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No More Leggings with Long Shirts!

What the…?! I am shocked, for weight loss was not my goal. It’s my immune system that was my goal! So here’s what’s been happening:
I started doing green smoothies and raw/whole foods eating for 3 weeks before I started this detox. I was 139 pounds 3-1/2 weeks ago! Today I’m 127! WHAT?! That is crazy! And at least 4 of those pounds have come off since I last weighed myself, which was Tuesday. I am 4’11” and petite-boned.

So, 139 pounds three weeks ago was a bit chunky for me. Not one pair of my jeans fit. I started wearing leggings every day. I know women out there hear me—leggings with long shirts!

I also felt worse with each pound I gained—worse in my joints, and overall. But truthfully, I went into this not so much for weight loss (although it’s wonderful) but for my immune system (that is seriously in the crapper).

And that’s the next bit of GOOD NEWS. I had “granuloma annulare” on my elbows. As of this morning, I have VERY little, almost gone. And here’s the weird part: in the last 3 days, they were red and tingly. I thought something was wrong. Hubby said I needed to show my dermatologist. I said I think it’s healing itself. He said you are crazy, food doesn’t do that.

BUT it did! I can’t imagine what they will look like in a week!! Probably gone. Wait till my dermatologist sees it. She did a biopsy and said she could take it all out surgically, but there would be a scar. She was talking about steroid shots and pills etc.—no way! And the rashy/red spots on my back/shoulder/neck top of arms are LESS red. Looks WAY better, less inflamed and reddish looking. I am so excited to see what next week brings.

Detox magic is what I’m calling it now! Hang in there guys!! I am still having detox symptoms, but I know FOR SURE that my body is healing right now, and that makes me so incredibly happy. I know the side effects will go away soon. I ate her plan for 3 weeks before this detox and I was full and happy. It’s just a NEW way to eat, a little more work in kitchen, but preplanning is key. And I WANT MY HEALTH BACK!!! For a little inconvenience of learning to cook new raw/whole foods things, it’s worth it to me!!

*results may vary

— Jennifer P.

Wedding Ring Now Falls Off—Lost 12 lbs!

I felt well on the Detox and I plan to do it again. I lost 12 lbs. and feel less bloated—my wedding ring falls off! One week post detox, I am still down 10 lbs.
I would recommend the detox to others, and have done so! Recipes can be an acquired taste, as they are bland, so invest in some salt-free, sugar-free natural seasonings before starting. I understand it is a cleanse and you are trying to rest your body. I would also encourage the Phase 2 option. After the first few days I started juicing some of my meals and doing the enemas, which was key to my decrease in chronic headaches I had prior to doing the detox.

I did feel that encouraging a buddy, and vice versa, was the ticket for my success! A couple of the other detoxers were great at answering questions.

*results may vary

— Dedrianne O., Blaine, Minnesota

You Won’t Believe Your Energy Level!

My budget wouldn’t allow for the full detox program as I am saving for the 12 Steps to Whole Foods program after the detox. But I would like to share how I am doing. I started the program early and decided to keep doing the first 4 days again so I would be with you guys for the rest. I have about 20 lbs. that I haven’t been able to get off forever, no matter what I have done.

And I am here to testify that after day 4, I have dropped 5 lbs. I feel great. What was amazing was I was so satisfied and without cravings for those days. Repeating them wasn’t a hard decision.

If I had to do it over again I would have done the complete program with support, as I feel kind of like a lone wolf out here. But going by the way I feel (which is wonderful—so much energy!), I will carry on. LOL! Thank you so much for this program. Also for those who like me were wondering if the manual is worth it—it’s packed full of information and so worth the money. We wouldn’t think twice about paying that for a bottle of diet pills which, in the long run, do nothing. This is healthy and you won’t believe your energy level.

*results may vary

— Joann B. 

I am hooked for life!

I feel a major decrease in cravings for sweets. I have lost some weight, nothing major, but that is not my primary goal. I am a runner and have noticed a difference in my endurance and performance. I feel healthier and cleaner. I am hooked for life and my days aren’t the same when I don’t get my normal 32 ounces! I have got my mom hooked and my toddler. My son calls them mooshies” and begs for them all throughout the day. He would keep one in his hand all day long if I’d let him. I’m excited to continue to drink green smoothies and improve my life as well as my family’s.

— Meghan Meredith

I have been telling all my friends about green smoothies!

I have been telling all my friends about the green smoothies and converted several of them to start drink them on a daily basis. My friends are all west coast dancers and energy is important for the 4-5 hours of dancing we do 2-3 nights weekly.

— Anonymous

Surprising results!

I had a complete CBC analysis done in April 2008 – just 2 months before I started the Green Smoothies and then I had it done again in Oct 2008, 4 months after starting. Here are some interesting results:

Apr 08 – These were all in the high range
Cholesterol – 267
Cholesterol HDL Ratio – 7.9
LDL Cholesterol – 201
Glucose – 117
Triglycerides – 161

October 2008 – These were all in the normal range
Cholesterol – 181
Cholesterol HDL ratio – 4.8
LDL Cholesterol – 116
Glucose – 91
Triglycerides – 136

Thank you!

*results may vary

— Bonnie E.

Woman After My Own Heart

I am so glad I found Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods.I was explaining to an out-of-state friend how to make green smoothies over the phone and I thought I would search for a video demonstration on YouTube and I found Robyn. I went to her website and felt like I was reading in print the conversation I just had with my friend!

I find Robyn to be a woman after my own heart. I ordered the 12 Steps while Robyn was developing it and releasing a chapter a month, and I enjoyed each one!

The book is organized, easy to read and I feel the step-by-step approach is so beneficial. In my counseling with people, very few people can jump into a healthy lifestyle all at once. Taking one step at a time is more often lasting and permanent in their lives. It has been a great tool for me to recommend to people wanting to be healthier and wondering where to start. 12 Steps takes a person by their hand and gently guides them into a healthier lifestyle. I would encourage you to change your health step by step.

— NutriMom

Worked when juicing didn’t

The green smoothie idea has worked well for me whereas juicing did not. Anyone who has juiced knows the time commitment it takes for juicing and clean-up as well as the volume of veggies it takes to make just 2-3 eight-ounce juice drinks per day. When I read about green smoothies, it was immediately appealing to me. I bought a BlendTec right away. In only 14 months of use, the counter on my machine is already over 1,600!

I average 5 out of 7 days for making smoothies for myself and my husband, who will drink one anytime it’s available in the fridge. One benefit of green smoothies is helping me to be more alkaline.

— Linda C.

I cannot believe how much energy I have!

I wish I started drinking green smoothies earlier in life! I cannot believe how much energy I have just from this one simple dietary change! My digestion issues vanished in one week and my skin looks amazing. I feel really healthy and cannot say enough about how much more energy I have.

— Anonymous

You could say I am a green smoothie addict!

In spring of 2006, I gained 30 lbs. in 6 weeks when I started taking a particular birth control pill. Of course I went off of it, but it seemed to push me into some major perimenopause symptoms including depression, exhaustion and continued weight gain. I went to several doctors who tried various hormone treatments, thyroid treatment, the candida diet and treatment,–all of which seemed to make me worse!

So in the spring of 2007, I decided to take matters in to my own hands. I stopped all medications and diets and began to treat myself with food and exercise. I committed to myself to try it for a year and just see what happened. I felt desperate, so I decided to just eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, believing that they were the cleansing and building tools my body needed. I made up the green smoothie on my own and started drinking it all day and supplementing it with veggies and at night a potato and sometimes a little meat and cooked veggie. For eight months there was no change in my weight, but I did start feeling much better and at least I stopped gaining weight!

My hot flashes almost completely stopped, and in Jan. of ’08, I finally lost 15 lbs all at once.* One day one of my clients told me about when she saw me with a huge mug of green stuff. I went home that night and looked it up and have been a huge fan ever since! I was so glad to have support and new ideas and information.

I don’t think I have completely solved my health problems, because I’m sure my thyroid is still very sluggish, and I still can’t get that last 15 lbs off, but I feel so much better. Now I am committed to eat this way the rest of my life just for the health of it!

I love green smoothies and having an easy way to get so many veggies in that I would never eat otherwise. You could say I am an addict! I love them mostly because of the way I begin to feel (sluggish and run down) when I have to go without them for very many days. I have been doing them for a year and a half and it feels like my body is slowly but surely repairing from many years of not having enough live enzymes. My hot flashes are almost non existent when I drink my greens.

The protein in the leafy greens keeps me from being hungry till afternoon. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a green smoothie freak. Many have told me that I inspire them to want to eat more healthy. I have taught many people how to make them, and my mom and husband are as committed to having them as I am. My husband ran Boston last year (at 52 years old) without the benefit of green smoothies. Since Oct. he has had them 4 or 5 days a week, and we are anxious to see if he improves his performance this year. We will let you know!

P.S. When I give my grandchildren tastes of my green smoothies, they love it! Now I just need to get their parents committed.

— Debbie W.

I have been converted to green smoothies!

I have become so converted to green smoothies that I became concerned as to how to continue them in case of disaster or hard economic times when I might be unable to purchase fresh produce. So I started dehydrating the spinach, kale and parsley I grew in my garden this year. I then powdered the dried leaves and now use it during the winter to make my green smoothies.

For the juice base, I use frozen raw apple cider that my husband grinds fresh each fall with his leftover apples (he is a fruit farmer). It is now January and I use the following recipe for my super green smoothies:

I rehydrate in 1 cup hot water the following: 2 tsp. powdered kale + 1/2 tsp. powdered parsley or 2 1/2 tsp. powered spinach. Blend well and let sit for about 10 minutes until cooled. Then add 3 cups apple juice (raw, unpasteurized), 2 frozen bananas, 1 1/2 Tbsp. freshly ground flax seed, and water and ice to the 7-cup mark and thoroughly blend. This is a great option when I cannot get to the grocery store.

— Cindy P., Alpine, UT

I feel great!

I drink a quart of an all-vegetable green smoothie every day. I have more energy, sleep better, wake up ready for the day, and generally feel much better. I believe it’s because of the green smoothie and a whole foods diet, mostly raw. I have cut out all processed foods, sugar, and caffeine, and I feel great! Thanks for your website; it’s very informative and inspiring!

— Carol J.

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