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I feel full of raw goodness

I look forward every morning to drinking my green smoothie because I know that it is a delicious, healthy, and empowering way to start my day. I now have my husband converted and my college-age son who needs good nutrition because most of the other things he grabs during the day are fast, on-the-go type foods. I feel full of raw goodness and do not need to eat anything else for most of the morning.

— Ciel M.

Green Smoothie Blendbar: AWESOME!

I travel all the time and getting good food in airports or hotels is challenging at best… much less trying to find organic …so Green Smoothie bars are perfect!
The best part is all organic and no junk in the bars…love the taste!

Denise F.
Maricopa, AZ

— Denise F., Maricopa, AZ

Pink Smoothie Blendbar:

We had never tried the Hot Pink Smoothie recipe but we’ll be making some soon. Very surprised at how good the pink Smoothie BlendBar is and it’s our favorite. We liked all of them and was happy we chose to get the variety pack on our first order. They’ll be the perfect snack to take along on our days of appointments. It’s best to be prepared not to need to purchase something out. Thanks Robin.

Charlotte M.
Athol, Idaho

— Charlotte M., Athol, Idaho

Variety Pack Blendbar:

The bars tasted fine and for the most part, I like the ingredient list. However, I did not like the following: tapioca syrup and tapioca maltodextrin. These are names of processed sugars that I don’t think need to be in plant based bars. I bought 2 boxes so I could try the variety and thought the green bar would be a good option. However, I probably won’t buy them again.

Jill P.
Scottsdale, AZ

— Jill P., Scottsdale, AZ

Variety Pack Blendbar: Yummy

I loved all 3 flavors, have a good texture and great taste.

Bernice Y.
Brackettville, TX

— Bernice Y., Brackettville, TX

Eliminated Allergies, Feel Very Clean and Light, and Lost 5 lbs!

I would recommend this detox to anyone!

Overall, I feel very clean and light. On a daily basis before the detox, I felt bloated, somewhat tired, and battled a number of food allergies. My digestion is also much more efficient.

I only lost 5 pounds, but I have noticed a definite change in appearance. I worked out 5-6 days a week during the detox and usually have a hard time toning up. I made significant strides the past few weeks that would have taken me much longer on my old SAD diet.
I have had an extreme watermelon allergy since I was in my pre-teen years. I couldn’t even eat anything that touched melon or had been cut on the same cutting board without erupting in fever-blister-like hives instantaneously. I decided to stay on the first phase of the diet an extra few days in the hopes it would clear up some food allergies. I am ecstatic to report all melon allergies are gone! I quite enjoyed the liver cleanse gorging myself on my newfound fruit.
Thank you Robyn, for sharing all of your knowledge and advice throughout the detox. I look forward to doing it again!

*results may vary

— Lela M., Santa Fe, New Mexico

Worked when juicing didn’t

The green smoothie idea has worked well for me whereas juicing did not. Anyone who has juiced knows the time commitment it takes for juicing and clean-up as well as the volume of veggies it takes to make just 2-3 eight-ounce juice drinks per day. When I read about green smoothies, it was immediately appealing to me. I bought a BlendTec right away. In only 14 months of use, the counter on my machine is already over 1,600!

I average 5 out of 7 days for making smoothies for myself and my husband, who will drink one anytime it’s available in the fridge. One benefit of green smoothies is helping me to be more alkaline.

— Linda C.

I Want Everyone I Know and Love to Look and Feel Just as Incredible and Healthy as I Do Right Now!

This was an absolutely wonderful experience for me. I feel lighter, more energized, and I can tell my body is running much more efficiently and with less effort. I am already a healthy eater, but this detox has taken me to the next level. I expected most of the way my body changed and reacted to eating so much raw and whole food, but the one thing that surprised me was that the very rough, dry skin on my heels softened up considerably. Amazing! I lost a total of 10 pounds over the last 26 days, and multiple people have commented on how good I look, many of whom did not know that I was participating in a detox. (They know now!)
I really appreciated the daily content provided with the Full Support option. I learned quite a few new healthy practices that I am now incorporating into my daily routine. I am excited to see how my body continues to change as I continue these new practices in my life.

I have long since converted several of my friends and family members into drinking green smoothies, but now I am talking with them about joining me the next time I do this detox. I want everyone I know and love to look and feel just as incredible and healthy as I do right now! Many thanks to Robyn and the Green Smoothie Girl team for an amazing program.

*results may vary

— Angie B., Robinson, Illinois

Wedding Ring Now Falls Off—Lost 12 lbs!

I felt well on the Detox and I plan to do it again. I lost 12 lbs. and feel less bloated—my wedding ring falls off! One week post detox, I am still down 10 lbs.
I would recommend the detox to others, and have done so! Recipes can be an acquired taste, as they are bland, so invest in some salt-free, sugar-free natural seasonings before starting. I understand it is a cleanse and you are trying to rest your body. I would also encourage the Phase 2 option. After the first few days I started juicing some of my meals and doing the enemas, which was key to my decrease in chronic headaches I had prior to doing the detox.

I did feel that encouraging a buddy, and vice versa, was the ticket for my success! A couple of the other detoxers were great at answering questions.

*results may vary

— Dedrianne O., Blaine, Minnesota

Setting Personal Records in Triathlons at Age 49, Down 9 Lbs, and Feeling Phenomenal!

I FEEL ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! Official stats during the 26-day GSG Detox period: 9 pound loss (8.5 lbs. fat loss, 1 lb. fluid loss, and gain of .5 lb. lean muscle)! I have been a Green Smoothie Girl since May 2012, and now my life has just become nutritionally stronger. Competing in triathlons for 7 years, I am now setting new personal records at those events at the age of 49.

My taste buds have been altered and I can now pass up that bag of chips (my downfall was salt)!

I’ve discovered the benefits of being healthy at the cellular level. Now with the Detox, the cells are that much more cleaned out. Full support and with a buddy is VERY HELPFUL for success! Thank you, Robyn!

*results may vary

— Donna J., Auburn, WA

The green smoothie has lived up to the expectations I had

I tried the green smoothie after juicing for several years. Juicing was expensive and demanded a lot of time and work extracting the juice from the fiber and cleaning the juicer. Blended raw foods made a lot of sense and I did not need to be converted on the idea.

When I began drinking the green smoothie I weighed 285 lbs. One year later I weigh 240 lbs. Daily workouts have contributed as much to my weight loss as any other factor. However, the benefits of the green smoothie as I experienced them are as follows:

1. Drinking the green smoothie changed my bowel movement habits, which are now frequent (2-3 times a day) and regular.

2. The green smoothie is my pre-workout, first thing in the morning food. I have been surprised at the energy it sustains throughout my workout.

3. The green smoothie fills me up without slowing me down. It satisfies my hunger and cravings till early in the afternoon. It has curbed my overall appetite thus decreasing the overall calories I consume in a day.

4. I find that the green smoothie helps my digestion, especially with the foods that do not digest well. I eat a lot of lean meat and I feel the organic raw food in my gut facilitates digestion and elimination of meat.

5. Beginning my day with green smoothie drinks and working out provides me the momentum, nutrition, and motivation to eat a strict lean diet throughout the rest of the day.

The green smoothie has lived up to the expectations I had. Several of the above benefits caught me totally by surprise. I have been drinking green smoothies every morning for the past year. They have served me well. Now that I have lost the weight I needed, I have significantly increased my strength and energy. My new goals are not to lose any more weight but to increase my overall lean muscle mass. My idea is to begin drinking green smoothies twice a day rather than just once in the morning.

*results may vary

— Gregg L.

Neither of My School Kids Have Had a Sick Day!

I started 12 Steps during the busiest time of my life, when my fourth baby was 6 weeks old. My other little ones were 2, 5, and 6.  It was three days before school started and everyone was sick with a cold but me.  I was sick with an inflamed gallbladder and scheduled for surgery at age 33! We had been sick more than 50% of the last 365 days.

“Enough is enough!” I thought, “I know what I should be eating, I’ve been studying this since I was pregnant with my first, but I can’t figure out how to apply what I know. It overwhelms me. I want my family to be healthy, especially my son who is sick the most.  Maybe Robyn’s program can teach me something I don’t already know. I trust Robyn’s nutritional philosophy more than any other author out there.” (Sorry I was skeptical at first, but the beauty of 12 Steps I now see, is putting the transition into a do-able order and adding one thing at a time.)

We started 12 Steps on the first day of school.  An awesome time to start because fruit and veggies are abundant in the garden and cheap at the store, and the beginning of the school year is a time of transition anyway!  I had paid for school lunch, but we started 12 Steps just in time.  None of my kids will ever have school lunch (they serve corn dogs every single day; I hurt for the other kids).

The first week curriculum for first grade was “health and nutrition.” At dinner I remarked on the coincidence that I was taking a health and nutrition class too. My kids already know to expect fallacious nutritional information from school, so we compared notes on what we were learning each night at dinner.  My kids loved that I was going “back to school” too.

I call “12 Steps” my online class and I always say “my teacher says . . .” Rather than being on a crazy diet, in my family’s eyes, I am taking a university-level, highly prestigious, nutrition course and I will “graduate” in a year (you never really graduate, though, do you?).  In my eyes, it’s even better than that.  Each month as my kids start new units of study, they are excited to hear about my new unit of study.

During the first month, my goal was to drink 8+ glasses of water a day instead of 3 or 4.  I had been perpetually dehydrated since I got pregnant, and nursing was making it worse.  That was a hard goal because I was so insanely busy I didn’t even have time to get a drink until 10 in the morning some days.

More than once, due to kid distractions, a green smoothie took three days to make.  Water in the blender the first day, wash produce the next, chop stuff up and blend it the third.  Getting hydrated was wonderful and I had green drinks on days when I couldn’t get a smoothie made.  A ginormous burden of guilt (that I didn’t even know I had) lifted off my shoulders about my family’s nutrition.  That gave me an emotional boost.  The water made me feel physically so much better.  I cancelled my gallbladder removal surgery and I don’t recall when it happened, but all of a sudden I had an extra 30 minutes to make green smoothie every day (it takes longer holding a baby or toddler or both while you do it).

Organic ready-to-eat salads just happened to be on sale for $.99 a box when we hit month two.  That would convince anyone to love salad, no work and so tasty.  When the sale ended two weeks later, I found again that I magically had the extra time to wash piles of romaine, spinach, and other lettuces.  Another huge burden lifted off my shoulders, because I didn’t have to think of what to have for dinner anymore, it was always salad.  We had main dishes too, but they were way simpler, just side dishes really. Salad was fun.  My kids love picking out toppings for the salad and my picky eater has a passion for making her salad pretty. She also loves that dinner every night is a salad bar. Dinner battles at our house almost disappeared.  As the quality of our meals went up, there was less to complain about.

The third month was my birthday.  I got a beet cake, a salad spinner, and the “okay” to order almonds in the annual group buy. I have been substituting almonds, apples, and raisins for chips and pretzels (just a few per snack) since we started 12 Steps.  I reverse engineered our favorite store salad dressings using high quality ingredients. It was fun.

Where did I get the time to sit around reverse engineering salad dressing recipes?  It is a mystery to me. I am getting salad making down to a science. I love buying it. I love being the lady who fills her cart up with lettuce and practically nothing else every few days at the grocery store.

Instead of fruit snacks, my toddler hugs the bags of romaine and skips the complimentary Laffy Taffy at the check-out. (Toddlers transition so much faster than the rest of us). I took salad to the family potluck, and impressed my relatives when 2 of my 3 kids took big servings of it before eating anything else.

My husband won’t touch green smoothies, but he has enjoyed the improvement in the family menu and the unanticipated weight loss from having salads for dinner every day.

Wow, now we are into November and neither of my school kids have had a sick day! My toddler has been sick every other week like usual (and my husband too).  Even the daily green smoothie can’t save her at age 2, I guess.  With one kid and one parent sick a lot though, it is miraculous that no one else is getting it, as they got everything last year.  And my son went off asthma medicine without a hitch.  In the past, running out of medicine meant he would be sick in the next day or two, but so far so good!  Thanks!

*results may vary

— Regina Slaugh

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