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I love green smoothies!

Hi my name is Kathy Wells and I love green smoothies. My youngest daughter is 6 and she also loves them now. My oldest is working on them. But I have been able to convert her into eating healthy fruits and veggies. So her smoothies have less green in them but they are getting better.

— Kathy W.

Skeptical Registered Nurse Learns about Nutrition and Loses 15 lbs!

The journey that I took in participating in the GreenSmoothieGirl Detox has been life changing. I don’t use that phrase lightly, as by nature I’m pretty skeptical, so please understand how big that is for me!

I never thought I could live for 26 days without meat and chocolate every day! It is amazing to me how my taste buds have changed and how I no longer crave the foods that I once did. It was difficult at times, but having the online support and my detox buddy helped me through that.

I am a Registered Nurse and always thought I understood nutrition, but now I realize how far off some of my thinking has been. I am so appreciative to Robyn and her team for creating such a great program and for opening my eyes to the way that I can now live. I lost 15 pounds!

*results may vary

— Renae O., Rigby, ID

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

I love your bars- tangy, chewy, filling and most importantly healthy!
I eat them when I get stuck doing chores out-and-about and get hungry or I have one later in the evening if I had a very early dinner.
But- my 13 and 15 year old grandkids are a hard “No”- sorry-
the texture for them and the stickiness they do not like.
And of course for them it needs to be a little sweeter.
I have to compromise with them- they will eat a chocolate and peanut butter
Clif Protein bar. Like I said it is a compromise- not a candy bar but not your bar😐-
Ill keep trying
In good health!

Sue G.
Benicia, United States

— Sue G., Benicia, United States

Never Going Off Smoothies Again

I started drinking green smoothies about 3 months ago kind of sporadically. I felt great when I had them but some days I didn’t plan well enough and forgot to make them. When I’m on green smoothies I feel lighter, lose weight quickly, and sleep better. My whole energy over all is so much higher, and my skin looks the best it ever has! A few weeks ago, for some reason I stopped drinking them, dove back into not eating great, and I felt awful immediately. My skin broke out bad and I was miserable. That’s when I said I am never going off of them again. I started again last Tuesday, and here it is Monday and I feel wonderful again!

I’ve been following the 12 Steps / GSG diet. I have a hot pink smoothie in the AM and a piece of fruit mid-morning. Lunch is a green smoothie and salad, sometimes just some almonds. Dinner is something healthy and a large salad. I have no cravings for any of the junk I used to live on.

My kids actually really do like green smoothies. The way I make mine they taste like lemonade which they like. I also started cooking with coconut oil and using it on my skin. WOW! I will never use anything else again! The recipes are awesome, and the advice is great! This is the best life style change ever. So thank you!

— Beth, Connecticut

No More Crashes

Robyn first told me about green smoothies about a year and a half ago. I dabbled with making them at first, but once I figured out what recipes worked well for me, I became hooked! I make a big green smoothie every morning for breakfast, and I finally don’t have a late-morning energy crash like I used to. As a busy college student, it’s become the perfect fast food—how else am I going to get all these great veggies into my diet before noon? I find the smoothies refreshing and surprisingly filling (especially if I add an avocado), and if I eat something else for breakfast one morning, I always end up making a green smoothie later in the day because I miss it! Both my mom and sister are hooked now, too, and make them every morning for breakfast.”

— Laura T., California

Surprising results!

I had a complete CBC analysis done in April 2008 – just 2 months before I started the Green Smoothies and then I had it done again in Oct 2008, 4 months after starting. Here are some interesting results:

Apr 08 – These were all in the high range
Cholesterol – 267
Cholesterol HDL Ratio – 7.9
LDL Cholesterol – 201
Glucose – 117
Triglycerides – 161

October 2008 – These were all in the normal range
Cholesterol – 181
Cholesterol HDL ratio – 4.8
LDL Cholesterol – 116
Glucose – 91
Triglycerides – 136

Thank you!

*results may vary

— Bonnie E.

Variety Pack Blendbar:

Love all flavors. These are amazing and easy to take with you anywhere. Great afternoon pick me up. The best bar I’ve had plus no after taste.

P N.
Spring, TX

— P N., Spring, TX

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Amazing goodness!!!

I tried this bar while driving and hungry…. I was so amazed at how great it tasted— one of the best, if not the best snack bar or treat or snack I’ve ever had!! It beats having to make my own smoothie — since I can take it along, stash in my office desk drawer for my hunger or sweet cravings!!! Definitely recommend it to anyone. Can’t wait to share with my husband!!!

Nanette C.
University Place, United States

— Nanette C., University Place, United States

Variety Pack Blendbar: Clean nourishment on the go

I love the variety pack, each flavor is delicious. Most of all I love that these bars, unlike many other bars out there, taste so clean. Thank you for your care in providing the best quality of ingredients in a handy on the go bar.

Chrissy N.
Stuart, Florida

— Chrissy N., Stuart, Florida

Variety Pack Blendbar: Hands Down the Best Bars Ever!!!!!!

My teenage daughter and I both love all three of these blend bars. We have placed two orders already and both times we got the variety pack so we could get a few of all three flavors. It’s hard to believe that something that taste so good can actually be good for you. I would rather have one of these bars any day over a candy bar or any other kind of health bar. We have tried many other brands of health bars and these are the best ever!!!!!!

Lesia R.
Ashburn, Georgia

— Lesia R., Ashburn, Georgia

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I have thoroughly enjoyed all flavors of green smoothie girl blend bars and knowing how much healthier it is for you than any of the other protein bars is much more rewarding and satisfying!

Diana C.
Ocoee, United States

— Diana C., Ocoee, United States

By Far the Best Detox Cleanse I’ve Tried—Haven’t Felt This Good in Years!

This program keeps you full, healthy, and happy! I have tried many other detox cleanses before and this one is by far the best. Although it took a lot of time to prepare the food, I made large quantities of Green Smoothies and learned to love them.

Overall, I haven’t felt this good in years! My energy increased every day I was on the program and I actually started running again. I’m happy to report that by keeping my energy high using Robyn’s recommendations, I easily kicked my caffeine & chocolate addiction. My husband lost 12 lbs. on the program and I lost 9. (We are both in our mid-50s.) Both of us LOVE the healthy education we have had over the past month and the support from our family and friends on this journey. We will continue this journey together and live to be 100 years old.

*results may vary

— Kris K., Payson, Utah

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