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Energy and Vitality

I have been drinking green smoothies every day since April of this year. Since having my son and breastfeeding him exclusively, I have had a hard time getting enough nutrients and calories into my diet because he is allergic to gluten and dairy so I couldn’t eat anything I was used to. I never had any energy and I was constantly feeling down. Then I learned about the benefits of eating a raw green diet with plenty of raw veggies and fruits and how it could change your life. I decided to jump on the web and search for some smoothie recipes.  I couldn’t find any at first. The only thing that I kept coming to was a YouTube video from on how to make a green smoothie.  I tried it and I was hooked!  I bought the 12 Step program the next day and have been drinking them daily with my infant/toddler son ever since. The information in the 12 Step program and on the site is so abundant and it seems that Robyn has done all of the research on all of the nutrition stuff out there. She has sifted through it leaving pure truth about nutrition. I would have never been able to put all of this information together myself.  It truly has changed my life and given me a completely different perspective to what eating a healthy diet truly means. I feel so great now and my digestive cycle is very regular.  I am so passionate about eating right and including greens in my diet daily. My friends and family have started asking me what I am doing that is giving me so much more energy and vitality.  Then I basically explode with information that I have learned from the 12 Steps and  Currently I have converted 4 family members and 3 friends to drinking green smoothies at least regularly if not daily. Oh, and I must have a bowl of the granola everyday (Ch. 10), which is one of Robyn’s amazing recipes.  I can’t live without it and I am so thankful that I found the information all compiled into one place. So, thank you Robyn for devoting your life to living healthier and teaching others how to live healthier too! *results may vary

— Leslie W

So delicious and satisfying!

I’ve been drinking a quart of green smoothies daily for about a year now, with a few exceptions. When I fail to drink them for a few days (too busy, need to go to the store, etc.), I find that the first sip of the next smoothie is so welcome, so delicious, so satisfying. My children drink them because I put them in front of them. I gave them a pint at first, then my 11 y.o. son struggled to get them down. I let him drink half a pint for a while, until he got used to them. Finally, he asked if he still had to drink the small glass (half a pint), or if he could have a full glass now–YES! He also enjoys drinking them in front of friends and telling what’s in it. That took a couple of weeks, probably. Now, they drink a pint, and sometimes whatever else is left over after I have mine. They like lots of strawberries in theirs, and fresh peaches, when they’re in season. I have converted several friends to drinking green smoothies, too. (Them: What is that you’re drinking?” Me: A green smoothie.” Them: What’s in it?” Me: Want a taste?” or Would you like the recipe?”)

— Janelle B.

I feel so much better!

I have been drinking green smoothies daily for a month now. I have seen a huge improvement in my overall outlook on life. I handle stress SO much better and I feel happier. Another huge improvement for me was the decrease in my cravings for sugary foods. This was a big problem for me. Now even if I eat something sweet, I don’t want very much of it. It has been amazing how much better I feel since starting to drink green smoothies!  

— Tammy M.

Thank you so much green smoothies!

I have hyperthyroid (Graves Disease) and have been on Propyl-Thyracil (PTU) for the past 15 years. During this time, doctors and specialists have urged me to go on radioactive iodine, and some of them have even ridiculed me for wanting to consider alternative methods. I knew instinctively that an answer lay for me in something else besides pills. But I was told that they knew of nothing else and that the iodine treatment was pretty standard. (Well, not for me, thank you very much!) I have searched and searched for years. I even went off PTU for three months thinking that I could use positive thinking and visualization to heal myself…but to no avail. So when I came across green smoothies in about June 2008, I knew that it was more like a liquid salad, full of nutrition and basic goodness. So together with beginning a high raw foodstyle, I was able to decrease my PTU intake every 3 months since then, when having an appointment with my endocrinologist to check out blood work. I had been on three PTUs per day. So after the first three months, I decreased it to two, thinking that there would be some changes to my blood work results. Since there was none, again after three months, I decreased it to one PTU per day. Again no changes in T4, Free T3, and sTSH results. My last appointment with the endocrinologist was in January 2009. Again no changes. She was delighted and suggested that I come off PTU completely. I almost fell off my chair that a doctor would suggest no pills. Of my own choice, and with her approval, I asked if I should consider half a PTU per day until my next appointment. She agreed. To date, I feel fine with no increased palpitation and an abundance of energy. Thank you so much green smoothies, and most of all, thank you to Robyn for her relentless pursuit of research. *results may vary

— Hal Walter, Ontario, Canada

Variety Pack Blendbar:

These are the most delicious packaged bars I have ever tasted! You can’t go wrong with any flavor! Most other bars claiming to be healthy are still filled with junk. I love knowing that when I eat one of these, I am filling my body something that is TRULY nutritious. Autumn D. Linneus, Missouri

— Autumn D., Linneus, Missouri

My pain is disappearing!

I had pain in both knees for about 20 years and after drinking the green smoothie for 30 days, I can now walk down a hill or downstairs without as much pain. Also the pain that I had from fibromyalgia is disappearing.*

— Jackie H.

Variety Pack Blendbar: Pleasantly surprised

I actually liked these !! I haven’t tried very many similar products where I found I enjoyed the taste. Usually I put up with the taste because of “supposed ” health benefits. I did not share these with my kids- I kept them for myself-sorry kids!

Miriam I. Dornsife, Pennsylvania

— Miriam I., Dornsife, Pennsylvania

Eliminated Live Parasites and Lost 6 lbs!

I was really happy to have the Full Support program. I checked in every day with the Full Support program even though I didn’t have a buddy, and it really helped me. First, I did not feel isolated. Second, I enjoyed all that I learned along the way. My friends are now really interested in the next detox. I am gearing up for January 5th! There were three times during the detox that I wanted to quit. I just pushed through and I am so glad I did! I learned that I can push through! The next day was always so much better. The first thing I noticed was that my skin felt so much smoother. Other things that I noticed were my teeth and tongue were cleaner. I had less mucus in my nose, throat and eyes. My whole body felt lighter and cleaner. When I finally embraced doing coffee enemas, my first one cleansed out a lot of LIVE PARASITES. Awesome! I lost 6 pounds, which was just about right for me. *results may vary

— Kathleen W., Cedar City, UT

Eliminated Allergies, Feel Very Clean and Light, and Lost 5 lbs!

I would recommend this detox to anyone! Overall, I feel very clean and light. On a daily basis before the detox, I felt bloated, somewhat tired, and battled a number of food allergies. My digestion is also much more efficient. I only lost 5 pounds, but I have noticed a definite change in appearance. I worked out 5-6 days a week during the detox and usually have a hard time toning up. I made significant strides the past few weeks that would have taken me much longer on my old SAD diet. I have had an extreme watermelon allergy since I was in my pre-teen years. I couldn’t even eat anything that touched melon or had been cut on the same cutting board without erupting in fever-blister-like hives instantaneously. I decided to stay on the first phase of the diet an extra few days in the hopes it would clear up some food allergies. I am ecstatic to report all melon allergies are gone! I quite enjoyed the liver cleanse gorging myself on my newfound fruit. Thank you Robyn, for sharing all of your knowledge and advice throughout the detox. I look forward to doing it again! *results may vary

— Lela M., Santa Fe, New Mexico

Chance Encounter

Robyn Openshaw’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods is by far the most comprehensive, must-read, nutritional material out there! Our family has spent years reading the latest raw-food books/plans and struggled with contradicting information. We found most recipes to be too time consuming, complicated, and expensive for our large family. And we still had questions—if we are to eat “every seed bearing thing,” why aren’t grains widely used in raw food recipes? What about good qualities of dairy, such as probiotics in yogurt, etc.? Most importantly, how can a mom of four with a limited budget possibly make it all work? I found Robyn’s site by chance—and all of a sudden the answers (plus more!) we’d been searching for were right in front of our eyes. Robyn has covered pretty much every topic in the nutrition field with a simple, doable approach. We are excited to finally have found a way to make nutrition work for our family!

— Jennifer Bartlett

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Taste like heaven…..

The chocolate dipped blend bars taste like what I imagine food in heaven tastes like. Delicious! Is this really all organic whole food? I’m amazed! Barbara I. Blue Bell, PA

— Barbara I., Blue Bell, PA

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

Hard to believe this was healthy! Better than any candy bar I’ve ever eaten. Will purchase again! patricia w. forest park, IL

— patricia w., forest park, IL

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