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Ep.14: Detox for Higher Vibration

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 14, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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In this episode we’re talking about detox to raise your vibration for the healthiest year of your life. I’m a researcher in human detoxification. I’ve studied detoxification with about 18 different functional medicine doctors all over the world. Your cells vibrate lower or higher based on what’s getting in their way, and when they are cluttered with all kinds of toxins that you’re being bombarded with every day, your cells vibrate lower, which leads to your organs vibrating lower, which means that your entire self, body, mind and spirit, has a lower vibration than necessary. Detoxing will help you be and feel healthier and happier in every way.


  • The benefits of detoxification and how it helps raise your vibration
  • Why detoxing is better than dieting
  • How you can benefit from joining a live detox program


Watch my Detox Mini Masterclass where I teach you all about why detoxification is the best thing you can do for your health this season.

Learn more about my 26 Day Live Detox program HERE!


Hey everyone, it’s Robyn Openshaw, and welcome to the last episode of season one for Your High Vibration Life. We can’t wait to come back and hit it in January. We’re taking two weeks off after this episode, but this is going to be a good episode because we’re talking about detox to raise your vibration for the healthiest year of your life. I’m a researcher in human detoxification. I’ve been all over four continents. I’ve studied with about 18 different functional medicine doctors all over the world who have different heroes than I do, different things they’ve studied, and I always keep my mind open for what more can I learn.

Before we get started today with our topic, I want to shout out our winners. We announced them over on the Your High Vibration Life Facebook page and these are the folks, I don’t know why they’re all women, that’s just the way it turned out, who did a rate, review and subscribe on our brand new iTunes podcast and I want to thank them. They all won a prize of a DVD set from Whole Tones or an amazing essential oil blend from Anne Marie skin care and they are Carolyn. That’s the only information my staff gave me about her. We have Erin from Longwood, Florida. We have Gala from Washington, Indiana, Madeline from Westford, Massachusetts, Mary from Roselle, Illinois, Sally from Rockerville, South Dakota, Teresa from Kingston, Ohio, Sarah from Shelley, Idaho, Louanne from Idaho Falls and Karma from Oregon City, Oregon.

This was interesting to me because not only were all 10 of our winners in the drawing women but none of them were from Utah and usually because I have such a really big, strong following here in Utah where I live because I’ve done dozens and dozens of live events with sometimes up to 600 people at the event, this is where we are strongest, so congratulations to all these Midwesterners who won and others but mostly Midwesterners and one from Florida. Okay, so let’s launch into it. Let’s talk about why to detox. If you’re listening to this starting December 15th, 2016, right now, today, we’re opening my class on how to detox, and really, the very best bits from my research all over the world for 25 years on how to detoxify your own human body and what this has to do with your health and more. What it has to do with your happiness, because as you physically detox, you are actually healing emotionally and spiritually as well, and my course covers this, and it’s all free.

If you go to the show notes at, you can opt in to watch this four part video mini-masterclass. Now, if you catch up with us later and you’re watching this after about January 1st of 2017, no worries. By then we will have gone in and taken out the class opt-in, so, sorry you won’t be able to watch it. I still want you to listen to a little bit about detoxification in this class because we support a live detox for our community about three times a year, so if we’re not live and that class is not open right now, we will have a link instead so that you can tell us, “Please let me know. Please email me next time you’re supporting a live detox and this really amazing class is open.”

Thank you to those who won. I hope that you enjoy your present from us. We’ve also given away three Blendtec total blenders on our Facebook page, on the Green Smoothie Girl Facebook page, and so you want to make sure that you’re on our mailing list because that’s when we tell about doing big giveaways. I mean, those are $300 blenders and the way you know about it is by being on the Green Smoothie Girl or Your High Vibration Life Facebook page or both so that you make sure you don’t miss anything, and on our mailing list at

Your cells vibrate lower or higher based on what’s getting in their way, and when they are cluttered with all kinds of toxins that you’re being bombarded with every day, your cells vibrate lower, which leads to your organs vibrating lower, which means that your entire self, body, mind and spirit, has a lower vibration than necessary. I’ll tell you, a few megahertz of energy can make an enormous difference in how you feel, how you move, whether you’re light on your feet, how much you need to sleep, how you feel about other people around you and what they’re doing, whether you feel like a problem solver or whether you feel overwhelmed and depressed, and so cleaning out those cells is the most basic way that I know to talk about detoxification.

In our detox, should you choose to participate with us, we’re going to flood your body with 10 times more nutrient density than the average person would ever eat. We’re going to flood your body with oxygenation, with more alkaline foods, with high energy foods that aren’t high in calories. They’re high in energies. Why would you consider doing a twice a year detox? Isn’t that what you have a liver for? Don’t you have organs of elimination? Don’t you have organs of elimination? Your skin, your kidneys, your colon, your lungs? Well, yes you do, but let me explain to you why this is a game changer in a really toxic world and why you can end up being head and shoulders healthier than all of your peers around you, whatever age you are.

Let me start out by sharing with you what your toxic body burden is. Let’s look at this. A minus B is your toxic body burden. A is the quantity of these toxins that I’m going to talk to you about that are coming in, and B is your body’s ability, your lungs, skin, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, lymphatic system and other systems of elimination. B is what your body is able to eliminate. Yes, you absolutely have an innate ability to detoxify, but think about your car needing an oil filter change or an air filter change, how it gets clogged up. Many times on the internet I hear people say detoxing is ridiculous. That’s what your liver is for. Well, your liver is for detoxifying, but think about how your car runs if you live in pristine air versus what if all of a sudden you lived in the 1930s and you were driving through the dust bowl for two years. What if suddenly there was 200 times more pollution in the air than there ever was before. Do you think you’d need to change that air filter in your car?

Now, detoxifying is a lot easier than a liver transplant, isn’t it? Your organs of elimination can get really overwhelmed by maintenance tasks given the fact that we live in a lot more toxic world than people did a hundred years ago, but first, let me start by explaining to you why dieting is so inferior to detoxing as a weight loss practice and what detoxing has to offer beyond the benefits of dieting. First of all, calorie suppression in the first world always backfires. Deprivation shows up in a mental condition and in an emotional reaction that virtually always causes a rebound, and we recoup those calories as soon as we stop dieting. We tell ourselves, “This is the time that I’m not going to be one of the ones who gains the weight back after dieting. I will defy all those statistics,” but then there’s that cycle of weight regain and self-loathing and then another cycle of dieting and so on and so forth and you may know what I’m talking about because you may have been on this roller coaster for decades.

Second, usually diets involve a lot of packaged foods that someone is selling you because diets are always industry driven and diets involve recycled nutrition dogmas, many of which got debunked decades ago. At this point there is no new diet. There is no new information, and so neither of those things tend to be good for you. Not the packaged foods and not those tired old diet theories. Detoxing massively reduces the toxic load and therefore it really decreases your disease risk. This is how I let go of my fear of cancer long ago. I had watched my grandmother and grandfather die of cancer, my uncle, and I knew that I didn’t eat a perfect diet. When you detox, you see and you feel the difference.

Another thing that detoxing does for you is that it optimizes your hormone function. This has everything to do with whether you are in a positive mood, but additionally, when you have low levels of toxicity, you also tend to have low levels of chronic inflammation, because inflammation is often a response to toxicity, especially those heavy metals, so you move more easily, you’re lighter on your feet, your joints don’t hurt, and again, your disease risk is lower. That doesn’t just apply to your disease risk for cancer. It applies to your disease risk for autoimmune diseases as well.

My experience in experimentation with detoxifying started back when I was in my 20s and I was really fat and I had 21 different diagnosed diseases. I was on chemical medications for all of them. I would later find out that any chemical medication that you take is lowering your vibration, the end, period. As I do a biannual detox, I become new again. In 26 days of helping you detoxify, we are building your cells out of different high vibration materials than everybody else around you is building their cells out of. I’ve talked before about how your liver is completely replaced every 90 days, and so it’s ridiculous that you go to a medical doctor and he tells you you have fatty liver disease and you, what, take a drug for it or you eat less fat?

No, no, no, no, no, let’s just rebuild your liver. You weren’t born to have fatty liver disease. That is a lifestyle issue. That’s due to diet. Are your disease diagnoses you or are they something that you’re willing to put on the altar? Are you willing to let go of them? Are you ready to say goodbye to symptoms? Maybe even to diagnoses? Because I’ll tell you what, you are going to learn so much from this detox mini-masterclass. The average weight loss in 26 days is 12.5 pounds. Keep in mind, that’s an average. We’ve had over 30 people lose over 25 pounds. Now, how can you lose over 25 pounds in just 26 days? By the way, we’ve had a number of people where we track them, where they do their fat test before and after and over 95 percent of the weight loss is fat. Yes, there is some releasing of fluids but when you say water weight, remember, the fluids we’re releasing when we detoxify are related to the fact that we’re shifting the potassium sodium balance in the cells. We’re increasing that potassium which is a natural diuretic and we’re decreasing that sodium which causes your cells to get bloated, to get damaged, to be holding on to this dirty, dirty fluids.

We recommend that you join the detox mini-masterclass, which is free, with a friend, compare notes on what 10 things blew your mind that might make you feel better and that might make you happier and that you didn’t know about the way your body detoxifies. Then get together and talk with your buddy about, are you more excited about this or are you more scared about this? I know that I was really, really scared to do my first detox and I wanted to experiment on myself. I wanted to do a long detox and I knew it would be hard and I spent several years wanting to without doing it, mostly because … My primary reason was that I was pregnant or nursing for most of those several years. I was in my 20s.

I was having my first couple of babies and by the way, pregnant or nursing people, learn from us, stay close by, but if you’re pregnant or nursing, please do not do our detox. You are going to have maybe a hundred times more toxic chemicals leaving your body and they do leave through the milk supply and they do leave through the blood supply and so this isn’t the time to be kicking things up when you’re pregnant or nursing, but the second reason I took several years to do it is that I was scared. I was nervous. There was no community. There was no supported detox. There was just doing a super hardcore program, but when I did, I’ll tell you what, it absolutely changed my life. It disappeared a bunch of diagnoses. I lost weight, I didn’t lose weight, I was counting no calories, and a lot of the reason why detoxing is so much more effective than dieting is that we’re focusing on your health. We’re focusing on getting rid of seven different classes of toxins that are in your body. They are, I promise. All of them are in your body because you’re drinking the water, you’re eating the food full of chemicals, you’re putting these cosmetics on your skin, you’re being bombarded with chemicals from the air.

These are all ending up in your body and they’re not leaving and the reason that detoxing works so much better than dieting, even if all you care about is weight loss, is that fat is holding onto those toxins. Fat is not going to leave you while it has a job to do. It knows what its job to do and its job is to hang on tight to all these baddies that are in your body. Hundreds of different chemicals, and a lot of us are fat not because we necessarily overeat so much but it’s because our fat stores are trying to keep those opportunistics, trying to keep them out of our organs, because they get in our organs and we’re in big trouble, and so the fat is a safe place to keep them, where they’re not doing any harm to your heart, your liver, your lungs, your kidneys, and we should respect our fat stores. We should know what they’re there for.

If we’re eating right and they don’t go away, we should ask ourselves the question, “What’s it there doing? Why is it not leaving? Maybe there’s a reason why,” and now, newborn babies are born with … They take the umbilical cord away and they measure the number of chemical toxins in her little umbilical cord, and newborn babies are being measured with 230 cancer causing chemicals in their umbilical cord, so what does this mean for us? Does this mean throw in the towel, we’re all dead, we’re all going to die 20 years before our parents did, we’re all going to have diabetes within 20 years. I mean there are people predicting these things, right? No, no, no, no, this is where the hope is. This is what’s so exciting, is that what I’m going to teach you here is the sort of strange thing that we have to do because we live surrounded by chemicals. We are eating chemicals every day.

Nobody completely opts out of the standard American diet, right? Have you? You’re with me. You need some attention to clearing your organs, cleaning house top to bottom, in a systematic, guided way in a community of people who are going to say, “Go, go, go,” especially if you have a bad day. Those first four days, you are going to stare your addictions in the eye. We’re eating a really, really, really clean diet and we’re engaging in some practices every single day that are easy, that are time tested and science tested and that really increase the through put and start getting that crap out of you.

The class that I’m teaching is in four parts. The first part is seven types of toxicity in your body, how it’s hurting you and how you eliminate it. The second class is why detoxing is so much better than dieting. It’s easier and it’s more effective. When you eliminate hundreds of different toxic chemicals that your fat was protecting you from, your fat disappears a lot more easily. The third video mini-masterclass is eight foods that detoxify you and 11 foods that caused the toxicity in the first place. Now, if you complete the first three masterclasses, there is a fourth one that will be unlocked and available to you. This is one where I really second guessed myself whether I was really going to share information that is deep dive stuff.

People who can handle energetic talk and talk of frequencies and vibrations, you’re exactly my audience for the advanced part of the video masterclass, and that is how a physical detox can heal you spiritually and emotionally, and I’m going to share with you in that class what my first experience was with detoxifying. It is pretty graphic. It is very, very personal. I’m going to share with you a little bit about what I had to heal from. The biggest benefits we see besides the weight loss, which is most Americans’ number one goal and they almost can’t hear anything else until we talk about the weight loss. The other things that are reported most often is an increase in energy. We’re going to crush your sugar cravings. Within a matter of days, the vast majority of our detoxers report sugar cravings are gone. Isn’t that a miracle about the body? Don’t you love the human body and the miracle that it is? It doesn’t want to be addicted to sugar.

My editor, who has worked on the detox since our first iteration of it … She’s literally been right there, step by step with me, she’s been there reading it. She knows the content, and the funny thing is she’s a type two diabetic and just a year ago she finally did the detox for the first time and she did it to the letter and she was successful. I don’t even think she had a buddy, and not only did she lose 18 pounds but her endocrinologist took her off her diabetes medication. He said, “Your A1C levels are normal.” How exciting is that? Expect mood improvements. Expect brain fog to clear. Expect anxiety or depression symptoms to clear, okay? It’s a big issue this time of year if you’re listening to this at the time that we’re recording it, which is the winter. So many people suffering with getting sick all the time. This will absolutely help with that. Expect the healthiest year of your life if you start to do a biannual detox.

The benefits to your health of clearing all that crud out of your body can’t even be numbered, can’t even be quantified. It helps every single elimination organ in your body, so after January 1st, we are supporting a live detox. We have a private Facebook page you’ll be invited to. You’ll have a community to support you, but this class, the video detox mini-masterclass, this is brand new and it’s available starting on December 15th. Show notes can be found at, and again, we’re taking two weeks off at the end of our season one of this podcast because it’s the holidays. We know you’ll be really focused on family and holiday.

Make sure that you go to Green Smoothie Girl and sign up for our newsletters. We’re always doing giveaways. Like I said, this month we’ve given away three Blendtecs on our Facebook page and over on the Your High Vibration Life Facebook page, we’ve given away 10 prizes this week. Thank you so much for your support in our first season. I appreciate you beyond measure. We’ve got some fantastic content already ready for you for right after the first of the year so we’ll see you then.

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  1. Barbara says:

    For 4 months I have been sugar,gluten, and dairy-free. I don’t eat processed foods. I’ve been listening to you and I am ready to try your detox. I still have 20 lbs to lose. I juice all day and I’m looking forward to the benefits of detox. Thanks for sharing all your information and advice.

  2. Diana Alexanian says:

    I love your information and the care you exhibit. I am interested to buy your manual, also. My only constructive criticism is with your presentation in this 14th Ep., and your hair and makeup. I am in the beauty industry for over 43 years now, and I also believe in detoxing at least 3-4 times a year. It seems to me that you could be speaking with a little more liveliness in your talk, have more color in your face, and more shine or luster in your hair, especially if you’re so healthy and setting an example for others. I have clients that are TV personalities and I am familiar with what’s needed for good promotion. I hope you will take my comments as something meant to be helpful. I wish you all the best and continued success! Diana A.

    1. Dede says:

      Seriously Diana A.? Who are you to judge so harshly?

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