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No longer crave junk food!

My New Year’s Resolution was to GO GREEN. My husband and I (yes, I converted him) both love the green smoothies. They are very satisfying. We no longer crave junk food. We have begun to lose a few pounds. I am turning on my grandchildren and children to them. My husband is Hispanic, diabetic, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. We are seeing improvements. It has only been a month. We use our BlendTec for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We make smoothies, salad dressings, soups and using your 12 Steps to Whole Foods book each month to be totally green after one year. Thank you for all your research and recipes.

— Pat M.

Energized and 16 lbs Lost!

I started this diet as a team effort with my sister-in-law. I was excited about trying something new. I really didn’t feel that losing weight was my priority, but in doing so I really look better and feel better and lost 16 pounds! I have been a runner for years. I have run marathons and half marathons. Plantar fasciitis and a knee-overuse injury have stopped me from running more than once a week for the past year. I have noticed that my knees and feet really don’t bother like they used to. I am energized that my body can heal from this. I was looking for something that I could do.

*results may vary

— Amy M., Vidor, Texas

Green smoothies have changed my life

Green smoothies have changed my life. Not only have I converted my family members, but also the people I work with. My 15 month old son loves the green smoothies and always asks for more. I feel better, look better, and love that I was able to spread the word about green smoothie goodness!

— Jamie Stavinaha

I will not ever go back to eating the way I used to!

I started drinking green smoothies and doing about 80% to 95% raw to help improve my migraine headaches. I lost 51 pounds in six months and I feel great. I am 47 years old, and I teach at an alternative high school. It can be very stressful working with at-risk youth. I have seen my mood and attitude improve so much since I started adding green smoothies as my breakfast.

My favorite is 2 bananas, 1 large apple, 2 kale leaves, 6-8 dandelion greens, 2 large handfuls fresh spinach, some wheatgrass juice, 2 cups water and 1 cup of ice. Blend and I have breakfast and my afternoon snack. This great stuff and I will not ever go back to eating the way I used to with fast and processed foods.

*results may vary

— Carol N.

In Control of My Lifestyle Now—and Down 13 lbs!

I would definitely suggest participating in Full Support, because when you’re detoxing, a lot of questions come up that can be answered via the forum. It’s also nice to know that you’re not alone with feelings and experiences. I also really enjoyed many of the audios on specific health topics. They were very informative and they gave me more in-depth knowledge on how to improve my health.

I lost a total of 13 lbs! I started out feeling out of control of my weight, but now I am feeling calm and reassured that I can continue a more healthy way of eating. My main goal was to change from my poor food choices, lack of exercise, and stressed-out lifestyle to one that I am in control of, by choosing healthy lifestyle options instead. I feel that I can do that now.

I also bought Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods course prior to the detox, and it was another goal to get it out of the closet and incorporated into my life. After this detox, I feel that I have the tools to do it now. Today I’m already planning on what I’m going to make for my week ending after the detox. I’ve come to realize that I have to take the time to prepare my meals.

Thank you for offering this program that really can help to put people back on the right track to real health as long as we continue to make healthy lifestyle choices. It was definitely worth it and I am so glad I had the opportunity to participate. I am planning to repeat when the next detox comes around.

*results may vary

— Brenda F., Murietta, CA

No More Leggings with Long Shirts!

What the…?! I am shocked, for weight loss was not my goal. It’s my immune system that was my goal! So here’s what’s been happening:
I started doing green smoothies and raw/whole foods eating for 3 weeks before I started this detox. I was 139 pounds 3-1/2 weeks ago! Today I’m 127! WHAT?! That is crazy! And at least 4 of those pounds have come off since I last weighed myself, which was Tuesday. I am 4’11” and petite-boned.

So, 139 pounds three weeks ago was a bit chunky for me. Not one pair of my jeans fit. I started wearing leggings every day. I know women out there hear me—leggings with long shirts!

I also felt worse with each pound I gained—worse in my joints, and overall. But truthfully, I went into this not so much for weight loss (although it’s wonderful) but for my immune system (that is seriously in the crapper).

And that’s the next bit of GOOD NEWS. I had “granuloma annulare” on my elbows. As of this morning, I have VERY little, almost gone. And here’s the weird part: in the last 3 days, they were red and tingly. I thought something was wrong. Hubby said I needed to show my dermatologist. I said I think it’s healing itself. He said you are crazy, food doesn’t do that.

BUT it did! I can’t imagine what they will look like in a week!! Probably gone. Wait till my dermatologist sees it. She did a biopsy and said she could take it all out surgically, but there would be a scar. She was talking about steroid shots and pills etc.—no way! And the rashy/red spots on my back/shoulder/neck top of arms are LESS red. Looks WAY better, less inflamed and reddish looking. I am so excited to see what next week brings.

Detox magic is what I’m calling it now! Hang in there guys!! I am still having detox symptoms, but I know FOR SURE that my body is healing right now, and that makes me so incredibly happy. I know the side effects will go away soon. I ate her plan for 3 weeks before this detox and I was full and happy. It’s just a NEW way to eat, a little more work in kitchen, but preplanning is key. And I WANT MY HEALTH BACK!!! For a little inconvenience of learning to cook new raw/whole foods things, it’s worth it to me!!

*results may vary

— Jennifer P.

It is easier to drink your greens.

I love the green smoothies; they have made a world of difference in my life. I know I am a happier healthier person because of them. I am so thankful for them; I love them so very much. They have given me so much drive. It is easier to drink your greens. I have been eating healthy greens for years. I like the kale in a smoothie rather than eating it daily as I have done. It is much easier to get down in a drinkable form. Thank you!

*results may vary

— Lisa

I Felt Rejuvenated after Each Meal and Lost 10 lbs!

I really learned a lot during this cleanse! I appreciated the full support, because it helped me do more than just “eat different foods.” I enjoyed the program because of how thorough it is, and how it takes you through steps of getting organs cleaned out. Because of that, the food choices change, and that kept me interested in eating and looking forward to the next phase.

I loved how yummy the smoothies are! I feel like I can use many, if not all, of these recipes in my daily life. I also appreciated the tips on how to make the food prep doable on a daily basis, saving time. The shopping lists were wonderful, and I like how the Quick Start Guide and Manual charts broke shopping lists down depending on how many people were dong the program. Other tips for cleansing were great, too! The colon massage and oil pulling are a couple of my favorites.

One thing I really enjoyed was that after eating a meal during the cleanse, I actually felt better, more rejuvenated, and more energetic! Food as fuel! I love it! I lost 10 pounds and I was told by more than one person that it looked like even more than that!

*results may vary

— Karen C., Rigby, ID

My day is not complete without a smoothie!

My day is not complete without a smoothie! If I go without one, I feel bad physically and mentally. My children love them, too, and want them every day so they can have energy and strong muscles.

— Jenny L.

Noticeable improvements!

My wife and I noticeably improved skin tone and clearer complexion and had people notice and make comments. We noted some indigestion during the day as we added both fruit and vegetables to our smoothies which digest differently, but was minor. We also weren’t very hungry for 4-5 hours after drinking the green smoothie.

— Scott

I Feel Cleaner, Lighter, with More Energy, Less Pain—and I Lost 9 lbs!

As a health care professional all my life, I was entrenched in the SAD, was prediabetic, had precardiac issues, had borderline thyroid issues, with full-blown joint issues, and a weight that often ballooned to morbidly obese. I even tried stomach stapling in the past, but ended up having it reversed because of the awful side effects.

I have been on a mission the last 7 years to bring my body back to a state of true health. I have tried juice fasting with colonics and regular massage (all of which I still do). I tried a physical trainer, conventional “dieting” with working out, HCG programs for rapid weight loss when the joint issues interfered with my job, etc., etc. I had food sensitivities, cravings for many unhealthy foods—and after easily losing 100# or more, would yo-yo back close to where I was, before starting the next “new thing.”

Robyn Openshaw came into my life four years ago, and her 12 Steps to Whole Foods was a breath of fresh air. Imagine a program that emphasizes “adding in” healthy things instead of what you “can’t have.” It has been a two-steps-forward, one-step-back process to undo a lifetime of abusing my body, but it is finally paying off. This cleanse is the crowning glory! I feel cleaner, lighter, with more energy, MUCH less joint pain; I’m able to move better, do my job better and, most of all, my body isn’t pushing me to eat things that aren’t healthy. I feel more relaxed about what I’m going to eat on a daily basis.

These recipes rock! The Pink Breakfast Smoothie is my new favorite. I lost 9 lbs. on this detox, even eating larger portions of some of the soups and salads. I am now going to do the two cleanses for the parasites and pathogens. I am converting to the lifetime membership because I want to do this cleanse twice a year for sure! Next time I am budgeting for the supplements also! I have 6 months to tuck away the money. I have done other “cleanses,” but this is by far the best. Thank you, Robyn, for putting in the time, effort, and love to research the “best of the best” programs and put together a useful, DOABLE detox/cleanse for us “average” people, and continually being a source of inspiration, education and, above all, support! Gathering all the experts to educate us at the same time we are cleansing is inspiring and uplifting, and helps keep us going during the cleanse. I love all the calls, the videos, and the emails lifting us up every day!

*results may vary

— Karen H., Las Vegas, Nevada

I lost 7 Pounds and Feel Amazing!

GSG Detox with FULL SUPPORT was a valuable undertaking. Having a buddy was PRICELESS! I lost 7 lbs. over the 26-day program. I went from a healthy 125.5 lbs. to an even healthier 118.5 lbs. Weight loss was not an initial reason for challenging myself; however, cleaning and repairing my body organs was. I have been a vegetarian for five-plus years and did eat a strong, plant-based diet. My goal with the detox was to establish an anti-inflammatory environment for my body. I feel like I achieved that with the full-support program by being guided and supported throughout the 26 days.

I did not sign up with a buddy, and GSG paired me up with an amazing detox participant. We committed to e-chatting daily, and that support became very important to both of us as the detox program progressed. I also took advantage of the Daily Content and Forum posts that enhanced my understanding of the body’s ability to repair itself.

I am an endurance athlete, and even though my stamina suffered during the detoxing, I know that as I slowly increase plant-centered, whole-food calories into my regular diet, that stamina will return and I will be a stronger runner as a result.

I LOVED this program. I lost 7 pounds and feel amazing! I never would have done this program without full support, as I know myself and wouldn’t have kept up if I didn’t have daily emails and encouragement. There were also helpful hints in the full-support manual that those who chose not to go that route missed. The discussion forum was also very helpful as well as the phone calls.

My knees no longer hurt constantly, and I can go up and down stairs without pain. I also no longer need a nap in the afternoon, which has been part of my routine since my teenagers were little. Robyn, I so appreciate all the time and work you put into this program. It truly has changed me. I purchased the 12 Steps to Whole Foods and plan to continue eating this way and getting healthier. I also sleep much better and wake rested.

Again, thanks for all your research and hard work. This was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.

*results may vary

— Laurie T., Ashton, Illinois

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