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Variety Pack Blendbar:

I absolutely LOVE these bars! I especially appreciate all the organic ingredients and I don’t get the icky after eating them like I do in the bars with protein powder. It makes me feel good that I am able to grab one of these bars when I run out of time to make a smoothie and I know I am at least eating something nutritional and they are delicious! Thank you Robin for creating these!

Tamar S.
Jackson, MS

— Tamar S., Jackson, MS

More Energy, Knees Don’t Hurt as Much, Lost 23 lbs—Will Definitely Do It Again!

I have never tried a detox of this magnitude before. I paid for my buddy, as I knew I would not do it without accountability. I was surprised to lose 23 pounds! I was surprised at how easy it was.

There were days I could not even eat all the food in the daily program—and I still lost so much weight! I never felt hungry or deprived, which was amazing. I think part of the answer was doing some spiritual housecleaning before starting.

I heard Robyn speak in person last January in Houston. I bought the whole GSG 12 Step program that night but never opened the box till after finishing the detox. I had never done dry skin brushing. I found a Far infrared sauna about 30 minutes from me; I LOVE the sauna. People keep commenting on how good my skin looks so I think, all things considered, I have come out way ahead of expectations in that area. I do have more energy and my knees don’t hurt as much.

I loved the emails and videos we received every day. I looked forward to them! Robyn has such an easy, non-condescending approach to all this, and I thoroughly wanted to complete it. My husband is a pastor, so we had about 5 meals out with other couples during this time. I did great, as I was not drawn to the food, as I was full and satisfied with the detox food. I will definitely do it again next time.

*results may vary

— Lee Ann P., Magnolia, Texas

Better Sleep, Clearer Skin, Fewer Sweets Cravings—Plus Lost 9 lbs!

I learned so many new ways to take care of myself and my family through this full-support detox! I’m so grateful I got guidance on essential oils, skin brushing, and coffee enemas. I now feel confident implementing these new tools for health into my everyday life. The best parts of this detox was sleeping better at night, clearer skin, and losing my cravings for sweets! I lost 9.5 pounds (and always had options of healthy things to eat when hungry!) while on the detox. This was well worth my time and effort, as it is such a well researched program, and access to the forum and my buddy gave me the support and encouragement needed to get through each phase of the detox journey. I would definitely recommend this to others and do it again on a yearly basis!

*results may vary

— Kara T., Oak Harbor, Washington

I love the recipes!

I love them, I love green smoothies anyway, and I love your recipes the best. It is so good to have mainly greens and a few fruits instead of the other way around as I was previously doing. I love them and my kids do also. They crave them as I do.

— Anonymous

Variety Pack Blendbar: Pleasantly surprised

I actually liked these !! I haven’t tried very many similar products where I found I enjoyed the taste. Usually I put up with the taste because of “supposed ” health benefits. I did not share these with my kids- I kept them for myself-sorry kids!

Miriam I.
Dornsife, Pennsylvania

— Miriam I., Dornsife, Pennsylvania

Variety Pack Blendbar: Review of Variety Smoothie Pack

I’ve tried all 3 smoothie bars from the variety pack, and I like all of them! I so far like the green smoothie bar the most, which I thought I would like the chocolate smoothie bar the most. Thanks for creating these healthy delicious smoothie bars!

Michael B.
Breaux Bridge, LA

— Michael B., Breaux Bridge, LA

Lost 15 lbs—GSG Detox One of the Most Rewarding Experiences!

The GSG Detox was the hardest but most rewarding experience I have ever had. I lost 15.5 lbs. My life has been changed for the better, and much more than I ever could have imagined. The first two weeks were hard but well worth the effort. In the beginning I had symptoms and reactions, but after those initial weeks I was able to settle into the program and was amazed as chronic pain and fatigue disappeared, sugar, salt and caffeine addictions dissipated, and the weight literally fell off—BONUS!

Having a buddy to participate in the program with was definitely a key factor. Having the full support of the GSG staff and other detox participants through the forum and the expert calls and videos was also key to understanding and participating to the fullest. I would definitely recommend this detox program to anyone looking to change their life and health for the better. Thanks Robyn and GSG staff for this amazing experience! I will definitely participate again in the future.

*results may vary

— Brenda G., South Jordan, Utah

Variety Pack Blendbar:

Not a fan. Although the pink ones are the best, the chocolate ones are not good at all

Debbie T.
Pasco, Wa

— Debbie T., Pasco, Wa

Thanks so much for helping to change the quality of my life!

I have endometriosis and ovarian cysts and have suffered with cramping, heavy menstruation, and low back pain for 20+ years. I have had numerous surgeries to help correct and alleviate the problem with no success. I finally reached the point that my doctors determined a hysterectomy would be my next surgery. I am in my early thirties and was not ready for that so I spent a lot of time researching nutritional options. I discovered green smoothies and they have helped tremendously (I have been drinking them for a year now).

My cycles have improved dramatically and the majority of the time I feel like a normal person. That has never been the case because of this constant pain that was always with me. Thanks for all of the info on your site. As I have changed my eating habits I have also discovered trigger foods that cause ovarian pain, spotting, and bleeding. I am grieving the loss of chocolate but the smoothies have almost taken any cravings for sweets away. Once again thanks so much for helping to change the quality of my life.

*results may vary

— Becky Flannery, Sandy, Utah

Variety Pack Blendbar: LOVE THEM!

My husband and I are huge fans of the bars. I’m a cancer survivor and do my best to eat as close to plant based as possible and these help so much. Thank you!

Kathleen G.
West Chester, Ohio

— Kathleen G., West Chester, Ohio

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar:

We love your BlendBars and especially what’s in them! They are great for
an emergency meal like when we went through the recent hurricane.

Patricia B.
Jupiter, Florida

— Patricia B., Jupiter, Florida

I will not ever go back to eating the way I used to!

I started drinking green smoothies and doing about 80% to 95% raw to help improve my migraine headaches. I lost 51 pounds in six months and I feel great. I am 47 years old, and I teach at an alternative high school. It can be very stressful working with at-risk youth. I have seen my mood and attitude improve so much since I started adding green smoothies as my breakfast.

My favorite is 2 bananas, 1 large apple, 2 kale leaves, 6-8 dandelion greens, 2 large handfuls fresh spinach, some wheatgrass juice, 2 cups water and 1 cup of ice. Blend and I have breakfast and my afternoon snack. This great stuff and I will not ever go back to eating the way I used to with fast and processed foods.

*results may vary

— Carol N.

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