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I feel great!

I drink a quart of an all-vegetable green smoothie every day. I have more energy, sleep better, wake up ready for the day, and generally feel much better. I believe it’s because of the green smoothie and a whole foods diet, mostly raw. I have cut out all processed foods, sugar, and caffeine, and I feel great! Thanks for your website; it’s very informative and inspiring!

— Carol J.

Kicked My Sugar Cravings! Down 14 lbs!

Total weight loss of 14 lbs. Highlights of the detox:
-Feeling lighter!
-Fitting into my fave dress (hadn’t been able to in 3 yrs) and my fave jeans (not since 2006!)
-Last, but not least, kicking my sugar cravings—that’s huge!
Going forward I’m committed to the following. After 20+ days, these seem attainable now:
-Staying away from refined sugar—goodbye cookies, cakes, candies. I joked to my fiancée that the next time I’ll have sweets is when we cut our wedding cake in May.
-Maintaining a low-sodium diet. Seriously, salty stuff doesn’t even taste good anymore. Now I prefer the more “complex” and zesty taste of lemon!
-Eating more veggies. I was a total carnivore, but somehow meat no longer holds its previous appeal.

*results may vary

— Tracy S., Salt Lake City, Utah

Variety Pack Blendbar: The Best Protein Bars

These BlendBars are totally delicious, healthy, and filling. As a woman who loves her own green smoothies I feel these are the perfect replacement when traveling or for a healthy pick-me- up. I ate the first two in the pack and immediately ordered a whole box and I will be ordering more when they are almost gone.

Kathy B.
Burlingame, United States

— Kathy B., Burlingame, United States

Surprised With Our Results!

My husband was my detox buddy for this (our first) 26 day detox. I shopped & he helped with the food prep. We both had detox cleansing symptoms of headache, fatigue, achy joints, gas & bloating which lasted at least a week into the program. For years my husband has been on blood pressure meds (even on the meds his BP was 150/96). After the first week, he was still feeling very tired and weak. He was hydrated, resting as needed, eating plenty, taking lots of cinnamon. When he took his BP it was 103/57!

The doc took him off all meds after that first week of detox. He donated blood at the end of our detox. His iron level rocked (proves no need for red meat!) and BP 120/72!!!

We were surprised that we were never hungry and generally had no cravings. Having no salt was the hardest to adjust to (harder than no caffeine). We did the skin brushing, oil pulling, infrared sauna, exercises. While we read a lot about the coffee enemas, we did not try them this first detox. I really appreciated the shopping lists & menu plans which totally simplified the detox. Also, the daily emails & video supports were very beneficial to keep us understanding the process, as well as promote motivation to persevere.

In addition, he dropped a total of 22 lbs while I dropped 11 lbs. We feel great with improved energy and the desire to continue a cleaner lifestyle in all aspects of our life. We have been walking testimonials as others have observed the positive changes in us, both physically as well as mentally/emotionally. We would do this detox again.

*results may vary

— Maureen P., Sonora, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Delicious…convenient…satisfying

I loved the taste and convenience of blender bars…easy to grab when going to work or an outing with the grandkids. The chewiness also makes them very satisfying, also. My grandkids loved them as they are used to daily green smoothies.

Ruth C.
Rancho Cucamonga, United States

— Ruth C., Rancho Cucamonga, United States

I feel lucky to have been introduced to green smoothies

Even if I have not seen so much difference, I feel lucky to have been introduced to green smoothies, a very interesting way to eat more greens and fruits. Hope it will show results in a near future and keep disease at bay!

I now fix green smoothies for my entire family several times per week and our immune systems have been clearly better while doing this on a consistent basis.

— Anonymous

I love everything about green smoothies

I love everything about green smoothies. They have made a great improvement in my life. I share them with anyone interested in tasting one and most everyone loves them as much as I do! People who are not open minded enough to try a small taste, well, they do not know what a grand, life-changing experience that are missing. I was so excited when my 21-year old daughter told me about green smoothies. I could not wait to try one. What an awesome gift to share with anyone that you love!!!

— Bonnie K.

Variety Pack Blendbar: Superfood on the Go!

Wow! These Whole Food bars are nutritionally complete and densely packed with all the fruits, veggies and cashews you need when you’re on the go! They are delicious and filling. I love all three varieties -Green, Pink, and Chocolate Dipped -since buying the variety pack. Plus they are organic which I feel good about!

Darlynne J.
Franklin, Tennessee

— Darlynne J., Franklin, Tennessee

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I was pleasantly surprised how good they were! I’m not a big fan of smoothies so I was a little skeptical. I wanted something that I could eat while driving. They taste fresh and like real food. I will definitely reorder them.

Gail B.
Oconomowoc, WI

— Gail B., Oconomowoc, WI

I can never stop!

When I slow down on drinking green smoothies, it seems my joints start getting stiff and I get tired again. Also I stop being regular and go back to bowel movements once every three days!

— Anonymous

Variety Pack Blendbar:

Best bars ever! I bought the variety pack and loved each flavor, but my favorite is Pink Smoothie. No weird aftertaste and the texture is wonderful.I make sure there’s a bar in my purse when I leave the house in the morning. Great job Robyn.

Diane M.
Vero Beach, Fl

— Diane M., Vero Beach, Fl

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I thought that the bars tasted really good. I was pleasantly surprised. But, the price is too high for the size of the bar, especially when you have to pay shipping as well. Definitely disappointed in that, otherwise I would buy them again.

Sherry R.
Cantonment, Florida

— Sherry R., Cantonment, Florida

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