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We are converted for life!

My husband and I have always tried to eat healthy, but adding green smoothies to our daily routine has made it so much easier. A 20-oz. smoothie for breakfast sets the day for us. Both of us used to have major carb cravings, and my husband also craved a lot of sugar, but when we start the day with a green smoothie, neither of us experience these cravings (unless we allow ourselves to get REALLY hungry).

My 2-year-old son loves green smoothies as well. He has never had the junk food that a lot of kids his age are so accustomed to, so I wouldn’t call adding smoothies to his diet a conversion,” but I’m still impressed every day when he gulps his down and asks for more.

Thanks, Robyn, for preaching the Gospel of Green. We are converted for life!

— Mandi L.

Variety Pack Blendbar: Superfood on the Go!

Wow! These Whole Food bars are nutritionally complete and densely packed with all the fruits, veggies and cashews you need when you’re on the go! They are delicious and filling. I love all three varieties -Green, Pink, and Chocolate Dipped -since buying the variety pack. Plus they are organic which I feel good about!

Darlynne J.
Franklin, Tennessee

— Darlynne J., Franklin, Tennessee

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Amazing goodness!!!

I tried this bar while driving and hungry…. I was so amazed at how great it tasted— one of the best, if not the best snack bar or treat or snack I’ve ever had!! It beats having to make my own smoothie — since I can take it along, stash in my office desk drawer for my hunger or sweet cravings!!! Definitely recommend it to anyone. Can’t wait to share with my husband!!!

Nanette C.
University Place, United States

— Nanette C., University Place, United States

Variety Pack Blendbar: Eating for Two (Ah-mazing)

For real, I splurged on this variety pack and thought I would invest in my health for a great meal for me + baby. Little did I know, I would grow to LOVE waking up and looking forward to them for breakfast. I love the variety pack cuz it changes it up and I LOVE the way you feel great after eating them — unlike most “health” bars that have fake additives. This is such a great deal with the Aug 25% off so I’m picking up a few packs ! You won’t be disappointed! (Also, I’m hiding them from my outside-the-womb kids!) Sorry. 😉

Jessica o.
Waupun, WI

— Jessica o., Waupun, WI

12 Steps to Whole Foods Graduate Lost 100 Lbs–Then Loses 12 More on the Detox!

From a beautiful lady in a little town with only one stoplight who previously lost 100 pounds doing Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods Course:
I have never done a detox before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was amazing. I loved it. I loved knowing I was helping my body to perform better, and I loved the empowering feeling I had throughout this whole experience. I was able to lose 12 lbs! I had been stuck at the same weight for a while not being able to get past it. I loved the full support, having a forum where you could get your questions answered. Being able to hear from others was great! I also loved the required buddy, which made all the difference, knowing I couldn’t let my buddy down. The live Q&A sessions with Robyn and the other coaches were also fabulous.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this detox program. It is amazing and I am becoming a lifetime member, looking forward to doing it again with you.

*results may vary

— K’Lynne W., Phoenix, Oregon

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

Hard to believe this was healthy! Better than any candy bar I’ve ever eaten. Will purchase again!

patricia w.
forest park, IL

— patricia w., forest park, IL

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Delicious!

This blendbar was delicious!! It’s great that something can taste so good & be so nutritious! Very handy to have when you need a healthy snack on the go. So glad I discovered them!!

Marlee M.
Creighton, SK

— Marlee M., Creighton, SK

I Felt Rejuvenated after Each Meal and Lost 10 lbs!

I really learned a lot during this cleanse! I appreciated the full support, because it helped me do more than just “eat different foods.” I enjoyed the program because of how thorough it is, and how it takes you through steps of getting organs cleaned out. Because of that, the food choices change, and that kept me interested in eating and looking forward to the next phase.

I loved how yummy the smoothies are! I feel like I can use many, if not all, of these recipes in my daily life. I also appreciated the tips on how to make the food prep doable on a daily basis, saving time. The shopping lists were wonderful, and I like how the Quick Start Guide and Manual charts broke shopping lists down depending on how many people were dong the program. Other tips for cleansing were great, too! The colon massage and oil pulling are a couple of my favorites.

One thing I really enjoyed was that after eating a meal during the cleanse, I actually felt better, more rejuvenated, and more energetic! Food as fuel! I love it! I lost 10 pounds and I was told by more than one person that it looked like even more than that!

*results may vary

— Karen C., Rigby, ID

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I love Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothies so of course the pink blend bar was my favorite! They are delicious and filling.

Evelyn W.
Buckeye, AZ

— Evelyn W., Buckeye, AZ

I Feel Great! 8 lbs Lost!

When I joined the program I wasn’t sure if I would make it past the first 4 days much less the entire 26! But with the daily emails and detox buddy that I was paired with, plus the access to the forums and calls, I was able to complete the detox. I have changed my habits from drinking Diet Coke each afternoon and coffee in the mornings. I feel great! I have dropped 8 pounds overall and was thrilled to see and feel the difference! I have committed to doing this twice a year and hope to get my husband to join in the next cleanse with me.

*results may vary

— Debora G., Culver City, California

I am a totally different person!

Green Smoothies have impacted my life in so many ways. I had gained 65 pounds from my first pregnancy on my “organic” processed-food diet. My self-esteem and confidence was crumbling around me. My energy levels ran on low even though I am only in my twenties. I remember when I was introduced to the concept of green smoothies at a health food store. A lady was handing out free samples. I used to work at a smoothie bar and the thought of adding greens to smoothies had never occurred to me.

It was two years ago when I discovered this amazing drink, and I have had one every day since. People started to comment on how radiant” my skin looked and asked how I was losing weight only 2-3 months after starting green smoothies. Soon, I had to make a printout of recipes and tips to give out to friends and family to make explaining the “Green Smoothie” easier and not as redundant. Not long after that, I started teaching health classes. There are probably more families at my church making smoothies than those that are not. We have all seen a difference in our health. I do not crave salty and sweet things like I used to. I feel like the chains of my cravings were released with the key of smoothies.

I have lost over 40 pounds and gained soaring levels of energy. I have a better outlook on life. I prefer to go for a walk instead of watching TV with a bag of chips by my side. My passion has grown so much for this simple concept that I am working on a website called I want others to feel the freedom that I am experiencing.

In February of ‘09, I had my second son. Thank goodness I can say that I didn’t gain 65 pounds this time around–only 16! I lost all of that on delivery day. Even though I didn’t gain a lot of weight, my 9-pound newborn was not lacking in that area. By 6 weeks post-partum, I was 6 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight! I was not starving myself either. The green smoothies give me so many different nutrients that my body doesn’t crave the junk.

I am so glad that there are people like Robyn out there promoting such a wonderful concept. Because of people like her, I am a totally different person. Thank you!

*results may vary

— DaNae Johnson

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Blendbars make a great emergency meal!

My husband and I recently did The Flash fast which we loved and we were introduced to the blendbars then. We have decided to replace our prepackaged protein drinks that we use for emergency meals with the blendbar because it has way better ingredients and it’s organic. 😜

Cheryl C.
Mesa, Az

— Cheryl C., Mesa, Az

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