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Variety Pack Blendbar: Very Tasty

I have enjoyed all the bars but my favorite is chocolate. I am concerned about number of carbs and sugar, but I will be ordering again.

Deana C.
Louisville, Ky

— Deana C., Louisville, Ky

I feel so much healthier!

We’ve been converted to green smoothies for a while now. In fact, I’ll have to say that I crave them. Not necessarily the taste (although our concoction is very tasty), but the effects they have on me! I feel so much healthier and my skin tone has definitely improved. People tell me I look so young–who doesn’t like to hear that?! My daughter and grandson are hooked now, too.  Thanks Robyn!

— Karen P.

Addicted to green smoothies!

Is it possible to be addicted to green smoothies? Ever since you first introduced me to green drinks years ago, I’ve dabbled here and there with them. Things got serious though this past spring when I started working and knew that my diet would suffer now that I don’t have a lot of time to devote to thinking about what I am eating. I decided to make green smoothies my daily morning meal—there isn’t a quicker, more nutritious breakfast to be had! I’ve even introduced green smoothies to my friends at the office, and even whip up an extra drink for one of my co-workers, who now says she can’t wait for Monday mornings to come so she can have a smoothie for breakfast! I love the way I feel since incorporating green smoothies into my daily diet! I have energy for the entire morning; I do not crave sugar nearly as much. I can definitely say without doubt that green smoothies have made a difference; I just feel healthy!

This past week I made a green smoothie for a little nephew of mine who has never, ever eaten a vegetable in his life. Ever. My sister was very skeptical that he would even try it, let alone like it. Not only did he like it, he asked for more. My sister was blown away, and soooo happy to know that there was a way to get her little guy to get so much more nutrition into his diet. Oh, my sister loved it too!

Thanks, Robyn, for introducing us slowly but surely to green-drink-heaven! If I miss a day of green smoothies, I miss it, CRAVE it even. I’ve become a true addict.

— Sheri H., Utah

Variety Pack Blendbar:

WOW!! When I am in a rush and run out of time, or when I am traveling and cant take a cooler, I can always take a Blendbar and they are YUMMY! Thanks for making life easier for me.

Deon V.
Providence, Utah

— Deon V., Providence, Utah

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I really loved having the blendBars especially the chocolate as this was perfect for a late afternoon snack that was needed for my late days of work. I loved that they are free of all of the other processed products that many other protein bars have.

Jessi G.
Minneapolis, MN

— Jessi G., Minneapolis, MN

Variety Pack Blendbar: Love the bars

I don’t have children to check out the bars but I love them and so do my coworkers. There are many times during work we do not have time to eat at regular hours and these bars are great to get us through. I suffer from hypoglycemia and these bars are perfect to give me the boost if I cannot eat a meal. Thank you for your hard work to provide us with healthy alternatives to the store available bars.

Regina G.
Blythe, CA

— Regina G., Blythe, CA

I Want Everyone I Know and Love to Look and Feel Just as Incredible and Healthy as I Do Right Now!

This was an absolutely wonderful experience for me. I feel lighter, more energized, and I can tell my body is running much more efficiently and with less effort. I am already a healthy eater, but this detox has taken me to the next level. I expected most of the way my body changed and reacted to eating so much raw and whole food, but the one thing that surprised me was that the very rough, dry skin on my heels softened up considerably. Amazing! I lost a total of 10 pounds over the last 26 days, and multiple people have commented on how good I look, many of whom did not know that I was participating in a detox. (They know now!)
I really appreciated the daily content provided with the Full Support option. I learned quite a few new healthy practices that I am now incorporating into my daily routine. I am excited to see how my body continues to change as I continue these new practices in my life.

I have long since converted several of my friends and family members into drinking green smoothies, but now I am talking with them about joining me the next time I do this detox. I want everyone I know and love to look and feel just as incredible and healthy as I do right now! Many thanks to Robyn and the Green Smoothie Girl team for an amazing program.

*results may vary

— Angie B., Robinson, Illinois

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar:

Purchased the variety pack. Although the chocolate dipped was my fav, the pink and green were very good too!

Lori M.
Wilbur, Wa

— Lori M., Wilbur, Wa

I am so in love with green smoothies!

I am so in love with green smoothies! I am a 31 yr. old mother of four children. I am very into fitness/weight lifting to build muscle in my body. I started green smoothies just after I had been referred to by my zoning lady for chronic headaches and muscle tension in my neck that would not go away. Soon after I started drinking green smoothies daily, the headaches and muscle tension left! I have not had the problem since.

I drink green smoothies for breakfast along with a whey protein shake every morning, and also for my snacks during the day, I make a full pitcher of green smoothie every 2-3 days and keep it in my fridge when I need a snack. It is quick and easy and very healthy! It keeps me on track for my ideal weight goals! I have converted many friends and family to green smoothies! I recommend them to everyone I meet! When someone asks me what I am doing to look so good, I just give them my personal green smoothie recipe and some fitness tips!

I would like to thank Robyn for this AWESOME idea and for taking the steps to get the information on her website to help others who so desperately need a nutritious lifestyle!

— LaDawn Doxey, Syracuse , UT

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Best on the Market

I love the BlendBars, especially the chocolate dipped smoothie – but all of them are exceptional. I did not get a sugar high and the taste was wonderful and natural. Thanks Green Smoothis Girl.

Davia M.
Marshall, NC

— Davia M., Marshall, NC

I love the recipes!

I love them, I love green smoothies anyway, and I love your recipes the best. It is so good to have mainly greens and a few fruits instead of the other way around as I was previously doing. I love them and my kids do also. They crave them as I do.

— Anonymous

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I enjoyed the bars. Good flavor and texture!

William K.
Westminster, CO

— William K., Westminster, CO

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