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Ep. 318: To Canceled Mothers, on Mother’s Day

Robyn Openshaw - May 09, 2024 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Mother’s Day is a wonderful day for many. For others, dealing with infertility or troubled kids, children who have passed, or for those of us canceled by a child, now a cultural epidemic–this is my hug for you. You’ve shamed and blamed yourself enough–today, let’s heal and hope.

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6 thoughts on “Ep. 318: To Canceled Mothers, on Mother’s Day”

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  1. Theresa Healy says:

    Thank you. "Cancelled" moms don't usually get recognized as such.

    In my soul I am and always be the mother to thoe one who cancelled me. So I celebrate me despite it, quietly, and with love knowing that I did the best I knew how to do.

    And I am proud that I did.

  2. Cheryl moe says:

    I know my daughter gets a day of celebration from her family but she doesn’t acknowledge me whatsoever.
    This is the first year that I let it go. Not a tear spent on her unknown decisions that are not my fault..

  3. Anne says:

    My husband and I are almost 3 years in to our cancellation. I am sorry for your experience. How I have coped is by asking my Savior Jesus Christ to carry this hard burden for me. He has, but that doesn't mean I don't still miss, pray for and think about her every day. Hugs to you Robin and thank you for sharing your story. It does help to know that i am not alone in my experience. Lets all pray for healing for this generation who is in so much pain that they feel to have to inflict it on those who gave it their all (but not enough, as you said).

  4. Patsi Gately says:

    after time, they may come back. they really have no clue how much it hurts. Prayers

  5. Becky Brown says:

    Sorry for your situation. Praying for forgiveness and mercy, God can heal everything.


  6. Oh so thankful for this !!!
    I am a cancelled mother
    And you’re right it is a cultural epidemic
    Guided by satan hisself
    This year marks 5 yrs for myself and my husband as being CANCELED PARENTS
    IVE cried till I can’t cry anymore
    THIS YEAR I FEEL FREER THAN EVER BECAUSE I NOW PRAY FOR God to break the bands of hate that’s bound around both our daughters minds and hearts and lead them back to God

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