again to Home Depot and just got a simple little on and off switch. I had all of these nice dimmer switches that I’d installed, replaced with their old counterpart. That is just one thing that I wanted to mention before we go on to WiFi.

Transitioning to WiFi, basically what WiFi is, it’s a wireless signal that’s transmitting all the time. Wherever a router is in your home, that wireless signal is permeating throughout your home. The way that, that’s going to end up affecting your body is by disorganizing your photons and I know that you covered this on your last episode, but essentially all that means is that your cells aren’t communicating properly with one another anymore. If we’re exposed for a short period of time, our bodies can heal, you know our bodies are designed to heal. When we have this chronic, long-term exposure that’s what makes it hard to recover and where people can start having warning signals giving off. Me going crazy was my warning signal.

An easy thing that somebody can do, because a lot of us have WiFi is to simply put a timer on our power source to our WiFi. Just like you have Christmas lights on a timer switch, you might have your Christmas lights plugged in to where they’re going to go on at a certain time and off at a certain time, you can go and get a $4 – $5 timer and hook up the power source of your WiFi into that timer and just have it turned off at night, and turned back on in the morning. For listeners that have children, that’s so important because EMF’s are a lot more harmful to children than they are to adults. You think about that, over the course of your child’s life you’re saving them at least 8 hours of exposure, which is just amazing. A lot of people don’t even use their WiFi during the day, or they don’t need it during the day. You could even have it on for a shorter period of time.

Now another kind of interesting thing to note, is your cellphone, if you have your wireless enabled on your cellphone, your cellphone is constantly searching for a signal. It never stops searching for a signal. If you have it using your cellular data, so if you have your wireless off, especially when you’re traveling and you don’t have access to WiFi, turn that wireless off on your phone because it only tries to ping a cellphone tower about every five minutes. It’s just a nice way to kind of keep your cellphone wireless transmission from working all the time.

Robyn:                    Is that an argument to get a bigger data plan so that my 16 year old son isn’t always finding WiFi different places?

Dr. Libby:              Yeah, that would be a great thing to do. Then when he’s not physically at home, he feels like he doesn’t have to be linking to WiFi all the time. Especially for you, you know you travel a lot and so do I, so I constantly am upping my data plan if I need it. A lot of those same lines when it comes to cellphone safety is to put your cellphone in airplane mode as much as possible, especially you and I have clients that are on call sometimes, so I encourage people to keep their phone far away from them at night. The last thing you want to do is have your phone charging underneath your head. Using your phone as an alarm clock at night, that’s kind of a double whammy all the time.

If you can charge your phone, you know let’s say in your kitchen away from your family’s bedrooms at night, that’s going to be step number one. Just get a battery operated alarm clock, you know I just went on Amazon and got a battery operated alarm clock and that’s what I use. For clients that are on call, or people that have to have access to their phone, either a, put it in airplane mode, or good rule of thumb is at least try to have it eight feet away from you. If you need to have it over on your dresser across your bedroom, that would be a really great compromise. Then there’s a lot less exposure, because obviously the closer your phone is to your body, the more exposure there is. I think hopefully it’s kind of a common sense now. Don’t put your phone in your pants. You know guys are walking around kind of zapping all their important bits during the day, so that’s something that I hope people aren’t doing. Then at night, get that as far away from you as you can, as your routine allows.

Robyn:                    So helpful. Okay, I’m going to put all the links to meters, the incandescent light bulbs on Amazon, the filters for your outlets. Make sure if you do one thing you get some xZubi devices, we will put that in the show notes here. This will also be in episode 24 and 26. We’re going to take you to the next level with episode 26 next week. We’re going to talk about blue light and how this affects the production of melatonin in your sleep. We’re going to talk about grounding and why that’s important and powerful, and easy. We are going to talk about a little bit more sophisticated but equally important principals next week with Dr. Libby Darnell in part 2 of this.

We’ve got an easy action plan that you can download, so you can make changes as you have time. Start with the low hanging fruit. I have learned so much from Dr. Libby and we’re going to be linking to her four part blog series, on getting the EMF and dirty electricity out of your life. She said a really great quote earlier on, she told the story of the loss of little Kyanna in her family and what a tragedy that was, but let’s make what she learned from that loss of her little niece, as well as the loss of her own health for a while, let’s make that matter. She said, “From pain there is always purpose.” Let’s have that show up in our lives to make meaning of the difficult things that Dr. Libby Darnell has been through.

Thank you so much for being with us. We are going to be right back in a week with episode 26. You can find all the resources here at and we will see you soon.

8 thoughts on “Ep.25: EMF with Dr. Libby Part 1”

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  1. Sue says:

    Great stuff. I’m looking for EMF free or anti-radiation free headsets. Any resources for that? Thx

  2. Brodie says:

    EMF stands for either “Electromotive Force” (ie: voltage) or “Electromagnetic Field,” not “Electromagnetic Frequencies.” Get your facts straight before peddling fear to people.

    Source: I’m an electrical engineer.

    1. Robyn Openshaw says:

      Hi Brodie, actually the common vernacular refers to electromagnetic frequencies as EMF in hundreds of sources. We don’t peddle fear; we educate about the new radioactive frequencies in the modern environment.

  3. Jon Carlson says:

    I’m a computer programmer and I know I’m sensitive to EMFs because when I’m not wearing a Q-Link around computers I’m a lot weaker. I’m a pretty rational guy so when I was shown convincingly of my reaction to EMF by a functional medicine doctor, I couldn’t stop laughing and I practically promised myself I would never tell a soul. Some things I thought were quack medicine often have way more validity than I gave them credit for.

    I’m looking to see if I can do more to protect myself without spending a lot of money. Will a TriField meter detect dirty electricity? I either missed that in the podcast, or it wasn’t covered. I’d rather not buy both a TriField meter and a Greenwave meter.


  4. julia Thompson says:

    I have been diagnosed with colon cancer. Live a basically healthy life. No smoke, no drink, vegetarian, not overweight, never get sick. I have used an electric heating pad most of my life. Wondering if it “caused” The cancer??

    1. Rebecca says:

      As in an electric blanket when you sleep? That would be really not recommended for the electromagnetic fields they create and protecting your sleep environment is paramount for protecting your health.

  5. Fiddlin' Holley says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the link to the tri-field meter link – sends you to another link on Amazon for headphones for jack adapters.
    Just wanted to let you know to update it so you can get the tri-field meter instead.

    1. Rose Butler GSG says:

      Thank you so much Fiddlin’ We will take care of this!

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