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Ep.13: Energy Medicine and EFT

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 11, 2016 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

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I’m excited today to discuss a little bit about energy medicine, and using the technique of EFT, or tapping. Dr. Oz says that energy medicine is the next frontier in all of medicine. Tapping is something you don’t have to go to an energy healer for, you can access your bodies energy systems. What you’re doing with tapping is that you are accessing your body’s energy meridians, and you’re helping get energies unstuck.


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Hey everyone, Robyn Openshaw here and welcome back to Your High Vibration life. I’m excited today to be talking to you just a little bit about energy medicine, and using the technique of EFT, or tapping. In our last episode, hopefully you listened to it. You want to listen to that one first. You’ve got to consider and create chi that you can get from that episode’s show notes, that identifies the low vibration emotions, and the high vibration emotions. You’re circling one, two, three, four, five, depending on how often you experience them. This helps you hone in on what low vibration emotions you’re spending too much time in, and that needs some resolution, and how many of the high vibration states they’re sort of missing in your experience. That would really help you elevate the frequency that you live at.

You’ve got that information and hopefully you’re using it in your meditating, in your deep breathing, releasing those negative vibes and increasing the positive ones. Just by breathing them in, and by exhaling them, and mentally releasing them, you should experience some relief. Let’s talk a little bit about how frequencies and energetics are exploding in medical uses. Doctor Mehmet Oz, you know him as Dr. Oz, says that energy medicine is the next frontier in all of medicine. I mean there are lasers, and all they are, are focused frequencies, and they have the power to cut. Literally are being used in more and more surgeries so that surgeries are less invasive.

Lasers using different frequencies have the power to heal. The only difference is the difference in frequencies. In case I haven’t convinced you yet that how different frequencies are, and how they can both kill and they can heal. Diagnostics are based on energetics, we’ve got ECG’s, EKG’s, and so many more technologies. What’s exciting about that is that 250 years ago we couldn’t even yet measure electrical fields, or electromagnetic fields around a person. Now, we know that this electromagnetic field around you, or your energy field, is not only perceptive, but it also radiates out and it communicates with other living beings.

There are a lot of other subtle energy fields that we know exist. They haven’t been measured yet, but we can see the effects of them. A lot of exciting things are going to be happening in the coming years, including in mainstream medicine based on energies. More and more is coming out about methods, and practices for shifting the bodies energies towards more healing, more wholeness, more integration. You know, how to find yourself a good healer that’s a good fit for you. We have intuitives, we have empaths, we have sensitives. I love the work of Dr. Carolyn Myss, M-Y-S-s. I’m working on getting her on the show here because she is probably, in terms of people alive today, the most successful medical intuitive. She assess people that she hasn’t even met by talking to their doctor on the phone, without even getting a history she diagnoses them accurately over 90% of the time.

Clearly being an empath, or an intuitive with really keenly honing and focusing your own abilities to intuit, is a skill. It’s actually a paid skill that some people have. Another person’s body of work I really love is Donna Eden. I think I’ve mentioned her before, but her book, “Energy Medicine,” is a fantastic read if you want a deeper dive into all things energetics. She sort of set the stage for legitimizing energy healing. There’s lots of different types of energy healing. You’ve probably heard of Reiki, there’s zoning or reflexology, there’s a methodology, where practitioners are trained in body talk. There’s CranioSacral work, biofeedback devices. I went to a practitioner who used one on me probably 25 years ago, it was my first time. Acupuncture, and acupressure are thousands of years old, and they work on the energy meridians in the body. There’s a lot more.

What I want to talk about a little bit today is tapping. Not going to do a lot on it, just want to introduce you to it if you haven’t experienced it before. It’s something you don’t have to go to an energy healer for, you can access your bodies energy systems, which are also not new discoveries. Energy meridians have been studied by Chinese practitioners for literally 2,000 years. What you’re doing with tapping is that you are accessing those energy meridians, and you’re helping get energies unstuck. some of the subtle energies in the body are the meridians, chi, chakras, and your aura. You don’t have to understand them particularly well to be able to use EFT.

What want to do here is just tell you how to use it, and then from the last episode whatever your low vibration emotions are that you feel the most, I want you to fill in the blank with that, okay? As a therapist something that I really like seeing happening, it’s not just modern medicine, it’s also psychotherapy that’s starting to tap into energies. For so many years, the therapies that we used were primarily talk therapies where we would sit in the proverbial recliner in the psychotherapist’s office and talk about our history.

Unfortunately the literature doesn’t show that to be particularly effective. There’s a really fast growing branch of psychotherapy that leverages EMDR. If this interests you, if you have a background of trauma, and you’ve been trying to use therapy to resolve it, EMDR is really good for resolving trauma. It uses the bodies energetic system to sort of retrain the brain in resolving trauma. There are hundreds of published studies showing how effective EMDR is. It’s using our kinesthetic sense, and our eye movement for instance. These various points of the bodies where energies are, to change our brain frequencies.

EMDR, which has become quite mainstream in psychotherapy, reminds me of EFT. Except that EFT empowers you. Most traditional EFT practitioners are going to teach you to tap with two fingers, so your index, and your middle fingers on both hands. Find those if you would please. Then you can use your right or your left hand, and there’s a corresponding tapping point on either side of the body in each place that we’re going to tap right now. Best if you can use your right hand and your left hand on either side. You don’t have to be particularly precise, there’s not one tiny little pin point that works. Go ahead and use your two fingers on both hands, and we’re just going to right now go through the different points on the body.

The tapping points start on the top of your head. On the very top of your head, on either side of a, imagine a dividing line dividing your entire body down the middle starting at the top of your head. On either side of that, on the very top of your head, just go ahead and tap for a few seconds. You’re going to do about six seconds on each of these spots, and don’t tap together. Instead of your left and your right tapping together, do it kind of asynchronously. Tap about half a dozen times, or kind of do it for about six seconds.

If we’re going to do EFT right now, best if you don’t have rings, and bracelets, and a watch, and necklaces, and stuff like that on. Take jewelry off if you have any on. You can do EFT even when you’re out on some place, and you’re feeling stress, and you want to move through that emotion. You can do it, and you can do it with one hand if you’re trying to be inconspicuous and you’re worried about people seeing you. You can just kind of put your head down and do this, and not draw a lot of attention. Remember that energies move well if they have a well hydrated medium. You might want to consider drinking a glass of water before you do some EFT on yourself.

Okay, so top of the head you’re taping on either side of the very top of your head. Now go to inside your eyebrow. Just tap for several seconds. Now go to the outside of your eye. You were on the inside of your eyebrow, now you go to the outside of your eye and tap there for several seconds. Now, under your nose. Now, on your chin, right on the front part of your chin. Now, on your collar bone. Now, cross your arms over and tap underneath your armpits. Use your right arm to tap underneath your left armpit, and use your left arm to tap underneath your right armpit. Now, tap on your wrists.

Okay, so now you’ve gone through all the points, let’s do it again. I will just say the points, and I want you to tap. Tap about six times on each spot. Top of the head, inside the eyebrow, outside the eye, under the nose, on the chin, on the collarbone, under the arm, on the wrists. One last time, see if you can remember the sequence of the eight points this time. Top of the head, inside the eyebrow, outside of the eye, under the nose, on your chin, on your collarbone, under your armpits, and on your wrists.

We’ll give you all of the eight points to tap on, and we’ll give you this affirmation. This is a mantra that we’re going to say, and I want you to fill in the blank with one of the low vibration emotions that you identified from the last episode, that you’re going to fill in the blank because we are accepting ourselves, and we are tapping into our own psyche, into our own energies, a release of that. Here it is. Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Go through the different points, and I want you to say … I said anxiety, but you can use anyone that you had a four or a five on, that you experience too much of.

Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Before we go through that just remember you don’t have to actually believe what you’re saying here, although that would be nice if you did for this to be efficacious. Just do it, just give it a chance, you might be amazed at what you accomplish. Let’s go through, even though I have this, fill in the blank, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Repeat that to yourself while we go through the points. Got it in your head? Now I’m going to say the points to you while you’re saying, “Even though I have this,” blank, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Here we go. Top of the head, inside the eyebrow, outside the eye, under the nose, on the chin, on the collarbone, under the armpits, and on the wrists.

I hope that you enjoyed that, I hope that you can put this into play. This is part of you releasing low vibrations, and tapping in the high vibrations. Don’t forget to get your consider and create sheet, which is the instructions for how to begin becoming a master tapper. See you next time.

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    I absolutely love these podcasts. I feel truth when i am listening to them. Thank you!!!

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