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I cannot ever cease this miracle drink!

I started drinking green smoothies almost three years ago and lost over 30 pounds, regained my health, and felt 10 years younger. My children never need visits to the doctor unless they have been injured. The evidence is so obvious that I cannot ever cease this miracle drink.

*results may vary

— Julie Greenman

Green Smoothie Blendbar: AWESOME!

I travel all the time and getting good food in airports or hotels is challenging at best… much less trying to find organic …so Green Smoothie bars are perfect!
The best part is all organic and no junk in the bars…love the taste!

Denise F.
Maricopa, AZ

— Denise F., Maricopa, AZ

Green Smoothie Blendbar: Yummy and Good for You!

GSG Blend Bars are good nutrition on the go! They are tasty and good for you. The perfect guilt free meal !

T H.
Renton, United States

— T H., Renton, United States

No longer crave junk food!

My New Year’s Resolution was to GO GREEN. My husband and I (yes, I converted him) both love the green smoothies. They are very satisfying. We no longer crave junk food. We have begun to lose a few pounds. I am turning on my grandchildren and children to them. My husband is Hispanic, diabetic, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. We are seeing improvements. It has only been a month. We use our BlendTec for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We make smoothies, salad dressings, soups and using your 12 Steps to Whole Foods book each month to be totally green after one year. Thank you for all your research and recipes.

— Pat M.

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Pink Smoothie’s are so good it hard to eat just one.

I first ordered the variety pack to see if I would have a favorite. I like the chocolate dipped but like the Pink Smoothie better so I ordered a whole box of Pink Smoothies. Again I ate them in 2 days. I know I should not do that but they are so good.

Charles M.
West Chester, Ohio

— Charles M., West Chester, Ohio

Variety Pack Blendbar: Yummy

I loved all 3 flavors, have a good texture and great taste.

Bernice Y.
Brackettville, TX

— Bernice Y., Brackettville, TX

Green Smoothie Blendbar: Must have for snack bowl!

These are amazing! Very tasty! No aftertaste and I love the portability of quick greens.

Vicki S.
Lufkin, TX

— Vicki S., Lufkin, TX

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

I love your bars- tangy, chewy, filling and most importantly healthy!
I eat them when I get stuck doing chores out-and-about and get hungry or I have one later in the evening if I had a very early dinner.
But- my 13 and 15 year old grandkids are a hard “No”- sorry-
the texture for them and the stickiness they do not like.
And of course for them it needs to be a little sweeter.
I have to compromise with them- they will eat a chocolate and peanut butter
Clif Protein bar. Like I said it is a compromise- not a candy bar but not your bar😐-
Ill keep trying
In good health!

Sue G.
Benicia, United States

— Sue G., Benicia, United States

The Best Detox I Have Done! Sleeping Better, Thinking Better, and Feeling Better!

The GreenSmoothieGirl Detox was just what I was looking for. I lost 5 lbs, which I consider awesome! I have a chronic thyroid illness that causes many different reactions in my body. This detox was perfect! It was gentle and I feel amazing.

First, I finally gave up diet soda. That is a battle of its own. As a result, I started sleeping better. My constantly foggy brain finally cleared up and I feel able to function to full capacity. It has been years since I have been able to think so clearly! I have had chronic swelling for the past year, and after two weeks on the detox, I could finally see my feet again. I went through an emotional detox, which my husband did not appreciate, but after two days, I felt free and amazing.
I have a large amount of weight to lose, so 5 lbs. does not seem significant; however, my clothes fit well and I received many compliments on how I look. Lastly, my skin feels so soft and smooth. After two days, my skin was soft and had a “glow” to it.

I loved the detox because it was food that I typically eat. I was very fortunate because much of the food I needed was ready to pick from our garden. The support of the program was so good because it provided information and reminders. I never felt deprived or never felt as though I was missing something. It was the best detox I have done!

*results may vary

— Lexi H., San Tan Valley, Arizona

Pink Smoothie Blendbar:

I love these bars. I have the Pink Smoothie and the chocolate dipped smoothie. I am very satisfied and highly recommend them.

Ginnie V.
Helena, Mt

— Ginnie V., Helena, Mt

Doing the GSG Detox Next Time Around! Feel Great, Look Great, and Lost 7 lbs!

I am thrilled with my experience during the GSG detox. In the beginning I was worried I couldn’t give up coffee, sugar, my Lean Cuisine for lunch, bread, etc., etc. I told myself, just get through the first week and then decide if you want to continue. After the first week I felt like it was totally doable and I didn’t want to quit. I definitely felt like the full support was key to my success. I would have questions or be confused here and there, and having that forum made all the difference. I was able to post questions and get responses from both the GSG staff and also others who were going through the detox with me.

I have told all my friends about the detox—I am planning to do it again next time around! I feel great, I look great, I lost 7 pounds, and am so proud of myself and my buddy for seeing it through. I am also looking forward to transitioning from a Standard American Diet to a more plant-based whole foods (even maybe vegetarian) diet. Thank you, Robyn!

*results may vary

— Jeannine L., Sandy, Utah

Symptoms have disappeared all together!

The symptoms I experienced for years are almost too long to list, everything from diabetes to back pain to asthma to an all over deep muscle pain and nerve problems (tingling, burning, numbness, etc.). Most symptoms have disappeared altogether or been significantly reduced. I had used green smoothies off and on for a couple of years, but went heavy on them plus switched to an all raw diet at the end of July last year.

*results may vary

— Anonymous

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