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Books and Masterclasses

The Essential GreenSmoothieGirl Library!

I’ve read a number of books about nutrition over the years, and have also written and developed my own books, programs, and masterclasses. Check out my favorite resources for information and recipes.

Books by Robyn

Straight from the source! Learn how to make your whole foods lifestyle fun, easy, and delicious!

  • My Twelve Steps to Whole Foods is the guide around which the life-changing whole foods journey is based.
  • The GSG 26-Day Detox is the protocol I’ve led thousands of people through over the years--it’s a healthy re-set for systematically detoxing your major organ systems and resetting your weight set-point.
  • Green Smoothies Diet is my original best-seller! Get research, plans, and recipes for making the highest and best use of your time in the kitchen: a quart of green smoothie a day!
  • Vibe is my latest best seller, and gives you a new way to think about food, relationships, emotions, and the way you move through the world--to live your high-vibration life!
  • The Adventures of Junk Food Dude collection is my source for teaching children about good eating habits in an easy way they can relate to--plus recipes they can make themselves!
  • My lifestyle books, How to Eat Right in the Real World and How to Raise Healthy Eaters, are full of tips, tricks, recipes, hints, and guides from me and my readers--learn how teaching kids (and yourself!) to enjoy healthy foods is easier than you think!
  • Readers Favorites vol. 1 and 2 are my answer to those church cookbooks and recipe boxes full of “cream of whatever” casseroles and sugary treats--my readers sent in hundreds of their tried-and-true healthy recipes and I’ve curated them for you in these two collections.
  • My recipe books are your answer when you want ideas for green smoothies, holiday cooking, lunches, family dinners, and more.


Robyn’s Masterclasses

12 Steps to Whole Foods Video Masterclass: Currently FREE! How I dropped 70 pounds and ditched 21 diseases! Your resource on topics like beating your food addictions, how to rehab your gut with food, and my best hints for eating super healthy, super cheap!

Detox Video MasterclassCurrently FREE! How to lower your weight set-point, detoxify, and gain back energy and clarity by eating the right foods!

EMF Solution Video Masterclass: “Dr. EMF” Libby Darnell and I have come together to create an easy-to-implement video course, to walk you step by step through all the EMF landmines in your life, and fix them!

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life Video Masterclass: This video course covers critical information about holistic dentistry methods to help you make the best decisions for your family’s dental health.

The world’s most important books on nutrition

Browse this page for some of the best books on nutrition, raw food, healthy parenting, and gardening that I have found. Some are recently published, and others are classic sources that have stood the test of time. They are all in my library, and I strongly encourage you to read them and become more educated about what good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle really are.


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