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Variety Pack Blendbar: Have BlenderBars…will travel!

I packed blender bars on a recent trip to Uganda because I wasn’t sure of the airline food during long flights or the food during my stay. I don’t eat fresh greens in Africa because they are washed in the water which isn’t safe for me, so these became my source for nutrition during my trip. A lifesaver!!

Margie B.
Saugus, MA

— Margie B., Saugus, MA

The Best Detox I Have Done! Sleeping Better, Thinking Better, and Feeling Better!

The GreenSmoothieGirl Detox was just what I was looking for. I lost 5 lbs, which I consider awesome! I have a chronic thyroid illness that causes many different reactions in my body. This detox was perfect! It was gentle and I feel amazing.

First, I finally gave up diet soda. That is a battle of its own. As a result, I started sleeping better. My constantly foggy brain finally cleared up and I feel able to function to full capacity. It has been years since I have been able to think so clearly! I have had chronic swelling for the past year, and after two weeks on the detox, I could finally see my feet again. I went through an emotional detox, which my husband did not appreciate, but after two days, I felt free and amazing.
I have a large amount of weight to lose, so 5 lbs. does not seem significant; however, my clothes fit well and I received many compliments on how I look. Lastly, my skin feels so soft and smooth. After two days, my skin was soft and had a “glow” to it.

I loved the detox because it was food that I typically eat. I was very fortunate because much of the food I needed was ready to pick from our garden. The support of the program was so good because it provided information and reminders. I never felt deprived or never felt as though I was missing something. It was the best detox I have done!

*results may vary

— Lexi H., San Tan Valley, Arizona

Variety Pack Blendbar:

Delicious! I thought these would be pretty good, but they exceeded my expectations! They are so tasty and I love the clean ingredients!

Deidra S.
Williamsburg, Virginia

— Deidra S., Williamsburg, Virginia

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: um, YES!!!

Oh my….so delicious! I eat the bar slow, as it’s worth savoring. Plus, it’s a very satisfying meal. Two thumbs up! ;o}

Juliene B.
PHOENIX, Arizona

— Juliene B., PHOENIX, Arizona

Woman After My Own Heart

I am so glad I found Robyn’s 12 Steps to Whole Foods.I was explaining to an out-of-state friend how to make green smoothies over the phone and I thought I would search for a video demonstration on YouTube and I found Robyn. I went to her website and felt like I was reading in print the conversation I just had with my friend!

I find Robyn to be a woman after my own heart. I ordered the 12 Steps while Robyn was developing it and releasing a chapter a month, and I enjoyed each one!

The book is organized, easy to read and I feel the step-by-step approach is so beneficial. In my counseling with people, very few people can jump into a healthy lifestyle all at once. Taking one step at a time is more often lasting and permanent in their lives. It has been a great tool for me to recommend to people wanting to be healthier and wondering where to start. 12 Steps takes a person by their hand and gently guides them into a healthier lifestyle. I would encourage you to change your health step by step.

— NutriMom

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Yay Chocolate!

Really enjoy these bars. I needed a chocolate fix and the chocolate dipped smoothie bars did the trick! Thanks GreenSmoothieGirl for providing healthy real stuff! I will be sending these bars with my girls when they return to college in the fall!

Sandra K.
Annapolis, MD

— Sandra K., Annapolis, MD

I feel great!

I’m always constipated, and I used to drink herbal laxatives to help me, but they give me terrible abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Drinking green smoothie four days a week has helped me a lot. I feel great!

— Anonymous

So delicious and satisfying!

I’ve been drinking a quart of green smoothies daily for about a year now, with a few exceptions. When I fail to drink them for a few days (too busy, need to go to the store, etc.), I find that the first sip of the next smoothie is so welcome, so delicious, so satisfying.

My children drink them because I put them in front of them. I gave them a pint at first, then my 11 y.o. son struggled to get them down. I let him drink half a pint for a while, until he got used to them. Finally, he asked if he still had to drink the small glass (half a pint), or if he could have a full glass now–YES! He also enjoys drinking them in front of friends and telling what’s in it. That took a couple of weeks, probably.

Now, they drink a pint, and sometimes whatever else is left over after I have mine. They like lots of strawberries in theirs, and fresh peaches, when they’re in season. I have converted several friends to drinking green smoothies, too. (Them: What is that you’re drinking?” Me: A green smoothie.” Them: What’s in it?” Me: Want a taste?” or Would you like the recipe?”)

— Janelle B.

I Feel Great! 8 lbs Lost!

When I joined the program I wasn’t sure if I would make it past the first 4 days much less the entire 26! But with the daily emails and detox buddy that I was paired with, plus the access to the forums and calls, I was able to complete the detox. I have changed my habits from drinking Diet Coke each afternoon and coffee in the mornings. I feel great! I have dropped 8 pounds overall and was thrilled to see and feel the difference! I have committed to doing this twice a year and hope to get my husband to join in the next cleanse with me.

*results may vary

— Debora G., Culver City, California

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

My husband and I love the green smoothie bars! They are perfect for the on the go people we are! Thank you green smoothie girl! Cindy

cindy m.
Vista, CA

— cindy m., Vista, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Indulgent Treat

Are you sure there are greens in these things? I recently bought these bars for emergencies when away from home. But I decided to try one a few days ago so I could write a review. Delicious! I’ve reached for one everyday since, as a treat.

Anna A.
San Francisco, CA

— Anna A., San Francisco, CA

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

They are great ! I ordered the Green Smoothie bars first and then got the variety pack. Next time I will get the Green Smoothie bars from now on.
They are the perfect fulfilling snack and I fell confident that it’s a healthy snack as well.
Thanks Robyn

Karen M.
Lenoir, NC

— Karen M., Lenoir, NC

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