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Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Pink Smoothie’s are so good it hard to eat just one.

I first ordered the variety pack to see if I would have a favorite. I like the chocolate dipped but like the Pink Smoothie better so I ordered a whole box of Pink Smoothies. Again I ate them in 2 days. I know I should not do that but they are so good.

Charles M.
West Chester, Ohio

— Charles M., West Chester, Ohio

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I have thoroughly enjoyed all flavors of green smoothie girl blend bars and knowing how much healthier it is for you than any of the other protein bars is much more rewarding and satisfying!

Diana C.
Ocoee, United States

— Diana C., Ocoee, United States

Feel Incredible

I have learned so much from the 12 Steps to Whole Foods program! I have learned to go back to the basics, what God intended us to eat. So many people ask me, “Well what do you eat then?” There is an abundance of food to eat!  It is aggravating because so many people are so ignorant about good nutrition.  I am more aware of all the advertisements promoting good nutrition in certain products just to make a sale, when they are really so far from good nutrition.

I tell so many people about the 12 Step program!  It is very obvious that I do not eat the ways of the world.  I stand out like a sore thumb when I don’t eat the food at a party and I bring my own snacks.

I have given countless number people the links and a CD full of information. I have inspired many people to start making green smoothies, four of whom have bought a BlendTec.  They too have experienced the benefits with just the smoothies.

I was at dinner a few months ago and one of them was a pharmacist.  He was giving me a hard time about why I eat the way I do.  He asked, “Why do you eat like that?” I said, “To put you out of business one day.”  He said, “Well, what about when you get diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol?”  I told him I wouldn’t get those diseases because of the way I eat and the things I do.  People don’t get how important food is, not just live but to live a healthy, full life and stay out of the doctor’s office. I have not gotten sick since being on the program. I am a runner and feel better than I did before.

I have a degree in Exercise Science and have taken many nutrition classes.  A whole food program makes the most sense, since it is what our bodies were designed to have.  I have a friend that is getting her masters in nutrition and snubs me for the way I eat because of her education in nutrition.  She thinks it is bogus, but then wonders why she can’t lose 20 pounds.  This program has no comparison to other nutrition. This one makes sense and it is easy, very easy!

I wish I could give a book to all my friends and family and have them change their lives.  Or even just have them start drinking green smoothies!

I absolutely LOVE the recipes in 12 Steps to Whole Foods! I make my shopping list from the book.  I printed off all of the pages and made it into a book so I can keep it in the kitchen.  My three year old loves the food in there as well.  The salads are my favorite!  Well, and the treats too.

I feel incredible since I have been on the program. I enjoy the fresh food.  It is easier than most people think.  I love being in the kitchen and then eating the good, wonderful food!  My friends and family have been my guinea pigs. I haven’t had too many complaints.

The benefits are countless.  The extra time in the kitchen and the extra money spent is more than worth it. It is like putting money into savings because I won’t spend it on my bad health in the future. I look forward to the day where I can have a garden and just walk outside to pick ingredients for dinner.

I will continue on the journey for myself and telling others about the program.  It is time to reverse the way we eat.  It will only help us. Thank you!

— Meghan Meredith

Variety Pack Blendbar: Review of Variety Smoothie Pack

I’ve tried all 3 smoothie bars from the variety pack, and I like all of them! I so far like the green smoothie bar the most, which I thought I would like the chocolate smoothie bar the most. Thanks for creating these healthy delicious smoothie bars!

Michael B.
Breaux Bridge, LA

— Michael B., Breaux Bridge, LA

Feeling So Much Better—Thank You for a Great Experience!

I am feeling so much better than when I started the detox. I tried very diligently to do what was instructed. I think the best part for me was being off of sugar and especially salt. Preparing food that was different than I usually prepare made preparation slower.

I want to thank you for a great experience. I especially liked all of the classes we were able to listen to and watch. I learned so very much. I would recommend this detox to anyone. It was great. Thank you for all the support. Keep up the good work, Robyn—it is well worth it.

— Bonnie M., South Jordan, Utah

Worked when juicing didn’t

The green smoothie idea has worked well for me whereas juicing did not. Anyone who has juiced knows the time commitment it takes for juicing and clean-up as well as the volume of veggies it takes to make just 2-3 eight-ounce juice drinks per day. When I read about green smoothies, it was immediately appealing to me. I bought a BlendTec right away. In only 14 months of use, the counter on my machine is already over 1,600!

I average 5 out of 7 days for making smoothies for myself and my husband, who will drink one anytime it’s available in the fridge. One benefit of green smoothies is helping me to be more alkaline.

— Linda C.

As soon as I added green smoothies, I felt AWESOME!

Hi, I’m 17 and a raw vegan and green smoothies have changed my life! I always felt tired and cranky and always a little hungry but as soon as I added green smoothies, I felt AWESOME! They give me everything I need, I love my green smoothies!

— Brendon Clarke-Pepper

Addicted to green smoothies!

Is it possible to be addicted to green smoothies? Ever since you first introduced me to green drinks years ago, I’ve dabbled here and there with them. Things got serious though this past spring when I started working and knew that my diet would suffer now that I don’t have a lot of time to devote to thinking about what I am eating. I decided to make green smoothies my daily morning meal—there isn’t a quicker, more nutritious breakfast to be had! I’ve even introduced green smoothies to my friends at the office, and even whip up an extra drink for one of my co-workers, who now says she can’t wait for Monday mornings to come so she can have a smoothie for breakfast! I love the way I feel since incorporating green smoothies into my daily diet! I have energy for the entire morning; I do not crave sugar nearly as much. I can definitely say without doubt that green smoothies have made a difference; I just feel healthy!

This past week I made a green smoothie for a little nephew of mine who has never, ever eaten a vegetable in his life. Ever. My sister was very skeptical that he would even try it, let alone like it. Not only did he like it, he asked for more. My sister was blown away, and soooo happy to know that there was a way to get her little guy to get so much more nutrition into his diet. Oh, my sister loved it too!

Thanks, Robyn, for introducing us slowly but surely to green-drink-heaven! If I miss a day of green smoothies, I miss it, CRAVE it even. I’ve become a true addict.

— Sheri H., Utah

Skeptical Registered Nurse Learns about Nutrition and Loses 15 lbs!

The journey that I took in participating in the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox has been life changing. I don’t use that phrase lightly, as by nature I’m pretty skeptical, so please understand how big that is for me!

I never thought I could live for 26 days without meat and chocolate every day! It is amazing to me how my taste buds have changed and how I no longer crave the foods that I once did. It was difficult at times, but having the online support and my detox buddy helped me through that.

I am a Registered Nurse and always thought I understood nutrition, but now I realize how far off some of my thinking has been. I am so appreciative to Robyn and her team for creating such a great program and for opening my eyes to the way that I can now live. I lost 15 pounds!

*results may vary

— Renae O., Rigby, ID

Setting Personal Records in Triathlons at Age 49, Down 9 Lbs, and Feeling Phenomenal!

I FEEL ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! Official stats during the 26-day GSG Detox period: 9 pound loss (8.5 lbs. fat loss, 1 lb. fluid loss, and gain of .5 lb. lean muscle)! I have been a Green Smoothie Girl since May 2012, and now my life has just become nutritionally stronger. Competing in triathlons for 7 years, I am now setting new personal records at those events at the age of 49.

My taste buds have been altered and I can now pass up that bag of chips (my downfall was salt)!

I’ve discovered the benefits of being healthy at the cellular level. Now with the Detox, the cells are that much more cleaned out. Full support and with a buddy is VERY HELPFUL for success! Thank you, Robyn!

*results may vary

— Donna J., Auburn, WA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Delicious!!

I loved all the flavors! Really satisfying and delicious! But the real taste testers were my grandchildren. They love all fresh fruit and vegetables. They do not like commercial “healthy” snacks. They loved the bars!

Diane B.
Boyne City, Michigan

— Diane B., Boyne City, Michigan

We Thought We Knew a Lot about Nutrition and Health—But Wow! 10 lbs. Lost

Although my husband and I had been drinking green smoothies for over a year, had the GSG 12 Steps to Whole Foods program in the box unopened, and I had been eating GMO-free and organic for two months prior to starting the Full Support Detox Program…the detox has changed my life, my husband’s, and our buddy and her husband’s lives! We are all active, healthy people, but we learned so much! We each had our own personal food demons—mine being salt, my husband’s being coffee, and our buddies’ being meat and dairy.

We thought we already knew a lot going in, and found we actually had a lot to learn. Robyn provides a lot of the “whys” rather than just the “do this” for us to follow blindly. The four of us are the type of people who question everything, and Robyn gives you the reasons behind each step of the program.

The program materials were detailed enough, but also simple enough to use. We enjoyed the two live calls and the daily content that often had a video, so visual learners like us could get a better understanding of, say, skin brushing or colon massaging.

I’ve incorporated skin brushing into my daily routine, we bought a FIR Sauna as a result of this Detox, and towards the end we began reading the 12 Steps and listening to the accompanying CDs. A week after the detox, we are now on the 8-week menu planner that was written to accompany the 12-Step program. I am thankful for the 8-week guide, as I am no cook and I need to be told what to do and how to do it in order to learn. This fits the bill! The recipes have been very tasty, and the 8-week guide will help us be successful going forward.

Thanks for the program. Where else can you get all this information in one place? Nowhere!

*results may vary

— Marlene K., San Marcos, CA

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