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Ep. 210: Dr. Carrie Madej Tells You What’s In Those Shots

Robyn Openshaw - Dec 09, 2020 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Vibe with Robyn Openshaw: Dr. Carrie Madej tells you what's in those shots, with Dr. Carrie Madej. Episode 210

Dr. Madej had to flee the USA after she was invited to top-level meetings about the agenda you now see playing out in 2020, but she’d already been deep in research on fraud in the va*ine industry for 20 years–and her colleagues who spoke up about it kept disappearing. Dr. Madej reveals what’s really going to be in the first shot and then the second–and what they’re trying to accomplish that has NOTHING to do with protecting you from a virus.


Hydrogel Article- DARPA

Hydrogel Article- IDST

Hydrogel Article- Keep Mailing

Hydrogel Article- Nanotech Now

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16 thoughts on “Ep. 210: Dr. Carrie Madej Tells You What’s In Those Shots”

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  1. Liv4ever says:

    Actually these threats to Dr. Madej could be empty. While it is wise to err on the side of caution, one should not be consumed with fear. The corporations that run these psyops cannot afford to get caught doing murder. Instead they fake people dying. People disappear that are really actors playing a role. Especially high profile situations that instill fear.

    1. Pam says:

      Please check out Erin Elizabeth- Health Nut News… you will find are articles of well over 100 holistic doctors who are no longer here. You may be surprised.

  2. Linda M Brown says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all of the info you come across. I am 72 and I am trying to share with others but as you know some don’t want to hear and they even get angry. Please be encouraged to continue the fight!! God bless you.

  3. Rob says:

    Well what are the soloutions in the shot and the adverse effects???

  4. Barb says:

    This sounds too familiar.

  5. Amy Rhodes says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’m so grateful.

  6. :Jason-John: Winter. says:

    Carrie knows what’s up!

  7. Lycette M. says:

    I am a health coach so I understand. I have begun to understand the oath you take first do no harm is a fraud.

  8. Akiko Wood says:

    I’m a great fan of Dr Carrie since the first video of hers I watched. I admire you, Robyn, for your courage and leadership, too. Thank you for the candid talk and great information.

  9. Bryan says:

    Everything is confirmed. God has revealed everything that was said here. 6, 7 ,8,9 months after getting the jab people will start dropping, the corrupt propagandists will spin the narrative to keep the the unexpected public from connecting the dots.

  10. Connie says:

    Thanks Robyn.

    This was a truly fascinating podcast. Quite eye-opening.

    By the way, I got COVID-19 last year after being close to a group of 50 people (at a small conference). Had no strength to even walk two blocks! Fully recovered, thanks to acupuncture, herbs, and vitamins. In fact, I’ve worked hard to boost my immune system. More healthy now than ever.

    Can you also answer the other Connie’s question, please?


    1. Hi Connie, thank you for listening. Sounds like you’re doing fantastic things for your body — good for you and keep it up!

      In case you don’t have this information or want to share it:

      I’m not sure what question you’re talking about…

  11. Jill says:

    Ok guys, so YES there is a such thing as a CURRENT virus which is the PATENTED & MANMADE “SARS COV-2 VIRUS”; which is like the SARS-COV-1, we had when Obama was in office. Was no scare back then because it was a trial run I guess. BUT, this now is a stronger combination of multiple viruses again all at one time, in which our bodies HAVE AN IMMUNITY for since we’ve already been exposed to them.
    BUT the reason it was so “deadly” & bad for some is because of the strength they put into this virus. For an older person, they may can handle a simple common cold ok without issues, some soup & rest. But when you have balled up multiple viruses together & attack an elderly person, it will wreak havoc on their immune system. IF they would have received the correct treatment, there would have been way less deaths. That goes for the whole population.
    & as with all viruses, their goal is to LIVE, so they will allow for themselves to survive person to person, getting weaker after every immune system has taken it down a notch. IF the kids were dropping like flies, that is when I would have thought it was an issue. But I do have a medical background & to claim a “pandemic” but the kids not need a mask, not get sick, & not be dying…. That is when I KNEW something did not make any sense.
    So per normal, the common cold STILL exists & it is a type of “covid”. Other viruses are still going around & some are also called “covid” as well.
    The whole “COVID-19” label was used as a scare tactic, in which fear will & has been a huge driver into where these people running the show wish for us to go or do. So they wanted us to run for their “cure”: the SHOTS!
    Well, their “cure” was also PATENTED long before the covid-19 was even released. So the “covid-19” was nothing to fear, it was the driver of the fear to lead people running to the death shots. THAT was the goal.
    Those that do not know, Anthony FAUCI has been trying his WHOLE LIFE to patent a universal vaccine & has been unsuccessful; no matter how many kids he has killed along the way. Oh, & his best friend Bill Gates as well. They are responsible for the 2.3 MILLION KIDS MURDERED EVERY HOUR, especially black & African children, which have been at their disposal 24/7. CURRENTLY in Africa they are STILL giving Polio “vaccines” when they KNOW that there is no need for that because the Polio vaccines make things WORSE. It is ALWAYS the same with these “vaccines”.
    See: for proof of the above info.
    I have never in my life been an anti-vaxer. But now, I consider myself one upon educating myself on exactly what is going on, what is in them, how these same people have been in charge of murdering people for decades & do not care for our health. It is about MONEY. They use our money to research & fund our deaths!!

    Think about it.
    To those that are sick, it does NOT mean you have THEIR MANMADE “covid-19”. & those noseswabs do not work, even the inventor admitted that! I wish you well. Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Make sure you get all your vitamins that kill viruses in you, GET OUTSIDE IN THE SUN ASAP!
    & IF you have breathing problems, DEMAND AND RAISE HELL to get ivermectin!! Or else they will try to put you on a breathing ventilator when you don’t need one, having 94° oxygen level. Which is normal by the way. Yes, this will kick your ass if you get it. But you KNOW they want to kill us, so you need to be firm & stern & let them know IF they are willing to partake in the nonsense then they are breaking MANY U.S.CODES which are ALL FELONIES, carry a 99 year jail sentence & a $100million fine per occurrence.

    OR: get online NOW at
    Or Americas Frontline Doctors & get your ivermectin asap!!! You do not have to be sick to order it from StellaMD!! BE PREPARED.

    *** side note: there are NO variants. It is only the people that got the shots getting sicker & sicker. Love your loved ones that got the shots, for they may not be here as long as God meant them to be.
    & may those evil criminals go to hell for putting this onto God’s children & using lies, bribes & trickery to take their death shot. I pray God has NO mercy on their souls they sold to the devil long ago!

    1. John Azzara says:

      I took your ivermectin when I caught the virus in Mexico. I was Extremely sick and 2 days after taking your prescription I was 90% better. So I am a True Believer.
      Thank you All !!

      1. Audrey - GSG Support says:

        Thank you for sharing this with us John!

  12. Barbara Olukoya says:

    First of all I would like to say that I am pleased that you had the courage to speak up about project human 2.0. I have been investigating what happened to me after a simple surgery when I was 23 years old, now I am sure what happened to me. However, I will not go to deep on this page but I just want to say thank you and I support you on all your endeavors. I will be looking forward to seeing more of your enlightenments. Peace to all!

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