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I have felt the benefits of green smoothies

I started making green smoothies a year ago. My husband had been diagnosed with hemochromatosis, several years earlier. He had gotten that under control but because the disease had gone undiagnosed for years, he had organ damage, including heart, liver and kidney. He had no energy. So he started every day with a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew. My mission was to get him off the Mountain Dew and replace it with something that was better for him and gave him the energy he needed.

After some research and finding, I purchased a high speed blender. I started making green smoothies everyday. I persuaded my husband to get off the caffeine and sugar and give this a try. He has done remarkably well. I went into this hoping–but knowing how difficult it is to break such an entrenched habit of caffeine, I had my doubts.

I am happy to report after one year, he has not gone back to Mountain Dew and he feels more energetic than he has in the last several years. I also have felt the benefits of green smoothies. Although starting this in generally good health, I feel better, more energetic and better digestion, than I have felt in years. A year ago I also stopped cooking meat for dinner every night. Although we have not gone to a 100% vegan diet, we have cut out 75% of the meat we used to eat. I am trying to cook healthier and have used Robyn’s recipes to do that. All that I have tried have been very good. I would recommend this simple lifestyle change to everyone.

— Karen R.

I would like to convert everybody!

I would like to convert everybody. There are many benefits. You will experience increased energy. You will need less sleep and your cravings for sweets will decrease down to nothing. You will lose weight, your blood pressure will come down. You will feel like 21 again.

I actually, really look forward to the first smoothie in the a.m. It is easy, and if you give it a chance, you will love it too. The first smoothie I made I used a 1/2 banana and tasted great, but I did not want to use it on a daily basis. So, I did not make any smoothies for one month. I decided to go back and try again, this time with a 1/2 apple for 32 ounces. That hooked me!

Green smoothies taste so fresh. I make 64 ounces in the a.m. I use 32 ounces in the morning and save the next 32 ounces for noon meal. You can take it with you to work. It travels well and it is so easy, I just make mine fresh everyday.

The GreenSmoothieGirl website is extremely informative with all the information for making the green smoothie. I vary the greens (very important), but my base is apple, celery, parsley (all organic, of course). I then on various days use two of the following, any of the types of kale, swiss chard, mustard greens, collard greens, dandelion, arugula, or anything else that looks fresh.

Put the soft washed leafy greens in the bottom of the blender and top it with the harder washed vegetables. Add the filtered water, and start blending, If it is too thick, add more water and blend again. I sip it (as a good portion of digestion occurs in the mouth). And, I get to enjoy this every morning.

Now, to keep the greens extra fresh, here is what I do. I place each type of green, unwashed in a mason jar 1/4 filled with water. I top it with one of those green bags and twist the green bag at the bottom around with my fingers, so it is fairly secure around the mason jar. Greens keep great, and I never throw out anything, seriously. Keeping green onions like this is wonderful, the greens love it. Wishing my best to everyone who has a desire for great health and is willing to give a green smoothie a fair shot.

— Lorraine L., Naples , Florida

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Amazing goodness!!!

I tried this bar while driving and hungry…. I was so amazed at how great it tasted— one of the best, if not the best snack bar or treat or snack I’ve ever had!! It beats having to make my own smoothie — since I can take it along, stash in my office desk drawer for my hunger or sweet cravings!!! Definitely recommend it to anyone. Can’t wait to share with my husband!!!

Nanette C.
University Place, United States

— Nanette C., University Place, United States

Feeling really good!

We are eating whole foods, including green smoothies, and feeling really good! I feel really good because my family is not eating any sugar, MSG, or preservatives.

My children ask before they eat things at relatives’ homes if they have these things in them!

My husband does irrigation work in central WA and so he is out in public every day, we go to town once a week, and so far none of us have gotten sick. I am praying it stays that way!

We really like the Almond Joy Fudge from Ch. 4, and my brother in law, whose wife is against anything I make (won’t eat it), told me he would pay me to make it for him!!

I made the Teriyaki Almonds for a camping trip in October and everyone gobbled them up! Some of them are going in on the Raw Almond group buy with us!

I like to make the whole wheat tortillas (Ch. 6) and fill them with different things like hummus, guacamole, and fresh veggies. For supper last night we had them as enchiladas, with brown rice, olives, salsa (homemade, canned), onions and homemade enchilada sauce. YUM!

We like Mexican food so I have made the Taco Lentils a lot (Ch. 6), which are especially good added to Taco Soup. I am even experimenting with converting sugar and white flour recipes (Ch. 11)–so far so good!

Early on in March we had a going away party for a friend of ours, he is allergic to dairy and so I made the ice cream in Ch. 11—YUM YUM! He really liked it and so did everyone else.

I made the Choc Chip Zucchini cookies for our camping trip and they were yum!

I like to read Robyn’s blog because she does the research for me and I don’t have work as hard to find things out! I still do a ton of research though. I like how it is all comprehensive in one spot. That way I don’t have to remember where I read it and it is easy to find.

I tell everyone about it, especially when they have health issues. Anyone who talks to me very long has heard of green smoothies. And some have tasted them. Anyone who eats at our house eats salad, whole food, and homemade salad dressing.

I have had little red bumps on my upper arms my whole life. Since I have not been eating any dairy they are gone. My husband’s chronic bad breath in the mornings is gone.

I wanted to try lactic fermentations (Ch. 9) next.

Love the dehydrator ideas (Ch. 7) and I am constantly learning new ways to use mine.

I really like the 12 Step blog for support. It’s nice to have somewhere to go and know that everyone eats this way and has the same problems with skeptics. It is great to know that we are not alone. is a great place to ask questions and get answers.

Thank you, thank you!

— Beth W., Washington

Skeptical Registered Nurse Learns about Nutrition and Loses 15 lbs!

The journey that I took in participating in the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox has been life changing. I don’t use that phrase lightly, as by nature I’m pretty skeptical, so please understand how big that is for me!

I never thought I could live for 26 days without meat and chocolate every day! It is amazing to me how my taste buds have changed and how I no longer crave the foods that I once did. It was difficult at times, but having the online support and my detox buddy helped me through that.

I am a Registered Nurse and always thought I understood nutrition, but now I realize how far off some of my thinking has been. I am so appreciative to Robyn and her team for creating such a great program and for opening my eyes to the way that I can now live. I lost 15 pounds!

*results may vary

— Renae O., Rigby, ID

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar:

We love your BlendBars and especially what’s in them! They are great for
an emergency meal like when we went through the recent hurricane.

Patricia B.
Jupiter, Florida

— Patricia B., Jupiter, Florida

I feel lucky to have been introduced to green smoothies

Even if I have not seen so much difference, I feel lucky to have been introduced to green smoothies, a very interesting way to eat more greens and fruits. Hope it will show results in a near future and keep disease at bay!

I now fix green smoothies for my entire family several times per week and our immune systems have been clearly better while doing this on a consistent basis.

— Anonymous

Variety Pack Blendbar: Rice and chocolate

My kids liked the blend bars but I was not able to have them because of the rice ingredient. They were excited about the chocolate covered one but when they tried it, my youngest didn’t like it. It was a sweet fruity bar with a chocolate shell. My oldest really liked the pink one.

Jaime R.
Wappingers Falls, NY

— Jaime R., Wappingers Falls, NY

Green Smoothie Blendbar: Three-Way Perfect

I love these bars! They’re chewy, but don’t get stuck in your teeth, tasty but not too sweet, and soft enough for my younger kids without molars to eat without swallowing pieces whole. How’s that for perfect?

Jilene B.
Idaho Falls, ID

— Jilene B., Idaho Falls, ID

Green Smoothie Blendbar: Gift for my daugher

I bought these for my daughter to have for her mid morning snack. She had enjoyed them so much when she recently visited my home and so I thought I would send her some. They are quite good

Sara H.
Winnsboro, Tx

— Sara H., Winnsboro, Tx

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

I am always looking for a protein bar to recommend to my patients. A clean organic simple bar is very hard to find. Thank you Robyn for a great clean bar.

Cathy G.
Jacksonville, FL

— Cathy G., Jacksonville, FL

I feel full of raw goodness

I look forward every morning to drinking my green smoothie because I know that it is a delicious, healthy, and empowering way to start my day. I now have my husband converted and my college-age son who needs good nutrition because most of the other things he grabs during the day are fast, on-the-go type foods. I feel full of raw goodness and do not need to eat anything else for most of the morning.

— Ciel M.

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