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Ep.15: We Are Energies Interview with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Robyn Openshaw - Jan 04, 2017 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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I am so excited to introduce you today to my friend Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and she’s the author of the New York Times best selling book, Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet. She’s also host of the PBS special 21 Days to a Slimmer Younger You. She is an expert on weight loss and anti-aging. In this episode Kellyann explores how vibration and energy affects your DNA and cells and what that has to do with your overall health and your likelihood of disease. She also discusses the role of genetics in your personal vibration and health.


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Robyn:  Hey everyone, Robyn Openshaw here. The GreenSmoothieGirl and this your High Vibration Life. I am so excited to introduce you today to my friend Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. She is a naturopathic doctor and she’s the author of the New York Times best selling book, Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet. She came out with that last year but she’s also host of the PBS special 21 Days to a Slimmer Younger You. She is an expert on weight loss and anti-again and she has a private practice, I am so sorry to tell you that it is closed in Birmingham, Michigan area. She’s also a concierge doctor for celebrities in New York City and Los Angeles. She has a closed practice because she’s so excited about what she’s doing next that you do have access to. I’m excited to dive in. Her site is Dr. Kellyann, K-E-L-L-Y-A-N-N dot com,, welcome to the show Dr. Kellyann.

Dr. Kellyann:  Hey I’m so happy to be here. It’s great. I love talking to you about all of this stuff.

Robyn:  You have a book launch coming up in seven days. Tell me about the new book and what’s super exciting in your world.

Dr. Kellyann:  Yeah. What’s super exciting is The Bone Broth Diet, the initial book that came out, it really, truly started a revolution and that’s what’s important to me. We took something that was off of the table that made people so healthy, made their selves so healthy, therefore made them energetically so much better, so much heartier, so much healthier. Gave them that fast clean vibration that so many of the listeners are looking for, that now it’s coming out with the adjacent book, which is Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Both Diet Cookbook, which delves into the whole premise behind the program. You know I call it a diet Robyn, but really it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s more really understanding and I’m sure we’re going to really get into this.

My whole thinking, my whole paradigm, and I hope everyone if there’s one thing that they listen to, I hope it’s this, is that whatever vision that you have for yourself, I promise you, you can have because of the innate way in which the body works, which is you have a cellular matrix. You have an ever-changing body. Your body is constantly regenerating, regrowing, re-changing, restructuring, and if you give yourself the right raw materials in life, during the life cycle of your cells, you can create anything you want. If there’s one thing that I want everyone to take from this conversation, is that there’s so much hope. I don’t care where you are listening to this, there’s a ton of hope, because your body is always changing and working for you if you treat it the right way.

Robyn:  Tell me more about the cellular matrix and what does that have to do with us getting to reinvent ourselves?

Dr. Kellyann:  Cellular matrix is such a beautiful thing. It’s what really has driven my passion in the health world so much. That’s what we haves something called the internal milieu. It’s what the Swiss call the internal milieu. This is all of the cells and the fluid surrounding your cells, this is what really drives your body. This is what really determines, am I healthy, am I not healthy, do I have aches and pains, do I have constipation, diarrhea? Do I have bloating, do I have skin problems, do I have autoimmune issues? Do all of these problems that we’re stuck in, which interesting is a metaphorical aspect of this, is because so many times our cells are stuck. They’re stuck in a situation that does not service at all, because your cellular matrix are these layers of cells, which actually communicate. This is really new science and something that we’ve just discovered recently, is that our cells communicate.

We hear the adages, things like, you know what, you really are what you eat. The food that you take in, that actually creates your blood, and your blood actually creates your cells. Your cells actually create your organs. This whole matrix, there’s all these cells, the fluids that surround the cells, all of that, the communication between them, has everything to do with how you look, how you feel, the energy from what you put out. All of these things depend on this matrix. Keeping that communication clear and strong really starts with raw material and understanding the raw material that you’re eating and how you’re living. I call it the anti-inflammatory life, because what we don’t want to do, is we don’t want those cells to clash and clump. We don’t want that. What we want is your cells to be like a river and not clogged like a swamp. That is the name of the game.

Robyn:  And vibrating high and as medicine has changed so dramatically, we’ve Dr. Oz saying that energy medicine is the next frontier.

Dr. Kellyann:  It is. It’s the new medicine. You hit the nail on the head and this is why I get excited. Everyone really needs to understand this. Paradigm is everything in medicine. You have to be in the right paradigm. What do I mean by that? Let me just tell you what my paradigm is, what a lot of energy doctor paradigms, what our paradigm is and how I came about to understand this. The new paradigm, the new revolution of health is to no longer be sick and tired all the time, or worried about the future, okay? People that understand this, they know what to do and how to have a better life. I call it the new healthy.

The new healthy lived by an understanding, and it’s a core belief, and here’s how it goes. This is it in a nutshell. Our body has an energy matrix and as such, we think about ourselves as electrical beings, not just structural ones. We think, and this is important, we think atoms and molecules, not just skin and bones. We absolutely know that we have an innate consciousness throughout which directs our body depending on its environment and that’s a really key thing. Your body will direct you, energetically, according to the environment you choose to put yourself in and stay in, that’s pivotal. We believe that our genes express themselves according to our lifestyle. The way we eat, the way we live, the way we move has everything to do with the outcome of our health. Living in a way that most closely matches our genetic blueprint is congruent with health and happiness.

Illness goes far beyond just exposure to germs and physical trauma. This is important. This is energy medicine. Illness goes far beyond just exposure to germ or physical trauma. Being unhealthy is a result of constant dysfunctional energy patterns constantly being played out in our life, because this is what we do. We tell stories. We keep playing out dysfunctional energy patterns. We know that the power that heals the body really comes from allowing our body to express itself and heal itself as naturally as possible. I think the most important thing is to really understand that we are in control and that health is the byproduct of our choices.

Robyn:  Maybe too that more is possible than we ever dreamed of. If you have nano particles that can be in two places at one time, if you in my energy field and it’s, you and I have talked about this before that the connection between us is vibrational. That I am attracted to you because I’m attracted to high vibration people, and you are. My vibration is raised by being in your energy field. We’re in each other’s energy field right now, even though we’re in two different states with several states in between us, that’s rad if you think about it, right?

Dr. Kellyann:  It’s totally rad. The question becomes, you see these people that people are effusive about, they want to be around, right? They have that sparkle. You see these people and there’s always people around them. Why is that? If you really look at it, does it have to do with looks? Does it have to do with what they do for a living, does it have to do with money, does it have to do with any of that? Really look at this through all spectrums and when you study things culturally, you can see the same phenomenon play out over and over again. What is this? This is the whole thing about creating and cultivating a fast and clear energy. This is the energy that literally pulls people in. Cultivate a strong and clear energy and it’s against natural law for people not to want to stick to you, literally. They will gravitate towards your energy field. They just will. That’s how it works.

It’s interesting because when you take in a toxin, or when we talk about disease, it naturally falls to the lowest energy portion of your body, wherever that falls. I listen to things very different than a lot of other doctors. If somebody tells me I have colon cancer, I’m thinking very differently than a traditional doctor. I’m thinking about energetically, what created that energy to fall to that point in their body? What is the meaning behind that? To really be healthy and to have that clear energy, you’ve got to literally push toxins out of the cells and pull nutrition, the right nutrition, into the cells because it confuses the body. I say that in a most positive way. It confuses the body and the most positive way to turn out and churn out these super healthy cells, which bounce and propel.

That sticky cell that we talked about is what creates that low vibration, that low energy. This is when we see people who are tired. They have this level of exhaustion and it could be for so many reasons. It could be raw material, meaning they’re not getting what they need to eat. It could just be they’re not aligned with their life and how that plays out in your health. If somebody tells me, “Dr. Kellyann, I’ve got this issue with blood pressure. You know I have high blood pressure.” I am thinking very different, again, than a lot of other doctors. I’m starting to think, your body does exactly what it’s told to do.

This is how we operate, this is who we are, this is how we are made, this is true down to the DNA. We operate how we’re told to operate. If someone tells me, “I have high blood pressure. I have this going on.” I’m thinking to myself, what in your environment is causing that? Remove the part of the environmental piece from the body, and often times the body it starts to sing again. It starts to work like an orchestra, like it’s supposed to, like it should. Now there are genetic situations, but that’s less than 4%. Less than 4% of the population have issues genetically, which really keep and make it very difficult for them to move forward with their health. It’s less than 4%.

Robyn:  You’re saying 96% of the time, we can control whatever health outcome it is, because it’s not just genetics?

Dr. Kellyann:  We absolutely can. See here’s the thing, there’s something called epigenetics. This is as electrifying as you can get. Talk about energy medicine. You have your gene and your genome, and then on top of your genome you’ve got an epi-genome. This thin layer that sits on top, is everything. This is the mover. This is the driver. This is what tells your cells what to do. This is what tells your genome what to do. Somebody says to me, “Well this runs in my family. This runs in my family.” This is my response, my response is, “I get it and I get why you feel that way. That’s so old medicine.” We have come so far since then. It’s very, very different. Your epi-genome is what matters. That’s what matters.

Robyn:  Do you feel like these words, and syndromes, and diagnoses that people are given that they carry them around like an identity and that they’re limiting? It sounds like you’re trying to free them from those negative energies of those very words.

Dr. Kellyann:  Words carry energy.

Robyn:  Yes.

Dr. Kellyann:  You know you can name your child something. I named my child Micheal. I find out, after I name my child Micheal, that there’s an energy that goes with Micheal. I found out real quick what that was. I say this half joking and half teasing, but the truth is everything carries a vibration. That’s why you have to be really careful of the words in which you speak. You know, it works in reverse. You can change your cells by what you say in a negative way just as much as you can in a positive way. You have to look at it that way. It’s like the magic eraser. You can say positive things over and over, let your body feel them. Say them, say them, say them out loud.

It’s so important if you are going to reprogram yourself energetically, you cannot just think them. You need to live a life that’s aligned with your body and your energy will be clear. What you don’t want is bad energy. This is why such a thing as having joy is super important. Joy has a high vibrational field, has a vibration. Love, incredible high vibration. Gratitude, gratitude is crazy good. Again, we think about ourselves structurally so much. We think about that we’re bones, and we’re joints, and all of these ligaments, and tendons.

Think about yourself instead like this, if you were to shut your eyes and you were to picture this big, beautiful, almost looks like a sun. A radiating sun, like a burst, and everything that you throw into it either makes that sun burst more and more beautiful, and bright and shiny, or it dims it more and more and more. You don’t want to dim your body. You want your body to be alive and ignited because when you do that you keep your body safe. You keep your body safe from disease. Disease falls to the lowest megahertz of the body. Keeping that fast and clear vibration is really important across the board.

Robyn:  I love how you talk about fast and clear energy and that reminds me of looking at my own blood under the microscope.

Dr. Kellyann:  Yes.

Robyn:  I’m sure you know your dark field, that’s where you taking it, look at a drop of blood and it feels like you’re in some crazy universe. Where there’s 40 thousand different beings and everything’s all moving around and you’re like, “That was in my blood?” You were trained in all that and it reminds me when you say fast and clear energy, when my blood is healthy, it’s like fast and clear energy. Everything’s moving, nothing’s sticking together, but when I first get there and I’ve been travelling for 26 hours, and I’ve been drinking coffee, or if you haven’t been eating right, I’ve seen myself sticking together and they’re low in oxygen.

I want you to talk for a minute about how low vibration status in the body leads to disease, but I really want to get into foods with you. That’s really where I feel like you’re an expert and I’m a big stickler for this, is what foods raise our energy so that we are as disease proof as we can be? That we are literally attracting all the good stuff in the world, including other people and opportunities, a raise or whatever it is that your heart desires. It’s going to be more likely if you’re not dwelling in the negative words, in the negative thoughts towards yourself and others.

We’ve been looking at some of these issues. I love that you brought up a lot of things that we’ve been talking about on this show. I want to go back because I’m not sure I actually said it. That the thing you said to me at that pool party is, “I begin assessing a patient, energetically, the minute they walk in the room.”

Dr. Kellyann:  This is something that I learned. This is something that a lot of Swiss doctors do that I’ve learned. They do so many things right and if you look at the Swiss population and their levels of health, it’s very different than ours. It’s interesting. They understand this idea of energy and a lot of the doctors, here’s what I learned from them, everything matters. If somebody walks in and I actually walk … It’s very important to me as a doctor to watch them as they walk in. I am watching how they’re walking. Are they walking fast, are they walking slow? Because your physiology will tell you everything. Physiology, it’s a huge tell. More than that, what is their energy doing? What I say is, are they talking really loud? Do I have to pull away, do I have to lean in to listen to them? All of these things, what are they energetically telling me? The minute they walk in, you can tell right away. Their energy, is it loud and boisterous, is it quiet, is it soft? All of these things.

Here’s a really interesting point, and energetic point. Often times when I studied from Dr. Rao, we always looked at panoramic X-rays of the mouth. We studied teeth a lot. We found that there’s so much to be said about what happens in the health, actually a lot of it happens in the mouth. We find that energetically, the patient’s presentation often matches that picture, which is really incredible. The energetics of a person, studying that, is really important to me. Understanding pulse, what is their pulse telling me? I do pulse a little different. We do different. I studied liver pulse points and different kind of pulse points than just a normal pulse. I really pay attention to pulses. How are they beating? Are they hard to grab a hold of it and read or are they easy, are they boisterous? Again, this all tells me things.

I studied the tongue, tongue diagnostics are extremely important to me. That has to do with energy too, believe me it’s the only organ in your body that you can actually see. You need to use it. You need to use it as a diagnostic tool, it’s essential. Understanding auricular therapy, understanding the embryology of the body and the ears, how all this fits in with the energy. Looking in their eyes and saying, are their eyes dilated? This tells me, are they sympathetic dominant, or are they parasympathetic dominant? All of these things. The minute someone walks into the room, and I do look at structure too, but I look at the bigger picture, the overhanging fruit, which is always the energy of the patient and the patient’s presentation.

I often know from the energy, again, that leads to that megahertz we talked about, which is the way you read energy in food. The way you read energy in a body and understanding that that low vibrational megahertz, that low vibrational field often tells me that this could be a problem. That I’m going to be paying attention, I’m going to be paying attention to the labs. I’m going to be paying attention to a lot of things, because that’s telling me something important. What’s really important, as a clinician, is how long have they been in that low vibration state? That’s why it’s important to have the mindset and to use skills that get you out of those states. To fuel your body properly, because you don’t want to be in that state for a long period of time because that’s the open door for disease. That’s what we want to avoid. To have a happy life you have to have that vibration where it needs to be.

Robyn:  You know Donna Eden says that the definition of a chaotic life, or fractured energies, is when you’re going one direction, your energies are going another way. We’ve all been in the room with someone, or been talking with someone, where we’re like, “Something’s not right here. What is bothering me?” To me, it’s when the energies are jarring against what the person is trying to communicate or is trying to be, but their energies are going a different way. They confuse us, they don’t attract us. We just get a fuzzy sense about them. I want you to tell us what you think are the highest megahertz foods? Which ones should we be eating more of? I know that they lead to weight loss, and you talk a lot about how they lead to weight loss, and they lead to lower or eliminated chronic inflammation as well, which is what disease is.

What I want to know is, you and I have done little videos just for fun when we’re at events together saying, “Here’s my one thing and here’s Kelly’s one thing.” I sort of accidentally became pretty well known about nine years ago for my one thing that I feel like saved my life, was green smoothies. Really it was just greens, but that was an easy fast way to do it. You have a different one thing and you are an eight time New York Times best selling author, and you’re just crushing it with Bone Broth. I hope that I’ve influenced you a little bit in getting yourself some delivered green juice since you’re all over the place, but you’ve definitely influenced me. Since I’m so plant based, and I love the high hertz, the high energy of plants, you’ve helped me open up to well there is at least one really good animal food that I should consider putting in my diet, and I have. Tell us about what your one thing is and why.

Dr. Kellyann:  Sure. I have to say I have to speak to the greens and I do believe I can say that there’s three things that I absolutely love, which are healthy fat, which are greens. We talk about getting more greens in your diet and it seems like such an over simplification, it’s really important. I drink greens all day and I want to make that clear. I have my one thing, but the greens are really important because there’s nothing that’s going to lift your megahertz of your cells more than that. It just doesn’t exist.

One of the best things that you can do is cucumbers. Chomp on cucumbers. The megahertz of cucumbers are insane. I used to use a dehydrator all of the time. Constantly sticking vegetables and so forth in the dehydrator, because I know I want to munch and crunch on them, because I know what they’re going to do for me. There’s all kinds of side effects. It’s going to make your skin beautiful, it’s going to give you more energy, it’s going to prevent disease, it’s going to give you all those anti-inflammatory properties. There’s so many benefits to them. Get your greens in, that’s really important, especially talking in a show like this where energy is so core to the foundational message. I have to mention that greens are pivotal.

The other thing I would say for me, and there’s a lot of things I can talk about in over 20 years of practice, and a lot of different experiences in London and in Switzerland. Just really having a high volume practice and now seeing a lot of celebrities and so forth, having all of this under my belt, you have to ask yourself why? Why am I talking about really cool things like neuro-therapies, and we talked about the dark field, all these cool things that we can talk about, why am I talking about my one thing which is bone broth? It’s because I understand genetics and I understand how the body works. I know when something works so well across the board, young, old, male, female, different stages of life, and I get the results that I have been getting from readers, from patients, when I get results the way I’m getting, I pay attention. That’s bone broth.

Bone broth is not something I invented. Bone broth has been around forever, since the hunter gatherer times. It’s been a real foundational food for throughout history and throughout different cultures. The reason why I love it so much is because it’s a way to get beautiful protein in a very sustainable way. You use all parts of the animal and it’s really, really one of the best ways I’ve seen to get full across the board nutrition. Soups and broths, super good for the body, super good for the cells. This has something in it called gelatin collagen, which is gelatin.

One of the most important things that you can do is have a healthy gut. Healthy gut is super important. We talked about cells, you’ve got something called microbes, you’ve got so many of 60 trillion cells, but 100 trillion of these microbes. These are bugs in your body. We’re literally bags of bugs, that’s what we are, we want these bugs to work for us and not against us. Things like greens, things like bone broth, they go into your body and they make these bugs work for us and not against us. Many of us have sick guts, we have inflammatory properties, inflammatory issues in our body. The common underpinning between almost every modern day thing that we hear about and see about today, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune issues, all these thyroid issues, I can go on and on through the gamut, the common underpinning almost always is inflammation.

I like to have more than just a one-off, I like to get twofer, three-fer, four, I like things that do multiple things on multiple levels and have a huge impact on the body, which is why bone broth means so much to me. The gelatin in the bone broth heals the gut like nothing I’ve ever seen. If you think about if you get a sunburn, it cools down the inflammation, it heals it, it seals your gut which is so important. There’s minerals, and protein, and amino acids, and so many building material, so many building blocks. We know that bone broth helps your body main line your body’s own collagen. Collagen, that’s the glue that holds us together. You want to talk about something that keeps you younger and healthier? Collagen really can do that.

I love bone broth and I love a combination of bone broth and greens to really go in there and get that job done. That’s what I have found has worked so well. When something works so well with everyone across the board, you know that that’s a part of your nutritional blueprint and we do have one. Make no mistake about it. I love really just vibrant, good greens and bone broth. It’s made all the difference with myself and so many of the people that I’ve worked with.

Robyn:  Well you are a fantastic doctor, you have a wonderful reputation among all the other wellness authors out there because you are personally so high vibe. Dr. Kellyann I am going to put in the show notes a link to get this collagen rich, amazing bone broth that is Kellyann’s favorite. You can certainly make it yourself. I have to drive 30 miles to get the kind of quality of bones that I have made it and I did that exactly once before I just stared buying it. Kellyann’s is wonderful. You know it doesn’t have to be paleo versus vegan, how about we take the very best of both, right? Just get healthy.

Dr. Kellyann:  Yes. Just get healthy and just remember your body has the power to do it. It’s constantly regenerating, it’s constantly changing, anybody can do it.

Robyn:  Well I so love you for coming on my show a week before your book launch. It’s so much work, right? A book launch.

Dr. Kellyann:  Oh my gosh.

Robyn:  I’m excited to share more about your cookbook with my audience. I know you’ve been working your head off. Tell everyone where to find you. You have a huge audience on Facebook and everybody loves how high energy Kellyann is. What did you do fly all over, how many cities were you in last year doing your PBS tour?

Dr. Kellyann:  Well 15 cities in 15 days the first time. I think eight cities in eight days the second time, the second tour. I mean it was a year of travel.

Robyn:  I can relate to that. I love watching you go, go, go and you dream big and you have a big, big mission to help others. I really feel like what you shared with us today is such a fit with where my audience and I are going and living a high vibration life. Thank you so much Dr. Kellyann. Make sure you go check her out on Facebook and good luck with the book launch. Thank you so much for being with me today.

Dr. Kellyann:  Thank you so much Robyn. I had so much fun. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Robyn:  Wasn’t Dr. Kellyann fantastic? Every time I’m around her she absolutely raises my vibration and she’s gotten me going on bone broth. Now for a long time vegetarian, this is a pretty big deal. One thing I think is a deficit in the entirely plant based diet is collagen. Bone broth has some really great properties to it that I’m using to address some dental issues I think resulted from not eating any animal products for a couple of decades. I’m really enjoying learning from Kellyann and if you want her very high quality bone broth check it out in the show notes. Find it at See you next time.


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