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Less Stress

I love that there is one goal a month! That makes changing your way of eating less stressful and more enjoyable. I also like it because you can focus on that goal and observe the changes that goal is making to your body and in your life

— AB, IL

I feel great!

I’m always constipated, and I used to drink herbal laxatives to help me, but they give me terrible abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Drinking green smoothie four days a week has helped me a lot. I feel great!

— Anonymous

We love green smoothies at our house.

We love green smoothies at our house. I am a homeschooling mom of four children. Three of my children drink smoothies because they love them, and one child drinks her smoothies because it’s a good health choice. I try to vary the ingredients here and there so that they don’t get bored with them. We drink them first thing in the morning. I also have been known to feed them to neighbor children who then will ask to have more! Also, they are pretty tasty as popsicles: I am sure they lose some nutrition being frozen, but the kids love them!

— Melanie H.

The best thing I’ve ever done for my health, cholesterol down, and 11.5 pounds lost!

The Green Smoothie Girl Detox has got to be the best thing I have ever done for my health. I lost 11.5 pounds and my cholesterol dropped 62 points from 230 to 168. I had my blood work done just before the detox started and again on Day 26. My doctor was thoroughly amazed at the changes in my numbers.

There were three things that made the detox much easier than expected, thanks to FULL SUPPORT. One, my buddy: I could not have done it without her! We constantly bantered with each other: “That salad would have been really good…if it had salt, HAHA!” Two, the daily content. The information in emails, videos, calls, and audios was invaluable. Three, the forum. If I ever had a question, I would post it on the forum and it was answered very quickly. It was also nice to read postings from other participants. Nice to know others were experiencing the same things I was going through!

Three things made the detox a very enjoyable and successful experience. One, the use of a sauna that Robyn tells us how to find. I had never used an infrared sauna before the detox. I did it daily during the detox and continue to do it every other day after the detox has ended. I truly love it! My skin is so soft. Almost like living in Hawaii! Two, the coffee enemas we are taught. Following that protocol was a huge part of my success. I felt so much better and cleaner. I have continued to do them once a week after the detox. Three, the juicing. I did Level II and started juicing before the detox, but didn’t realize it could actually replace a meal and make me feel better than eating food. It gives me a burst of energy.

I absolutely recommend the detox to anyone that wants to change the way they think of food, remove food cravings, lose weight, have more energy and an overall sense of wellness.

It was a wonderful experience. I have many family members asking how they can be part of the next one. They are amazed at the changes I have made.

*results may vary

— Brenda H., Price, Utah

Woman After My Own Heart

I am so glad I found Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods.I was explaining to an out-of-state friend how to make green smoothies over the phone and I thought I would search for a video demonstration on YouTube and I found Robyn. I went to her website and felt like I was reading in print the conversation I just had with my friend!

I find Robyn to be a woman after my own heart. I ordered the 12 Steps while Robyn was developing it and releasing a chapter a month, and I enjoyed each one!

The book is organized, easy to read and I feel the step-by-step approach is so beneficial. In my counseling with people, very few people can jump into a healthy lifestyle all at once. Taking one step at a time is more often lasting and permanent in their lives. It has been a great tool for me to recommend to people wanting to be healthier and wondering where to start. 12 Steps takes a person by their hand and gently guides them into a healthier lifestyle. I would encourage you to change your health step by step.

— NutriMom

Shed 13 Pounds, Love the Great Support System at GSG, and Feel Great!

The GSG Detox has totally changed the way I look at food. It has helped me realize what a fine-running machine my body is and the importance of proper nutrition to keep it fine-tuned. I love the “in control” feeling I have. My cravings have diminished and I am very satisfied with the healthy meals included in the detox. I shed 13 lbs., my step is a little lighter, and my body feels wonderful. I loved the full support of the GSG team. I was blessed with three buddies whom I have never met. We have been able to discuss all kinds of body functions and given full support to one another. I now have three great new friends to share healthy recipes and clean eating ideas with. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

*results may vary

— Robyn M., Honeyville, Utah

Feeling really good!

We are eating whole foods, including green smoothies, and feeling really good! I feel really good because my family is not eating any sugar, MSG, or preservatives.

My children ask before they eat things at relatives’ homes if they have these things in them!

My husband does irrigation work in central WA and so he is out in public every day, we go to town once a week, and so far none of us have gotten sick. I am praying it stays that way!

We really like the Almond Joy Fudge from Ch. 4, and my brother in law, whose wife is against anything I make (won’t eat it), told me he would pay me to make it for him!!

I made the Teriyaki Almonds for a camping trip in October and everyone gobbled them up! Some of them are going in on the Raw Almond group buy with us!

I like to make the whole wheat tortillas (Ch. 6) and fill them with different things like hummus, guacamole, and fresh veggies. For supper last night we had them as enchiladas, with brown rice, olives, salsa (homemade, canned), onions and homemade enchilada sauce. YUM!

We like Mexican food so I have made the Taco Lentils a lot (Ch. 6), which are especially good added to Taco Soup. I am even experimenting with converting sugar and white flour recipes (Ch. 11)–so far so good!

Early on in March we had a going away party for a friend of ours, he is allergic to dairy and so I made the ice cream in Ch. 11—YUM YUM! He really liked it and so did everyone else.

I made the Choc Chip Zucchini cookies for our camping trip and they were yum!

I like to read Robyn’s blog because she does the research for me and I don’t have work as hard to find things out! I still do a ton of research though. I like how it is all comprehensive in one spot. That way I don’t have to remember where I read it and it is easy to find.

I tell everyone about it, especially when they have health issues. Anyone who talks to me very long has heard of green smoothies. And some have tasted them. Anyone who eats at our house eats salad, whole food, and homemade salad dressing.

I have had little red bumps on my upper arms my whole life. Since I have not been eating any dairy they are gone. My husband’s chronic bad breath in the mornings is gone.

I wanted to try lactic fermentations (Ch. 9) next.

Love the dehydrator ideas (Ch. 7) and I am constantly learning new ways to use mine.

I really like the 12 Step blog for support. It’s nice to have somewhere to go and know that everyone eats this way and has the same problems with skeptics. It is great to know that we are not alone. is a great place to ask questions and get answers.

Thank you, thank you!

— Beth W., Washington

Green smoothies have been our addiction

My family and I have been drinking green smoothie for 8 months. It has been our addiction. If I miss a day, I feel it and crave it instead of cake. My kids who are 9 and 6 actually ask me for them, so they have some before school. I no longer have pre-hypertension and I have lost 25 lbs. My husband no longer has to take his cholesterol medication and has lost weight. My best friend now gives it to her whole family and staff everyday. And another friend who just completed chemo will be starting also. Thank you!

— Lisa James

Rash/Breakouts Cleared Up—and 15 lbs Lost!

I have checked out a few detoxes over this past year, many that had products like protein shakes and meal replacement bars, etc. Most of them are one-size-fits-all programs. Guess what, I lost a few pounds on a couple, but they weren’t sustainable and were expensive to keep using the products. I am aware of an alkaline diet and have incorporated green smoothies/juicing into my lifestyle daily. When I saw the 26-day detox and the full support group, I knew I had to do it.

I embraced the full Level 1 program and made it all the way through! I lost 15 pounds and, most of all, cleared up a rash/breakouts that have been appearing on my face this past year. I emailed a before and after picture of my face to Coach Cathi and she asked that I share. I will definitely continue to educate myself and follow a whole-food diet from here out; I still have more weight I would like to release. I am working on easing my family into the same way of healthy eating. It’s challenging, but I now have my 7 year old son eating salads, so leading by example does work!

*results may vary

— Jennifer C., Chagrin Falls, Ohio

“I Wish All My Patients Were as Proactive as You!” 15 Lbs. Lost!

Good news! I completed the 26-day detox and I feel totally renewed!
I came to the detox program for health reasons. I was attempting to get myself out of bed and couldn’t because I was full of excruciating pain in my lower back and some joints. My blood report said I have parasites in the red blood cells, low vitamin C, possible thyroid problem, fungus, protein swimming in the blood, inflammation, and the list went on. I was in shock. How did this happen?

And yet I didn’t care about that stuff because my main focus was to get rid of the excruciating pain so I wouldn’t need assistance getting out of bed, help to the toilet, help putting my shoes on, or someone to fetch things for me.

I went to the Internet for answers and found the GreenSmoothieGirl website. While reading the detox web page, words popped out to me like body’s oxygen supply, immune system, pH, acidic, and the gut. These were the same words my doctor used when talking to me about my health. I had my doubts so I prayed about it and my answer was, “Allow food to be your medicine.”

I bought the program two days before the detox started. The fourth day, I wanted to quit. In tears, I informed my husband of my decision because I didn’t like experiencing detox symptoms. He encouraged me to stick with it. Headaches, flu-like symptoms, coughing. On the fifth day, I was scared, so my husband took me to see the doctor. My doctor, knowing my health history, was excited to find out that I was putting forth effort to change my health. He said, “I wish all my patients were as proactive as you.” Even my doctor encouraged me to continue with the detox program!

Then on the sixth day, the pain that had wrecked my life for months was gone! Hallelujah! The pain was no longer in my body. It was GONE. As I continued through the detox, I felt my body experiencing peace, calm and happiness. I feel so blessed to have the pain gone.

My husband has noticed how soft my skin has become—and I lost 15 pounds! I feel highly motivated to share the good news of my victory over pain to others. This detox program made a believer out of me. The Full-Support Detox Membership I purchased was worth every penny, as it taught me of a world I didn’t even know existed, through daily emails, conference calls, and videos.

*results may vary

— Suzanne F., Meridian, Idaho

No More Crashes

Robyn first told me about green smoothies about a year and a half ago. I dabbled with making them at first, but once I figured out what recipes worked well for me, I became hooked! I make a big green smoothie every morning for breakfast, and I finally don’t have a late-morning energy crash like I used to. As a busy college student, it’s become the perfect fast food—how else am I going to get all these great veggies into my diet before noon? I find the smoothies refreshing and surprisingly filling (especially if I add an avocado), and if I eat something else for breakfast one morning, I always end up making a green smoothie later in the day because I miss it! Both my mom and sister are hooked now, too, and make them every morning for breakfast.”

— Laura T., California

My pain is disappearing!

I had pain in both knees for about 20 years and after drinking the green smoothie for 30 days, I can now walk down a hill or downstairs without as much pain. Also the pain that I had from fibromyalgia is disappearing.*

— Jackie H.

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