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Is EMF Affecting Your Focus and Cancer Risk?

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A child’s brain is highly susceptible to damaging man-made radiation from his cell phone. He’s also getting exposure from the laptop, TV, and microwave from electromagnetic frequencies, or EMF pollution.

But your child’s brain is developing, and highly sensitive, and hard-headed as she may sometimes seem to you, her skull isn’t as thick and protective as an adult’s!

Cell phone waves are documented to pass over 85% of the way through the brain of a 5-year old, and they damage human DNA.

The World Health Organization (WHO) spent $30 million to discover a growing trend in brain cancer related to cell phone use.

Other cancers, autism, and other health problems are linked by 1,800 published studies now, to the radiation exposure from cell phones as well.  The U.S. FDA has now classified EMF as a Class C carcinogen.

And of course, there’s the fact that our boys are carrying their cell phones, often with Wi-Fi on (massively increasing “dirty” waves, as Wi-Fi is always seeking a signal) right next to their sensitive, developing reproductive organs. And girls are sticking cell phones in their bras, while older women are being diagnosed with breast cancers in the exact shape of a cell phone, right where they carried their phones for years.

This has troubled me for a long time, and I’ve investigated options. For many years, I have worn a crystal pendant to protect me from EMF (electromagnetic radiation).

But my most exciting, inexpensive discovery you don’t have to wear is a technology that can protect you and the children you care about. It’s much easier to use, very inexpensive unlike crystal pendants, and neutralizes 100% of the effects of harmful radiation from items we use every day that emit EMF.


All you have to do is stick the xZubi neutralizer anywhere on the back of your cell phone, or anywhere that emits EMF.

What is the xZubi?

It is a hologram made of three micro-thin layers of rare-earth, para-magnetic materials that absorb and neutralize man-made electro-magnetic radiation.

The developers went through the highly rigorous process of obtaining a U.S. scientific patent. This involved 28 separate tests, including one exposing human DNA in a petri dish to a cell phone with, and then without, the technology.

The proof is in the fact that this test resulted in those human cells 100% protected from the harmful effects of chaotic radiation.

To put it in very simplistic terms, it doesn’t block all the radiation, or you wouldn’t get cell phone reception! It blocks 100% of the negative effects of the radiation.

Robyn's family on steps

I bought a xZubi for each device my children use.

In 2009, I posted my video of Jake being muscle tested with and without the xZubi Disc technology. He is a 320-pound body builder, and I couldn’t have pushed his arm down if I’d tried—if EMF hadn’t already weakened him. You could see how dramatically his energy is being drained away by having a cell phone within in your energy field.

That 2009 cell-phone video had to go! However, I’ve got two new, short videos for you on this page you’ll find very enlightening.

In one of them, we show how it works, and the science about why it’s effective in shielding brain functions from EMF, as demonstrated by FCC labs.

And then, I did another muscle testing experiment with young mother Tira, showing the same thing—how whether we realize it or not, we are weakened by carrying our cell phones.

When we put the xZubi on the phone, we’re protected, and strong again.

We bought 5,000 of these devices at a huge discount so we could give you 40% off, until they’re gone. (When they’re gone, so is the discount!) I make a practice of giving one to any young person I know, and I put it on their phone myself and explain what it does. I keep a five-pack of them in my purse.

Want More Proof—and answers to Frequently Asked Questions?

See xZubi FAQ for frequently asked questions about the xZubi Disc. Putting it on your phone is permanent, won’t affect its functioning, and it never “goes bad.” (You’ll need a new one when you get a new phone, though.)

One of our readers used the xZubi for his school science experiment. He bought two identical houseplants. Next to one, he put an active cell phone. Next to the other, he put the exact same type of cell phone, with the xZubi device on the back of it.

The plant next to the unprotected cell phone died, and the plant next to the xZubi-protected cell phone thrived! Just like you’ll see in the video with the results for both adults and children, xZubi protects living things from EMF. We repeated our reader’s houseplant experiment with the same results!


Please make sure you put a xZubi Disc on your microwave (which emits radiation as it cooks), TV screens, PC and laptop screens, baby monitors, and home phone handsets.

I know biohackers who turn the electricity off in their home at night. They claim this does not affect their refrigerated and frozen foods. Remember to keep devices out of your energy field (within 6’ of you) as much as possible when not using them, and sleep with no electronics in the room.

But this fix is easy and cheap: stock up on xZubi while they’re 40% off for 5-packs!