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More Energy, Knees Don’t Hurt as Much, Lost 23 lbs—Will Definitely Do It Again!

I have never tried a detox of this magnitude before. I paid for my buddy, as I knew I would not do it without accountability. I was surprised to lose 23 pounds! I was surprised at how easy it was.

There were days I could not even eat all the food in the daily program—and I still lost so much weight! I never felt hungry or deprived, which was amazing. I think part of the answer was doing some spiritual housecleaning before starting.

I heard Robyn speak in person last January in Houston. I bought the whole GSG 12 Step program that night but never opened the box till after finishing the detox. I had never done dry skin brushing. I found a Far infrared sauna about 30 minutes from me; I LOVE the sauna. People keep commenting on how good my skin looks so I think, all things considered, I have come out way ahead of expectations in that area. I do have more energy and my knees don’t hurt as much.

I loved the emails and videos we received every day. I looked forward to them! Robyn has such an easy, non-condescending approach to all this, and I thoroughly wanted to complete it. My husband is a pastor, so we had about 5 meals out with other couples during this time. I did great, as I was not drawn to the food, as I was full and satisfied with the detox food. I will definitely do it again next time.

*results may vary

— Lee Ann P., Magnolia, Texas

I feel full of raw goodness

I look forward every morning to drinking my green smoothie because I know that it is a delicious, healthy, and empowering way to start my day. I now have my husband converted and my college-age son who needs good nutrition because most of the other things he grabs during the day are fast, on-the-go type foods. I feel full of raw goodness and do not need to eat anything else for most of the morning.

— Ciel M.

Using green smoothies as a means to improve overall health.

I have enjoyed physical changes in my body. I have enjoyed some weight loss, great digestion, and increased desire to reduce cooked and processed foods. I have talked to others about using the green smoothies as a means to improve their overall health.

*results may vary

— C. Brown

We are converted for life!

My husband and I have always tried to eat healthy, but adding green smoothies to our daily routine has made it so much easier. A 20-oz. smoothie for breakfast sets the day for us. Both of us used to have major carb cravings, and my husband also craved a lot of sugar, but when we start the day with a green smoothie, neither of us experience these cravings (unless we allow ourselves to get REALLY hungry).

My 2-year-old son loves green smoothies as well. He has never had the junk food that a lot of kids his age are so accustomed to, so I wouldn’t call adding smoothies to his diet a conversion,” but I’m still impressed every day when he gulps his down and asks for more.

Thanks, Robyn, for preaching the Gospel of Green. We are converted for life!

— Mandi L.

I Feel Cleaner, Lighter, with More Energy, Less Pain—and I Lost 9 lbs!

As a health care professional all my life, I was entrenched in the SAD, was prediabetic, had precardiac issues, had borderline thyroid issues, with full-blown joint issues, and a weight that often ballooned to morbidly obese. I even tried stomach stapling in the past, but ended up having it reversed because of the awful side effects.

I have been on a mission the last 7 years to bring my body back to a state of true health. I have tried juice fasting with colonics and regular massage (all of which I still do). I tried a physical trainer, conventional “dieting” with working out, HCG programs for rapid weight loss when the joint issues interfered with my job, etc., etc. I had food sensitivities, cravings for many unhealthy foods—and after easily losing 100# or more, would yo-yo back close to where I was, before starting the next “new thing.”

Robyn Openshaw came into my life four years ago, and her 12 Steps to Whole Foods was a breath of fresh air. Imagine a program that emphasizes “adding in” healthy things instead of what you “can’t have.” It has been a two-steps-forward, one-step-back process to undo a lifetime of abusing my body, but it is finally paying off. This cleanse is the crowning glory! I feel cleaner, lighter, with more energy, MUCH less joint pain; I’m able to move better, do my job better and, most of all, my body isn’t pushing me to eat things that aren’t healthy. I feel more relaxed about what I’m going to eat on a daily basis.

These recipes rock! The Pink Breakfast Smoothie is my new favorite. I lost 9 lbs. on this detox, even eating larger portions of some of the soups and salads. I am now going to do the two cleanses for the parasites and pathogens. I am converting to the lifetime membership because I want to do this cleanse twice a year for sure! Next time I am budgeting for the supplements also! I have 6 months to tuck away the money. I have done other “cleanses,” but this is by far the best. Thank you, Robyn, for putting in the time, effort, and love to research the “best of the best” programs and put together a useful, DOABLE detox/cleanse for us “average” people, and continually being a source of inspiration, education and, above all, support! Gathering all the experts to educate us at the same time we are cleansing is inspiring and uplifting, and helps keep us going during the cleanse. I love all the calls, the videos, and the emails lifting us up every day!

*results may vary

— Karen H., Las Vegas, Nevada

I feel great!

I drink a quart of an all-vegetable green smoothie every day. I have more energy, sleep better, wake up ready for the day, and generally feel much better. I believe it’s because of the green smoothie and a whole foods diet, mostly raw. I have cut out all processed foods, sugar, and caffeine, and I feel great! Thanks for your website; it’s very informative and inspiring!

— Carol J.

Lowered Glucose, Overall Cholesterol, and Lost 20 lbs!

My wife and I participated in the full-support Level II version of the detox; we are healthier, lighter, and happier as a couple for the experience. Not only did I lose 20 pounds, but I did blood work before and after, and the program lowered my glucose 20 mg/dL and my overall cholesterol 140 mg/dL. I won’t kid you: there were times when I didn’t feel very good. I needed more sleep and I had to pull back on my work and exercise. I did not, during the detox, have a resurgence of energy. But I am feeling very good now that it is over and the results speak for themselves.

*results may vary

— Robert M., Tucson, AZ

The green drink is the best breakfast a person could have.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. I had a surgery to remove the lump but refused chemo and radiation. I saw a naturopathic doctor and through micro water, stabilizing my PH, and diet, was able to get rid of it. In the spring of 2008 I knew from the symptoms the cancer was back.

I checked my pH, which was so acidic it wouldn’t even read on the paper. I went to see my doctor and he confirmed the readings. I knew the key to getting rid of cancer was a balanced pH. I have a microwater machine, but I knew the fastest way to balance pH is through greens, but it was impossible to eat the amount that I needed.

I’ve been drinking blended greens faithfully since August of 2008 along with the raw food, no dairy, no meat. I was rechecked for cancer in January and there are no signs at all*. I feel great, haven’t been sick. I’ve lost weight and am back down to my high school weight and size. I have energy, etc. . . I could go on and on. My kids can’t believe I’m running around chasing the grandkids like a teenager. The green drink is the best breakfast a person could have.

Because of the positive change in me, about 10 other people have started drinking green smoothies. Ladies at Curves, my husband, my daughter, my husbands’ parents, my parents, and my friends. And when I go to Sunflower Market, I meet a lot of people, mostly older people buying kale for their green drink. I smile and think, wow, that’s great!

— Terri Barnett, Payson , UT

I crave green smoothies!

I crave green smoothies. They satisfy my hunger. I am a teacher; therefore, I am surrounded by germs and viruses. Since I have been on green smoothies for about six months, I have not been sick. I am convinced the phytonutrients in my breakfast and lunch smoothie are what has kept me in good health.

— Chris B.

Noticeable improvements!

My wife and I noticeably improved skin tone and clearer complexion and had people notice and make comments. We noted some indigestion during the day as we added both fruit and vegetables to our smoothies which digest differently, but was minor. We also weren’t very hungry for 4-5 hours after drinking the green smoothie.

— Scott

Green smoothies are now a daily part of my life!

Green smoothies are now a daily part of my life! I have much more energy now and GS is a complete meal, more nutritious than eating out! I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and this has definitely improved my health! As a teacher (now retired) and a lifeguard for the Kentucky State Park System for 32 summers, green smoothies help me to stay in great shape!

— Steve House

GSG Detox Is One of the Most Powerful Things I Have Ever Done for My Health!

The GSG Detox is one of the most powerful things I have ever done for my health. Yes, I wanted to lose weight, and I did. 15 lbs! I already knew my body was overwhelmed with toxicity. That was my real motivation for doing it. I have been struggling with debilitating headaches all my adult life. I contracted Epstein-Barr over 10 years ago and have never been the same. I’ve needed caffeine to just function each day. I eat well and exercise yet, until now, could never lose weight.

The program is so well thought out and research-based. There are difficult days. There’s an emotional component that I was not expecting. But it is very doable. You are never hungry. Your body is getting everything it needs to function optimally with nothing else to get in the way.

The full support program was so helpful in letting me know that what I was experiencing was normal, and a sign that it was working. My body was healing. The expert calls were a wealth of information. I did Level 1, with some aspects of level 2.

After the first week the detox reactions were minimal and very manageable. I have not had a headache since the start of week 2. I have had no caffeine since the start, and have plenty of energy for my day. Bloating in my gut is gone and I can even tolerate gluten a little better. I feel like I have turned back the clock to my early 30s!

As I resume “normal” eating again, I still don’t want to stray far from the program. I feel too good to go back!

*results may vary

— Teresa V., Galt, VA

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