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I am so in love with green smoothies!

I am so in love with green smoothies! I am a 31 yr. old mother of four children. I am very into fitness/weight lifting to build muscle in my body. I started green smoothies just after I had been referred to by my zoning lady for chronic headaches and muscle tension in my neck that would not go away. Soon after I started drinking green smoothies daily, the headaches and muscle tension left! I have not had the problem since.

I drink green smoothies for breakfast along with a whey protein shake every morning, and also for my snacks during the day, I make a full pitcher of green smoothie every 2-3 days and keep it in my fridge when I need a snack. It is quick and easy and very healthy! It keeps me on track for my ideal weight goals! I have converted many friends and family to green smoothies! I recommend them to everyone I meet! When someone asks me what I am doing to look so good, I just give them my personal green smoothie recipe and some fitness tips!

I would like to thank Robyn for this AWESOME idea and for taking the steps to get the information on her website to help others who so desperately need a nutritious lifestyle!

— LaDawn Doxey, Syracuse , UT

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Amazing!

I didn’t purchase these for kids; mine is 30 and on her own. I bought these for me and I love them. They are all good but Pink Smoothie is my favorite. I will continue ordering for “the kid” in me that loves the health benefits and loves the taste that helps with my sweet tooth. Love!!

Colleen W.
Louisville, KY

— Colleen W., Louisville, KY

Husband-and-wife Team Down 32 lbs—Loving It!

I highly recommend this Detox! We are pretty clean eaters anyway, but we learned a LOT and are inspired and motivated to clean up even more. We were never hungry the entire 26 days, and only experienced a few cravings, which I’m proud to say we did not cave into!

Improved sleep and energy were apparent in just the first few days. The constant increase of energy was the best part! I lost 11 pounds and 16.25 inches overall. I’m right back to where I feel my best! My husband lost 21 pounds and 29 inches! We are loving it!

Reading the manual before we began was very important. It helped us be organized and aware of what each phase was intended to accomplish. Organization and preparation are essential! We set aside a specific time each evening to read/listen to the GSG daily emails. Every single one offered valuable information. The whole process was extremely educational and worthwhile.
Thanks, Robyn!

*results may vary

— Lori H., Centerville, Ut

GSG Detox Is One of the Most Powerful Things I Have Ever Done for My Health!

The GSG Detox is one of the most powerful things I have ever done for my health. Yes, I wanted to lose weight, and I did. 15 lbs! I already knew my body was overwhelmed with toxicity. That was my real motivation for doing it. I have been struggling with debilitating headaches all my adult life. I contracted Epstein-Barr over 10 years ago and have never been the same. I’ve needed caffeine to just function each day. I eat well and exercise yet, until now, could never lose weight.

The program is so well thought out and research-based. There are difficult days. There’s an emotional component that I was not expecting. But it is very doable. You are never hungry. Your body is getting everything it needs to function optimally with nothing else to get in the way.

The full support program was so helpful in letting me know that what I was experiencing was normal, and a sign that it was working. My body was healing. The expert calls were a wealth of information. I did Level 1, with some aspects of level 2.

After the first week the detox reactions were minimal and very manageable. I have not had a headache since the start of week 2. I have had no caffeine since the start, and have plenty of energy for my day. Bloating in my gut is gone and I can even tolerate gluten a little better. I feel like I have turned back the clock to my early 30s!

As I resume “normal” eating again, I still don’t want to stray far from the program. I feel too good to go back!

*results may vary

— Teresa V., Galt, VA

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I think you’ve done an amazing thing in creating these bars. When I first unwrapped one, I thought, “oh, this is going to be hard on my dental work”, but the texture was pleasing and not sticky. On first taste, I thought, “oh, this is too sweet and I’m going to crash after this” but instead I was very satisfied and felt sustained by the nourishment with no crash or craving afterward. I like all the flavors and will continue to order the variety pack. I love the convenience on trips and on those extra busy days when lunch has to be postponed an hour or two. I carry one in my purse and several on trips. Thank you, Robyn!

Laura M.
Charlottesville, VA

— Laura M., Charlottesville, VA

Menstrual Cycles Returned to Normal

I’m 44 years old. I’ve always had very regular menstrual cycles. For about one year prior to drinking green smoothies, my menstrual cycles had become very irregular. After about two months of green smoothies, I returned to a very regular cycle of 20 – 30 days and my periods are just like they were in my 20’s and 30’s. I’ve been drinking my quart of green smoothie per day for six months now and my cycles are consistently regular.

*results may vary

— Kathy M.

Energized without Coffee, Feeling Great, and Lost 12 lbs!

I feel great. I have lost not only 12.5 pounds—but fat, too. My love handles/muffin top are gone. I feel like this program has benefited all aspects of my life. I was tired the first two weeks of the detox due to purging caffeine from my everyday coffee habit. Now I am energized WITHOUT the coffee! I don’t even enjoy drinking it like I did before.

Foods taste really salty now, and I crave fruits and vegetables more than breads, pastas, etc., like I did before. I feel like the 26 days put me in a great habit of spending more time on food preparation and making more conscientious decisions. I do not want to go back to eating how I was previously and undo all the good that I have done.

Another great result of the detox is that I can actually breathe again. I used to have to take an allergy pill every day, sometimes two a day, to get through the day. I would be congested despite the allergy pills. I have not had one allergy pill over 30 days since I decided to stop taking them and see what happened with the detox. I have not had allergy symptoms of being stuffy and congested, even though it is hay-cutting season here in Idaho, which is historically one of the worst times for me with allergies.

This program was well worth it, and I upgraded to Lifetime Membership because I feel it will benefit me in the years to come!

*results may vary

— Chantel H., Idaho Falls, Idaho

No longer crave junk food!

My New Year’s Resolution was to GO GREEN. My husband and I (yes, I converted him) both love the green smoothies. They are very satisfying. We no longer crave junk food. We have begun to lose a few pounds. I am turning on my grandchildren and children to them. My husband is Hispanic, diabetic, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. We are seeing improvements. It has only been a month. We use our BlendTec for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We make smoothies, salad dressings, soups and using your 12 Steps to Whole Foods book each month to be totally green after one year. Thank you for all your research and recipes.

— Pat M.

Variety Pack Blendbar:

They were all great, but as you predicted, Pink Smoothie was my favorite.
This doesn’t surprise me because every product you recommend- Intellibed, Air Doctor…have all be terrific!

P.D. M.
Paradise Valley, MT

— P.D. M., Paradise Valley, MT

Green Smoothie Blendbar: Must have for snack bowl!

These are amazing! Very tasty! No aftertaste and I love the portability of quick greens.

Vicki S.
Lufkin, TX

— Vicki S., Lufkin, TX

You could say I am a green smoothie addict!

In spring of 2006, I gained 30 lbs. in 6 weeks when I started taking a particular birth control pill. Of course I went off of it, but it seemed to push me into some major perimenopause symptoms including depression, exhaustion and continued weight gain. I went to several doctors who tried various hormone treatments, thyroid treatment, the candida diet and treatment,–all of which seemed to make me worse!

So in the spring of 2007, I decided to take matters in to my own hands. I stopped all medications and diets and began to treat myself with food and exercise. I committed to myself to try it for a year and just see what happened. I felt desperate, so I decided to just eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, believing that they were the cleansing and building tools my body needed. I made up the green smoothie on my own and started drinking it all day and supplementing it with veggies and at night a potato and sometimes a little meat and cooked veggie. For eight months there was no change in my weight, but I did start feeling much better and at least I stopped gaining weight!

My hot flashes almost completely stopped, and in Jan. of ’08, I finally lost 15 lbs all at once.* One day one of my clients told me about when she saw me with a huge mug of green stuff. I went home that night and looked it up and have been a huge fan ever since! I was so glad to have support and new ideas and information.

I don’t think I have completely solved my health problems, because I’m sure my thyroid is still very sluggish, and I still can’t get that last 15 lbs off, but I feel so much better. Now I am committed to eat this way the rest of my life just for the health of it!

I love green smoothies and having an easy way to get so many veggies in that I would never eat otherwise. You could say I am an addict! I love them mostly because of the way I begin to feel (sluggish and run down) when I have to go without them for very many days. I have been doing them for a year and a half and it feels like my body is slowly but surely repairing from many years of not having enough live enzymes. My hot flashes are almost non existent when I drink my greens.

The protein in the leafy greens keeps me from being hungry till afternoon. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a green smoothie freak. Many have told me that I inspire them to want to eat more healthy. I have taught many people how to make them, and my mom and husband are as committed to having them as I am. My husband ran Boston last year (at 52 years old) without the benefit of green smoothies. Since Oct. he has had them 4 or 5 days a week, and we are anxious to see if he improves his performance this year. We will let you know!

P.S. When I give my grandchildren tastes of my green smoothies, they love it! Now I just need to get their parents committed.

— Debbie W.

12 Steps to Whole Foods Graduate Lost 100 Lbs–Then Loses 12 More on the Detox!

From a beautiful lady in a little town with only one stoplight who previously lost 100 pounds doing Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods Course:
I have never done a detox before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was amazing. I loved it. I loved knowing I was helping my body to perform better, and I loved the empowering feeling I had throughout this whole experience. I was able to lose 12 lbs! I had been stuck at the same weight for a while not being able to get past it. I loved the full support, having a forum where you could get your questions answered. Being able to hear from others was great! I also loved the required buddy, which made all the difference, knowing I couldn’t let my buddy down. The live Q&A sessions with Robyn and the other coaches were also fabulous.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this detox program. It is amazing and I am becoming a lifetime member, looking forward to doing it again with you.

*results may vary

— K’Lynne W., Phoenix, Oregon

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