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Rash/Breakouts Cleared Up—and 15 lbs Lost!

I have checked out a few detoxes over this past year, many that had products like protein shakes and meal replacement bars, etc. Most of them are one-size-fits-all programs. Guess what, I lost a few pounds on a couple, but they weren’t sustainable and were expensive to keep using the products. I am aware of an alkaline diet and have incorporated green smoothies/juicing into my lifestyle daily. When I saw the 26-day detox and the full support group, I knew I had to do it.

I embraced the full Level 1 program and made it all the way through! I lost 15 pounds and, most of all, cleared up a rash/breakouts that have been appearing on my face this past year. I emailed a before and after picture of my face to Coach Cathi and she asked that I share. I will definitely continue to educate myself and follow a whole-food diet from here out; I still have more weight I would like to release. I am working on easing my family into the same way of healthy eating. It’s challenging, but I now have my 7 year old son eating salads, so leading by example does work!

*results may vary

— Jennifer C., Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Variety Pack Blendbar: Indulgent Treat

Are you sure there are greens in these things? I recently bought these bars for emergencies when away from home. But I decided to try one a few days ago so I could write a review. Delicious! I’ve reached for one everyday since, as a treat.

Anna A.
San Francisco, CA

— Anna A., San Francisco, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I absolutely LOVE these bars! I especially appreciate all the organic ingredients and I don’t get the icky after eating them like I do in the bars with protein powder. It makes me feel good that I am able to grab one of these bars when I run out of time to make a smoothie and I know I am at least eating something nutritional and they are delicious! Thank you Robin for creating these!

Tamar S.
Jackson, MS

— Tamar S., Jackson, MS

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I love Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothies so of course the pink blend bar was my favorite! They are delicious and filling.

Evelyn W.
Buckeye, AZ

— Evelyn W., Buckeye, AZ

Green smoothies have saved my life!

I have spent all my adulthood overweight and miserable. My weight went from 135 to 280 during that time. Most of the time I had skewed ideas that I was either too fat (when I weighed 135) and not that fat (when I weighed 280). My perception was always off. But I did know that I just didn’t feel good.

I have been on Weight Watchers, the soup diet, hard boiled egg diet, Chinese tea, and every diet that came in magazines. I finally found that Atkins worked for me–three times! Funny that I would go off after several months and the weight would come back on, with its 30.-lb. friend! I realized that if I kept dieting that way I would completely ruin my health. I was so afraid to start another diet, so I decided to never diet again and just accept myself as I was.

I remarried at 210 lbs. and within 3 years had put on 70 lbs. with careless eating, primarily fast food. Then my DH was diagnosed with cancer (digestive related) and I found It was an answer to prayer because this is a LIFESTYLE–not a diet. In the last 9 mos. I have lost 40 lbs., my skin glows, I am nearly off the medications I was taking for high blood pressure, arthritic aches and pains, and mucus. My wrinkles also are going away!

I will NEVER diet again because I can eat everything I want and truly enjoy it (even chocolate). I am never hungry because I have God’s fast food with me all the time (fruits). I have found that the more raw I eat, the faster I lose weight. I am no longer fanatical about it and believe that my body will end up the weight I am supposed to be, not the way society says it should be. I just wish I had been able to learn this earlier in life.

Sorry about the long blog, but I feel that finding and Robyn’s blog has saved my life! Thanks, Robyn and every one else!

*results may vary

— Karen L.

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

I bought the variety pack and love all of them. There is one drawback though. I can’t eat only one!!!! They are really that good.

Josie G.
Spanish Fork, Utah

— Josie G., Spanish Fork, Utah

Less Stress

I love that there is one goal a month! That makes changing your way of eating less stressful and more enjoyable. I also like it because you can focus on that goal and observe the changes that goal is making to your body and in your life

— AB, IL

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Best on the Market

I love the BlendBars, especially the chocolate dipped smoothie – but all of them are exceptional. I did not get a sugar high and the taste was wonderful and natural. Thanks Green Smoothis Girl.

Davia M.
Marshall, NC

— Davia M., Marshall, NC

Cellulite Gone! 7 lbs. Lost!

I am a 55-year-old female who began the detox at the weight of 126 lbs. I have been vegetarian for a few years and eat a pretty clean diet. I don’t drink alcohol, the only caffeine I drink is in green tea, and I don’t eat sugar.

However, over my lifetime I have been exposed to environmental toxins as well as pharmaceutical concoctions involving dentistry and Graves’ disease. I had been recommended by a shamanic healer about a year ago to cleanse every organ in my body. I did a series of colonics along with a parasite cleanse but I stopped there. Most cleanse programs on the market detox independent organs and most of them seem to be a kit.

They hardly recommend to even alter your diet. These detoxes never seemed right to me so I was at that crossroads of what to do. I stumbled across GSG and looked into the protocol. It seemed perfect for me.
The timing was right and then I got the brainstorm to enlist my 21-year-old college daughter to join me. I always worry about the genetics of her generation being weaker due to all the FDA-approved food, cleaning supplies and personal products they are exposed to. Plus, I felt it would be a great bonding experience for the two of us. She jumped on board with me immediately.

We spoke every day: she lives in New Orleans and I live in Jackson, MS, and we text messaged each other support when we felt weak. We listened to the group phone calls. We both would share what insight we gained either from the GSG daily emails, the forums or the online talks and chats. We shared with each other our experiences with the recipes.

She came home for a visit prior to Phase Two and we both cooked the recipes for each of us and went to the grocery store together. She would email me the grocery list for each phase to make it easier for me. Prior to the GSG Detox, my daughter was always tired. The first day on the program she could not believe her energy level and how she would jump out of bed and get things done.

I felt a surge in not only energy, but also in inner joy. Don’t get me wrong: I struggled with the first day, just being hungry in the middle of the night, the second day of the watermelon cleanse, and then the after-effects of the olive oil and lemon juice liver detox day.

But it was all worth every second. I love how my clothes fit me; I feel more peaceful. Oh yeah, and this is huge: since I was 5 years old, I remember having cellulite on my thighs. I remember sitting on the front porch swing of our home and looking down at my legs wondering what those puckers were in my skin. About 10 days into the GSG program, I was blow drying my hair, with my head bent over and looked at my legs. Now, I practice yoga 6 days a week so I am in that position a lot and I know how my legs look. Well, that morning they looked different, in a good way—they weren’t as saggy. I pushed the skin together to see if the cellulite was still there. It wasn’t. I pushed my skin together over all the parts of my body that had cellulite previously, and it was gone! The cellulite never really bothered me that much but I sure do like it not being there. I can only attribute it to being the fact that the toxins that were stored in my fat cells were pushed out!

I have recommended the GSG Detox to anyone who will listen to me. I am actually sad that today is the last day. I am excited to incorporate the recipes that we used in the detox program into my everyday life and I ordered the GSG Menu Planner to keep me on the straight and narrow! All I can say is, thank you, Robyn, and your colleagues, for all your hard work in developing this program! It was easy to follow, well planned out, and your program incorporates cutting-edge knowledge in the healing field.

*results may vary

— Tamar S., Jackson, Mississippi

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

Yummy yum! Super product with great taste – will definitely order again. (I’ve already bought 3 boxes!)

D E.
lynchburg, va

— D E., lynchburg, va

So Impressed with the Detox Program from Content to Calls to the Forum to the Diet

I am down a total of 12 pounds as of today, weighing in at 115. I am a 5’4″, 41-year-old mom of two. After several years of high-stress jobs, I had gone up to 137 pounds and was buying size 10 clothes because I could no longer fit in any size 6s or 8s that I owned. I have spent the past several years trying to lose the fat through off-and-on exercise and off-and-on attempts to find healthy nutrition. I had managed to get down to 127, but had plateaued.

I am so impressed with the detox program, from the content in the manual, to the calls, to the support of the forum, to the diet. I can’t wait to learn more about leading a healthy life after the detox and I am excited to share this with others. This program has really resonated with me for where I am at in my life. I am looking forward to learning so much more from you!

I would like to reiterate the appreciation others have already posted and say a big thank you for leading the way to a healthy lifestyle revolution.

*results may vary

— Kym

Woman After My Own Heart

I am so glad I found Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods.I was explaining to an out-of-state friend how to make green smoothies over the phone and I thought I would search for a video demonstration on YouTube and I found Robyn. I went to her website and felt like I was reading in print the conversation I just had with my friend!

I find Robyn to be a woman after my own heart. I ordered the 12 Steps while Robyn was developing it and releasing a chapter a month, and I enjoyed each one!

The book is organized, easy to read and I feel the step-by-step approach is so beneficial. In my counseling with people, very few people can jump into a healthy lifestyle all at once. Taking one step at a time is more often lasting and permanent in their lives. It has been a great tool for me to recommend to people wanting to be healthier and wondering where to start. 12 Steps takes a person by their hand and gently guides them into a healthier lifestyle. I would encourage you to change your health step by step.

— NutriMom

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