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Ep.16: Afformations with Noah St. John

Robyn Openshaw - Jan 11, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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Today I am delighted to introduce you to a friend of mine, Noah St. John. He is known as the Power Habits Mentor, and he’s been famous for many years now for inventing the concept of Afformations. He shares with you how this method helps you get rid of your head trash and find success in life.  He also loves to talk about how to help busy people achieve personal and financial freedom. He’s the author of 10 books, that have been translated into 12 languages. And his latest best-seller is the Book of Afformations. Tune in to learn his “secret sauce” for personal and business growth.


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Robyn:  Hey everyone it’s Robyn Openshaw, the Green Smoothie Girl, and this is Your High Vibration Life. Today I am delighted to introduce you to a friend of mine. You probably know who he is. We are very blessed to have on the show today, Noah St. John. He is known as the Power Habits Mentor, and he’s been famous for many years now for inventing the concept of Afformations. And what he loves to talk about it is how to help busy people achieve personal and financial freedom. He’s the author of 10 books, that have been translated into 12 languages. And his latest best-seller is the Book of Afformations. Published by Hay House. You’ve got online programs, and live events, and we’re going to dive into all your best stuff. But I also want everyone to know where to learn more about you at the end of the podcast. But he talks about in his couching programs, the secret sauce for personal and for business growth. Noah has been on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, the Hallmark Channel. You can get his new book free at You don’t spell out saint, it’s just Noah, S-T, And we’ll put this in the show notes for you. So welcome Noah St. John to the show.

Noah: Thank you so much Robyn. I’m so excited to be here with you today.

Robyn:  When I think about High Vibration, I think about you. You see to take very seriously, you’re a public speaker, you travel all over. I was really so delighted to get a personal invitation from you, I think earlier this year it was. You and Babette were in town, and you spoke. I got to hear you speak, and then we had dinner. You’re married to the loveliest Babette. You have accomplished so much in your life, and I’m really excited for you to share with us. You are known as the Power Habits Mentor. You help people be more successful. Tell us more about what you do?

Noah:  First of all, thank you so much for that introduction. I really appreciate that. It’s really an honor. What I do is I help people basically do three things, which is get unstuck, find their voice, and automate their business. So those are the three main things that people come to me with saying basically, “Noah, you know, I’ve spent all this money, I’ve gone all the gurus, and I’ve tried everything, and I’m still spinning my wheels. I’m still stuck. I want a breakthrough in my life.” And I want to, whether it’s in money, whether it’s in your business, whether it’s in your health, your relationships, or just a feeling of happiness, fulfillment, freedom. Whatever it is that they want to break through to, that’s what they come to me for. That’s what I help people do.

One of the ways that I do that, is you mentioned is, with this system, this formula that I developed called the Power Habits. And what that’s short for, it’s for the power habits of unconsciously successful people. So what I mean by that is there are a lot of people out there who of course are very successful, and teachings about the secrets of success. That’s awesome, and the problem though is that a lot of people, like I’ve just mentioned, have gone to all these programs, from all these successful people, and yet those people are still stuck.

So I’m like, “Why is there such a gap between the people who are really successful and everybody else? Even the people going to all those programs and spending, and investing, their hard-earned money.” So that was a question that vexed me for many, many years. Because of course, I was one of those people that was really struggling. That was going to tall these programs going, “What is missing here?” And nobody could answer that question for me. So I had to finally just figure it out on my own.

It was like an Aha moment, that I realized that these highly successful people are doing things unconsciously, that they actually can’t teach you. So one of the concepts that I came up with many years ago, is this concept of the Power Habits of Unconsciously Successful People. Meaning, that when you’re trying to do something new, we go through those four stages of competence that I’m sure most of us are familiar with.

You have the unconscious incompetence, that means you don’t know that you don’t know. Then you have conscious incompetence, which means you know that you don’t know. Then you have the conscious competence, which means you know and you’re doing it, but you’re still thinking about it because it’s a new skill or new habit. And then we get to that fourth level, which is unconscious competence. Which means, you’re doing the thing without thinking about it.

What I realized is that these people that I call the Naturals of Success, are unconsciously competent at allowing themselves to succeed. Which means that, all of the good stuff that they’re doing, they really aren’t consciously aware of it, which means they can’t teach it. Which means that that’s what’s actually causing the gap. And so the fact that I teach the Power Habits of Unconsciously Successful People, that’s what closes the gap, and enables people to get unstuck and really explode their business, make more money, lose the weight. Whatever it is that they’re trying to do in their lives.

Robyn:  So even though the magic sauce is in the unconscious competence, you can actually learn unconscious competence?

Noah:  Yes, you can. And the point is, yes of course you can learn how to become unconsciously competent. Just like when you’re trying to do any new skill or habit. The classic example is driving a car, right? When you’re a little kid, you don’t even know anything about driving a car. You don’t know that you don’t know. Then you get to a certain age you go, “Ha, I think I’d like to have a car.” Right? “I’d like to be able to drive like these adults, ’cause I want to have freedom and be able to go where I want, you know, further than a bicycle.”

Then you get to that point where you’re taking Drivers Ed, and of course, you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very awkward and so on. You hopefully don’t hit anything, or anybody, but you get to that conscious competence. And of course now, for most people who are driving, you are literally unconsciously competent. You absolutely don’t think about it, and you’re doing everything but thinking about driving a car, while you’re driving a car.

The point is that it can be that way with the phenomenon called success. You can actually learn the steps. Learn what the naturals are doing, that they can’t teach you. Not because they’re mean or something, it’s just they’re unconsciously competent. They had these skills, these habits, or it was ingrained in them since a very early age. And it became so unconscious, that they don’t think about it anymore. That’s why it took a nerd like me to break it down, step by step, so that everybody can do it.

Robyn:  Well that is quite the teaser. I want to learn more about it. I know that you teach, what you consider to be the most vital tip to helping people be more successful. But before we get into that, I heard that you had a crazy encounter with a zipline. Can you tell me about that?

Noah:  Yes, I did, I did. Well as you mentioned, my beautiful wife Babette, and she’s a total adventure junkie, and I’m a nerd. So of course we just go great together. She just loves to do all these crazy things. So for our honeymoon, we were planning our honeymoon and she said, “Hey Noah, I really want to go ziplining.” Now this is something that I had no desire to do whatsoever. And I’m like, “How can I get out of this?”

Robyn:  No you’re like, “How much do I love this woman?”

Noah:  Yeah. Right. Exactly. I didn’t want to look like a wimp to my new bride, so I said, “Sure honey.” Inside I’m terrified, and scared, and nervous. But anyways I said, “Sure, sure.” I didn’t think about it. Then we get there. We get to this island in the Caribbean, Saint Kitts. We did this training and we get to this location. It’s in the middle of this rainforest, in this Caribbean island. And they give us these big, large dudes. And they’re big, strong, muscular, guys, and they’re giving us this training and everything.

Then they load us into this truck and we drive up, and up, and up, a mountain. This dirt road like a mile and a half up a mountain, and I’m getting more, and more scared. More and more nervous. I’m sweating, my heart’s pounding. And I’m going, “Oh my gosh, I’ve never-“, I’m really scared. So then we all pile out and we get on this little wooden platform, and we’re way up in the mountains. And one of these big dudes, who’s the guide, he just straps himself on and he goes, “Viizzzz!”

You don’t even see it. You can’t even see where he ends up. I’m like, “Holy cow.” And then one of the other big dudes looks at me and he goes, “Okay, you’re next.” Now at that moment, my heart is beating so hard, and so fast, I mean I feel like I’m going to pound out of my chest. I’m so scared. And I realized at that moment Robyn that I had three choices.

The first choice that I had, was I could just say, “Forget it. I’m too scared.” And go back. And just say, “I’m not even doing this.” And just go back. Then I realized in the next moment, “Well I can’t go back because the truck’s already gone. What am I gonna do, walk a mile and a half down a mountain? You know, I could get eaten by a crocigator. Who knows what’s gonna happen.” So I said, “Well I can’t do that. That’s out.”

The second choice I had was, well I could just stay here. I say, “You know what, I’m not even moving forward because I’m too afraid. And I’m just gonna stand right here with my arms folded and say, ‘Forget it.'” Then I realized of course, I can’t do that either, right? Because they’re not going to just leave me there in the middle of the rainforest. I can’t stay where I am. So I realized that the only choice I had in that moment, of sheer terror, was to go forward.

So my head was saying to me, “We are definitely gonna die right now. We’re gonna die right here on my honeymoon.” And I’m absolutely certain we’re going to die, but then I had another thought. Which was, “Now wait a second, I just saw a big, strong, muscular guy, go ahead of me, and he didn’t die. And mathematically speaking he weighs more than I do.” Because I’m not that big, and so he’s a big, huge, guy. And I said, “Now wait a minute. He didn’t die.” Because we didn’t hear screams of death or anything, and I’m like, “He must be all right. And they must have safety precautions and all this so, maybe I won’t die?”

And so of course, I took that step of faith. It wasn’t a leap of faith, it was just a step off that platform, but I went, “Viizzzz!” And of course, had a great time. And now I lead ziplinning adventures for my DREAM Mastermind. So the long story short, the reason I share that story, is to help people realize that there’s a lot of times we think things that aren’t true. We think we can go back to the way it was, but we actually can’t. You can’t go back. In business, and life, whatever. Hey, the past is gone. You can’t go back. you can’t recapture that. No matter how great it may have been, or how lousy it was, we have to let it go.

Also we can’t stay where we are. We can’t just stay in place and go, “Well, I’ll just stay here, and I’m sure everything will be fine.” There’s an old saying that if you stand in the middle of the road, you’re going to be run over by traffic going in both directions. So the point is that, the only choice we really have is to step forward. Take that step of faith. I always say to people at my seminars or my clients, I say, “Hey, it’s not a leap of faith. You don’t have to take a leap of faith. Just take a step. And then maybe take the next step.” You can just take little baby steps. You don’t have to go crazy and take a crazy leap.

Because actually highly successful people don’t do that. They just take a step, and then they see how it goes, and then they take another step. What’s also great is, to see if other people went ahead of you and did it, and they didn’t die. Like in that example that I shared. So anyway, that’s just a story I like to share with folks to realize, “Hey sometimes we think things that aren’t actually true.”

Robyn:  Another thing that I like about your zipline story, is that fear is possibly the lowest vibration emotion. We on an earlier episode we talked about how anger will always bring your vibe down. It’s always going to cause you to suffer. It’s drinking poison and hoping the person who gave you the glass of poison dies. But anger and fear are right down there in the bottom. I heard a saying the other day that, you don’t have to conquer your fear, you just have to do it anyway. Business people always talk about burning the boats. And while it gets you on your feet, and it makes you inspired, thinking of people who burned the boats. You’re right. I’ve been really successful for many, many years now financially. I don’t necessarily torch the boats. I sometimes keep my options open. I sometimes take one small step. I test a concept.

And in my personal life, same thing. It’s not like you meet someone and say, “Gosh I’m really attracted to you, let’s get married tomorrow.” It’s really a reasonable way to look at it, is in the ziplinning you burned the boat, as in you can’t turn around and go back up. You cannot get back up the zipline. I bet you’re glad you did it. I bet you’re glad you finished that.

Noah:  Absolutely. And as I was saying, what I was sharing is that now I get to lead ziplinning adventures for my Mastermind group. And what’s so amazing is to see people … I mean we literally had people just in tears, because they were so scared like I was. So I can talk to them from that place of, “Yeah I know exactly how you’re feeling. I was absolutely terrified, and I was certain that I was gonna die. You know, right there in front of my bride. And you know, here I am. I’m standing here. I didn’t die. You know, they have safety precautions, you know, we’re gonna take care of you. I would never put you …. ”

This is what I’m saying to them, “I would never put you in a situation where it would be, you know, literally life threatening. It may feel that way. It may feel scary. And think of all the things that we do that you know, our head says, ‘We’re gonna die.’ You know, maybe trying that new marketing platform, or taking that step in a new direction in your life. Or your health, or your business, or you know, a new weight-loss program. Or whatever it may be in your life. Sometimes your brain just really, really, fights you and says, ‘No I can’t do it.’ And you know, that’s one of the things that gonna keep you stuck.”

Robyn:  Yeah. I’m really just glad that I don’t have to hear Babette tell this story of what a chicken you were on your honeymoon next time I have dinner with you guys, so there’s also that upside. Tell us about Afformations. I know that you were the guy out there. Everybody knows what an affirmation is, but you were the one really championing it. What I love about it is, we’ve talked a little bit about this on the show already. About how words carry a charge, and the words you used to describe yourself, to even think about yourself, even words you don’t say out loud. Words and thoughts are changing your body’s energetic fields in split seconds.

Tell me about Afformations and where people can get your Afformations. We’ll mention later that viewers of our show can get your book, Get Rid of Your Head Trash free. And that will resonate, so if you feel like you resonate with the idea of I got some head trash going on, and hey who doesn’t? When I find that my head trash is slowing me down, I feel it. And the reason I feel it, is because I live a high vibration life. I’m ziplinning most of the time. And when the zipline comes to a screeching halt … How much further can we take this metaphor? I bet we could go all kinds of places with it Noah. But it’s time to look at what has got me stuck here. So I’d love to hear about Afformations and then I know you have some great tips about three huge mistakes that smart people make that keep them stuck. So Afformations, and then tell me about that.

Noah:  Absolutely. So of course we all know everybody listening to this program knows what an affirmation is. An affirmation is a statement of something you want to be true. So a classic affirmation might be, “I am rich.” And you say, “I am rich.” And your brain says, “Pffft! Yeah right.” For most people. And I’ve done this experiment all around the world. Literally with audiences from Australia, to Costa Rica, Mexico, all of the U.S. and Canada.

That’s exactly what happens. They say, “I am rich.” And everybody starts laughing. I go, “What are you laughing at?” They say, “Well I don’t believe it.” “Well you just said you were.”

“Yeah, but I don’t believe it.”

That’s the classic problem frankly with affirmations. The way we’ve been taught for decades which is that, well you say these positive statements, but we don’t believe them. In 1997 I was a broke, divorced, college student. I had maybe $800 to my name. I was living in this tiny little dorm room. And I’d been using these affirmations for years, just like the books told me to do. Being a good little nerd and all that stuff, and following directions. And I never, never, got what I wanted. I was very frustrated, very upset. I was like, “This is nuts. Because I’m doing everything they tell me, and it’s not working.” I was so frustrated.

One morning, in April 1997, I got in the shower, and I was thinking about this. You ever notice, you get those great ideas in the shower, those Aha moments? Well, this was literally, and in my book of Afformations, that you mentioned from Hay House, I call it the Shower That Changed Everything. Because it literally was a shower that changed by life, and now tens of thousands of lives around the world.

On that particular morning, in that particular shower, I was thinking about that. I was going, “Why is it that I’ve been using these affirmations, doing everything they told me to do, and it’s just not working? There’s gotta be a better way. There’s gotta be something they’re not telling us, but what is it?” And I started to think about, “Well what is … What are we talking about here? Well we’re talking about beliefs. Because if you want to change your life, you have to change your beliefs.” So I knew that part was true, because I certainly didn’t have the life that I wanted, and I knew my beliefs weren’t very good.

So I said, “I’ve been killing myself trying to change these beliefs, but I’m just, I’m running into a brick wall every time.” And I sad, “Well, so what is a belief?” And I said, “Well a belief is just a thought. Okay but what is thought?” And the more that I thought about that single question, what is thought? I realized that human thought is really the process of asking and searching for answers to questions, and I’ll prove it to you.

This is another thing I like doing in my seminars. I say, “Okay everybody, now I’m gonna ask you a question, and I want you to see what happens. Okay, ready? Why is the sky blue? Why is the sky blue?” And everybody sits for a moment. They go, “Well uh-huh.” And I go, “Okay. Now wait a minute. What just happened in your brain?” And they go, “Well I was thinking about the question.” Right? I said, “You were searching for an answer, weren’t you?” They go, “Yeah.” And so I say, “Well, isn’t that amazing, that that happened automatically? In fact you couldn’t not do it?” And they go, “Well yeah. You’re right.” I said, “Well, isn’t that amazing that that’s what thought is? We put in a question, and then the brain searches for the answer.”

Going back to the shower, I said I was standing there in the shower going, “Now wait a minute. It’s true that if you ask a question, your brain automatically searches for the answer.” So I said, “Now wait a second. Why are we going around making statements we don’t believe, when the human brain operates using questions? Why don’t we just cut out the middle man? And I said, “Well I don’t know. What would that look like?”

“Well let’s see. You’ve got the statement, for example, ‘I am rich.’ And your brain goes, ‘Yeah right.’ So what would the question be? ‘Why am I so rich?’ Huh. Wait a minute. Why am I so rich?” Now when you ask that question, what has to happen in your brain? You have to search for the answer. So I said, “Wait a second. What if instead of saying these statements that we really don’t believe …” There’s nothing wrong with the statement, it’s just that we don’t believe it. “What if we start asking empowering questions? And wouldn’t that have to lead to empowering answers? And wouldn’t that have to change our lives?” And I was standing there in the shower, April 1997, and I said, “Holy cow. I think I just invented something.”

And so I had to give it a name. The name that I gave it was Afformations. A-F-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N-S. And just to finish the story, I literally said, “Wow. This could really change a lot of lives, if I could just get the word out about it.” But this was in 1997. This was in dial-up remember? “Br-rr-rr-zzzzzzz!” It was like a thousand years ago in internet years. So I’m like, “I don’t know what to do? What am I supposed to do here?” I didn’t have any money. I got a book on how to do HTML, put up this [inaudible 00:19:25] website. I self-published a book. Then a year later I met Jack Canfield, from Chicken Soup For the Soul. I showed him my self-published book, handed it to him. He loved it.

He sent it to the Chicken Soup publisher and that’s how my first book was published called Permission to Succeed, way back in 1999. That’s the first place where Afformations were ever mentioned. Then people started writing me and getting these incredible results using Afformations like doubling their income, quitting smoking, overcoming addiction, losing weight, saving their marriage, finding the love of their lives. We’ve even had people who were going to commit suicide, and they read one of my books, and they said, “You know, I decided not to take my life.” We just had incredible, incredible success stories with Afformations and Power Habits over the years. What we call it now, or the people who follow me, call it The Afformations Revolution.

Robyn:  I love it. Thank you for that. I really enjoyed learning more about Afformations, and that’s really carried out into the popular culture, is to ask the question instead. Instead of telling yourself something that isn’t true, and giving yourself a cognitive dissonance there. Okay, so tell me about three big mistakes that you feel smart people make that keep them stuck? And all of this is because our goal here is help people live a high vibration life. Some people think they’re going to work their way into high vibration. Of course, work is part of life, and there’s no getting around it. But tell me what’s wrong with that kind of thinking? Tell me about the three big mistakes.

Noah:  Well the first big mistake that I talk about is something that I talk about a lot, which is you having these unconscious blocks to your success which I call your Head Trash. So what is your Head Trash? Your Head Trash is very simply the negative self=talk that says, “I can’t do it.” And more specifically, it says, “I can’t do it because.” And you just fill in the blank, right? “I can’t do it because I’m too old. I can’t do it because I don’t have the time. I can’t do it because I can’t afford it. I can’t do it because I don’t know the right people, or I’ve tried everything, or I didn’t graduate from college, or I’m a woman, or whatever it might be.”

Whatever the person’s Head Trash might be, that’s keeping them stuck. So why is it so important to get rid of your Head Trash? Well one of the big reasons it’s so important is because if you don’t get rid of your Head Trash, you’re going to believe that guy in your head that says, “I can’t do it because.” Which means you’re going to stay stuck and you’re going to stay limited your whole life.

Now there’s an old saying that I’m sure we’ve all heard. It’s attributed to Henry Ford. He said, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.” And isn’t that an amazing, because we always make ourselves right, don’t we? So if you’re there saying, “Well I can’t do it because”, guess what you’re going to do? Prove yourself right. And you’re going to say, “Well I can’t do it because I don’t have the time.” And then you see you get all these excuses about why you don’t have the time. But meanwhile, we all have the same amount of time.

Last time I checked the Earth rotates the same 24 hours for every person on this planet. From Bill Gates, and Mark Cuban, to Richard Branson, to people who don’t have any money, and everybody between. So the point is that saying you don’t have time is absolutely a lie. But it’s a great way to keep yourself from the changes that you want. You can literally go through all of this Head Trash. So the point is, one of the things that I teach people, and I’ll share with your audience right here is, how can you start to get rid of your Head Trash?

Well the very simple thing that you can do right now, is to write down five negative beliefs you have about whatever it is you’re trying to do. So whether it’s live a more high vibration life. Whether it’s to lose weight. Whether it’s to grow your business, make more money, find love. Whatever it may be. If you don’t have that, if you’re trying to go from where you are to where you want to be, and you’re feeling stuck, or you’re feeling frustrated, might be spent a lot of money, or effort, whatever, and you’re feeling stuck. Write down, what are those negative beliefs that you’re telling yourself? What’s your I can’t do it because? And really see how those beliefs are affecting you.

Just to tell you a quick story. One of my clients, her name is Susan, and she was listening to me, on in fact a program just like this recently, and she heard my story. It really resonated with her. She got in touch with me on my website. She just said, “You know what, your story just so resonated with me.” And I found out, in us working together, that she’s spent $60,000 on all the self-help programs out there. Every guru, every self-help program you can imagine. And she was $60,000 in credit card debt. She was about to go bankrupt. She was about to lose her home. She was about to lose her marriage, because her husband literally said, “I can’t take it anymore. You know, you’re buying all this self-help stuff, and we’re not getting better. We’re getting worse. We’re going down, not up.”

He was frustrated, she was frustrated. So she heard me, and she said, “Just something spoke to me.” She started using Power Habits, she started using Afformations. Long story short, she realized that she had been blocking herself with all this Head Trash for many years. She was able to get rid of it within a period of less than one year, she landed her dream job as a TV producer. She’s now executive TV producer for a national TV show. She’s been nominated twice for an Emmy Award. She’s been nominated twice for an Emmy Award, and she’s actually just published her first book. Now she has a six-figure income doing what she loves. And all of that happened because of getting rid of her Head Trash.

Robyn:  I love inspiring stories. Thank you for sharing that. Another thing I hear you talk about a lot Noah, is the Inner Game, and the Outer Game of success. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Noah:  Yes. Absolutely. So in any human endeavor, we have the inner component, and the outer component. So on our campus at, we just say Inner Game, and Outer Game. So the Inner Game are the things that happen between your ears that you can’t see directly, but you see the effects of them. So those would be things like your beliefs, your thoughts. The decision that you make. Those are invisible. You can’t see them, but you see the effects of them. So that’s what we call your Inner Game.

Then you have the Outer Game, which are the things you can see directly. Those would be things like your habits, your lifestyle, your systems, strategies, let’s say for people in business. The things you have to do, or in your job, and your career. Maybe you have to do sales, maybe you have to do marketing, maybe you have to do all these customer service. Or whatever it is that your job, or your career, or your business entails.

Also in life, in your relationships you have the Inner Game. What are the thoughts and beliefs that you have? Again, talking about that Head Trash, maybe you’ve got a lot of negative beliefs, or things from the past that you’re holding onto that are keeping you stuck. And then you’ve got the Outer Game of the actual things that you do in your relationships, your health, everything.

The point is, your Inner Game and Outer Game, literally affects everything that you do. And so one of the reasons that we’ve helped our clients succeed to a really great extent, even after going to all these other programs for years, and spending tens of thousands of dollars like Susan did, and many of my other clients. What we do is we take a very holistic approach. And we look at, okay where are you stuck in your Inner Game? And where may you be stuck in your Outer Game? Because most of the people that come to us, are stuck in either one of those, or both, and usually it’s a little bit of both.

Robyn:  Thank you. Noah, I really love how your High Vibration Life listeners can get some really great tips that will help them move forward in their goals. It has to start between the ears. You have to be conscious of the Inner Game, and that it’s not just about effort, and gutting it out, and rolling boulders uphill. We all know people who are rolling a lot of boulders uphill. Donna Eden who wrote the book Energy Medicine, talks about how, and I refer to this a lot, about how we are incongruous, or we are stuck, when we are trying to move forward but our energies are moving backwards.

Or the other way around, when we are not moving in the same direction that our energy fields are, for whatever reason. Because we’re stuck in negative thinking, or in lack of belief in ourself, or in the opportunity that we’re working in, or in the other people around us. There’s so many different aspects to it, but choosing into high vibe belief sets is part of it. And I really think that you have a lot to offer in helping people turn that inner chatter that we have going on all the time around. So tell us how people can learn more about you and what you do, and how they can get your new book. Get Rid of Your Head Trash, how can they get it free? Tell us where they can find you?

Noah:  Absolutely. You can just go to our website So that’s my name. N-O-A-H-S-T-J-O-H-N, dot com., and it’s right there on the homepage. You can just get it, you’ll see a picture there. It’s called Get Rid of Your Head Trash, and I walk you through the five steps of literally how to get rid of your Head Trash, which we also call the Power Habits System.

I’ve taught this system to CEOs, to stay-at-home moms, to teenagers. People in the military, athletes, celebrities, I mean just whatever walk of life you are, and whatever it is that you do, and whatever it is you’re trying to do. Think about it this way, what area of your life don’t your habits affect? Nowhere, right?

Your habits affect everything that you do. So we talk about about it in business, we talk about it in relationship, and health. Whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, our job here at my company,, is just very simply to help you master the Inner Game, and the Outer Game of success, so that you can get the results that you want in your life. When you do that everything becomes easier, everything becomes far less stressful, and you get out of those bad habits like procrastination, addiction, overwhelm, stress. Just working too hard to get the results that you want. So all of that’s available, again, it’s Get Rid of Your Head Trash is the name of the book and it’s available at

Robyn:  Well with that, thank you so much for being on the show today. Noah St. John, I learned so much from you.

Noah:  My pleasure. It’s my honor. Thank you.

Robyn:  Hope you’re inspired by hearing from Noah St. John. He’s a wonderful friend and a deeply heart-centered entrepreneur. For more information about where to find him check out the show notes at See you next time.


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